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HR Interview Questions for IBM Job Aspirants

Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR) a computer hardware American multinational company originated in 1911 was renamed International Business Machines in 1924 commonly known as IBM. Operating in 170 countries, this company has been nicknamed BIG BLUE.Nearly all the interview questions have been reported to: be competency-based or even scenario-based; stem in the prior document and reasons for applying; and become centered in your own comprehension of IBM. Hence, the absolute most significant interview prep you could perform will be to think about examples of the manner in which you’ve demonstrated all of the provider’s eight core characteristics; practise referring to your CV of accomplishments; and re searching IBM.

Your proficiency examples do not necessarily ought to get work-related; you might think about carefully your academic job, in addition to whatever that you do in your free time, such as voluntary work, participation in societies or clubs, traveling, hobbies or athletic activities. Come with three or two to every proficiency.

Charles Ranlett Flint is the founder of International Business Machines. VIRGINIA M. (GINNI) ROMETTY, present CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, IBM.

IBM operates through five segments:-

  • Global Technology Services (GTS),
  • Global Business Services (GBS),
  • Software,
  • Systems Hardware and
  • Global Financing.

The Global Technology Services:- GTS  including strategic outsourcing, integrated technology services, cloud and technology support services.

Global Business Services  :-The Company’s GBS segment provides consulting and systems integration, application management services, and process services.

Software :- The Company’s software segment consists primarily of middleware and operating systems software. Middleware serves as a software layer that connects operating systems to applications across a software platform. The Company’s Workforce Solutions enable businesses to connect people and processes for communication and productivity through collaboration, messaging and social networking software.

Systems Hardware :-The Company’s Systems Hardware segment provides clients with infrastructure technologies. IBM Systems also designs and procures semiconductor devices for use in the Company’s systems.

Global Financing :-The Company’s Global Financing segment includes client financing, commercial financing, and remanufacturing and remarketing. Its client financing offers the lease, installment payment plan, and loan financing to end users and internal clients.

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What is HR Interview?

Popular among the IT job aspirants is the term HR interview or broad sense Human Resources Interview.  HR or Human Resources is that department of any company that manages the recruiting and hiring of candidates.

For any job application, the HR interview is the third stage after a written qualification exam and a skype interview/technical round.

At this stage, the HR department looks for your skills and thought process under stress conditions.  The HR here looks towards eliminating candidates that lack the basic skills of communication.

An HR would generally set traps for a candidate. One has to be alert and conscious about what is being asked and what must be an appropriate answer to a question.

At this stage there are may be questions that may surprise you. But keep in mind, here in HR interview you must act and respond as a professional. You are here to sell you, so be the best of yourself.

“Practice makes a man perfect”

It is indeed handy to be aware of few questions that are generally asked in the interview. The questions can be broadly divided into four categories. These are Questions about the candidate, questions about the candidate, questions about the company, question for experienced candidates and few tricky question. But you need not worry. We provide all answers with an example, so you can get an idea on how to well prepare for the IBM HR interview.

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The HR questionnaires can be broadly classified into the following categories.

Ø     About the candidate

Ø     About the company

Ø     Tricky one’s

Ø     Special questions for experienced.

About the candidate

  1.   Introduce Yourself.

After greetings and with a smile provide details about name and place. Brief information about family members and education background. Keep the answer short and simple.


“Hi, I am Manendra and hails from Indore. I did my B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Medicaps college, Indore. Completed my high school from Maharishi Vidhya Mandir, Indore. My family belongs to Indore as well and we are five members including me. My father is a businessman and mother is the housewife, and elder sister is placed in HCL.”

  1.   What are your strengths?

This is the most asked question in HR interviews after the above question. This is to test your abilities and confidence. A student should prepare in advance for this and be well aware of their strengths. The short experience demonstrating your strength can be a plus point.

Prepare the list of your strengths beforehand. Select the top 4 or 5 that somehow relate to the job description. Develop an example to illustrate your strength.

Example :

“One of my key strength is work ethic. I am known among my clients to always complete work before the deadline. Like I had to complete a report for a client and submit early morning. Though a few statistical data arrived late at night, I stayed up late night and made sure the client has his report by morning.”

  1.  Are there any weaknesses you want to overcome?

Here comes the first trick question. Though no company is looking for a candidate with weakness but they also know each person has weaknesses in them. Answer a weakness that demonstrates a positive point about you.

Example : “ I have habit of saying yes, when someone asks for help, I am learning to say no”

  1.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The interviewer at this point seeks to find your commitment level to the company. They want to know if you are filling until there is a better opportunity.

EXAMPLE:  “As a fresher, I take next five years as an opportunity to sharpen my technical as well as business skills. I would like to contribute to more recent advancements and developments in technology. I see myself playing a role from developer to the leader of the team.”

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  1.   Hobbies and Interests.

A company looks for a candidate that keeps interest in diverse fields and is an all rounder. There are no options  such as ‘I don’t have a hobby’ or ‘I did nothing apart from academics’.

At this point, a candidate should talk about their interests. A candidate must be well aware and little mastered in basics of particular hobby or interests.

EXAMPLE: “I took to reading novels and other genre books since I was in 7th grade. Though Science fiction, mystery, and murder thrillers are my favorite genre, I have read many management as well as philosophy books. One of my favorite works is ‘The kite runner’ by Khaled Hosseini.”

  TIPS: This section can have followed up questions.

  •          Going for a bookworm. The interviewers can ask about any of famous books. They are aware of or if the same book or genre happens to their favorite too, get ready to talk about the book. So choose your genre and book with caution.
  •          Opting for any particular sport. Questions can be about the basic skills of the game and their famous players and scores.
  •          Going for singer, dancer or painter. Be well versed about the famous artists in that field and also the well-known singers, dance forms or arts.

Tricky Questions for IBM HR Interview

  1.  What is the difference between smart work and hard work?

While talking about different about smart work and hard work, we have always been taught ‘If you wish to be successful in long run, you have to put long hours and work hard.’ But there is another truth, ‘Not all people who work hard are successful.’

Smart work differs from Hard word on long unsuccessful hours the latter puts up. It is about work hard but smartly so that all long hours of work turns out to be fruitful.

  1. Silence

Wondering what this might me? You got that right. During an interview, an interviewer might stay silent after one of your answers.

Such has been reported by many candidates. While an interview is progressing, the interviewer suddenly stops the communication. They will either do something on their cell phones or just stare at the candidate.

Don’t be taken aback. This is just one of the trick to test your thought process under completely unknown situations.

The best reply to that silence is, “Is there something I should have added in my reply to your question?”

HR Interview Questions About IBM Company:-

Make sure you are well prepared about the company’s basic information before you are going for IBM hr interview.

  1. What do you know about our company?

Before going for an interview take some time and research well about the company, its objectives and all information that a candidate should be aware in general.

With this world turning digital, so much information is available online. A decent knowledge of the company, its history, present leaders, working areas, culture, domain expertise, etc shows a candidate’s genuine interest in the company.

  1.   On a scale of 1 to 10, grade me as an interviewer?

At this point never start bootlicking the interviewer. Take a little time and express your personal views. Also, don’t start criticizing and giving a scrutinized response.

A few extra questions only for Experienced candidates for HR Interview:-

In HR interview experience candidates can be asked question related to their previous job, the work environment, reason for dropping out, etc.

IBM HR Interview Questions For Experienced Person:-

  1.  Why did you resign from your last job?

For any candidate who is switching jobs, this question will be asked. The interviewers will want to know what can be reasons you left past job and reflect your compatibility to their company. Also from the years of service in last company will tell them how long you may stay here.

Example: “ After completing my masters from Symbiosis, Pune, I joined XYZ company. But after a year I realized it neither has a challenging environment nor an atmosphere where employee grows. Though manager and employees were friendly and incredible but I am looking for a job where there are chances of advancing and developing. So here I am, giving an interview.”

  1.  Tell me about a situation where your work was criticized.

No one should be taken aback by this question in HR interviewer. Though many candidates cannot come up with a good answer due to stress. So prepare in advance, explaining about a real life situation where your best works were criticized. Don’t mention your opinion and end up expressing your anger.

  • Mention positive feedback that was provided.
  • Suggestions that you applied in your work.
  • Express in the way that reflects that feedback is small steps to enhance the work and make it more reliable.

Sample: “ I worked 8 months on a project that was assigned to me. I gave my best and did all possible research and required work. Like, everyone, I received feedback from my managers but that was discouraging. Rather than going against their decision, I listened to their criticism positively and realized my project actually lacked few things. As I am a positive person, it helped me to make my work excellent .”

  1. Can you tell us something about your previous boss?

The correct answer to this question is explaining few qualities about the previous boss and how you tried your best to learn from them.


The most important part of an interview is to prepare few questions you must be asking your interviewer. This reflects a candidate’s interests in the company and the position. Though many of general information is covered in the interview itself still keep few different and inquisitive questions handy and ask them once the interview is about to end.

Below is the list of few question.

  • What is company’s expectation from an employee?
  • Ask about the company’s atmosphere.
  • How long should I wait for a call from the company before hearing about the position?
  • Are there any further steps that need to be complete?
  • What are the basic responsibilities an employee handles?
  • Can you walk me through a typical day here at the company?

Asking all these questions will take forever. So, while studying about the company before the interview makes notes about what information you need more. At the end ask 2 or 3 basic things that you find essential and have not been covered during the interview. So, We hope that these IBM HR interview questions can be very useful for the preparation of recruitment exam.

You have to give yourself sufficient time to assess everything you have researched, and ensure you know it (or to browse around the subject or request assistance if you’re struggling). Last minute cramming is not as productive.

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