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If you are looking for your IGNOU Percentage Calculator Online Free, then you are on the right path. But, before that one should be aware of its history.

IGNOU which is also known as Indira Gandhi National Open University and offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses through distance mode is widely known by everyone who wants to do some course from the best distance education University in India. It was established in 1985 and its Central University is situated at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. Around four million students are currently enrolled here. It has 67 regional centres in all over India. Its Chancellor is our current President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and Vice Chancellor at present is known as Mr. Nageshwar Rao. For more details you can visit www.ignou.ac.in which is official website of IGNOU.

You can know about your grade card within two days after the results are announced. So you need to keep your eye carefully on important dates after completing your exams.

Information about IGNOU grade card percentage calculator is mentioned here in detail in very easy steps.Before getting detail information IGNOU grade card calculator you need to clarify the exam of whatever course you have opted for, with 30% weightage in assignment and 70% weightage in theory or you can say in term and exam.

Now, understand the procedure of IGNOU percentage calculator online.

  • Go to Google Play Store app.
  • Look for “IGNOU Percentage Calculator”.
  • Select any relevant app to fulfill your requirement.
  • Fill your required details.
  • Get your percentage.

You can calculate the marks for all IGNOU courses with the help of same steps. These are the fields you are going to see on your grade card of IGNOU.

Candidate’s name
Candidate’s enrolment number
Programme’s name
Course codes
Number of assignments submitted
Number of assignments required to be submitted
TEE theory marks
TEE practical marks
Status of assignments (completed/not completed)

Following is the pattern of percentage one should keep in mind. As you will get grade on the basis of following pattern.


Grade Percentage
A 80% and Above
B 60% to 79.9%
C 50% to 59.9%
D 40% to 49.9%
E Below 40%


Letter Grade   Qualitative Level Point Grade
A Excellent 5
B Very Good 4
C Good 3
D satisfactory 2
E Unsatisfactory 1

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Important points regarding IGNOU Percentage Calculator Online-

  • To calculate IGNOU Percentage at present, you need to get at least “D” Grade in both assignments and term end examinations to qualify the University exam.
  • If in any particular course you have scored 30 out of 50 ,then in your grade card it will be mentioned double of it which is 60 because in IGNOU grade card they write double of the marks you got in results.
  • You are allowed to request for revaluation of answer sheet if you have any confusion or dissatisfaction through an online form by paying Rupees 750 per course.
  • Even you can request for the copy of your answer sheet by the help of evaluation centre through an online form. For that you need to pay fee as Rupees 100 per course.
  • You can also apply for duplicate IGNOU grade card if you have lost it by paying Rupees 250.
  • The minimum passing marks for term end theory examination are 35 out of 100 and 18 out of 50.
  • The minimum passing marks for assignment are 50 out of 100.

I hope, above information will be helpful for you. All the best.


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