Indian Postman Recruitment Exam Question Paper

Indian Postman Recruitment Exam Question Paper Solved

 Part-A General Knowledge and Reasoning

1.    Which of the following is not an effect of population growth in India?

a.    Increase in food

b.    Increase in population

c.    Reduction in cultivable land

d.    Increase in wildlife

2.    Structural unemployment arises due to

a.    deflationary conditions

b.    heavy industry bias

c.    shortage of raw materials

d.    inadequate productive capacity

3.    Which of the following schemes launched by the Government of Indian provides a guaranteed 100 days employment to overall employment seekers in India?

a.    Bharat Nirman

b.    Swarnajayanti Grameen Rojgar Yojana

c.    National Rural Employment Gurantee Act

d. National Food for Work Programme

4.    The Blue Revolution is related with

a.    fish production

b.    food grain production

c.    oil seed production

d.    milk production

5.    We very frequently read about Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) in newspapers. These SEZ’s were established with which of the following objectives?

1.    To attract foreign investment directly.

2.    To protect domestic market from direct competition from multinationals.
3.    To provide more capital to agricultural and allied activities,

a.    Only 1    b. Only 2

c. Only 3       d. All of these

6.    Who, among the following, wrote the poem ‘Subah-i- Azadi’?

a.    Sahir Ludhiyanvi

b.    Faiz Ahmed Faiz

c.    Muhammad Iqbal

d.    Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

7.    Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

a.    Lord Cornwallis – Permanent Settlement

b.    Lord Wellesley – Subsidiary Alliance System

c.    Lord Hastings – Second Anglo Maratha War

d.    Lord William Bentinck – Regulation Act XVII of 1827

8.    Who of the following was known as Deshbandhu?

a.    Aurobindo Ghosh

b.    Chitta Ranjan (CR) Das

c.    Dadabhai Naoroji

d.    Jyotiba Phule

9.    The second session of Indian National Congress was Presided over by

a.    Ganesh Agarkar

b.    Surendranath Banerjee

c.    Dadabhai Naoroji

d.    Pheroz Shah Mehta

10.    Consider the following statements related to Raja Ram Mohan Roy :

1. He advocated stood widow remarriage.

2. He strongly, for the abolition of Sati System.

3. He advocated for the promotion of English Education.

a. Only 1    b. 1 and 2
c. 2 and 3            d. All of these

Direction (Q.No. 11) From the given alternatives, select the word which cannot be formed rising the letters of the given word.


a.    NECTAR     b. CARPET


Direction (Q.No. 12) From the given alternatives, select the word which can be formed using the letters of the given word.



13.    When Anuj saw Manish, he recalled, ‘He is the son of the father of my daughter’s mother.’ Who is Manish to Anuj?

a. Brother-in-law   b. Brother   c. Cousin    d. Uncle

14.    At the end of a business conference the ten people persent all shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will there be altogether?

a. 20    b. 45    c. 55    d. 90

Direction (Q.No. 15) Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

15.    5, 6, 9, 15, ?, 40

a. 21    b. 25    c. 27    d. 33

16.    If the word ‘TERMINATION’ is coded as 12345671586, what should be the code for the word ‘MOTION’?

a. 438586    b. 458586

C. 481586    d. 485186

17.    In a certain code, CALANDER is written as CLANAEDR. How is CIRCULAR written in that code?


18.    If V means ‘divided by’, ’ means ‘added to’, ‘x” means ‘subtracted from’ and V means ‘multiplied by’, then what is the value of 24 +12 -18 + 9?

a.-25    b. 0.72

c. 15.30    d. 290

Part-B Mathematics

19.    [l³+2³ +…….+ 9³ + 10³] is equal to

a. 3575    b.    2525

c. 5075    d.    3025

20.    If sum of two numbers x and y is equal to double of x, then value of y will be?

a. y = x    b.    > x

c.c < x    d.    Negative    number

21.    Rajeev read 3/8 part of a book in one day. Next day he read 4/5 part of the rest. Now 30 pages are left to read. How many pages are in the book?

a. 360     b. 1200     c. 240     d. 120

22.    The sum of two digits of a number is 15. If 9 is added to the number, the digits are interchanged. What is the number?

a. 69     b. 87     c. 96    d. 78

23.    The largest four digit number which is a multiple of 8, 10, 12 and 15 is

a. 0120    b. 9600

c. 9840    d. 9960

24.    In an isosceles right angled triangled the length of one leg is 10 m. It’s area is

a. 40 m2    b. 52 m2

c. 50 m2    d. 48 m2

25.    If the sum of circumference and radius of a circle is 51 cm, then the area of the circle is

a. 150 cm²    b. 152 cm²

c. 154 cm²    d. None of these

26.    Find area of the shaded region in the following figure, if radius of each of the circles drawn inside the square is 7 cm.

a. 616 cm²    b. 487 cm²     c. 633 cm²     d. 168 cm²

27.    If a man works for 30 days of the whole month, he gets Rs. 42 per day. If he is absent on a work, he is fined Rs. 2 per day. If he gets Rs. 952 in all for the whole month, how many days did he not work?

a. 7   b. 8    c. 9    d. 10

28.    Mohan engaged a servant on the condition that he would pay him Rs. 200 and a set of clothes after 10 days of his service. The servant left the job after 5 days only. Mohan paid him Rs. 20 in cash and a set of clothes as his  proportionate wages. The price of the set of clothes is

a. Rs.80      b. Rs. 120

c. Rs.140    d. Rs.160

29.    If 7 10 be allowed as true discount on a bill of Rs.110 due at the end of a certain time, then the discount allowed on the same sum due at the end of double the time is

a.Rs.20          b. Rs. 21.81

c. Rs.18.33    d. Rs. 22

30.    A grocer buys 80 kg of rice at Rs.3.50 per kg and mixes it with 120 kg of rice available at Rs. 16 per kg. At what rate per kg should he sell the mixture to gain 20% on the whole?

a. Rs. 48    b. Rs. 38 c. Rs. 28 d. Rs. 18

31.    If x² varies directly as y³ and when x=6, y =3, then which of the following relations is true?

a. 3x² = 4y³     b. 3x²=2y³

c. y²=2x³         d. y³=2x²

32.    The average of 8 numbers is 20, that of the; first two is 15.5 and that of the next three is 21 -, the 6th is 3 less than the 7th by 4 and 7 less than the eighth. The last number is

a. 25   b. 28   c. 32   d. 35

33.    Out of the four numbers, the average of first three is 15 and that of the last three is 16. If the last number is 19, the first one is

a. 15    to. 16    c. 18    d. 19

34. Monika purchased a pressure cooker at 9/10 th of its selling price and sold it at 8% more than its SP. Find her gain per cent.

a. 10%   b. 20%   c. 30%   d. 40%

35.    When a producer allows 36% commission on the retail price of his product, he earns a profit of 8.8%. What would be his profit per cent if the commission is reduced by 24%?

a. 39.6%    b. 29.6%

c. 30%       d. 49.6%

36.    What percent of 2/7 is 1/35 ?

a. 2.5%    b. 10%

c. 25%    d. 20%

37.    A boat covers a distance of 30 km in 5/2 h running downstream. While returning, it covers the same distance in 15/4  h. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

a. 8 km/h         b. 12 km/h

c. 14 km/h       d. 10 km/h

38.    A deposited 16000 in a bank at 5% per annum simple interest. B deposited ? 5000 at 8% per annum compound interest. After 2 yr, the difference between their interests will

a. Rs. 230    b. Rs. 232      c. Rs. 600    d. Rs. 832

Part-C General English

Directions (Q.Nos. 39-42) Choose the most appropriate response out of four choices given after each question.

39.    The word ‘Baneful’ means

a. Loss        b.    Evil

c. Profit      d.    Benefit

40.    The word opposite in meaning to ‘Perilous’ is

a. Safe          b.    Hybrid

c. Descent    d.    Lament

41.    The word ‘Coerce’ means

a. Thrilling       b. Force

c. Suspended    d. Hidden

42.    The word opposite in meaning to ‘Conscientious’ is

a. Cruel          b.    Cicentious

c. Careless     d. Whip

Bonus: English Passage Practice for SSC

Directions (Q.Nos. 43-44) Give I one word for the following words/ sentences.

43.    A person who regards the whole world as his country

a. Cosmopolitan    b. Nationalist    c. Patriot    d.    Metropolitan

44.    A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others

a. Democrat       b. Autocrat

c. Bureaucrat    d. Fanatic

45.    Which of the following words is misspelt?

a. Performance    b. Synthasis    c. Impairment    d. Simplified

46.    Choose the correctly spelt word

a. Misschievous   b. Mischievous

c. Mischivious      d. Misschivtous

47.    What does the phrase ‘To beat about the bush’ mean

a.   Not to come to the point

b.  Vigorously search for the culprit

c.    Easily achieve success without effort

d.   Work hard to achieve

48.    Choose the correct sentence.

a. She is more intelligent than her brother

b. She is intelligent than her brother

c.    She are more intelligent than her brother

d.    She is the best intelligent than her borther

Directions (Q.Nos. 49-50) In the following sentences improve the part printed in bold, if needed.

49.    If I were you, I would report the matter at once.

a. be      b.    am

c. was    d.    No  improvement

50.    He could not be able to think logically because of his illness,

a. can not be    b.    was not

c. had not         d.    No improvement

Direction (Q.Nos.51) Choose I the correct word to fill in the blank.

51.    Those athletes who did not adhere to the rules of athletics … deprived of taking part in the championship,

a. was    b. is       c. has     d. were

Directions (Q.Nos. 52-54) Find j out which part of a sentence has an ‘ error. If a sentence is error free, mark l (d) as your answer.

52.    She is the best (a)/ and beautiful girl. (b) of our village (c) No error (d)

53.    Some people get (a)i use to changes very easily (b)/ than others do. (c) No error (d)

54.    This is the most (a)/ unique opportunity (b)l for him. (c) No error (d)

55.    Fill in the blank with suitable word. He claims to have read all great tragedies of Shakespeare……… the greatest play wright of english.

a. which    b. whom

c. such       d. who

56.    What is the passive form of ‘We hope that we shall win the match’?

a.  The match is hoped to be won

b.  Match winning is our hope

c.    It is hoped that the match will be won by us

d.    Winning the match is hoped by us

57.    The indirect speech of …………… He said, ‘I clean my teeth twice a day’ is

a. He said that he cleaned his teeth twice a day

b. He said that he cleans his teeth twice a day

c.    He said that he used to clean his teeth twice a day

d.    He said that he is used to cleaning his teeth twice a day

58.    Fill in the blank with suitable preposition. She was fined ……..coming late.

a. to    b. for      c. in      d. at

59.    Identify the synonym of the given word. Massacre

a. Stab          b.    Slaughter

c. Murder    d.    Assassinate

Directions (Q.Nos. 60) Choose the correct one word substitute.

60.    A decision taken by the votes of all

a. Cliche             b.    Democracy

c. Posthumous d.    Turn coat

Answer of Indian Postman Mail Guard Recruitment Exam Question Paper

1 d 2 b 3 c 4 a
5 a 6 b 7 c 8 b
9 c 10 d 11 c 12 c
13 a 14 b 15 b 16 c
17 d 18 d 19 d 20 a
21 c 22 d 23 d 24 c
25 c 26 d 27 a 28 d
29 c 30 d 31 a 32 a
33 b 34 b 35 d 36 b
37 d 38 b 39 b 40 a
41 b 42 c 43 a 44 b
45 b 46 b 47 a 48 a
49 d 50 b 51 d 52 b
53 b 54 a 55 d 56 c
57 b 58 b 59 b 60 b

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