Is Eric Dooley Fired Rumors True? Coach Faces Uncertain Future With Southern University

In the realm of collegiate sports, uncertainty looms over Eric Dooley’s coaching career at Southern University. Speculations have been rife regarding his employment status, sparking questions about the future trajectory of the Southern University football team under his leadership

Coach Eric Dooley’s Journey in Football

Eric Dooley: A Football Luminary

Discover the captivating story of Eric Dooley, a prominent figure in American football, celebrated both as a coach and former player. Unraveling his journey sheds light on a seasoned professional who has left an indelible mark on the football landscape.1

From Player to Coach: Eric Dooley’s Transition

Eric Dooley, a notable American football coach and former player, currently commands the helm as the head football coach at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

His tenure began in the 2022 season, marking a new chapter in his illustrious career. Before gracing Southern University, Dooley held the position of head football coach at Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas, from 2018 to 2021.

A Dual Role: Player and Coach

Dooley’s connection with football transcends coaching; he once donned the jersey as a player at Grambling State University. Venturing further, he embraced the challenges of the Arena Football League, showcasing his skills with the Arizona Rattlers in 1993 for a memorable season.

This unique blend of on-field prowess and sideline strategy underscores Dooley’s comprehensive understanding of the game.

Eric Dooley
Eric Dooley ( Image: Source )

The Rise of Coach Eric Dooley

Southern University’s Head Football Coach

December 7, 2021, marked a pivotal moment as Coach Eric Dooley assumed the role of the 20th Head Coach of the Southern Jaguars Football program.

His history with Southern University dates back to his playing days at Grambling State, where he made significant contributions as part of Coach Pete Richardson’s staff from 1997 to 2010.

This period yielded an impressive five SWAC Championships and two HBCU National Championships.

A Triumph at Prairie View A&M

Dooley’s coaching acumen reached its zenith during his tenure at Prairie View A&M, culminating in a remarkable journey to the 2021 SWAC Championship game.

The success at Prairie View A&M solidified his status as a dynamic football strategist. Notably, his coaching legacy extends to Grambling State, where he served as the offensive coordinator, steering the team to three consecutive SWAC Western Division titles and two SWAC Championships.

Beyond Coaching: Eric Dooley’s Impact

Offensive Maestro and Mentor

Eric Dooley’s influence extends beyond coaching achievements. At Grambling State, he played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s offensive prowess.

His mentorship also proved instrumental in guiding players to success in the NFL, further solidifying his status as a multifaceted football personality.

As a proud member of the American Football Coaches Association and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, Dooley remains devoted to both the sport and the community.

Family and Dedication

With 27 years of marriage to Alicia and three children, Eric Dooley’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the football field. His return to Southern University underscores a dedication to fostering success, not only in the game but also in the broader context of life.

Eric Dooley
Eric Dooley ( Image: Source )

Eric Dooley Controversy: Has the Southern University Coach Been Fired?

Delving into the Speculations

Speculations are rife surrounding the potential dismissal of Eric Dooley as the head coach of Southern University. Let’s delve into the latest updates and sort through the unfolding situation.2

The Social Media Buzz

Rumors about Eric Dooley’s termination as the head coach of Southern University started circulating on Twitter early Monday. This triggered responses from HBCU media outlets and local reporters who sought clarification from both Dooley and the Southern University Athletics department to uncover the truth.

Michael Cauble’s Investigation

WBRZ reporter Michael Cauble took to Twitter to share insights from his quest for information. He quoted Coach Eric Dooley, who affirmed, “I haven’t spoken with any administrators concerning employment, the answer is no.” Despite attempts to reach Athletic Director Roman Banks, who was with the men’s basketball team in Arizona, there was no response.

The Southern University Sports information also remained tight-lipped. Cauble vowed to keep monitoring the situation, emphasizing that Southern University has an open date, with the Classic scheduled for Nov. 25.

Steven J. Gather’s Inside Scoop

HBCU Gameday Founder Steven J. Gather, citing a reliable source, reported that Dooley received the news that he won’t be returning as coach following the Bayou Classic on Thanksgiving weekend.

Pat Timlin’s Take

Pat Timlin, a reporter for NBC33 & Fox44, highlighted Southern’s silence amidst the swirling rumors. In a tweet, he mentioned, “As far as the Eric Dooley rumors, still no official word from the school on his status.” Timlin also provided context, noting that the team was off, as is customary every Monday, and it was a bye week. He added a financial aspect, stating, “If Southern does fire him, there’s $620k guaranteed left on his contract.”

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Eric Dooley Affirms His Role as Southern’s Football Coach Amidst Dismissal Speculations

Eric Dooley
Eric Dooley ( Image: Source )

In the realm of collegiate sports, uncertainties surrounding coaching positions often surface, and Southern University’s head football Coach, Eric Dooley, finds himself at the center of recent rumors.

Despite swirling speculations of his termination, Dooley is resolute in asserting that he remains committed to his role with the Jaguars.3

Setting the Record Straight

Addressing the speculations, Coach Dooley communicated to WBRZ that, as of 3 p.m. on Monday, no discussions had transpired between him and the university administrators regarding his employment status. Despite attempts to shed light on the situation, Southern Athletics has yet to provide any official comments or statements.

Origins of the Rumors

The genesis of these rumors can be traced back to Monday morning, a mere two days after the Jaguars experienced a setback, losing to Prairie View A&M and marking their season record at 5-5. The aftermath of such defeats often becomes a breeding ground for speculations and uncertainties, contributing to the conjecture surrounding Coach Dooley’s future with the team.

Eric Dooley’s Coaching JourneyEric Dooley assumed the role of head coach at Southern University after the 2021 season.

His previous coaching experience at Prairie View A&M University saw him lead the Panthers to the SWAC Championship against the Deion Sanders-led Jackson State Tigers.

Dooley replicated this success in 2022, guiding Southern to another SWAC Championship clash against Jackson State. However, despite these achievements, the current season has fallen short of Jaguar fans’ expectations, sparking calls for his removal.

Eric Dooley
Eric Dooley ( Image: Source )

The Future Battle

Should Dooley continue as Southern University’s coach, he is slated to face off against Hue Jackson and the Grambling State Tigers in the Bayou Classic on November 25th at 2 PM EST. As the controversy unfolds, the future remains uncertain for Eric Dooley and his coaching tenure at Southern University.

Coach Dooley’s Professional Journey

Hired in December 2021, Eric Dooley brought with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as an assistant coach under Pete Richardson during a commendable 12-year stint with Southern. This tenure coincided with the Jaguars’ notable achievements, including HBCU titles in 1997 and 2003, as well as SWAC titles in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2003.

The Current Landscape and Future Prospects

As the Jaguars navigate a challenging season, the focus on Coach Dooley’s leadership comes under scrutiny. The recent loss has undoubtedly intensified discussions about the team’s performance and the potential consequences for the coaching staff.

Clarity Amidst Uncertainty

In the midst of these rumors, Coach Dooley remains steadfast, emphasizing that he is fully engaged in his coaching responsibilities. The lack of official communication from Southern Athletics further adds to the ambiguity surrounding the situation.

Looking Ahead

The trajectory of Coach Dooley’s coaching career with Southern remains uncertain, and the coming days may offer insights into the resolution of the circulating speculations.

For now, the coach and the Southern University community await official statements that will either confirm or dispel the rumors surrounding Eric Dooley’s tenure as the head football coach.

In a world where sports narratives can evolve rapidly, the saga surrounding Coach Dooley’s position at Southern University underscores the dynamism and unpredictability inherent in collegiate athletics.

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Eric Dooley’s Impactful Career and Net Worth

Eric Dooley
Eric Dooley ( Image: Source )

Eric Dooley: A Football Luminary’s Journey

Eric Dooley, born on July 14, 1965, stands as a pivotal figure in the realm of football, boasting a rich legacy as both a former player and a distinguished coach.4

Coaching Excellence at Southern Jaguars Football Program

Currently, Dooley holds the esteemed position of head coach at the Southern Jaguars Football program, a powerhouse based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Milestones in Coaching

As he navigates the coaching landscape, Eric Dooley leaves an indelible mark, with each stride marked by significant milestones.

Previous Roles: Prairie View A&M University

Before assuming the mantle at Southern University, Dooley showcased his prowess at Prairie View A&M University, making remarkable contributions to the institution.

Eric Dooley’s Ascension: Southern University’s Head Coach in 2022

A defining moment in his coaching career occurred in 2022 when Eric Dooley took the reins as the head coach at Southern University, solidifying his commitment to excellence. (Source: Southern University)

A Glance into the Past: Grambling State University

Prior to his stint at Prairie View A&M, Dooley carved a niche for himself at Grambling State University, where he served as the offensive coordinator.

A Player’s Triumphs: Eric Dooley’s Sporting Prowess

Beyond his coaching laurels, Eric Dooley boasts an impressive background as a player, particularly as a wide receiver at Grambling State. His on-field journey includes securing two SWAC Championships, a testament to his athletic prowess.

Academic Distinctions

Dooley’s commitment to education shines through his academic achievements, holding a bachelor’s degree from Southern University New Orleans and a master’s degree from Southern University Baton Rouge.

Beyond the Field: Eric Dooley’s Off-Field Engagements

Engaging beyond the field, Eric Dooley actively participates in off-field activities. Notable affiliations include his membership in the American Football Coaches Association and the esteemed Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.


1. How did Eric Dooley’s playing experience contribute to his coaching career in football?

Eric Dooley’s playing experience, notably as a wide receiver at Grambling State University and in the Arena Football League with the Arizona Rattlers, provided him with a unique perspective on the game. This dual role as a player and coach highlights his comprehensive understanding of football, influencing his coaching strategies and approach.

2. Can you elaborate on Eric Dooley’s coaching achievements at Prairie View A&M University?

During his tenure as the head football coach at Prairie View A&M University, Eric Dooley achieved remarkable success, culminating in a journey to the 2021 SWAC Championship game. His coaching acumen and strategic leadership at Prairie View A&M solidified his reputation as a dynamic football strategist.

3. What impact did Eric Dooley have during his time at Grambling State University as the offensive coordinator?

As the offensive coordinator at Grambling State University, Eric Dooley played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s offensive prowess. Under his guidance, the team secured three consecutive SWAC Western Division titles and two SWAC Championships, showcasing his influence beyond coaching.

4. How did Eric Dooley’s return to Southern University in 2022 contribute to the football program’s success?

Eric Dooley’s return to Southern University as the head coach in 2022 marked a pivotal moment for the football program. Drawing on his history with the university and previous coaching experience, Dooley led the team to another SWAC Championship clash, continuing the legacy of success at Southern.

5. What is the current status of the speculations surrounding Eric Dooley’s dismissal as the head coach of Southern University?

As of the latest updates, speculations regarding Eric Dooley’s potential dismissal as the head coach of Southern University are circulating. Various media outlets and reporters have sought clarification, with conflicting reports about discussions between Dooley and university administrators. The situation remains uncertain, pending official statements from Southern Athletics.

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