Jack Lisowski And Jamie Livingston Has Been Married For Seven Years

Jack Lisowski And Jamie Livingston Has Been Married For Seven Years

Jack Lisowski and his family are of Ukrainian descent. Despite this, he plays professional snooker while dressed in an English bowtie and waistcoat.

To further the racial blending, Jack married his American bride Jamie Livingston in 2015. In the Lisowski family, there is an accumulation of different genes. The ultimate racial mixture in the Lisowski family is a Ukrainian bloodline nurtured on English soil married to an American sassy.

Jack Lisowski was born and raised in Cheltenham, England on June 25, 1991. He has been involved with snooker for almost a decade, having been born Jack Adam Lisowski. His hallmark playing approach, dubbed “Jackpot,” is a left-handed onslaught on a billiard opponent.

He invented snooker with a ping pong ball over a carpet when he was seven years old. His family arranged for him to be taught by Nick Pearce, a former professional snooker player from England, when he was a child. He made his first century break at the age of eleven.

Mitchell Mann won the 2007 Junior Pot Blac(k), however he finished second in the tournament. But, at the age of sixteen, he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite this, cancer was unable to dampen his battling spirit as he battled cancer while undergoing chemotherapy.

In 2022, Jack is regarded as one of the most entertaining snooker players. Furthermore, Jack maintains high skill levels throughout the competitions in which he competes. He has reached six tournament finals but has never won. Nonetheless, he is a three-time ranking finalist and the third Paul Hunter scholarship recipient.

Jack Lisowski
Jack Lisowski

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Jack Lisowski Has A Ukrainian Family

He can trace his ancestors back to Ukraine. His father was born to a Ukrainian warrior who fought in World War II.

The war has forced Jack’s grandfather to relocate to other nations. However, he elected to remain in England. That is, Jack’s grandparents moved to England and obtained British citizenship. So, even though they live in England, the Jack Lisowski family has Ukrainian ancestors.

Jack did not have a single child. Lissy Lisowski is his sister.

The surname Lisowski is unusual in England and suggests Polish heritage. People frequently inquire about Jack’s Polish ancestry. He denied having ancestors from Poland. Jack’s grandfather, on the other hand, is a Ukrainian who served in the Second World War. He was eventually relocated to England. The young snooker player hopes to one day take charge of the situation and thoroughly explore his ancestors.

When the circumstances allow, his father travels to Ukraine to reconnect with his roots. However, Ukraine is currently at war, and the situation is precarious. Nonetheless, Jack is eager to return to Ukraine as soon as the dust settles. His parental background is dear to him, and he mourns the country’s awful tragedies.

Jack has officially acknowledged that he has partial Ukrainian ancestry. To borrow his phrase, he is “quarter Ukrainian.” To show his support for the country following Russia’s invasion, he competed in the Gibraltar Open while wearing a Ukraine emblem.

However, according to Jack, the World Snooker Tour has refused him the right to wear the Ukraine flag on his waistcoat during a match in 2022. The World Snooker Tour issued a statement clarifying its position.

According to the statement, the World Snooker Tour has always maintained a policy of political impartiality. To uphold the commitment, the Tour will not let the sport to be utilised to advance political agendas.

Jack Lisowski And His Parents Are From England

His parents encouraged Jack Lisowski to play snooker. His parents moved to England when his paternal grandpa sought sanctuary there following World War II.

After observing his son’s interest in snooker, his father took him to Nick Pearce. When he met Nick, a former professional snooker player from Gloucester, England, he was just eight years old. Before seeing Nick in person, Jack had only seen his game on TV.

Nick’s father, John Pearce, was the owner of Gloucester’s Westgate club. He had set aside a section of the Club for the snooker game. Jack was born in the English town of Cheltenham. He completed his studies at Churchdown’s Chosen Hill School.

Nick’s professional skills brilliantly refined his rough and raw ability. He went to the Club for five years in a row. John only mentioned Jack being good on the first day. Such encouraging words propelled him forward.

The Pearces, together with instructor Derek Ayland, cultivated Lisowski’s skill in the junior sector, and they were able to put together a very successful time in Junior level competition.

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer, at the age of 16 after experiencing lumps in his throat. With his unyielding nature, unwavering family support, and nine months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was cancer-free.

Once cancer-free, he became an advocate for cancer treatment and prevention. He also serves as an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust. He also helps out with Young Lives Against Cancer. On his Twitter account, he promotes and enhances their words and tales.

Jack Lisowski Has Been Married To Jamie Livingston For Seven Years

In February, Jack Lisowski and his wife, Jamie Livingston, celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Their wedding took place on February 23, 2015.

While Jack is of Ukrainian descent, his wife is American. In a small, private ceremony in Cheltenham, the couple was pronounced husband and wife.

Their home was broken into a week before the wedding. Marcus Fry, 40, stole several valuable items, including a long gold necklace, a laptop, two iPods, a Prada belt, and a dish full of small change. Marcus was later apprehended by police.

Later, the court sentenced him to three and a half years in prison. The incident had so traumatised Jack that he was unable to play his best in order to qualify for the German Master tournament.

Despite the fact that his roots are in Ukraine, Jack enjoys British newspapers and magazines. His favourite newspapers are the New York Times and the Zoo Weekly.

Jack Lisowski
Jack Lisowski

Career Records Outcome Year Championship Opponent in the final Score
1 Runner-up 2018 Riga Masters Neil Robertson 2–5
2 Runner-up 2019 China Open  Neil Robertson 4–11
3 Runner-up 2019 Scottish Open Mark Selby 6–9
4 Runner-up 2020 World Grand Prix Judd Trump 7–10
5 Runner-up 2021 German Masters Judd Trump 2–9
6 Runner-up 2021 Gibraltar Open Judd Trump 0–4

The below tabular column will show the ranking of Jack Lisowski in all seasons:-

Season Ranking
2010-2011 Introduced season
2011-2012 52
2012-2013 40
2013-2014 35
2014-2015 42
2015-2016 53
2016-2017 39
2017-2018 54
2018-2019 26
2019-2020 11
2020-2021 14
2021-2022 14
2022-2023 10

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Livingston was a member of the circus troupe The Janus Circus, which was founded by Chris Wangro at Bard College together with other Bard College alumni such as Zeena Parkins. In addition, he worked for MTV as a cameraman and music video editor, and he was involved in the production of Nike advertisements.

After a few weeks of using his new Polaroid digital camera, Livingston discovered that he was taking approximately one shot per day, which resulted in the Polaroid a Day challenge. Livingston received a Polaroid digital camera as a gift in 1979.

In his book “Polaroid a Day,” Livingston chronicled his experiences dealing with a brain tumour, as well as his following engagement and marriage ceremonies.

Crawford attributed the gathering’s enchantment to the “everyman high quality of the photos.” The papers collection included everything from Livingston’s lunch that day to discarded Kodak and Polaroid packaging in a bag to TV screens showing presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton. Crawford stated that “everyman high quality” contributed to the gathering’s allure.

Because Livingston only took one photograph and kept it no matter what, the unusual aspects of daily life were often favoured over the additional intriguing aspects.

He continued to take photographs both inside and outside the hospital until the day he died.

Some Facts To Know About Jack Lisowski & Jamie Livingston

  1. Jamie Livingston and Jack Lisowski married on February 23, 2015. For the second season in a succession, he also had three qualifying victories in the same year.
  2. Jamie is of American nationality, and the couple dated for a long time before legally marrying. However, after seven years of marriage, the couple has yet to start a family of their own.
  3. Livingston’s spouse, Jack, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when he was only 16 years old. It was threatening his life, so he had to undergo 16 sessions of chemotherapy over the course of nine months.
  4. Jamie doesn’t have a large social media following. Nonetheless, her spouse frequently posts about her on social media.
  5. At the age of seven, her husband Liwoski used to play snooker with ping-pong balls on the ground. He was, however, educated by Nick Pearce, a Gloucester expert.
Jack Lisowski Wife Jamie Livingston
Jack Lisowski Wife Jamie Livingston

Quick Facts

Specifications Details
Name Jack Adam Lisowski
Gender Male
Profession Professional Snooker Player
Birthday 25 June 1991
Born Place Cheltenham, England
Nationality English
Age 31
Height Not available
Marital Status Married


1. Who is Jack Lisowski?  

Jack Lisowski is an English Professional Snooker Player.

2. Is Jack Lisowski Married?  

Jack Lisowski married his long-term girlfriend, Jamie Livingston, in 2015.

3. What is the age of Jack Lisowski?  

As of 2022, Jack Lisowski is 31 years old.

4. What is the nationality of Jack Lisowski?

Jack Lisowski is an English sports player.

5. What is the net worth of Jack Lisowski?  

Jack Lisowski has networth around of $1 to $3 million.

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