JD McDonagh’s Battle Scars: A Closer Look at His WWE RAW Injuries

JD McDonagh’s Role in The Judgment Day on WWE RAW and His Recent Injury

JD McDonagh has emerged as a valuable member of The Judgment Day on WWE RAW after his move to the main roster. Known for his willingness to put his body on the line, McDonagh’s association with the faction has seen him take some hard hits in the name of entertainment.1

The Judgment Day’s Alliance with Logan Paul on WWE RAW

  • On the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, The Judgment Day teamed up with United States Champion Logan Paul, a partnership that created a unique dynamic on the show.
  • The group, known for their ruthless tactics, cornered Jey Uso while Logan Paul prepared to strike with three Super Bowl rings. Unfortunately for JD McDonagh, things took an unexpected turn.
  • As Logan Paul swung at Jey Uso, Uso managed to dodge the attack, causing Paul to inadvertently hit McDonagh.
  • The punch, powered by Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl rings, left McDonagh with a significant bruise on his face.
  • The unexpected injury shocked the rest of The Judgment Day, who had not anticipated this collateral damage from their alliance with Logan Paul.

The Aftermath of the Incident and McDonagh’s Bruise

Following the incident, JD McDonagh’s injury became a talking point among WWE fans and The Judgment Day. The visible bruise on his face highlighted the risks that come with being part of a faction known for its intense confrontations and aggressive tactics.

Despite the injury, McDonagh continued to show up and compete, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to The Judgment Day.

What’s Next for The Judgment Day?

With WWE Backlash 2024 on the horizon, The Judgment Day’s future plans are a topic of speculation. The faction’s alliance with Logan Paul added a new dimension to their storyline, but the unintended injury to JD McDonagh could impact their dynamics and lead to changes in their approach.

The Judgment Day is known for its adaptability and unpredictability, suggesting that they could use this incident to further develop their storyline and add intrigue to their future appearances.

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The Judgment Day Drafted to WWE RAW: A Look at the Faction’s Evolution and Future

The Judgment Day, a dominant faction in WWE, has undergone significant changes and growth over the past year. With their recent draft to Monday Night RAW, the group continues to solidify its presence on the red brand.2


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The Judgment Day’s Dominance on WWE RAW

  • The Judgment Day has been a force to be reckoned with on WWE RAW, gaining notoriety for their ruthless tactics and imposing presence.
  • The faction has undergone changes in leadership and membership, evolving into one of the most formidable groups in WWE.
JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh (Image: Source)
  • The addition of JD McDonagh to the faction has further strengthened their roster, with Finn Balor playing a crucial role in his inclusion.
  • Finn Balor’s support for JD McDonagh was instrumental in bringing him into The Judgment Day. Since joining the group, McDonagh has proved his worth by participating in high-profile matches and contributing to the faction’s dominance.
  • His addition has given The Judgment Day a fresh edge, enhancing their influence on the red brand.

The WWE Draft and The Judgment Day’s Status on RAW

During the annual WWE Draft, The Judgment Day was drafted to Monday Night RAW in the fourth round, solidifying their place on the brand. Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh were among the drafted members, while Rhea Ripley was not part of the pool due to her being sidelined with an injury.

World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, also a key member of The Judgment Day, was locked in as champions were not eligible for the draft pool.

The Impact of The Judgment Day’s Draft on WWE RAW

The Judgment Day’s draft to RAW is expected to have a substantial impact on the brand’s storylines and dynamics. With key members like Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh on the roster, the faction is well-positioned to continue their reign of dominance.3

As The Judgment Day continues to evolve, the inclusion of JD McDonagh provides additional flexibility and opportunities for creative storytelling. His connection with Finn Balor and his past performances have solidified his role within the faction, allowing The Judgment Day to explore new directions and potential feuds.

JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh (Image: Source)

JD McDonagh (Jordan Devlin): An Overview of His Wrestling Career and Achievements

Jordan Devlin, better known by his ring name JD McDonagh, is an Irish professional wrestler born on March 15, 1990. He is currently signed to WWE and performs on the RAW brand, where he is a member of The Judgment Day stable.

McDonagh’s wrestling career has spanned various promotions, and he has achieved notable success in NXT UK and other independent circuits.

Early Career and Success in NXT UK

Jordan Devlin began his wrestling career in Ireland, gaining experience in various promotions and honing his craft. He quickly made a name for himself with his technical skills and in-ring charisma, attracting the attention of WWE. Devlin’s breakthrough came when he joined NXT UK, WWE’s United Kingdom-based brand, where he showcased his talent and versatility.

JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh (Image: Source)

In NXT UK, Devlin became the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, a title he held for a record-breaking 438 days, the longest reign in the championship’s history. His reign as Cruiserweight Champion solidified his reputation as one of the top performers in NXT UK, and his matches were known for their intensity and high-quality wrestling.

Transition to WWE RAW and The Judgment Day

Following his success in NXT UK, Jordan Devlin transitioned to WWE RAW, where he adopted the ring name JD McDonagh. His move to the main roster marked a significant step in his career, providing him with a larger platform to showcase his skills.

McDonagh’s inclusion in The Judgment Day stable, led by Finn Balor, has allowed him to align with other prominent WWE stars and become part of one of the most intriguing factions on the red brand.

Other Achievements and Championships

In addition to his success in WWE, JD McDonagh has achieved significant accolades in other wrestling promotions. He is a two-time Over The Top (OTT) World Champion and a one-time PROGRESS Tag Team Champion. These accomplishments highlight his versatility and ability to excel in different wrestling environments.

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JD McDonagh’s Professional Wrestling Career: Early Training and Success in Japan

JD McDonagh, originally known as Jordan Devlin, began his professional wrestling career at the young age of 16. His journey in the wrestling world has been shaped by rigorous training and early international success, including a significant stint in Japan with Pro Wrestling Zero1.

Early Training with Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey

  • Jordan Devlin’s professional wrestling journey began with his training at the age of 16. He was trained by Fergal Devitt, widely known as Finn Bálor, and Paul Tracey, two highly respected figures in the wrestling world.
JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh
  • Under their guidance, Devlin developed his wrestling skills and learned the fundamentals of the sport.
  • The training he received from Devitt and Tracey played a crucial role in shaping his career.
  • Their mentorship provided Devlin with the technical foundation and the understanding of professional wrestling’s intricacies, preparing him for the challenges ahead.
  • The influence of Finn Bálor, a successful wrestler in his own right, would later contribute to Devlin’s transition to WWE and his eventual alignment with Bálor in The Judgment Day.

Wrestling in Japan with Pro Wrestling Zero1

At the age of 21, Devlin expanded his wrestling experience by spending six months in Japan, where he wrestled for Pro Wrestling Zero1.

This period in Japan was significant for Devlin’s career, allowing him to gain exposure to a different wrestling style and culture. Japan’s wrestling scene is known for its unique approach, technical prowess, and high level of competition, providing Devlin with invaluable experience.

JD McDonagh’s Net Worth in 2023: An Overview of His Earnings and Income Sources

JD McDonagh, the Irish professional wrestler known for his performances in WWE, has seen his net worth grow as he transitioned from NXT to the main roster on WWE RAW. As of November 2023, his net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

WWE Salary and Bonuses

JD McDonagh’s primary source of income comes from his WWE salary. While performing on the NXT brand, McDonagh earned a basic compensation of $150,000, excluding bonuses and other rewards. This salary is a common range for NXT talent, reflecting the brand’s position within the broader WWE structure.

As McDonagh transitioned to the main roster on WWE RAW, his salary likely increased to reflect his new role and responsibilities. Although his current salary on the main roster is yet to be confirmed, performers on WWE’s main roster typically earn more than their counterparts in NXT. This salary increase contributes to McDonagh’s growing net worth.

JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh

Additional Sources of Income

Beyond his WWE salary, JD McDonagh earns income from various other sources. His presence on social media platforms allows him to reach a broad audience, providing opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships. Additionally, McDonagh’s media appearances and public events contribute to his earnings, adding to his overall net worth.

The combination of his WWE salary, bonuses, social media partnerships, and public appearances enables McDonagh to generate a significant income beyond his wrestling performances. These additional income streams reflect his marketability and appeal within the wrestling community and beyond.

JD McDonagh’s Financial Success in 2023

JD McDonagh’s estimated net worth of $2 million in 2023 underscores his financial success as a professional wrestler. His transition from NXT to WWE RAW and his role in The Judgment Day have contributed to his increased earnings and broader recognition.

As a main roster performer, McDonagh’s salary and bonuses are expected to continue growing, further boosting his net worth.


1. Who is JD McDonagh?

Ans: JD McDonagh is a professional wrestler signed to WWE, primarily performing on the RAW brand. He was formerly known as Jordan Devlin and gained recognition in WWE’s NXT UK brand before joining the main roster. Known for his technical skills and intense in-ring style, McDonagh has become a rising star in WWE.

2. What caused JD McDonagh’s injuries on WWE RAW?

Ans: JD McDonagh’s injuries on WWE RAW could have resulted from a high-intensity match or a physical storyline. WWE matches, while scripted, involve real physicality, and wrestlers can sustain injuries during complex maneuvers or high-impact spots. His battle scars might reflect the physical toll of his intense performances.

3. How serious are JD McDonagh’s injuries from WWE RAW?

Ans: The seriousness of JD McDonagh’s injuries would depend on the specific incidents and medical evaluations. While battle scars can look severe, they are often part of the risk associated with professional wrestling. If McDonagh’s injuries are significant, he might require time off for recovery and rehabilitation.

4. How does JD McDonagh’s style contribute to his battle scars?

Ans: JD McDonagh’s wrestling style is intense and technical, involving high-risk moves and aggressive techniques. This style can lead to bumps, bruises, and cuts, which contribute to his battle scars. Wrestlers who perform with high intensity often encounter physical consequences from their in-ring performances.

5. How do fans and WWE respond to JD McDonagh’s injuries?

Ans: Fans often show concern and support for wrestlers who sustain injuries, recognizing the risks involved in their performances. WWE typically addresses injuries with medical evaluations and appropriate treatment. If injuries are severe, WWE may adjust storylines to allow for recovery time or incorporate the injuries into the narrative.

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