Jo Nattawut Prepared for Five-Round Showdown with Tawanchai: “I’ve Never Had an Issue”

Jo Nattawut, a formidable challenger in the world of Muay Thai, is gearing up for an intense bout with Tawanchai. Known for his endurance and tenacity, Nattawut confidently asserts that he is fully prepared to go the distance if their match extends to a full five rounds

His unwavering confidence stems from his extensive experience and rigorous training regimen, which have consistently kept him in peak physical condition.

Both fighters are known for their unique fighting styles and strategies. Nattawut’s approach is expected to leverage his powerful strikes and resilience, aiming to wear down Tawanchai over the rounds.

On the other hand, Tawanchai will likely rely on his agility and quick reflexes to outpace Nattawut. The clash of these strategies adds an intriguing layer to the upcoming bout.

The matchup between Nattawut and Tawanchai has generated significant buzz among Muay Thai enthusiasts. Fans are eager to witness the clash of these two elite fighters, each bringing their own strengths and strategies to the ring.

The excitement is palpable, with many speculating on the potential outcomes and the moments of brilliance that are sure to unfold.

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‘Smokin’ Jo Nattawut Prepares for Five-Round Battle Against Tawanchai at ONE 167

Third-ranked featherweight Muay Thai contender ‘Smokin’ Jo Nattawut is gearing up for a challenging five-round fight, confident in his ability to endure and excel.1

On Friday, June 7, Nattawut will re-enter the Circle at ONE 167, held in the iconic Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

This event presents him with a golden opportunity to dethrone the reigning ONE featherweight Muay Thai world champion, Tawanchai.

A Highly Anticipated Rematch

This bout marks a significant rematch from their previous encounter at ONE Fight Night 15. However, several elements will distinguish this fight from their last.

The competitors will be donning four-ounce gloves instead of the traditional eight-ounce ones, adding a new dynamic to their clash. Additionally, the match has been extended to five rounds, a substantial increase from their previous three-round bout.

Strategic Adjustments for a Five-Round Battle

Discussing the necessary adjustments, particularly concerning endurance and stamina, Nattawut emphasized the importance of pacing himself.

He shared his insights with the promotion, highlighting the different approach required for a five-round fight compared to a three-round one.

Nattawut’s Perspective on Cardio Preparation

Nattawut expressed his thoughts on the changes in his training regimen: “It will be different with the cardio, yes, because you have to prepare for five rounds.

Like when I fight three rounds, I just go. Just go, go, go. I don’t have to worry about anything. But this time, I have to see a little bit more because it’s longer. But I’ve fought five rounds before, so I never had a problem.”

Despite the increased rounds, Nattawut remains confident in his ability to adapt. He draws from his past experiences in five-round fights, which have equipped him with the knowledge and resilience needed to succeed.

His familiarity with extended bouts reassures him that his cardio preparation will be sufficient to meet the demands of this high-stakes rematch.

Training Adjustments for Success

To ensure he is in peak condition for the fight, Nattawut has tailored his training regimen to accommodate the extended duration of the bout.

His focus has shifted to include more endurance-building exercises, aiming to maintain his energy levels and sharpness throughout all five rounds.

This strategic approach underscores his commitment to dethroning Tawanchai and claiming the championship title.

Jo Nattawut
Jo Nattawut

The Impact of Four-Ounce Gloves

The switch to four-ounce gloves introduces a significant variable to the fight, potentially influencing both offensive and defensive strategies.

These lighter gloves can lead to a faster, more aggressive pace, as well as increased precision in strikes. Nattawut is well-aware of this change and has adjusted his training to maximize the advantages and mitigate the risks associated with the lighter gloves.

Mental Preparation and Strategy

Beyond the physical aspects, Nattawut has also been focusing on his mental preparation. The psychological resilience required for a five-round fight is substantial, and he has been working on enhancing his mental toughness.

Visualization techniques, meditation, and strategic planning have all been integral parts of his preparation, ensuring he remains composed and focused under the intense pressure of a championship bout.

As the date of ONE 167 approaches, anticipation builds among fans and analysts alike. The rematch between Nattawut and Tawanchai promises to be a thrilling encounter, showcasing the pinnacle of Muay Thai skill and endurance.

Both fighters have a lot at stake, and the adjustments they have made in their preparation will be crucial in determining the outcome.

Nattawut’s Determination to Win

Nattawut’s determination to emerge victorious is palpable. His dedication to refining his strategy and improving his cardio signifies his readiness to take on the challenge.

The fight at ONE 167 is not just about reclaiming a title; it represents a testament to his hard work, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his craft.

The upcoming rematch between ‘Smokin’ Jo Nattawut and Tawanchai at ONE 167 is set to be a captivating battle of skill, strategy, and endurance.

With the adjustments in glove weight and fight duration, fans can expect a dynamic and thrilling encounter.

Nattawut’s confidence and meticulous preparation underscore his readiness to seize the moment and potentially secure the featherweight Muay Thai world championship.

Tawanchai (Image: Source)

Tawanchai vs. Jo Nattawut: A High-Stakes Rematch at ONE 167

In an electrifying main event at ONE 167, Tawanchai is set to defend his title against Jo Nattawut, promising fans a thrilling rematch.

Despite falling short in their previous encounter late last year, Nattawut’s impressive performance, particularly given the short notice, has earned him another shot at the championship.

This time, the stakes are even higher, with Tawanchai’s 26 pounds of gold on the line.

Tawanchai’s Dominance in ONE Championship

  • Entering his third title defense, Tawanchai has firmly established himself as a formidable force in the ONE Championship.
  • With a seven-fight winning streak, he has showcased his exceptional skills and tactical prowess.
  • His victories over notable fighters such as Saemapetch Fairtex, Petchmorakot Petchyindee, Jamal Yusupov, and Superbon have solidified his reputation as one of the most dangerous athletes on the roster.
  • Jo Nattawut, known for his resilience and striking power, has the opportunity to turn the tables in this highly anticipated rematch.
  • Despite the setback in their previous bout, Nattawut’s performance demonstrated his potential to challenge Tawanchai effectively.
  • With more preparation time and a hunger for redemption, Nattawut aims to deliver a shocking upset and claim his first ONE world championship.

The High-Stakes Rematch: What to Expect

As the countdown to June 7th continues, anticipation builds for this monumental clash. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see if Tawanchai can secure back-to-back victories against Nattawut or if “Smokin’ Jo” will rise to the occasion and capture the coveted title.

This rematch is not just a battle for the championship but a testament to the fighters’ skills, determination, and adaptability.

ONE Championship fans in the United States and Canada can witness this epic showdown live and for free on Amazon Prime Video.

The event is scheduled for U.S. primetime on Friday, June 7, offering an accessible and exciting viewing experience for North American audiences.

Tawanchai (Image: Source)

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Tawanchai: Achievements

The Remarkable Achievements of a Muay Thai Champion: A Comprehensive Overview

Muay Thai, known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” has produced some of the most skilled and formidable fighters in the world.2

Among these elite athletes stands a champion whose list of accolades speaks volumes about his prowess in the ring.

This article delves into the impressive career of this Muay Thai sensation, highlighting his significant titles and awards.

ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Champion

One of the most prestigious achievements in his career is winning the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship.

Holding this title not just once but successfully defending it twice demonstrates his dominance in the division. His reign as champion is a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

Performance of the Night Honors

Throughout his career, he has earned the Performance of the Night award three times.

These accolades were granted for his outstanding performances against formidable opponents like Davit Kiria, Jamal Yusupov, and Niclas Larsen. Each fight showcased his superior technique, strategic mind, and unyielding spirit.

2022 Muay Thai Fighter of the Year

In 2022, his remarkable performances earned him the title of Muay Thai Fighter of the Year. This award is given to fighters who exhibit extraordinary talent, hard work, and consistent success in the ring.

His ability to maintain peak performance throughout the year made him a standout figure in the Muay Thai community.

Jo Nattawut
Jo Nattawut

2022 Breakout Star of the Year

In the same year, he was also recognized as the Breakout Star of the Year. This award highlights his rapid rise to prominence and his impact on the sport.

His explosive entry into the upper echelons of Muay Thai showcased his potential to become one of the all-time greats.

Triumphs at Lumpinee Stadium

2018 Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year

Lumpinee Stadium, a revered venue in the world of Muay Thai, honored him as the 2018 Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year.

This award is reserved for fighters who display exceptional skill, courage, and sportsmanship. His performances at Lumpinee Stadium left a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.

Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT) Success

2017 Thailand 126 lbs Champion

In 2017, he secured the title of Thailand 126 lbs Champion under the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT).

This championship is a significant milestone, reflecting his dominance in the national Muay Thai scene and his ability to compete at the highest level.

Nai Khanom Tom Championships

2018 Nai Khanom Tom Champion

The Nai Khanom Tom Champion title, which he won in 2018, is another notable achievement.

Named after the legendary figure in Muay Thai history, this championship honors fighters who embody the spirit and skill of Nai Khanom Tom. Winning this title underscores his status as a top-tier athlete in the sport.

Distinguished Awards and Recognitions

2018 Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year

His exceptional talent and dedication were further recognized when he was awarded the 2018 Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year. This prestigious award highlights his contributions to Muay Thai and his role in promoting the sport nationally and internationally.

2018 Siam Kela Fighter of the Year Award

In the same year, he also received the Siam Kela Fighter of the Year Award.

This award is given to fighters who have shown exceptional prowess and have made significant impacts in their bouts. His consistent performance and ability to thrill audiences made him a deserving recipient.

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