Kade Ruotolo Steps Away from ONE Championship Gold for MMA Debut, Achievements and Promotion

Winning gold at ONE Championship is a significant milestone in Kade Ruotolo’s career. It not only showcases his talent and skill but also highlights his potential to achieve even greater heights in the world of BJJ

As he continues to evolve as a grappler, Kade’s journey will be one to watch, and his success will inspire a new generation of athletes to pursue their dreams with passion and dedication.

For Kade Ruotolo, winning gold at ONE Championship is more than just a victory; it is a validation of his hard work and determination.

The ONE Championship is known for its high level of competition, and winning a gold medal there is a testament to Kade’s skill and ability. It also opens up new opportunities for him to compete against the best in the world and further establish himself as a top-tier grappler.

With the ONE gold under his belt, Kade Ruotolo is now setting his sights on even greater achievements. He aims to continue his winning streak and cement his legacy as one of the greatest BJJ practitioners of his generation.

His passion for the sport and unwavering dedication make him a formidable competitor, and his future in BJJ looks brighter than ever.

Kade Ruotolo
Kade Ruotolo (Image: Source)

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Kade Ruotolo: Who Is He?

The Rising Star of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

At just 21 years old, Kade Ruotolo has already achieved a level of success in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that many athletes can only dream of.1

His skill and determination have quickly propelled him to the top ranks of the grappling world, establishing him as one of the most promising talents in the sport today.

Kade is not alone in his success. His brother, Tye Ruotolo, has also made waves in the world of jiu-jitsu, with both brothers showcasing their talents at the prestigious 2022 ADCC tournament.

Kade’s victory in the tournament not only solidified his status as a top-tier grappler but also earned him the coveted ONE lightweight submission grappling world championship.

Dominance and Dedication

Since winning the ONE championship belt, Kade has defended it multiple times, displaying a level of dominance that is rare for someone his age.

His performances have been nothing short of exceptional, with each victory further cementing his reign as a true force to be reckoned with in the world of grappling.

The Ultimate Prize

Despite his many accomplishments, Kade has made it clear that the ONE Championship belt holds a special place in his heart.

In a recent interview with Karyn Bryant, he expressed his deep affection for the belt, stating, “My ONE Championship belt is the one that I hold dearly to me.” This sentiment highlights the significance of this achievement in his already impressive career.

As Kade continues to grow and evolve as a competitor, it’s clear that his future in the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is incredibly bright. With his skill, dedication, and passion for the sport, there’s no telling how far he can go.

One thing is for certain, though – Kade Ruotolo is a name that fans of grappling will be hearing for many years to come.

Kade Ruotolo
Kade Ruotolo (Image: Source)

Kade Ruotolo Steps Away from ONE Championship Gold for MMA Debut

Kade Ruotolo, the reigning ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion, is embarking on a new challenge, setting aside his gold for a shot at MMA glory.

His decision to step into the world of mixed martial arts comes from a desire to test himself in a different rule set, a challenge he eagerly anticipates.

The Transition to MMA

Ruotolo’s reign as the ONE lightweight champion has been impressive, showcasing his dominance in submission grappling.

However, the allure of MMA has always been present, and now, he is ready to make his debut in the lightweight division.

While Ruotolo has undoubtedly solidified his position as one of the best in submission grappling, his focus has shifted towards a new goal in MMA. The challenge ahead is daunting, but he is fueled by a relentless motivation to succeed in this new endeavor.

The Debut Fight

Ruotolo’s MMA journey begins on June 7 at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, where he will face off against Blake Cooper.

This fight marks the start of what promises to be an exciting chapter in Ruotolo’s career, as he looks to make a strong impression in the lightweight ranks.

Fans can catch all the action from ONE 167 live from the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on June 7.

For those in North America with an active Amazon Prime Video subscription, the entire card will be available for free, airing live in U.S. primetime.

Kade Ruotolo
Kade Ruotolo (Image: Source)

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Kade Ruotolo: Bio

The Rising Star of American Submission Grappling

Kade Ruotolo, born on January 22, 2003, is a prodigious talent in the realm of submission grappling and a distinguished black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete hailing from the United States.2

His journey in competitive grappling began at an astonishingly young age, alongside his twin brother Tye. Ruotolo’s exceptional skills have earned him several accolades, including the prestigious IBJJF World champion title, as well as victories at the Pan American and European Open championships at the colored belt level.

His remarkable achievements continued as he was promoted to the esteemed rank of black belt in December 2021.

Early Beginnings and Training

Ruotolo’s passion for grappling ignited when he was just three years old, under the guidance of seasoned coaches and mentors.

His dedication to the sport and relentless pursuit of excellence quickly set him apart, showcasing a level of skill and understanding beyond his years. His twin brother, Tye, has been a constant companion in this journey, both pushing each other to new heights of achievement.

Kade Ruotolo
Kade Ruotolo

Kade Ruotolo: Achievements

Professional Success and Achievements

In a groundbreaking moment, Ruotolo made history at the 2022 ADCC World Championship by securing the title in the highly competitive 77kg division.

At just 19 years old, he became the youngest-ever ADCC Submission Fighting World champion, a testament to his exceptional talent, hard work, and determination. This victory solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of grappling.

ONE Championship and Current Ventures

  • Ruotolo’s prowess in the grappling world has caught the attention of the renowned ONE Championship, where he currently holds the title of lightweight submission grappling champion.
  • His presence in the promotion adds to the excitement for fans worldwide, as they witness his continued growth and dominance in the sport.
  • As Kade Ruotolo continues to hone his skills and compete at the highest levels of grappling, the future holds endless possibilities for this young phenom.
  • His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring grapplers worldwide, showcasing the rewards of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
  • With his remarkable achievements and unwavering determination, Ruotolo is well on his way to leaving a lasting legacy in the world of submission grappling.
Kade Ruotolo
Kade Ruotolo

Kade Ruotolo: Career

Grappling Journey Highlights (2020-2021)

  • In November 2020, Kade Ruotolo made waves in the grappling world by dominating the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Lightweight World Championships.3
  • He secured victory over four opponents in a single night, culminating in a memorable buggy choke submission against PJ Barch in the final. This remarkable finish earned him the prestigious ‘Submission of the Year’ award at the Jitsmagazine 2020 BJJ Awards.
  • His success continued into 2021, where he triumphed in the 77kg division of the ADCC North American East Coast Trials, earning a coveted spot in the 2022 ADCC World Championship.
  • Ruotolo’s flying d’arce choke finish of Joshua Dawson at the Trials further solidified his status, earning him yet another ‘Submission of the Year’ award at the Jitsmagazine 2021 BJJ Awards.
  • In preparation for the ADCC World Championship, Ruotolo faced off against Roberto Jimenez at Road to ADCC in July 2021. While he was submitted with a rear-naked choke in this match, it served as a valuable learning experience for the young grappler.
  • Later, in September 2021, Ruotolo participated in the Who’s Number One Championships, where he emerged victorious, becoming the inaugural Lightweight champion.

ONE Championship and Beyond (2022-2023)

March 2021 marked a significant milestone in Ruotolo’s career as he, along with his brother, signed a contract with ONE Championship.

This agreement paved the way for their entry into submission grappling and eventual MMA debut. Ruotolo’s debut match at ONE 157 saw him face off against the seasoned Shinya Aoki, where he emerged victorious with a unanimous decision.

The pinnacle of Ruotolo’s grappling career came at the 2022 ADCC World Championship. Competing in the 77kg division, he made history by becoming the youngest competitor to win gold. His victory over Micael Galvão in the final showcased his skill and determination, solidifying his place among grappling’s elite.

In October 2022, Ruotolo faced off against Uali Kurzhev for the inaugural ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Championship.

Despite Kurzhev’s failure to meet the weight requirements, Ruotolo displayed his prowess by submitting Kurzhev with a heel hook, claiming the title and making history as the first-ever ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Champion.

Kade Ruotolo: Promotion

Kade Ruotolo promoted energy drink and vitamine tablets of Jocko Fuel’s on his instagram account.

Continued Dominance and Future Prospects (2024 onwards)

Ruotolo’s success continued into 2024, with notable victories including a successful title defense against Matheus Gabriel at ONE on Prime Video 5.

He further solidified his status as a dominant force in the sport by defending his title against Tommy Langaker at ONE Fight Night 11, retaining the belt via decision.

Looking ahead, Ruotolo is scheduled to defend his ONE lightweight submission grappling title against Mikey Musumeci at ONE 168: Denver on September 6, 2024. This upcoming bout promises to be a thrilling clash between two of the sport’s most talented athletes.

Transition to Mixed Martial Arts

Ruotolo announced his intention to transition to mixed martial arts in early 2023. The contract he signed with ONE Championship for grappling matches also included provisions for MMA fights.

While the initial plan to debut in 2023 did not materialize, Ruotolo confirmed that he would make his professional MMA debut in 2024.

Ruotolo’s journey to the MMA arena is set to begin with a highly anticipated match against Blake Cooper at ONE 167 on June 7, 2024. This debut marks a new chapter in Ruotolo’s career, as he looks to make his mark in the world of mixed martial arts.

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