Kelsey Riggs’ Marriage to Dalen Cuff, Pregnancy News, and the Journey to Parenthood

Kelsey Riggs: ESPN Reporter’s Exciting Journey into Motherhood

Kelsey Riggs, an ESPN reporter since 2019, recently shared the delightful news of her engagement to Cuff and the upcoming arrival of Baby Cuff this summer. The announcement marks a new chapter in Riggs’ life, both personally and professionally.1

Academic and Professional Background

A graduate of Charleston Southern University, Kelsey Riggs boasts a strong foundation in journalism. Before joining ESPN, she contributed her talents to WCNC-TV for three years, showcasing her dedication to the field.

Versatility at ESPN

At ESPN, Riggs isn’t just confined to reporting; she is also a regular stand-in anchor for SportsCenter, the network’s flagship news and information program. Her versatility and expertise have made her a valuable asset to the ESPN team.

Sporting Achievements

During her time at Charleston Southern University, Riggs not only excelled academically but also left her mark in sports. She secured a scholarship for the university’s soccer program, showcasing her prowess both on and off the field.

Love Unveiled

The public only learned about Riggs’ relationship with Cuff at the close of 2023. Now, the couple is embarking on a new journey as they prepare to welcome a small family into their lives.


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Kelsey Riggs’ journey from Charleston Southern University to ESPN has been marked by professional accomplishments and versatility. Now, as she steps into the role of a mother, Riggs continues to navigate the exciting intersections of her career and personal life, promising a bright future for the ESPN reporter.

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Unveiling the Love Story: Kelsey Riggs’ Journey with Fiancé Dalen Cuff

Kelsey Riggs, the accomplished ESPN reporter, is not just making headlines for her professional achievements but also for her personal milestones. Let’s dive into the enchanting love story between Kelsey Riggs and her fiancé, Dalen Cuff.2

Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs (Image: Source)

Engagement Announcement

Contrary to popular belief, Kelsey Riggs is not currently married; however, the exciting news of her engagement to Dalen Cuff has been circulating. The revelation of this joyous occasion was made public by Riggs herself, who shared the delightful news alongside the announcement of her pregnancy on Instagram.

The Unveiling of the Diamond Ring

In her previous Instagram posts, eagle-eyed followers might have noticed Kelsey without an engagement ring. The big reveal took place in her latest Instagram post, where she proudly showcased her stunning diamond ring, adding an extra layer of sparkle to her already radiant happiness.

When Did Their Story Begin?

The exact inception of Kelsey and Dalen’s romantic journey remains a mystery. The first public acknowledgment of their relationship came to light on Dalen’s birthday in November of the previous year. Kelsey marked the occasion with a heartfelt Instagram post featuring a gallery of images capturing moments shared between her and the ESPN reporter.

A Heartfelt Birthday Tribute

  • Accompanying the images, Kelsey’s caption reflected the depth of their connection. She expressed, “Never would have imagined, now I can’t picture anything else. Happy birthday DC. You are my forever favorite.” This public declaration of love added a sweet touch to their growing relationship.
  • In the same month, Dalen reciprocated the sentiment by sharing his first post featuring Kelsey. He captioned it with heartfelt words, “So thankful for you and that there’s an US.” This proclamation highlighted the gratitude he felt for their shared journey and hinted at the depth of their commitment.
  • While the specifics of Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s relationship timeline might be shrouded in mystery, their public displays of affection on social media give fans a glimpse into the warmth and love that define their journey together.
  • As Kelsey continues to captivate audiences with her reporting, her personal life with Dalen adds an extra layer of charm to her captivating story.
Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs (Image: Source)

Unveiling the Multifaceted Talents of Dalen Cuff: ESPN Analyst and More

Dalen Cuff, a prominent figure in the world of sports analysis, has made significant contributions to ESPN, showcasing his expertise as a college basketball in-game and studio analyst. Let’s explore the diverse facets of Dalen Cuff’s career and personal journey.3

ESPN Journey

Dalen Cuff’s affiliation with ESPN began in 2016, where he quickly became an integral part of the sports programming network. His role extended to the launch of the ACCN (ACC Network) in 2019, contributing to the network’s success in bringing college sports to a broader audience.

Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs (Image: Source)

Collegiate Background

Before entering the world of sports analysis, Dalen Cuff was a notable collegiate basketball player, serving as the team captain for Columbia University’s men’s basketball team. His contributions left a lasting mark on Columbia’s history, ranking in games played, career three-point field goals made, and three-point percentage for a single season.

Transition to Sports Media

Following his graduation, Cuff initially ventured into marketing with InterPublic Group. However, his passion for basketball led Columbia University to approach him for a role as the color analyst for men’s basketball games, a position he gladly accepted.

Career Shift and NBC Stint

After spending five years in marketing, Dalen Cuff sought a career change, signing with the IMG agency under the management of Aimee Leone. Aimee played a crucial role in securing Cuff a position at NBC, where he covered the Ivy League for NBCSN and later transitioned to the network’s regional channel in Boston.

During his time with NBC, Cuff expanded his horizons by covering the Rio Olympics, showcasing his versatility by even learning Portuguese for the event. At ESPN, his responsibilities extend beyond basketball, as he occasionally covers soccer games while fulfilling host duties for the ACC Network.

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Kelsey Riggs: A Dynamo in Sports Broadcasting at 35

Unveiling the Ageless Charisma of Kelsey Riggs

Kelsey Riggs, the vibrant anchor and reporter for ESPN/ACC Network, stands at the zenith of her career at the age of 35. This article delves into key details about her age, birthday, and the multifaceted roles she undertakes in the world of sports broadcasting.

Age and Birthdate

As the calendar turns to 2023, Kelsey Riggs graces the screen with a wealth of experience, aged 35. Born on November 19, 1988, she shares her birthdate with fellow Scorpios, bringing the mystique and intensity associated with this astrological sign into her dynamic persona.

Astrological Affinity

Celebrating her birthday under the Scorpio constellation, Kelsey Riggs embodies the hallmark traits of passion, determination, and resourcefulness. These qualities resonate seamlessly with her role as an anchor and reporter, infusing her on-screen presence with a magnetic allure.

Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs

Versatility in Broadcasting

Kelsey Riggs is not just an anchor; she is a versatile force in the realm of sports broadcasting. From delivering engaging sidelines reports during ACC Football Games to commanding the anchor desk on ACC Network programs like All ACC, and gracing the SportsCenter stage, Riggs showcases a breadth of expertise that defines her prowess.

Kelsey Riggs stands as a timeless dynamo in sports broadcasting, seamlessly blending ageless charisma with a wealth of experience. As she navigates through various roles at ESPN/ACC Network, her November 19 birthday becomes not just a date but a celebration of Scorpio resilience and passion in the world of sports media.

Kelsey Riggs: A Journey from Charleston to ACC Network Stardom

Hailing from the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina, Kelsey Riggs entered the world with Pam and Bryan Riggs as her parents. The broadcasting passion ignited within her during Elementary School, where she took her first steps into the world of news announcements.

Growing up alongside her two sisters, Riggs’ journey from childhood to broadcasting stardom unfolds with a backdrop of Southern warmth.

Academic and Athletic Pursuits

Her academic journey led her to James Island Charter High School and later Charleston Southern University. Riggs graduated with a major in communications and left an indelible mark on the soccer field as part of the university’s soccer team. The synergy of sports and communication became evident early on, laying the foundation for her future in sports broadcasting.

Initiation into Broadcasting

The seeds of Riggs’ broadcasting career were sown at WBTW in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For three impactful years, she honed her skills at WCNC-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she covered the Carolina Panthers in the grand spectacle of Super Bowl 50.

These experiences marked pivotal moments in her journey, showcasing her adeptness in delivering compelling sports narratives.

ESPN Calling: Inception of ACC Network Stardom

  • The pinnacle of Kelsey Riggs’ career materialized when ESPN recognized her talents, inviting her to join the inaugural on-air talents of the ACC Network.
  • This marked a significant milestone, affirming her status as a rising star in sports broadcasting. Riggs’ contributions to the network culminated in her being named the host of ACC Huddle in the transformative year of 2023.
  • Kelsey Riggs’ journey from her roots in Charleston to becoming a key figure on the ACC Network is a testament to her early passion, academic dedication, and unwavering commitment to sports broadcasting.
  • As she continues to ascend in her career, each chapter of Riggs’ life contributes to the vibrant narrative of a Southern prodigy making waves in the dynamic world of sports media.
Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs

Kelsey Riggs: Unraveling the Financial Success of a Tenacious Journalist

From her formative years, Kelsey Riggs exhibited traits of diligence and curiosity, foreshadowing the remarkable journey that awaited her. Fueled by ambition, she set out to carve a life that would eventually lead to her widespread acclaim in the public eye.

Journalistic Earnings and ESPN Standards

In the realm of journalism, hard work and dedication often correlate with financial success. According to ESPN association guidelines, the average journalist commands an annual salary of $78,000. Riggs, known for her unwavering commitment to her craft, aligns with these industry standards, earning her place among the respected journalists of our time.

Decoding Net Worth: December 2023

As of December 2023, industry speculations estimate Kelsey Riggs’ net worth to fall within the range of $700,000 to $1,000,000. This substantial figure reflects not only her financial prosperity but also the recognition and impact she has achieved in the competitive world of journalism and sports broadcasting.

Kelsey Riggs’ financial trajectory mirrors her career ascent—steady, determined, and reflective of her commitment to excellence. As she continues to make waves in the industry, her net worth serves as a testament to the rewards of tenacity and passion in the dynamic field of journalism.


1. Is Kelsey Riggs married, and who is her spouse?

Ans: Yes, Kelsey Riggs is married to Dalen Cuff. The couple shares a life together, and details about their relationship contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of Kelsey Riggs’ personal life.

2. Is there any news about Kelsey Riggs’ pregnancy?

Ans: As of the latest available information, there are no reported details about Kelsey Riggs’ pregnancy. Pregnancy news may be private, and for the most accurate information, it’s recommended to refer to official statements, interviews, or social media updates where Kelsey Riggs may share insights into her personal life.

3. Can you provide details about Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s journey to parenthood?

Ans: Details about Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s journey to parenthood, including any challenges, milestones, or memorable moments, are not extensively publicized.

Ans: Such information may be private, and for a more comprehensive understanding, it’s recommended to refer to official statements, interviews, or social media updates where the couple may share insights into their parenting journey.

4. Have Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff made any public announcements about their family plans?

Ans: As of the latest available information, there are no reported public announcements about Kelsey Riggs and Dalen Cuff’s specific family plans. Public figures may choose to keep such details private, and for the most accurate information, it’s recommended to check official statements, interviews, or social media updates.

5. Where can I find more information about Kelsey Riggs’ marriage, pregnancy news, and journey to parenthood?

Ans: To find more information about Kelsey Riggs’ marriage, pregnancy news, and journey to parenthood with Dalen Cuff, consider checking official interviews where she may discuss her personal life, exploring her social media accounts for updates, or referring to reputable sources covering profiles of media personalities.

These sources often provide insights into the personal aspects of public figures’ lives.

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