Konnan Opens Up: Dealing with Tony Khan and AEW Challenges

Konnan’s Critique of Tony Khan and AEW: Insights from Keepin’ It 100 OFFICIAL

Konnan, a seasoned wrestling veteran with a storied career spanning multiple promotions, including WWE, TNA Wrestling, and WCW, has recently voiced his frustrations regarding working with Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).1

His comments, aired on his Keepin’ It 100 OFFICIAL podcast, shed light on challenges faced in the collaborative efforts between Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA) and AEW.

Wrestling Veteran and Podcast Host

Konnan, aged 60, brings decades of experience in the wrestling industry, having wrestled and contributed creatively across various platforms. His podcast serves as a platform for candid discussions on wrestling dynamics, booking decisions, and industry trends.

Working Relationship with AEW

Konnan’s remarks highlight difficulties in coordinating talent exchanges and collaborations between AAA and AEW. He expressed frustration over AEW’s last-minute decisions to pull out stars scheduled to appear on AAA events, citing this as a significant challenge in their working relationship.

Criticism of Tony Khan’s Booking Decisions

Central to Konnan’s critique is Tony Khan’s approach to booking, which Konnan believes impacts the planned crossovers and collaborations between AAA and AEW. His candid assessments on the podcast reflect broader concerns within the wrestling community regarding creative autonomy and logistical challenges in cross-promotional endeavors.

AAA’s Autonomy and Collaborative Efforts

  • Konnan’s assertion that AAA does not need AEW underscores the promotion’s autonomy and longstanding presence in the Mexican wrestling landscape.2
  • Despite collaborations with AEW, AAA maintains its own roster, events, and strategic partnerships with other global promotions like NJPW, CMLL, and Arena Mexico.
  • The sporadic appearance of stars from both AAA and AEW in each other’s events underscores the potential benefits and complexities of cross-promotional initiatives.


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  • Konnan’s perspective adds nuance to discussions surrounding talent management, fan engagement, and the interplay of creative visions in collaborative ventures.
  • As wrestling continues to evolve globally, partnerships between promotions like AAA and AEW reflect broader efforts to expand audience reach and enhance fan experiences.
  • Konnan’s insights provide a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities inherent in navigating these complex relationships.
  • Beyond logistical considerations, Konnan’s critiques underscore the cultural and creative impacts of collaborative efforts in wrestling.
  • These exchanges not only influence storytelling and character development but also shape fan expectations and industry narratives.

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Konnan’s Revelations on Podcast: Tay Melo Incident and Tony Khan’s Reaction

Konnan, on his Keepin’ It 100 OFFICIAL podcast, recently disclosed a tense incident involving AEW President Tony Khan and wrestler Tay Melo during the pandemic era. The revelation sheds light on challenges faced during collaborations between Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).3

Konnan (Image: Source)

Incident Overview: Tay Melo’s Scheduled Appearance

During a planned crossover between AAA and AEW, Tay Melo, slated to appear on AAA, was abruptly pulled from the event. Konnan revealed that Tony Khan intervened, redirecting Melo to AEW to replace another wrestler, described by Konnan as “some chick.”

Tony Khan’s Reaction and Konnan’s Commentary

Konnan described Tony Khan’s reaction to the situation as notably upset or “really mad.” This response underscores the complexities of talent management and scheduling conflicts inherent in cross-promotional initiatives, especially during challenging times such as the pandemic era.

Implications for Cross-Promotional Efforts

  • The incident involving Tay Melo highlights the logistical hurdles and strategic decisions involved in coordinating talent exchanges between AAA and AEW.
  • Konnan’s candid account provides insights into the inner workings of collaborative efforts within the wrestling industry.
  • Konnan’s commentary suggests a delicate balance between creative autonomy and operational decisions within AEW.
  • The incident serves as a case study in navigating the interplay of scheduling priorities, creative visions, and logistical challenges across diverse wrestling promotions.
  • The incident involving Tay Melo prompts reflection on the importance of clear communication and collaborative planning in fostering successful partnerships between wrestling promotions.
  • Konnan’s insights contribute to ongoing discussions about industry dynamics and professional relationships.
Konnan (Image: Source)

Charles Ashenoff: The Evolution of Konnan in Wrestling and Music

Charles Ashenoff, born Carlos Santiago Espada Moises on January 6, 1964, has carved out a distinctive career in both professional wrestling and the music industry.

Better known by his ring name Konnan, he has left a lasting impact on multiple fronts, currently finding prominence as the manager of the Latin American X-change (LAX) in IMPACT Wrestling.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Charles Ashenoff’s journey into the world of professional wrestling began with a passion for athleticism and entertainment. Born in Cuba and raised in the United States, he embraced the persona of Konnan, blending his cultural heritage with his love for the art of wrestling.

Konnan (Image: Source)

Wrestling Persona: Konnan Rises

Under the moniker Konnan, Ashenoff swiftly gained recognition for his charisma, in-ring skills, and unique blend of athleticism and storytelling. His career saw him wrestle in various promotions, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences and elevate the personas of those around him.

Impactful Stints and Championships

Throughout his wrestling tenure, Konnan’s impact extended beyond the ring. He held numerous championships and played pivotal roles in the development of wrestling factions, including his current role as manager of LAX in IMPACT Wrestling.

Transition to Music: Konnan the Rapper

  • Beyond wrestling, Charles Ashenoff explored his musical talents, establishing himself as a rapper under the persona of Konnan.
  • His music not only reflected his Cuban heritage but also resonated with fans, blending elements of hip-hop with wrestling culture.
  • In his current role as manager of LAX in IMPACT Wrestling, Konnan continues to shape storylines and mentor rising talent.
  • His managerial prowess and strategic insights have cemented LAX’s position as a dominant force within the promotion, reflecting his enduring influence in the wrestling industry.
  • Beyond championships and storylines, Konnan’s legacy transcends wrestling rings. His advocacy for Latin American representation in wrestling and music has resonated globally, inspiring diverse audiences and promoting inclusivity within the entertainment sphere.

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Carlos “Konnan” Ashenoff: A Journey into Professional Wrestling

Carlos Ashenoff, later known worldwide as Konnan, embarked on his professional wrestling career with a memorable debut in Tijuana, marking the beginning of a storied journey in the wrestling world.

Memorable Debut: From Bodybuilder to Wrestler

Manuel de los Santos, struck by Ashenoff’s 215-pound bodybuilder physique, wasted no time in recognizing his potential. The quick decision to debut him in the ring underscored Ashenoff’s raw talent and readiness to embark on a new career path in professional wrestling.


Early Challenges and Triumphs

In his early days, Konnan navigated the challenges of adapting to the rigorous demands of wrestling. From mastering in-ring techniques to developing a persona that resonated with audiences, he honed his skills and carved a niche for himself in the competitive wrestling circuit.

Rise to Prominence: Impactful Career Moves

Konnan’s journey in wrestling was marked by impactful career moves and memorable stints across various promotions. His ability to connect with fans, coupled with his dynamic wrestling style and charisma, propelled him to prominence within the wrestling community.

Championships and Contributions

  • Throughout his career, Konnan amassed an impressive collection of championships and accolades. His contributions extended beyond individual success, as he played pivotal roles in shaping wrestling factions and storylines that captivated audiences worldwide.
  • Konnan’s career also championed cultural representation and diversity within wrestling. His Cuban heritage and distinctive persona resonated with Latin American audiences, inspiring a new generation of wrestlers and fans alike.
  • As Konnan continues to influence the wrestling landscape, his legacy endures as a testament to perseverance and passion.
  • From his groundbreaking debut to his current role as a manager in IMPACT Wrestling, his journey reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation in sports entertainment.
  • Looking ahead, Konnan’s journey in wrestling continues to evolve. His ongoing contributions to the industry and dedication to mentoring emerging talent ensure that his influence will shape the future of wrestling for years to come.

Family Background

Tony Khan’s father, Shahid Khan, is a Pakistani-American billionaire known for his diverse business empire. A professional American football team based in Jacksonville, Florida, competing in the NFL. A football club based in London, England, competing in the English Championship.

A global automotive supplier specializing in manufacturing and supplying metal and plastic components. Shahid Khan’s business interests span real estate, manufacturing, and sports investments.

Financial Standing

As of recent estimates, Shahid Khan ranks as one of the wealthiest individuals globally, holding the 291st position on Forbes’ list of billionaires. His estimated net worth is approximately $12.1 billion, reflecting his success across various industries.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan

Ann Carlson Khan: Philanthropist and Former Dancer

Tony Khan’s mother, Ann Carlson Khan, has a background in dance and choreography. Over the years, she has shifted her focus to philanthropy, actively participating in charitable initiatives alongside her husband.

Her dedication to charitable work underscores the Khan family’s commitment to giving back to the community and supporting causes beyond their business endeavors.

Tony Khan’s Role in AEW

  • With a heritage rooted in business acumen and philanthropy, Tony Khan has leveraged his family’s legacy to spearhead the success of AEW.
  • As the President and CEO of the promotion, he has brought innovation, competitive spirit, and a fresh approach to professional wrestling, drawing on his upbringing in a family deeply involved in sports and entrepreneurship.
  • Tony Khan’s upbringing and family background have significantly influenced his career trajectory and leadership style within AEW.
  • With a strong foundation in business from his father and a commitment to philanthropy from his mother, Tony Khan continues to shape the future of professional wrestling while maintaining a dedication to community impact and excellence in sports entertainment.


1. Who is Konnan?

Ans: Konnan, whose real name is Charles Ashenoff, is a professional wrestler and manager known for his time in WCW, AAA, and Impact Wrestling. He is also a podcast host and has been involved in various aspects of wrestling promotion and production.

2. What is Konnan’s role in AEW?

Ans: Konnan has been involved with AEW primarily as a backstage producer and advisor. He has also appeared on-screen in various capacities, providing his experience and knowledge of the wrestling industry.

3. What challenges has Konnan faced in AEW?

Ans: Konnan has discussed various challenges in AEW, including creative differences, scheduling issues, and the complexities of managing talent and storylines in a rapidly growing promotion.

4. How has Konnan dealt with Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW?

Ans: Konnan has shared insights into his working relationship with Tony Khan, noting both positive aspects and challenges typical of creative collaborations in professional wrestling.

5. What impact has Konnan had on AEW?

Ans: Konnan’s contributions to AEW have included behind-the-scenes guidance, particularly in enhancing the authenticity and storytelling elements of wrestling matches and segments. His experience has been valued in shaping AEW’s product.

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