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Who Is Fin Spiteri & Lorcan Spiteri Parents? Meet John Spiteri And Melanie Arnold

When it comes to the business of running restaurants in London, Spiteri is undeniably one of the most well-known names in the industry.

Although his father, the famous restaurateur John Spiteri, and his ex-wife, the co-owner of Rochelle Canteen Melanie Arnold, may have established their names in the management side of restaurants, their son Lorcan has a natural affinity for the cooking.

St. John and, more recently, Sessions Arts Club were both established with John Spiteri as one of the founding partners.

After making the decision to pursue a successful career of his own, he is now partners with his brother Fin in the ownership of two separate restaurants located within Islington’s Studio Kitchen.

It looks like he is having fun with what he is doing.

Lorcan Spiteri and Fin Spiteri
Lorcan Spiteri and Fin Spiteri

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Lorcan Spiteri & Fin Spiteri: Parents

Both of Lorcan Spiteri’s parents, John Spiteri and Melanie Arnold, are involved in the restaurant’s operations in some capacity.

Lorcan is responsible for the preparation of mouthwatering dishes while working in the kitchen.

His parents are very prominent figures in the hospitality sector, and with their encouragement and support, he has been able to pursue his career aspirations more aggressively and establish a reputation for himself in the restaurant industry.


Jon Spiteri, regarded as one of the most affable and well-known restaurateurs in London, is at least partially responsible for the success of several of the city’s most well-known eating venues.

Over the course of more than 40 years, he has opened bars and restaurants in England and other countries.

During the 1970s, he was employed in the neighborhoods of Parsons and Joe Allens, Peppermint Park, and Coconut Grove.

In addition to this, he worked as a Head Barman at the China Club and City Café in Los Angeles, where he eventually became the Banqueting Manager. These two establishments are both located in the city of Los Angeles.


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During the 1980s, he worked at the Soho Brasserie, L’Escargot, Le Caprice, and Café Pacifico. All of these restaurants are in London.

It was under his direction that a number of restaurants, including Pappergalli’s Pizza, Smith’s, and Café Casbar, were established.

In 1992, he established The French House Dining Room along with Fergus Henderson and Margot Clayton as his business partners.

After that, he and Fergus opened the St. John Restaurant in the Clerkenwell neighborhood.

Additionally, he assisted Tom Conran with the management of the Lucky Seven and the construction of the Cow Dining Room.

Since then, Jon has been of assistance with the bid for the restaurant in the National Portrait Gallery. Searcy’s, The Champagne Bar at St. Pancras, St. Pancras Grand Restaurant, and The Champagne Bar at Westfield were all opened with his assistance.

In addition to being a co-founder of Sessions Arts Club, he has worked with All-Star Bowling Alleys and Richard Corrigan Restaurants, and he was also instrumental in the establishment of a beach bar in Martinique.

Lorcan Spiteri and Fin Spiteri
Lorcan Spiteri and Fin Spiteri


Melanie Arnold established The Rochelle Canteen in 2004; since then, it has developed a reputation as a popular hangout for people working in the fashion industry.

She and Margot Henderson began the catering division of their business in 1995, at the same time that they were co-owning The French House Dining Room in Soho with their respective husbands.

accumulating a sizeable clientele that includes notable names such as Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Sadie Coles, and Zaha Hadid, among others.

The two individuals have been complimented on their assured and unabashedly laid-back performance, which has earned them accolades.

Arnold is in charge of the operational side of things, while Henderson is responsible for developing the out-of-the-ordinary menu items that have made Arnold & Henderson and their restaurant in Shoreditch, Rochelle Canteen, so successful.

As a result of the fact that both of his parents worked in the same field as he did, he absorbed a great deal of information from them.


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Lorcan Spiteri: Restaurant Details

Caravel is a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines. It is located on a boat that is moored on the Regent’s Canal next to Studio Kitchen, which was something that the brothers had always hoped for.

Caravel draws its culinary inspiration from the many different places that Lorcan has worked over the course of his career. According to him, the cuisine is a bit of a mess to put it mildly.

He was instructed by his instructor, who said, “I’ve taken parts and pieces here and there, but it’s all something that I enjoy to make and that I hope people would want to eat.” He was successful in learning this information.

We provide a variety of dishes, ranging from crab tagliatelle to prawn toast, yet they are all considered to be successful meals. As a result, people may, at first look, be perplexed about what the heck is going on.

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Lorcan Spiteri
Lorcan Spiteri

Lorcan Spiteri: Career

In the year 2020, the owners of Holborn Studios in Angel approached Lorcan and his brother Fin about managing the food and beverage program. Shortly after this, the four of them became partners in the business.

After having only ever handled cuisine at the studios in the past, the brothers were given the opportunity to build a plan thanks to lockdown.

They opened The Pontoon at Studio Kitchen as soon as the limitations were released, and it featured food that was more casual than that which is served at Guinea Fowlers.

Lorcan is happy to report that Fergus Henderson had a Guinness while sitting outside and gobbling down one of our fried chicken burgers immediately after the restaurant opened.

Lorcan Spiteri
Lorcan Spiteri

Lorcan Spiteri: Family Members

Both Lorcan and Fin Speteri were born to Lorcan Spiteri’s parents after the couple had been married for some time.

On the other hand, information regarding Lorcan’s other relatives is neither known nor accessible at this time.

The brothers Spiteri are well known in the food and drink industry in London due to their previous involvement in the city’s business.

After the lockdown, Fin and Lorcan intended to open Caravel on the boat, which has seating for a total of forty patrons. This was always the restaurant’s intention from the beginning.

On his social media profile, Lorcan doesn’t publish very much information about his family members, which makes it more difficult to get information about them.

The family of Lorcan is currently receiving attention from the Internet and the media, which means that their information will be made available very soon.

Lorcan Spiteri
Lorcan Spiteri

Lorcan Spiteri: Net Worth 2023

It is possible that Lorcan Spiteri has accumulated financial wealth as a result of his professional experience in the beverage and food industries. However, the specifics of his net worth are not yet available for public consumption.

According to the reports of Comparably, Spiteri may have made $54,294, which is comparable to the salaries of other chefs.

Additionally, Lorcan may be able to earn some money by running Caravel and working as a co-owner of the restaurant.

There is a possibility that Lorcan Spiteri’s parents earned money from their employment in restaurants and shared some of that money with their sons.

Regrettably, the information about his additional sources of income does not contribute anything of value to his net worth.


1. Who are Lorcan Spiteri’s parents? 

Lorcan Spiteri parents Melanie Arnold and Jon Spiteri are both in the restaurant industry.

2. What are Lorcan’s parents by profession? 

His father is a restaurateur and mother is a chef.

3. Where was Locran’s first job? 

Locran’s first job was at the venerable Quo Vadis restaurant in Soho, where his father was the general manager.

4. How old is Lorcan Spiteri? 

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