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This campaign is launched by the Indian government to increase the chance of investment and product manufacturing in India by the various companies domestic as well as international.

Due to this recent initiative in India, it has become a big sensation. And this is being done on a great scale, a lot of private and government schools in India are creating awareness about this campaign by asking students to write essay on make in india in english and hindi languages or in their mother tongues.

So students, if you are looking for information on Make in India topic, you will find all the detailed information right here on our website. We have covered in detail the following topics -History of Make in India, Sectors Covered by Make in India Campaign, Make in India Vision & Objective, What is Smart Cities?, Features of Smart Cities, Make in India Advantages, Disadvantages of Make in India Campaign, and the Make in India Campaign Launch. You can use this information for your own Essay.

History of Make in India

Make in India is a concept that isn’t new to our country. It had been in practice since the time of the existence of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. During the era of revolution, where our entire country was fighting for its freedom from Britishers the same movement was started all over the country initiated by Mahatma Gandhi called as “SWADESHI” movement where he asked our countrymen to boycott can and everything of Britishers and use our own products and goods.

The same Swadeshi was the need of the hour in present situation and hence was brought back in power by our prime minister. Make in India program supports 25 sectors of Economy of our country. The idea behind the “Make in India” program was to make our country self dependent and self reliant. The prime minister refused the idea of importing goods. He wished that we should be independent enough to make and produce enough for ourselves. To make India a self manufacturing hub this idea came into existence and was promoted with great enthusiasm. It also gave job opportunities to various unemployed. The impact of the success of the program could be seen when Indian economy shifted a step ahead at became 5th largest economy of the world overtaking the economy of France.

make in india

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Sectors Covered by Make in India Campaign

Though we have seen Make in India program has been launched yet it hasn’t yet covered all the sectors. A few sectors that had been overtaken by it are:

  • Automobiles
  • Automobile components
  • Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Aviation
  • Defence exports
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Electronic systems
  • Electronic machinery
  • Food processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Entertainment and media
  • Leather
  • Mining
  • Railways
  • Pharmaceuticals etc.

Make in India Vision & Objective

Make in India was also brought in with a vision of development of skills and built up the best and classy infrastructure for our country. The aim was to see India as one of the developed and not as a developing in the near future. Availability of modern and facilitating infrastructure is one of the most important requirements for the development and growth of industry as well as our country. Keeping this in mind Smart cities was to be built to enhance our nation.

What is Smart Cities? 

Now arises the question of what a smart city exactly is?

Well there is no standard of a smart city which could be given or understood. It depends on the understanding and perception of the people and varies from city to city and country to country. The only need of a city to be smart is that its people should be willing to change and reform. They should be eager to resort to something that’s better leaving behind their norms and stereotypes. A smart city would be termed as one if it has amazing people with best of understanding, best infrastructure, best management resources, solution to all problems be it medical or relating to pollution, people adhering to network for their work, a digitalized form of anything and everything. An automation of all kinds in a city makes it smart.

Features of smart cities

Some typical features that a government is willing to see in a city to term it as smart are:

  • Smart agriculture- mixed use of land that is useful land could be used for cultivation whereas unused for industry development. Not giving the useful land for development and establishment of industries. Promoting afforestation seeing it as the need of the hour alongside avoiding deforestation.
  • Creation of localities those are walk able- eliminating pollution to the greatest extent possible, reduce congestion, creating parks and open spaces.
  • Governing should become people friendly. People should rely on network for every service provided to them it should as well be cost effective.
  • The plans are to avoid personal cars till we reach 2022 and major part of the population to travel through the cars connecting networks, it being both secure and cost effective.

Smart cities is a smart idea of the government still it has to face a lot of challenges before it gets accomplished in its truest sense. The biggest of which would be our people. The audience needs to shaken out of their revives and need to accept the idea of evolution and redevelopment. To accomplish this program government needs people who actively participate and help accomplish it.

Short Essay on Make in India Campaign

The idea was also supported by a thought of investing in technology. The entire nation is moving towards the technologies like Artificial intelligence and Internet of things. In such scenarios the government needs young and talented mind which would help us upgrade and adapt those changes and government in turn can provide employment to those youngsters. It’s a basic notion of the people to move abroad if they need growth in their career. To remove the same from the minds of the people and helping those growing in their career this idea has been brought in.

The government has introduced the programme “Make in India” with a hope to provide employment to millions of unemployed in India. The programme may play a major role in “domestic creation”. We all know how things in India instead of being made are imported and used at a very high rate. People prefer things imported to things made here in their own country. This preference has been a reason why rate of production in India has decreased over the years.

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The programme aims to make India a leading manufacturer in various fields among different countries. The programme not only promises growth in employment but also in the economy of the country. The programme covers almost all the sectors from construction to pottery. One such example was seen during the festival of Diwali when Prime Minister Mr.Modi requested the people of India to give up on China lights that they used to decorate their houses and use Diyas made by the potters. The idea gave an opportunity to the potters to earn.  The other biggest example of swadeshi is Patanjali. Patanjali in India is no more a brand; it’s a symbol of the country. The economic growth of clearly showcases how people have readily accepted the idea of boycotting goods of foreign and resorting to Indian based products. There are hardly a few areas that patanjali hasn’t covered in its product manufacturing among which are automobiles and apparels. The products that patanjali manufactures are:

  • Food (wheat, rice, snacks, noodles etc.)
  • Oil
  • Cosmetics
  • Toilette’s

And it is said in the recent news that it’s going to launch the range of apparels really soon.

Make in India isn’t just a program it’s a dream, dream to make India not less than abroad. But a few things that need to change to begin with are:

  • People should follow traffic rules: if people are able to follow something as small as traffic rules, following even bigger rules would be much easier. Also it would clearly avoid the problem of traffic jams.
  • People need to stop spitting anywhere on the roadsides: this simple step from the people would greatly help the government in its “Swach bharat abhyaan” which is a very much part of “make in India” program.
  • Corruption should be stopped: people blaming the government for corruption should stop right there because that isn’t in the hands of government. It’s them who are the sole owner of this problem. They need to stop heeding to such horrendous requests of officers and not give donations and money for illegal reasons.

Examples of Make in India

Make in India can be seen at various places. Some of the facts pertaining to the same are:

  • According to the news 160 airports are being renovated and operationalized altogether. The Air traffic inhouse has increased by 18% which has lead to an economic growth of 17.5%
  • Exports in aerospace and defence have increased significantly from 298 million USD to 720 million USD.
  • Manufacture all over the country has significantly risen along with the demand for the products that are made inside the country.

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Make in India Advantages

The advantages of Make in India are:

  • Develops job opportunities. The sectors which came under the radar of this scheme were telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, tourism etc. which would promise job and different new opportunities to the upcoming generation. It will also encourage new and innovative ideas which would lead the country to the path of success.
  • Increasing the value of Rupee in the international market. When India would become a hub of manufacturing products it will give a rise to the country’s economy which in turn would automatically strength the Rupee against the dollar that prevails as a master in the international market.
  • Development of India’s rural areas. A development of factory or a industry would surely result in development of the locals of the area. The quality of peoples will enhance along with the growing employment. The area would be well-flourished with basic amenities like schools, hospitals etc.

Disadvantages of Make in India Campaign

But as it is a well-known fact that everything has its pros and cons, to achieve something one needs to loose other things, similarly besides the advantages “Make in India” also has its own disadvantages.

Some of them are:

  • Depletion of natural resources: setting up of industries and factories require a lot of land area due to which cutting down of tress takes place. This leads to depletion of natural resources. There may also be projects which may require water or other natural resources on a very large scale this leads to exploitation of natural resources.
  • Negligence of Agriculture: Agriculture that has been a source of income to million since millions of years would be neglected. Introduction of industries and requirement of land would lead to shortage of cultivable land in India and would have the most negative impact on agriculture.
  • Pollution: the first and foremost problem that needs to be dealt with is pollution. India is already a polluted country and establishment of factories would only result in increase of pollution which would only make India more polluted and a country not worth living. Thus a cure for pollution needs to be found out before taking a step ahead on “make in India” programme.

Make in India Campaign Launch

Make in India Campaign was launched by PM Modi in order to do investment from foreign investors in India as well as to increase the employment level of the country.

Make in India Live

India is the largest democracy in the world and also has the second highest population in the world with 1.25 billion people. People in India face many problems in their daily life. India is also affected by illiteracy, unemployment, falling male-female ratio, corruption, poverty, lack of health, education and hygiene facilities. From last few years, the scenario is changing. Many initiatives have been started by the Government of India and Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi to face those problems. Campaigns and schemes like Digital India Campaign, Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign, Make in India campaign, National Literacy Mission Programme,  Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana and many more are initiated to face the problems faced by India.

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Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage multinational, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. It was the part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives.

It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. The main objective make in India initiative is to focus on job creation and skill enhancement in various sectors of the economy and it also aims at high-quality standards and minimizing the impact on the environment. The initiative hopes to attract capital and technological investment in India. Make in India campaign focuses on 25 industries. Some of them are Automobiles, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Chemicals, Railways, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Food Processing and other industries. ‘Make in Maharashtra’ is an initiative started by the Government of Maharashtra state on the sidelines of the Make in India initiative whose main objective is to create a business-friendly atmosphere in Maharashtra by increasing ease of doing business as much as possible.

A “Make in India Week” event was held at the MMRDA Grounds at the Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai from 13 February 2016. The week long multi-sectoral industrial was attended by 2500+ international and 8000+ domestic, foreign government delegations from 68 countries and business teams from 72 countries. 17 Indian states, mostly BJP-ruled, also held expos. At the close of the event, DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant stated that it had received over ₹15.2 lakh crore worth of investment commitments and investment inquiries worth ₹1.5 lakh crore. Maharashtra led all other states receiving ₹8 lakh crore of investments.With the rising demand for electronic hardware by 2020, India has the potential to become an electronic manufacturing hub.

In making public relation “Zero Defect Zero Effect” is a slogan coined by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi which signifies production mechanisms wherein products have no defects and the process through which product is made has zero adverse environmental and ecological effects.The slogan also aims to prevent products developed from India from being rejected by the global market.Aarisa Pitha of Jharkhand, Gushtaba of Kashmir, Chicken Curry of Punjab, Khakhra and Khandvi of Gujarat, Bamboo Steam Fish, Vada and Medhu Vada of Karnataka, Khaja and Inarsa of Bihar and Kebab of Uttar Pradesh and Puran poli of Maharashtra have been selected as traditional regional food to be promoted in the campaign.

“Come make in India. Sell anywhere, [but] make in India.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while introducing his vision to the public. And it seems that the world is more than ready to embrace this vision, which is already set on a path to become a reality

The 35th edition of the India International Trade Fair (IITF) held at Pragati Maidan in November 2015, had Make in India as its theme.


This national program is designed to transform the country into a global business hub as it contains attractive proposals for top local and foreign companies. This campaign focuses on creating number of valuable and honored jobs as well as skill enhancement in almost 25 sectors for improving the status of youths of the country. The sectors involved are automobiles, chemicals, IT & BPM, aviation, pharmaceuticals, construction, electrical machinery, food processing, defence manufacturing, space, textiles, garments, ports, leather, media and entertainment, wellness, mining, tourism and hospitality, railways, automobile components, renewable energy, mining, biotechnology, roads and highways, electronics systems and thermal power.

The urgent need of eradicating the poverty and the investment in all the sectors of the India so that the India can develop . We can remove the poverty word from India by giving employment to the youth as many of the Indian youth is under unemployment in this way he country GDP will grow and can help solving the major problems of India. Many social issues happening round the country will be solved by this.

The successful implementation of this plan will help in the 100 smart cities project and affordable housing in India. The main objective is to ensure solid growth and valuable employment creation in the country with the help of top investors. It will benefit both parties, the investors and our country. The government of India has created a dedicated help team and an online portal ( for the easy and effective communication of investors. A dedicated cell is committed to answering all the queries from business entities anytime.

FAQs Related to Make in India

Q) What are the things which only happens in India?

There are some points which you can add in your ‘Make in India’ essay too things which only happens in India:

  • A brilliant IAS officer writes a 1500 words amazing essay on ‘how Dowry is a social evil’ and impressively they crack the exam and after 1 year they itself ask a dowry from the girl because he is an IAS officer.
  • People kill to there own daughter at womb just because of the seek for neighbor’s daughter for ‘Kanya Puja’.
  • It’s ok to do piss in public but it is not ok to do kiss in public.
  • Only the country who is fighting for backward.

Q) What are the tips for writing the best essay on ‘Make in India’?

If you get a question for writing an essay on ‘Make in India’ in your exam then follow below steps for writing the best essay on this topic:

  • First of all, you can add in the starting of an Essay that ‘How to Make in India’ started.
  • Secondly, add ‘How government transforms to make this real for the better future of India.
  • Also, write that is Make in India is making any improvement for the growth of India in comparison to China Manufacture or not.

Q) Please share some top Sectors which are Covered by Make in India Campaign

  • Automobiles
  • Automobile components
  • Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Aviation
  • Defence exports
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Electronic systems
  • Electronic machinery
  • Food processing

These are some top sectors which are going to cover by Make in India Campaign.

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