Who Is Sahar Motta? Meet Matt Hamill Belly Dancer Wife From California

Who Is Sahar Motta? Meet Matt Hamill Belly Dancer Wife From California

Following their divorce, Matt Hamill’s wife Sahar Motta became engaged to Samir Motta in August 2022. Sahar does belly dancing.

Matt and Sahar tied the knot in 2009 and divorced in 2019. Their eldest child is nine years old, and their youngest is seven years old. By May, his ex-wife had started dating ASL translator Samir.

In the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter 3, Hamill trained in the 205-pound weight class with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz. His wife also appeared in the TV show.

Continue reading to learn more about their marriage and what Sahar has been doing since their divorce.

Matt Hamill
Matt Hamill

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Matt Hamill Ex-Wife Sahar Motta Got Engaged To Samir Motta After Their Divorce

His wife, Sahar Motta, is a former Deafinit model. Matt and Sahar had been married for ten years.

They married in 2009 and had two children by the year 2015, Elaina and Matt Jr. With the birth of their daughter Elaina in 2013, they became parents for the first time. Her age is nine years. Two years later, they welcomed their son Matt Jr into their expanding family.

Matt Jr. plays football for his school. Both of their children enjoy jumping from bridges and tiny cliffs. Elaina and Matt performed a 1 1/2 to 2 backflip on June 3. Matt commented that it reminded him of when he was a youngster and used to jump off Loveland Bridge near McCoys Pony Keg in the late 1980s.

He also has an older daughter from a previous marriage, Tierra Hamill. After graduating in 2019, she began working at Ramsey’s restaurant.

Sahar began dating Samir Motta in May 2019, following their divorce. Her fiance works for the California Department of Motor Vehicles as an American Sign Language Translator and a Luxury Car Collector. Samir is also the CEO, Director, and Founder of Kings of Cannabis.

Valentino, their son, was born in November 2020, and they currently reside in Heavenly Hills, California. On August 14, 2022, he proposed to her. Samir proposed to her on the rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills the day before her birthday.

Matt Hamill Wife Sahar Motta
Matt Hamill Wife Sahar Motta

Sahar Motta Is A Belly Dancer

Sahar Motta is a belly dancer who also teaches pupils about the art of middle eastern dance.

According to a Facebook post by Matt Hamil, she began accepting appointments to perform exotic and international belly dancing in October 2017. In the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas, she would appear in weddings, Middle Eastern theme events, theatrical events, cultural parties, and professional events.

She does a Middle Eastern dance that requires swaying one’s hips and abdomen while enchanting the audience. Sahar draws inspiration from numerous artists who perform belly dance today, although Colombian singer Shakira is the movement’s most well-known exponent.

Hamil’s ex-girlfriend was a top model with Deafinit Models & Talent. The agency is well-known for filling the void left by the absence of Deaf Models, Actors, and other Performers on screen and on the runway. Motta also took appointments to thread women’s brows for a set period of time. She has since ceased to do so.

Matt Hamill Wife Sahar Motta
Matt Hamill Wife Sahar Motta

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Early Years

Mark Richard Hamill was born in Oakland, California on September 25, 1951. His mother and father, a US Navy Captain, raised him in a Roman Catholic household with six siblings. The family relocated frequently due to the nature of his father’s business.

Mark Hamill was educated in Virginia, California, and Japan. He later graduated from high school in Japan and went on to study acting at Los Angeles City College.


Mark Hamill began his career on television. He rose to prominence with a recurrent role on the soap series General Hospital. Also, he landed a main part in The Texas Wheelers, a sitcom that was cancelled after only four episodes. He then appeared as a guest star on several more television shows, including The Bill Cosby Show, The Partridge Family, and One Day at a Time. In addition, before joining the Star Wars franchise, Hamill appeared in various television films.

Despite having previously booked a main role in the TV series Eight is Enough, Mark Hamill was able to break free from his commitment and take a position in a much more intriguing project: the science fiction film Star Wars. Although no one could have predicted how successful the film franchise would become, Mark Hamill believed in the project from the beginning. The first film was released in 1977, and Hamill quickly became one of the world’s biggest stars.

Director George Lucas was so pessimistic about the film’s chances of success that he chose to spend the premiere in Hawaii. It finally dawned on him after watching a television programme from his hotel room about the enormous crowds waiting to see his film that he had become a very wealthy man. Mark Hamill and the rest of the actors cashed in on the success, proving that the Star Wars franchise had a bright future ahead of it.

Professional Career

Mark Hamill had a promising future as well, as he participated in both of the film’s sequels, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. The original film was re-released in theatres under the new title Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The original trilogy grossed almost $1.8 billion in total. Mark Hamill received the Saturn Award for Best Actor for both sequels. During the first film’s production, Mark Hamill was injured in a terrible car accident that necessitated surgery for a fractured nose.

Although Hamill did not appear in the prequel films (Episodes I, II, and III), he returned to the Star Wars universe in 2014 as Darth Bane in the animated series The Clone Wars. His abilities as a voice actor earned him a Daytime Emmy Award.

Following Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise in 2015, he returned to the franchise once more. Although Hamill only appeared briefly in The Force Awakens, he had a significantly greater role in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Despite his involvement in the films, Hamill repeatedly expressed his discontent with Disney’s production of the Star Wars films. He never openly condemned the films, but his actual feelings were regularly on display during various interviews.

Matt Hamill
Matt Hamill


Mark was paid $650,000 for his role in 1977’s “A New Hope.” That equates to about $2.5 million now. In addition to their base salaries, Mark and the other key performers were each granted a 1/4 percent cut of the film’s backside earnings, which turned into significant windfalls once the picture grossed nearly $700 million off its $11 million budget.

Mark would earn tens of millions of dollars to return to the franchise decades later. Mark got $3 million for his brief cameo appearances at the end of 2015’s “The Force Awakens.” That is one of the largest pay packages an actor has ever received for the amount of actual camera time.



After a four-fight losing streak, Hamill gained his first win in nearly four years on April 28, 2017, in Brazil, when he faced fellow UFC veteran Luiz Cané at Fight 2 Night 2. He won the fight through first-round knockout.


On May 21, 2016, Hamill fought Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou at Venator FC3: Palhares vs. Meek in Italy. He was knocked out in the first round of the fight.

On October 14, 2016, Hamill faced Julian Marquez at Combate Americas: Empire Rising. He was knocked out in the first round with a TKO.


Hamill later opted to return to MMA and was slated to face Vinny Magalhes at WSOF 20 on April 10, 2015. However, due to a contract dispute with Titan Fighting Championships, Magalhes was forced to withdraw from the fight.

Hamill was scheduled to compete in a rematch against Thiago Silva at WSOF 19 on March 28, 2015, but was forced to withdraw due to a sinus ailment. WSOF 24 was place on October 17, 2015, when Hamill eventually faced Magalhes. He was defeated through submission in the first round.


Hamill inked a contract with World Series of Fighting in May of 2014.

He was supposed to make his promotion debut later in 2014, but because to lingering ailments, Hamill would retire for the second time in his career.


On October 9, 2013, at UFC Fight Night 29, Hamill faced Thiago Silva. Hamill was released from the UFC after losing the fight by unanimous decision.


However, Hamill decided to come out of retirement over a year later. Hamill was scheduled to face UFC newcomer Roger Hollett at UFC 152 on September 22, 2012. However, due to a contract issue with Bellator, Hollett was forced to withdraw from the fight and was replaced by Vladimir Matyushenko.

However, Matyushenko was forced to withdraw from the fight due to a torn Achilles tendon sustained while training, and was replaced by Hollett, who had resolved the condition in time. He won his rematch by unanimous decision (29–28, 30–27, and 30–27).


Matt Hamill announced his retirement from the UFC and MMA on August 8, 2011, after losing his previous two fights.

“Today is a difficult day for me. After six years and thirteen fights in the UFC, I’m ready to hang up my gloves and leave this incredible sport “He stated this on his official website.


On June 19, 2010, Hamill defeated Keith Jardine in the Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz Finale. This fight was won by Hamill by majority decision. Jardine was penalised a point in round 2 for accidently poking Hamill in the eye.

On October 23, 2010, at UFC 121, Hamill faced his former The Ultimate Fighter 3 coach, Tito Ortiz, and won by unanimous decision.

The Hammer, a 2010 film about Hamill’s childhood and wrestling career, is based on his life. Originally slated to star Eben Kostbar, it was chastised by the deaf community for choosing a non-deaf actor; nevertheless, Hamill personally supported Kostbar’s casting owing to his wrestling background and fluency in American Sign Language. However, Kostbar backed out of the part, believing it would be more suitable for a member of the deaf community to play it.


Hamill felt ill after undergoing knee surgery. On December 5, 2009, at The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Finale, Hamill went off against undefeated prospect Jon Jones and won by disqualification after Jones used multiple 12-6 elbows. Downward elbow strikes are prohibited under the unified rules of mixed martial arts, and Jones was initially punished one point from the round. Jones was disqualified for these strikes because Hamill was unable to continue due to a dislocated shoulder.

As a result, the tape was reviewed, and it was discovered that Jones’ elbows aggravated Hamill’s already bloodied and lacerated nose. Nevada used its newly passed instant replay rule for the first time, and the referee’s ruling was confirmed by the commission, which used a slow motion video to evaluate the elbows. After the bout, Hamill stated that he “certainly didn’t win” and Jones “absolutely didn’t lose.”


On April 3, 2008, Hamill faced Tim Boetsch, whom he defeated by TKO in the second round, improving his record to 4 wins and 1 loss. Due to a knee strike during the fight, Hamill had a badly split bottom lip.

Hamill is divorced with a daughter from his previous marriage. In May 2008, Hamill and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Houck announced their engagement.


On September 8, 2007, Hamill faced fellow TUF 3 graduate Michael Bisping at UFC 75 in London, England, and lost by split decision. Many people were outraged by the decision, which was made in part because the fight was place in England, Bisping’s native country.

However, the two American judges ringside awarded Bisping the victory, while the lone British judge scored the fight in favour of Hamill. A rematch was intended for UFC 78, however Hamill withdrew due to knee surgery.

A rematch appeared unlikely once Bisping fell to the Middleweight category after losing a split decision to Rashad Evans.


On June 24, 2006, Hamill defeated fellow participant Jesse Forbes via knockout in the Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale on Spike TV.

On October 10, 2006, Hamill faced The Ultimate Fighter 2’s Seth Petruzelli in a Fight of The Night performance that he won by unanimous decision at Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3: The Final Chapter. The judges scored the fight for Hamill (29-28, 30-27, and 29-28).

Matt Hamill
Matt Hamill


Matthew Stanley Hamill (born October 5, 1976) is an American MMA fighter and wrestler who has competed in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. While attending the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York, he was a three-time NCAA Division III National Champion in wrestling (167 lb class in 1997, 190 lb class in 1998, and 197 lb class in 1999).

In addition, from the 2001 Summer Deaflympics, Hamill won a silver medal in Greco-Roman Wrestling and a gold medal in Freestyle Wrestling. He is also the only man who has ever defeated Jon Jones.

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