Meet Craig Heyward Wife: Charlotte Heyward, Kids, Bio And Net Worth

Craig Heyward, the celebrated sports personality, has a remarkable counterpart in his life whose presence adds a unique charm to his journey – Charlotte Heyward

The Heyward family’s impact on professional football transcends mere accolades; it represents a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and familial support in shaping sporting greatness.

Through their collective journey, Craig and Charlotte Heyward, alongside their four sons, have etched a legacy that will endure through the annals of sporting history.

In the realm of sports, the Heyward family stands as a testament to passion, dedication, and talent.

From Craig Jr.’s foundational footsteps to Cameron’s defensive prowess, Corey’s basketball finesse, and Connor’s gridiron excellence, their journey inspires generations, proving that greatness truly runs in the blood.

His journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and talent, solidifying his position as a revered figure in the annals of sporting history.

Craig Heyward Wife
Craig Heyward Wife (Image: Source)

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Meet Craig Heyward Wife: Charlotte Heyward

Craig Heyward’s Marriage to Charlotte Heyward

Craig Heyward, a former professional football player, tied the knot with Charlotte Heyward in 1988, and their marriage endured until 2001.1

Charlotte, originally from Willingden, is the eldest child in her family, bringing a rich background and strong family values to her relationship with Craig.

The Heyward Family Legacy

Charlotte Heyward, now known as the esteemed executive director of The Heyward House, embarked on a journey of love and partnership with Craig Heyward, resulting in the creation of a beautiful family.

Together, they were blessed with four sons – Craig Jr., Cameron, Corey, and Connor. Remarkably, all of their sons followed in their parents’ footsteps and pursued careers as professional footballers, carrying forward the Heyward family legacy on the field.

A Serendipitous Encounter

The love story between Craig and Charlotte began during their early days at Carlow University. Charlotte, then a freshman, crossed paths with Craig, igniting a connection that would shape their lives forever.

Fate intervened when Craig, accompanied by his brother’s date, stumbled upon Charlotte, setting the stage for a fortuitous encounter that would blossom into a lifelong partnership.

Charlotte Heyward Sons
Charlotte Heyward Sons

Charlotte Heyward: A Woman of Strength and Grace

Throughout her marriage to Craig Heyward, Charlotte exemplified resilience, strength, and unwavering support for her family.

Despite the challenges of life in the spotlight as the wife of a prominent athlete, Charlotte remained steadfast in her commitment to her husband and children, serving as a pillar of strength and guidance.

Building a Legacy Together

Craig and Charlotte Heyward’s union transcended the confines of marriage, evolving into a partnership dedicated to nurturing their family and fostering a culture of excellence.

Their shared values and dedication to their children’s aspirations laid the foundation for a remarkable legacy, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams with determination and passion.

A Love That Endures

In the tapestry of their lives, Craig Heyward and Charlotte Heyward wove a love story defined by resilience, devotion, and a shared passion for family and football.

From their serendipitous encounter at Carlow University to the heights of professional success, their journey serves as a testament to the power of love and partnership in overcoming obstacles and forging a lasting legacy.

Though their paths may have diverged, the bond they shared continues to resonate, reminding us of the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

Charlotte Heyward Sons
Charlotte Heyward Sons (Image: Source)

Craig Heyward And Charlotte Heyward: Kids

Craig Heyward: Laying the Foundation

Craig Heyward, along with his wife Charlotte, nurtured a remarkable legacy in the world of sports, blessed with four sons who followed in their athletic footsteps.2

Their eldest, Craig Jr., set the tone for the family’s athletic journey.

Craig Heyward Jr.: Paving His Path

As the firstborn among the Heyward brothers, Craig Jr. embarked on his football journey during his time at Passaic High School.

Transitioning to the collegiate level, he showcased his skills on special teams at Tennessee State before his professional stint with the Trenton Steel as a running back.

Cameron Heyward: A Defensive Force

Cameron Heyward, born on May 6, 1989, emerged as a dominant force in football, particularly as a defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.

Cameron Heyward’s Rise to Stardom

Drafted by the Steelers in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Cameron’s journey to professional success traces back to his collegiate days at Ohio State, where he honed his skills on the gridiron.

Corey Heyward: A Basketball Prodigy

Born on August 29, 1993, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Corey Heyward made his mark in the realm of basketball, currently showcasing his talent as a Guard for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Corey Heyward’s Hoop Dreams

Standing tall at 1.85 meters, Corey’s athleticism and prowess on the court exemplify the Heyward family’s commitment to excellence in diverse sporting arenas.

Connor Heyward: Carrying the Torch

The youngest scion of the Heyward family, Connor Heyward, born on January 22, 1999, epitomizes the family’s enduring legacy in football, now donning the jerseys of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.

Connor Heyward’s Gridiron Journey

Hailing from Georgia, Connor’s journey to professional football began on the collegiate fields of Michigan State, where he showcased his versatility as a tight end and fullback.

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Craig Heyward
Craig Heyward (Image: Source)

Craig Heyward: Bio

Craig Heyward, a renowned and affluent football Player, entered the world on September 26, 1966, in Passaic, New Jersey, United States.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Craig William Heyward, affectionately known as “Ironhead”, graced the American football scene from September 26, 1966, to May 27, 2006.

His illustrious 11-year career spanned various teams in the National Football League (NFL), including the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Rams, and Indianapolis Colts.

Rising to Prominence

Selected by the New Orleans Saints in the first round (24th overall pick) of the 1988 NFL Draft, Heyward made waves early on.

He emerged as a force to be reckoned with, his prowess evident as he amassed 3,086 rushing yards throughout his career, securing the third spot in the annals of the University of Pittsburgh. Even in his brief three seasons at Pitt, Heyward’s impact was undeniable.

Collegiate Success and Accolades

During his time at the University of Pittsburgh, Heyward’s exceptional talent shone brightly. In 1987, he galvanized the football world, rushing for an impressive 1,791 yards.

This remarkable feat earned him widespread acclaim, including consensus All-America honors and a fifth-place finish in the Heisman Trophy balloting.

Beyond the Field: Heyward’s Enduring Legacy

  • Beyond his athletic prowess, Heyward left an indelible mark with his charismatic persona.
  • In 1997, he captivated audiences with his wit and charm in a series of television commercials for Zest body wash.
  • Heyward’s endorsement not only popularized the product but also introduced a new generation to the modern version of the Luffa.
  • The advertisement, juxtaposing Heyward’s tough-guy image with the lather-building capabilities of Zest, became an instant hit, earning the affectionate moniker “the thingy” through a spirited voting campaign.
Cameron Heyward Family
Cameron Heyward Family

Craig Heyward: Net Worth

Unlocking the Fortune: The Astonishing Net Worth of Craig Heyward

Craig Heyward, born on September 26, 1966, in Passaic, New Jersey, USA, under the name Craig William Heyward, amassed a substantial net worth over the years.3

Let’s delve into the remarkable financial journey of Craig Heyward and explore the factors contributing to his impressive wealth.

Early Life and Background

Craig Heyward’s journey to wealth began in the vibrant city of Passaic, New Jersey.

Born on September 26, 1966, Heyward grew up in an environment that instilled in him the values of hard work and determination.

Athletic Career and Achievements

Heyward’s path to financial success was paved through his remarkable achievements in the realm of sports.

Renowned for his exceptional prowess on the field, Heyward carved out a name for himself as a formidable athlete.

Football Career and Professional Success

Heyward’s journey to financial prosperity reached new heights through his illustrious football career.

Excelling in the sport, Heyward garnered widespread recognition and acclaim for his outstanding performances on the field.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Investments

Beyond his athletic endeavors, Heyward ventured into various entrepreneurial pursuits, leveraging his financial acumen and business savvy to explore new opportunities.

Craig Heyward’s net worth of $1.3 million stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit.

From his humble beginnings in Passaic, New Jersey, to his stellar career as a professional athlete and astute investments, Heyward’s journey exemplifies the possibilities of achieving financial success through hard work and determination.


1. Who is Craig Heyward’s wife, and what is her profession?

Craig Heyward’s wife is Charlotte Heyward. She is known for her philanthropic work and is actively involved in various charitable organizations.

2. How many kids do Craig and Charlotte Heyward have?

Craig and Charlotte Heyward have three children together. They are actively involved in their children’s lives and prioritize family time.

3. What is Craig Heyward’s net worth?

Craig Heyward, a former professional football player and successful businessman, has an estimated net worth of [provide estimated net worth] as of [current year]. His ventures in business, coupled with his earnings from his football career, contribute to his overall wealth.

4. Are there any notable achievements or awards associated with Craig Heyward?

Craig Heyward had a successful career as a professional football player, earning recognition for his exceptional skills on the field. While he may not have received any major individual awards, he made significant contributions to the teams he played for and left a lasting impact on the sport.

5. How does Craig Heyward balance his family life with his professional endeavors?

Despite his busy schedule, Craig Heyward prioritizes his family above all else. He strives to maintain a healthy balance between his career commitments and spending quality time with his wife, Charlotte, and their children. Heyward understands the importance of being present for his family and makes concerted efforts to create memorable moments together.

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