Mercedes Moné AKA Sasha Banks: Reveals Her Fav Ppponent of All Time in WWE and More

The ongoing saga between Bayley and Mercedes Mone continues to intrigue WWE fans, blending personal animosity with professional rivalry

Whether they reconcile as allies or clash as adversaries once more, their journey promises to captivate audiences and further cement their legacies in wrestling history.

Mercedes Mone’s journey from WWE to AEW has been marked by accolades, intense rivalries, and a continued dedication to elevating women’s wrestling.

As she continues to evolve in AEW, her matches against formidable opponents like Stephanie Vaquer underscore her ongoing quest for excellence and cement her legacy as a trailblazer in professional wrestling.

This detailed exploration of Mercedes Mone’s career highlights her achievements, pivotal rivalries, and future aspirations, showcasing her enduring influence on the world of professional wrestling.

Mercedes Moné
Mercedes Moné (Image: Source)

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Mercedes Mone: Opponent Revelations

Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks, has carved out a remarkable career in professional wrestling, spanning both WWE and now AEW.1

Recently, she made headlines by revealing her favorite opponent of all time, highlighting a significant rivalry in her career.

Mercedes Mone and Bayley: A Legendary Rivalry

Mercedes Mone and Bayley have shared a storied rivalry that began in NXT and continued onto the main roster of WWE.

Their matches were not only fiercely competitive but also showcased their chemistry and mutual respect. Despite their on-screen battles, the two wrestlers are known to be close friends in real life.

Throughout her nearly decade-long tenure in WWE, Mercedes Mone achieved considerable success, becoming a multiple-time RAW Women’s Champion and solidifying her place as one of the top female wrestlers in the industry.

Her departure from WWE in 2022, alongside Naomi, marked a turning point in her career.

Transition to AEW and Current Success

Mercedes Mone made a high-profile debut in AEW at Dynamite: Big Business in March 2024. Since then, she has been a dominant force, quickly rising through the ranks and capturing the TBS Championship.

Her arrival in AEW has injected new energy into the women’s division, showcasing her versatility and star power.

Clash with Stephanie Vaquer: A New Chapter

Mercedes Mone’s upcoming match against Stephanie Vaquer at the Forbidden Door Pay-Per-View represents a pivotal moment in her AEW career.

The clash with Vaquer, who has also garnered acclaim for her in-ring prowess, promises to be a thrilling encounter that could redefine Mercedes Mone’s list of favorite opponents.

In a recent interview with WFAN, Mercedes Mone expressed admiration for Bayley as her favorite opponent to date.

However, she hinted that her upcoming match with Stephanie Vaquer could potentially surpass that sentiment, acknowledging Vaquer’s skill and the intensity of their previous encounters.

Mercedes Moné
Mercedes Moné (Image: Source)

Bayley and Mercedes Mone’s Rivalry Explained

Bayley and Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, have shared a storied history in WWE, alternating between bitter rivals and formidable allies.2

Their dynamic as opponents and partners has captured the imagination of wrestling fans worldwide.

Initially, Bayley and Sasha Banks formed a tag team known as the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection, showcasing a blend of friendship and competitive spirit. However, betrayals and conflicts would eventually strain their alliance, leading to memorable confrontations in the ring.

The Betrayal and Fallout: Turning Point in Their Relationship

In 2021, Bayley’s betrayal of Sasha Banks marked a significant turning point in their storyline. The betrayal fueled intense matches and heightened emotions between the two, setting the stage for future encounters.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Bayley expressed her desire for one more match with Mercedes Mone. She emphasized their enduring connection and the impact of their matches on their legacies.

Mercedes Mone’s Response: A Potential Reunion in the Ring?

While Mercedes Mone has not directly responded to Bayley’s comments, the possibility of a reunion in the ring remains a tantalizing prospect for WWE fans.

Their history suggests that any future match could be laden with emotional and competitive intensity.

Bayley and Mercedes Mone, often referred to as ‘The Brooklyn Girls,’ have left an indelible mark on WWE.

Their matches have been celebrated for their athleticism, storytelling, and the raw emotion they brought to the squared circle.

As speculation swirls about a potential rematch between Bayley and Mercedes Mone, fans eagerly await any developments that could lead to another chapter in their storied rivalry.

The anticipation reflects the enduring appeal of their feud and the possibility of a compelling storyline.

Mercedes Moné
Mercedes Moné (Image: Source)

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Mercedes Mone: Bio

Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, born on January 26, 1992, in Fairfield, California, began her wrestling career with a passion for the sport from a young age.3

Trained by various wrestling schools, she adopted the ring name Sasha Banks inspired by the late rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Banks began her professional wrestling career in 2010 and signed with WWE in 2012, where she was assigned to their developmental brand, NXT.

Early Life

  • Under the NXT brand, Sasha Banks quickly gained attention for her in-ring ability, charisma, and distinctive character.
  • She became known for her “Boss” persona, portraying a confident and ruthless attitude that resonated with fans.
  • Banks’s matches against other NXT women, including Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch, helped elevate the profile of women’s wrestling within WWE.
  • In 2015, Sasha Banks made her main roster debut on WWE’s Raw brand, marking a significant moment for her career.
  • She continued to showcase her talent in high-profile matches and storylines, becoming a multiple-time Raw Women’s Champion and a key figure in the “Women’s Revolution” within WWE.
  • Her matches at major events like WrestleMania further solidified her status as one of WWE’s top female athletes.
Mercedes Moné
Mercedes Moné

Mercedes Mone: Career

Sasha Banks made her WWE debut in 2012, marking the beginning of a storied career that would see her become one of the most influential female wrestlers in modern history.

After impressing WWE officials during a tryout camp, she debuted on NXT in December of the same year, facing off against Paige.

Although she lost her first match, it was clear that Banks had the potential to be a major star in the company. She officially joined the main roster in 2015, alongside Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, as part of WWE’s women’s revolution.

Early Career

Sasha Banks began her professional wrestling career in 2008, training at Chaotic Wrestling. She adopted the ring name Mercedes KV and quickly made a name for herself on the independent circuit.

Despite being only 18 years old at the time, she showcased immense talent and determination. Banks competed in multiple independent promotions, capturing several titles and honing her skills in preparation for the big leagues.

Signing with WWE

In August 2012, Sasha Banks participated in a WWE tryout camp that would change her life forever. Impressed by her performance, WWE signed her, and she made her NXT debut in December against Paige.

Although she lost her debut match, Banks’ potential was evident. WWE had big plans for her from the beginning, recognizing her as a future star who could elevate the women’s division.

NXT Women’s Champion

Sasha Banks spent three years in NXT, where she became one of the top stars of the brand. Her time in NXT was marked by intense rivalries and memorable matches.

She captured the NXT Women’s Championship, solidifying her status as a rising star. Banks’ tenure in NXT was instrumental in establishing her reputation and fan base, setting the stage for her successful transition to the main roster.

Main Roster Debut

In 2015, Sasha Banks made her highly anticipated main roster debut alongside fellow NXT standouts Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

The trio was introduced as part of the women’s revolution, a movement aimed at revitalizing WWE’s women’s division.

Banks, Flair, and Lynch played crucial roles in this revolution, bringing a new level of athleticism, storytelling, and excitement to women’s wrestling in WWE.


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Making History at WrestleMania 32

One of the defining moments of Sasha Banks’ career came at WrestleMania 32. WWE organized a historic triple threat match featuring Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch to crown a new Women’s Champion.

The match was a pivotal moment in the women’s revolution, showcasing the incredible talent and star power of the three competitors.

Charlotte Flair emerged victorious, but the match itself is remembered as one of the biggest milestones in the advancement of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Evolution of Sasha Banks’ Character

The Boss Persona

Sasha Banks’ “The Boss” persona became synonymous with her character in WWE. Inspired by her real-life admiration for her cousin Snoop Dogg, Banks’ persona exuded confidence, swagger, and a relentless drive for success.

This persona not only resonated with fans but also set her apart from other female wrestlers, making her a unique and captivating figure in WWE.

Rivalries and Alliances

Throughout her WWE career, Sasha Banks has been involved in numerous high-profile rivalries and alliances. Her feuds with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley have produced some of the most memorable matches in WWE history.

Banks’ ability to create compelling storylines and deliver in-ring performances that captivate audiences has been a key factor in her enduring popularity.

Championship Reigns

Raw Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks’ main roster career has been highlighted by multiple championship reigns. She captured the Raw Women’s Championship several times, each reign adding to her legacy.

Her battles for the title were often intense and emotional, showcasing her resilience and determination to be the best.

Women’s Tag Team Championship

In addition to her singles success, Sasha Banks also made history as part of the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside her longtime friend and rival, Bayley.

Together, they formed the team known as “The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection.” Their partnership and subsequent championship reign played a significant role in elevating the status of women’s tag team wrestling in WWE.

Mercedes Moné
Mercedes Moné

Mercedes Mone: Achievements

First Women’s Hell in a Cell Match

Sasha Banks has been a trailblazer in WWE, participating in several groundbreaking matches. She made history by competing in the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match against Charlotte Flair in 2016.

The match was a brutal and hard-fought battle that demonstrated the physical and emotional intensity that women’s wrestling could achieve.

Main Eventing Pay-Per-Views

Banks has also been a pioneer in main eventing WWE pay-per-views. Her matches have often been the highlight of major events, proving that women’s wrestling can be just as thrilling and main event-worthy as men’s wrestling.

This achievement has paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers to aspire to similar heights.

Representation and Inspiration

Sasha Banks’ success has transcended wrestling, making her a cultural icon and role model for many. As an African American woman in a predominantly male industry, she has broken barriers and inspired countless individuals.

Her story of perseverance, dedication, and self-belief resonates with fans around the world, encouraging them to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles.

Influence on Future Generations

Banks’ impact on the wrestling industry extends beyond her in-ring accomplishments. She has influenced future generations of wrestlers, particularly young women, to pursue careers in professional wrestling.

Her dedication to her craft and willingness to push boundaries have set a standard for excellence that aspiring wrestlers strive to emulate.

Acting and Entertainment

  • Sasha Banks’ talents extend beyond the wrestling ring. She has ventured into acting and entertainment, further expanding her influence and reach.
  • Banks made a notable appearance in the hit television series “The Mandalorian,” where she showcased her acting abilities. Her involvement in mainstream entertainment highlights her versatility and appeal as a performer.
  • In addition to her entertainment career, Sasha Banks is also involved in philanthropy and advocacy. She uses her platform to support various charitable causes and raise awareness about important social issues.
  • Banks’ commitment to making a positive impact on society underscores her role as a responsible and influential public figure.

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