Micah Parsons’ Brother Reveals Bold Prediction for Dak Prescott’s Potential AFC Move

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys: An Unfulfilled Promise

Dak Prescott has been a central figure for the Dallas Cowboys since he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. His rise to prominence was swift, and he quickly established himself as a reliable and talented quarterback.1

Known for his leadership, poise under pressure, and athletic ability, Prescott has been a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ offense. However, despite his consistent performance and the team’s regular-season successes, the franchise has not secured a championship during his tenure.

The Championship Elusiveness

Prescott’s time with the Cowboys has seen the team reach the playoffs multiple times, but a Super Bowl appearance has remained elusive.

The Cowboys’ struggles to advance deep into the postseason have sparked discussions about the team’s future and the potential changes needed to elevate them to championship contenders.

Internal Rifts and Speculation

On Monday, a report emerged detailing a rift within the Cowboys’ organization between owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy. Such internal discord often leads to speculation about significant changes within the team.

The report has fueled rumors and discussions within the NFL community about the possible departure of both McCarthy and Prescott from the Cowboys.

Potential Moves and Approvals

Amid these speculations, one intriguing possibility has gained traction: the idea of Dak Prescott moving to another team.

Micah Parsons’ brother, Terrence Parsons Jr., has voiced his approval of Prescott potentially heading to the Las Vegas Raiders. This suggestion has added fuel to the ongoing discussions about Prescott’s future.

The Las Vegas Raiders: A New Beginning?

  • Terrence Parsons Jr. suggested that the Las Vegas Raiders could become a powerhouse in the AFC with Dak Prescott as their quarterback.2
  • The Raiders, who have shown flashes of potential but have struggled with consistency, might find in Prescott the leadership and skill necessary to take them to the next level.


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  • The idea of Prescott in a Raiders jersey has captured the imagination of fans. On X, one fan even uploaded a morphed image of Dak Prescott wearing a Raiders jersey, symbolizing the growing interest and excitement around this potential move.
  • If Dak Prescott were to join the Raiders, it would significantly impact the NFL landscape. The Raiders, who have been in search of stability at the quarterback position, could benefit immensely from Prescott’s experience and talent.
  • His presence could potentially transform the Raiders into serious contenders in the AFC.

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Dak Prescott’s Contract Issues with the Cowboys

Recent speculation about Dak Prescott potentially leaving the Dallas Cowboys has been fueled by the ongoing indecisiveness within the Cowboys’ front office regarding his contract extension.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons (Image: Source)

Prescott, who has been the Cowboys’ starting quarterback since 2016, is in the final year of his current contract, leading to significant uncertainty about his future with the team.

Prescott’s Stance on Finances

Earlier this month, Prescott made it clear that his decision regarding his future with the Cowboys is not solely driven by financial considerations.3

This statement suggests that Prescott is looking for more than just a lucrative contract; he desires stability, a clear direction for the team, and a genuine commitment to building a championship-contending roster.

Key Figures in the Final Year of Contracts

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones faces a challenging task in managing not only Prescott’s contract situation but also the contracts of other key figures within the organization.

Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and head coach Mike McCarthy are also in the final years of their contracts, adding to the complexity of the situation. Balancing the needs and expectations of these pivotal members of the team will be crucial for Jones as he navigates the upcoming offseason.

CeeDee Lamb and Mike McCarthy

CeeDee Lamb, one of the NFL’s most promising young wide receivers, has been a significant asset for the Cowboys since being drafted in 2020. Ensuring that Lamb remains with the team is essential for maintaining a potent offense.

Meanwhile, head coach Mike McCarthy’s future is equally important, as his leadership and vision for the team will play a critical role in the Cowboys’ success.

Micah Parsons’ Contract Situation

Adding to the contractual complexities is Micah Parsons, the Cowboys’ standout linebacker. Parsons is currently in the second-last year of his deal with the team.

His performance has been exceptional, making him one of the most valuable defensive players in the league. The Cowboys must consider securing Parsons’ future with a new contract to avoid losing another cornerstone of their team.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons (Image: Source)

Early Life and Education of Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons was born on May 26, 1999, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From a young age, Parsons demonstrated an affinity for sports, particularly football. His early years in Harrisburg laid the foundation for what would become an illustrious career in the sport.

High School Career

Parsons began his high school football journey at Central Dauphin High School. It was here that he started honing his skills on the football field, showing promise as a versatile and athletic player. His natural talent and hard work quickly set him apart from his peers.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons (Image: Source)

Transition to Harrisburg High School

Seeking greater challenges and opportunities, Parsons made the transition to Harrisburg High School. This move proved pivotal in his development as a football player.

At Harrisburg, he continued to showcase his exceptional versatility and athleticism, excelling in multiple positions. Parsons played as both a defensive end and a running back, demonstrating his ability to impact the game on both sides of the ball.

Football Versatility and Athleticism

  • As a defensive end, Parsons was a force to be reckoned with. His combination of size, speed, and football IQ allowed him to dominate opponents.
  • He had an innate ability to read plays and disrupt the opposing offense, earning him recognition as one of the top high school defensive players in the country.
  • In addition to his defensive prowess, Parsons excelled as a running back. His athleticism and vision on the field made him a formidable offensive threat.
  • Parsons’ ability to break tackles, find gaps in the defense, and make explosive plays contributed significantly to his team’s success.
  • This dual-threat capability highlighted his exceptional athleticism and versatility, making him a standout player at Harrisburg High School.
  • Parsons’ impressive high school career attracted the attention of numerous college football programs. His performances on the field, coupled with his work ethic and leadership qualities, made him one of the most sought-after recruits in the nation.

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Professional Career of Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons’ exceptional talent and collegiate success led to his selection in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The Dallas Cowboys picked him 12th overall, recognizing his potential to significantly impact their defense.

Parsons signed a four-year rookie contract worth $17 million on June 9, 2021. This deal included a signing bonus and guaranteed money, underscoring the Cowboys’ confidence in his abilities and future contributions to the team.

Early Challenges and Positional Change

Parsons’ rookie season saw an unexpected challenge when DeMarcus Lawrence, a key defensive end for the Cowboys, broke his foot in practice before Week 2 of the 2021 season.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons

This injury created a void in the Cowboys’ defensive line, prompting the team to convert Parsons back to his high school position of defensive end. Despite being primarily trained as a linebacker in college, Parsons adapted quickly to his new role.

Immediate Success as a Pass Rusher

Parsons’ transition to defensive end showcased his versatility and football intelligence. His high school experience in the position, combined with his elite athleticism, allowed him to excel almost immediately. As a pass rusher, Parsons became a disruptive force on the field, consistently pressuring quarterbacks and making impactful plays.

Rookie Season Highlights

Throughout his rookie season, Parsons’ performance was nothing short of stellar. He quickly emerged as one of the most dominant defensive players in the league, earning widespread praise for his ability to influence games.

His speed, agility, and strength made him a nightmare for opposing offenses, and he was able to accumulate impressive statistics, including sacks, tackles for loss, and quarterback pressures.

Micah Parsons’s Net Worth in 2024

As of February 2024, Micah Parsons’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. This substantial wealth has been primarily accrued through his salary as an NFL player, supplemented by earnings from brand endorsements and sponsorships.

NFL Contract and Earnings

Micah Parsons, a first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, is currently on an entry-level contract with the Dallas Cowboys. This four-year contract, valued at a little over $17 million, includes a significant signing bonus and guaranteed money.

Parsons’ annual salary averages $4,269,948, a considerable amount reflecting his high draft status and immediate impact on the field.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons

Salary Breakdown

In 2024, Parsons’ base salary is $2,212,708. This figure is part of the structured payments outlined in his rookie contract.

The financial details of his contract also include a signing bonus of $9,781,668, which was paid out when he signed the deal in June 2021. This bonus significantly boosted his initial earnings and contributed to his net worth.

Future Financial Prospects

  • Parsons will be eligible for a fifth-year option in 2025. This option allows the Cowboys to extend his contract for an additional year under the terms negotiated at the time of his draft selection.
  • The fifth-year option typically comes with a salary increase, reflecting the player’s performance and market value.
  • After the fifth-year option, Parsons will have the opportunity to negotiate his first major contract extension. Given his performance and impact on the field, it is anticipated that Parsons will secure a lucrative deal, which will substantially increase his net worth.
  • Contract extensions for players of his caliber often include substantial signing bonuses, guaranteed money, and higher annual salaries.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

In addition to his NFL salary, Parsons has also benefited from brand endorsements and sponsorship deals. These partnerships with various companies have provided additional income streams, enhancing his overall financial portfolio. While the exact figures from these endorsements are not publicly disclosed, they contribute significantly to his total net worth.


1. Who is Micah Parsons?

Ans: Micah Parsons is a professional football player who plays as a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. He has quickly become one of the league’s top defensive players since being drafted in 2021.

2. What is the bold prediction made by Micah Parsons’ brother regarding Dak Prescott?

Ans: Micah Parsons’ brother has made a bold prediction that Dak Prescott, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, might consider a move to an AFC team in the future. This speculation has generated interest and discussion among fans and analysts.

3. Who is Micah Parsons’ brother and what is his connection to football?

Ans: Micah Parsons’ brother, Terrence Parsons, is known for his close relationship with Micah. While not a professional football player, Terrence often shares insights and opinions about the sport and his brother’s career.

4. What reasons did Micah Parsons’ brother give for Dak Prescott potentially moving to the AFC?

Ans: Terrence Parsons mentioned several factors that could influence Dak Prescott’s decision, including seeking new challenges, exploring different team dynamics, and potentially finding a better fit with an AFC team that aligns with his playing style and career goals.

5. How have fans and analysts reacted to this prediction?

Ans: The prediction has sparked a mix of reactions, with some fans and analysts considering it an interesting possibility given the changing dynamics of the NFL, while others view it as speculative. The discussion highlights the ongoing interest in Dak Prescott’s career trajectory and potential future moves.

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