Nancy Ajram Is Facing Backlash For Her Prank- Is She Racist? – Is She Biased Against Iranian People?

Social media users are asking Lebanese singer-TV personality Nancy Ajram to apologize for her alleged racist prank. Is Nancy racist? What’s the matter? Let’s find out. 

Nancy Ajram
Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram is a well-known singer, TV personality, and businesswoman from Lebanon. She is getting bad comments about the so-called blackface prank video on the internet right now.

Also, Nancy is known as one of the most popular Middle Eastern music artists. As of 2007, she had sold more than 30 million records around the world.

Also, Nancy was named the best-selling female Middle Eastern singer from 2000 to 2009. Aside from that, the singer has put out eleven studio albums and a lot of number-one songs during her career.

Nancy Ajram Is Facing Backlash For Her Prank- Is She Racist?

At the moment, Nancy Ajram is a topic of debate on the internet. People are not happy that she did pranks that were so rude and hurt the feelings of many of her fans and people around the world.

Ajram also got a lot of criticism after the video she posted on Instagram went viral. After the video, Ajram is said to have put on blackface.

Blackface, on the other hand, is the act of darkening one’s skin tone. This has upset many people and is now seen as a racist way to make fun of Black people and their cultures, which have a long history in the Middle East and other places.

Also, more than 1 million people have watched the Instagram video. But we can see that she hadn’t said anything directly about race or racism.

In the video that went viral, the 39-year-old wears a lot of makeup, goes to parties, and shops. In the end of the video, the singer takes off her makeup and poses for pictures with a member of the restaurant staff.

Even though the event seems normal and funny, it has sparked a lot of criticism online, and some people have even said they are sorry for the joke.

Nancy Ajram Religion And Ethnicity

On May 16, 1983, she was born into a Christian family in Lebanon and grew up there. She is now 39 years old and a singer and TV personality. We found out that Nancy and her family are Christians by reading her Wikipedia page.

Ajram is also from a neighborhood in Beirut, Lebanon, called Achrafieh, and she is a Lebanese citizen. She is also of Middle Eastern background, according to sources.

Nancy Ajram Is Said To Be Biased Against Iran

In 2011, Ajram said she was sorry on Facebook for anti-Iranian comments that were made up about her because her official website had been hacked in 2006.

Ajram also stirred up trouble in 2018 when people found out that her team asked for all of the rainbow flags to be taken down for her performance at Gothenburg’s Pride festival. After the controversy, Hamed Sinno wrote a harsh post about her on Facebook.

Because of this, people say that Nancy has a bias against Iran. But since none of the social media have said that she has a bias against Iran, it won’t help to say that she does.

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