NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths Solutions PDF Free Download

Here we are providing the most comprehensive NCERT Exemplar Book for Class 8 Maths Solutions PDF Chapter-wise.  Education is a right to every human being and slowly but steadily, the people are coming to realise the importance if it.

Indian constitution has a pledge for compulsory and free education of every child up to the elementary level. That is, up to class 8. So, class 8 is that turning point of a student where he or she tries to understand his or her position, where is his or her position in the class? How much is the understanding level of each subject? We all know that many students have maths phobia. They would rather sit and simply copy from the friend or look unattentively at the teacher. There are thousands of publishers that publish academic related books for schools and colleges and one of the most popular ones is NCERT. The NCERT is known for providing quality books for educational institutes. To cater to this problem ncert has not only published an exemplar book of class 8 maths but has also provided ncert exemplar solutions for class 8 maths. The pdf can be downloaded for free. It is available in English, Hindi and Urdu mediums.

NCERT was established in 1961 and has been publishing books for classes 1st to 12th. The books are regularly updated so that its readers can get the best-known information to keep up with the growth in education.

NCERT is also recommended for trying to give competitive exams, govt. exams also national level exams.

NCERT provides the basics for core subjects like math and science to help students build a strong foundation for themselves.

Students of every province, be it in the remotest village or a hilly area, can download this pdf for free. With the advancement of telecommunication and the popularity of mobile phones, this becomes a very easy task. Weak students can take te help of this pdf and get the solution to every problem easily. Students are meritorious will refer to this pdf to check their answers. Thus, we see that ncert exemplar book class 8 maths are a friend, philosopher, and guide of every student who wants to get good marks in the examination. It answers the questions of the 13 chapters of the ncert text book, right from Rational Numbers to Playing with Numbers. The expert group who has framed the solutions has left no stone unturned to give the students their best and satisfactory answers.

NCERT Exemplar Books Class 8 Maths Solutions PDF Download

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Rational Numbers
2 Data Handling
3 Square-Square Root & Cube-Cube Root
4 Linear Equation In One Variable
5 Understanding Quadrilaterals & Practical Geometry
6 Visualising The Solid Shapes
7 Algebraic Expression, Identities & Factorisation
8 Exponents & Powers
9 Comparing Quantities
10 Direct & Inverse Proportions
11 Mensuration
12 Introductions to Graph
13 Playing With Numbers

Class 8 NCERT Exemplar Solution Book PDF

At we are providing NCERT exemplary solutions for class 8th in English, Hindi and Urdu mediums. We focus on providing good quality solutions that are easy to understand and learn.

To access these solutions all you have to do is visit our website (link found in this article) and download the e-book for Class 8th NCERT Exemplar Solutions.

Our goal is to reach all the class 8th students who want to learn and understand the subject and the Class 8th NCERT Exemplar Solutions pdf will be for their rescue.

We focus to reach those people who do not have the resources required to learn. We try to make all the topics easy to understand and learn as much as possible.

About the book- NCERT Exemplar Problems for class 8th Math

Math is not an easy subject and all those lagging behind in it have always wished to be able to raise their hand when the teacher asks a question.

 I remember from my school days, I was someone who only copied the solutions from the one sitting beside me. I always desired to be the one solving that problem on the blackboard.

Well, this is where that desire comes true. At we are providing exemplar solutions for class 8 math.

The entire chapter listed in NCERT textbook are available here. There are 13 chapters in total

 Starting with real numbers and ending with chp.13- playing with numbers.

Tips for the students

At first look, it might seem too lengthy but you once you start; the sums are designed such a way that anyone would enjoy solving them. And if you face any issue, all you have to do is refer to the Solutions pdf that we are giving for class 8th students.

Solve all problems if you’re looking to top the class from the NCERT Class 8th Maths Textbook and if you face problem in any questions, use the solutions book – NCERT Class 8th Maths Exemplar Solutions for reference.

Make sure to attempt all the questions without seeing the answers. 

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