NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Paryavarana Adhyan

You will get the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 पर्यावरण अध्ययन (Paryavaran Adhyayan) in PDF format & Chapter-wise. Paryavaran Adhyayan is a branch of Science that deals with studying about our environment and surroundings. It is very important for a class 4th child to learn about his surroundings, nature, plants, trees, polluting this nature, wastes we produce everyday and so on.

These kids are the future generation that is going to act as pillars for the nation. Hence it is a very good initiative by the educational authorities to include this subject in the Class 4th Syllabus.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 4 पर्यावरण अध्ययन Free PDF – Chapterwise

Chapter No Chapter Name 
1 चलो ,चलें स्कूल !
2 कान -कान में
3 नन्दू हाथी
4 अमृता की कहानी
5 अनीता की मधुमक्खियाँ
6 ओमना का सफ़र
7 खिड़की से
8 नानी के घर तक
9 बदलते परिवार
10 हु तू तू ,हु तू तू
11 फुलवारी
12 कैसे -कैसे बदले घर
13 पहाडों से समुंदर तक
14 बसवा का खेत
15 मंडी से घर तक
16 चूँ -चूँ करती आई चिड़िया
17 नंदिता मुंबई में
18 पानी कहीं ज्यादा ,कहीं कम
19 जड़ों का जाल
20 मिलकर खाएँ
21 खाना -खिलाना
22 दुनिया मेरे घर में
23 पोचमपल्ली
24 दूर देश की बात
25 चटपटी
26 फ़ौजी वहीदा
27 कोशिश हुई कामयाब

NCERT Class 4 पर्यावरण अध्ययन Solutions

Class 4 is a very basic period for students, where they slightly understood about Science, Human Beings and our planet. Class 4 Paryavaran Adhyayan deals with the basic concept of our environment, which the students are going to study elaborately in the upcoming grades and levels. This book is based on the latest and upgraded version prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

National Council of Educational Research and Training which is abbreviated as NCERT, is the governmental educational institution that provides the class 4th Paryavaran Adhyayan Solutions. NCERT solutions are available for all the students from Class 4th, studying under CBSE Boards. Their solution books are mostly followed by all the top scoring schools. They prepare solutions by highly experienced professionals. The answer key after the examination gets over is similar to the solution found in this book.

Hence, you need not search for the Class 4th Paryavaran Adhyayan NCERT book in the market or in some other websites. You can simply download it from this article as NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Paryavaran Adhyayan.

This digital format is easily accessible and available always on the website. Paryavaran Adhyayan Class 4 NCERT Solutions contains around twenty four chapters and the questions asked in all these chapters are answered with utmost accuracy.

Tips to prepare for the Examination

Class 4 is the lower class and what you learn in these years will act as a strong foundation to your higher classes. Following are the tips to study for the examination.

  • The toughest job is to find solutions. But you have NCERT Class 4th Paryavaran Adhyayan solutions in hand. You can learn from this book and score well.
  • Ask any doubts to your teachers. Do not hesitate. If your basic concepts are clear, then you can understand anything complex in the future. And if you don’t refer to the Paryavaran Adhyayan NCERT Solutions.
  • As there are 27 chapters, divide and study. For example take 3 months to prepare the complete syllabus and try to read at least 9 chapters in a month. Study well and do your best in the examinations.

So parents, download this NCERT Class 4th Paryavaran Adhyayan Solutions pdf and give your child a good start. With solutions by his side, he won’t face issues regarding questions in his NCERT Textbook.


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