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Here we are providing NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science, the solutions are latest and updated. You can download Solution for each and every chapters listed below chapterwise.

Class 9 science is a difficult subject. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are all crammed together in one book in a concise way. The students have to go through each chapter thoroughly and solve the assertive and summative exercises. This will make them know if they have understood the topic. However, they may be confused about whether they have answered correctly.

National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is a research organization which was initiated in 1961 by the ministry of education for improvement of the quality standard of school education with the support from Indian government.

By integrating the seven different institutes together NCERT was established which is managing the school education system in India.

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Along with this NCERT is also contributing in various educational initiatives like NTSSC (National Science Talent Search Scheme), AIES (All India Educational Surveys) and Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition as well.

NCERT SCIENCE CLASS 9 SOLUTION Chapterwise – Free PDF Download

The NCERT solutions for class 9 science PDF can be downloaded free by the students or their parents for help. The complicated theories and the complex formulae may make a student think that the subject is too difficult for them. The free pdf will be a really good reference book for them free of cost. To improve the basic knowledge and understanding of every chapter the solutions are written in a very easy language by the group of dedicated experts. They have solved the problems in a very student-friendly manner keeping in mind the below average, the average and the above-average group of students. Even the difficult questions are dealt with in such a manner that students feel comfortable and get an interest in the subject. The easy flow of answers will not only make the students love the subject but also create confidence in it. Hence the scores will improve.

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Matter in Our Surroundings
2 Is Matter Around Us Pure
3 Atoms and Molecules
4 Structure of The Atom
5 The Fundamental Unit of Life
6 Tissues
7 Diversity in Living Organisms
8 Motion
9 Force and Laws of Motion
10 Gravitation
11 Work and Energy
12 Sound
13 Why Do We Fall ill
14 Natural Resources
15 Improvement in Food Resources

The science is found as one the critical subject in class 9 CBSE students as its topics and theories are huge and extensive along with it some complex formulas as also there as well. These things might be challenging for most of the students.

Class 9 Science Solution NCERT/CBSE PDF

Therefore, to make thoughts simpler NCERT comes into the picture which provides one the best study materials such as textbook, class 9th solution, sample question papers for 9th class, video materials and other stuff to help students to improve their knowledge base.

All the solution books given in our site are structure by professional having great experience in science education. NCERT Class 9 Science Solution in divided into three categories namely Physics, Biology and last one is Chemistry.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Hindi PDF

In the solution there are lots of practice test are there that allows students to do more practice and clear their concepts along with this it also provides latest methodologies to figure out the exam pattern of every subject.

NCERT study material always focuses on innovation in teaching and giving proper guideline to the students that how they can get most out it from their study resources.

Moreover to get mastery of scoring well in the examination so NCERT science solution for class 9 is developed by focusing on the books syllabus pattern as it covers all the topics chapter wise and it’s highly recommended for the class 9 CBSE students.


NCERT study materials are the rich collection of restorative knowledge especially designed for the CBSE students to score better in the CBSE examination.

By solving NCERT model question papers students can achieve greater and satisfying results in their examination.

One the key objective of creating NCERT Solution for Class 9 students is that they can get access to the easy to understand solution of their respective subjects which can dramatically improve their marks as well.

NCERT always focuses on the students comfort ability so that students do not get bored & find difficulty understanding the subject and can memorize concepts effectively at the same time.

If students are finding solution for class 9 science subject or any other subject solution they can easily get it from our site and NCERT Science chapter wise Solution for Class 9 is given below in this article.

A difficult subject usually creates confusion among students and them loose interest. They do not pay attention in class whereby disciplinary problems creep up. However, the ready, in hand science solution will help both students and teachers alike to increase the student-teacher relation. As the teachers will also be able to refer to this pdf and teach the class accordingly. Hence, there will be an overall improvement of the school.

If you face any issue downloading Solution PDF post your query in the comment section we are happy to help you.

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