Olivia Newton John Husband Missing: Matt Lattanzi Death News- Is He Dead Or Alive

Olivia Newton-John is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actress who has been famous for many years. Her performances have wowed people for decades.

But her personal life has been hard because of things like the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend and the death of her ex-husband. Recently, there have been reports about her missing boyfriend and rumors about her ex-death. husband’s

The stories of Matt Lattanzi and Patrick McDermott show that even the most famous and successful people can have problems and bad luck.

One thing is for sure: the effects of these events on Olivia Newton-John and her family cannot be overstated, even though the facts about their disappearances and presumed deaths are still unknown. This article will look into these stories and find out what’s really going on.

Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton-John Husband Missing

Patrick McDermott, who used to be married to Olivia Newton-John, went missing while fishing off the coast of California in 2005.

A cameraman and photographer named McDermott was reported missing and thought to be dead, but his body was never found. Even though a lot of people looked for him, the case hasn’t been solved, and there are still rumors and theories about why he went missing.


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Nearly 20 years later, the case has moved forward in new ways. A newspaper in Australia recently said that Patrick McDermott was found alive and well in Mexico, where he was living under a different name. The report hasn’t been proven yet, and Olivia Newton-John hasn’t said anything about it.

Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John

But it has brought the case back into the public eye, and many people are hopeful that McDermott will be found and reunited with his family.

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Matt Lattanzi Death News- Is He Dead Or Alive?

In addition to the news about Patrick McDermott, there have been rumors about Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-ex-husband, John’s dying.

There are rumors on social media that Lattanzi, who used to be an actor, has died. But these rumors don’t seem to be true because there is no evidence to back them up.

Lattanzi was married to Newton-John from 1984 to 1995. Since then, he has been mostly out of the public eye, which has made some people wonder where he is. Even though there have been rumors, Olivia Newton-John has not said anything about the rumors about her ex-death. husband’s

But she has been open about how she has dealt with grief and loss and how it has affected her life and career.

Olivia Newton-John: Relationship

Olivia and John have a relationship based on true love and commitment. When John was a businessman and entrepreneur in the early 1990s, that’s when he and Janet met for the first time.

Olivia was drawn to him right away because of his interest in holistic medicine and his dedication to environmental causes. They quickly became very close.

Olivia was still hurting from her first divorce, but she and John got closer as time went on. They spent time together exploring the Amazon rainforest, where John had set up a successful business selling medicinal herbs and supplements.

Olivia and John got married in Peru in 2008 in a private ceremony. The wedding was a celebration of the values they shared and their commitment to each other. Only close family and friends were there.

Since then, the couple has built a life together that is full of love, adventure, and a deep respect for nature.

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What happened Olivia Newton John Husband Patrick McDermott

In June 2005, McDermott took a one-night trip on the ship Freedom. He took these kinds of trips often and booked this one on his own, without knowing any of the other 22 people on board.1

Fellow fishermen on the boat say they saw McDermott pay for his food 30 minutes before they got to their final destination. He then left his passport and other personal belongings on the boat and got off. Even though there was no official head count, several people say they saw him get off the boat. However, his car was found parked near the marina, where he had left it.

Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John

McDermott didn’t seem to be missed until about a month later, when he didn’t show up to a family event in July. His ex-wife said he was missing on July 11, but the story didn’t get a lot of attention in the news until a month later.

In September 2006, about a year later, the Coast Guard Investigative Service closed the case, saying that it “did not find any evidence of a crime, suicide, accident, or hoax” in McDermott’s disappearance. The fishing boat itself was the subject of a separate marine safety investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard. That investigation was also closed two years later. Both inquiries came to the same conclusion: McDermott was probably lost at sea.

Olivia Newton John: Bio

Olivia Newton-John was born in England on September 26, 1948. When she was five, her family moved to Australia. Her mother, Irene, was German and Max Born’s daughter. Her father, Brin, was Welsh and taught German at Cambridge and Melbourne.2

Even though Olivia had a strong academic background, she took an early interest in singing. She and some school friends formed a band called the Sol Four, and she later sang at her brother-in-coffee law’s bar in Australia.

As a teen, she was on Australian TV shows like “The Go Show.” She also starred in the forgettable movie “Funny Things Happen Down Under,” which showed some early promise in Olivia’s wonderful performance of “Christmas Down Under.”

Olivia won a trip to England in a talent show put on by an Australian named Johnny O’Keefe. She went there in 1965. Decca Records gave her a one-time deal to make a single. This was her first time making a record.

Olivia Newton John: Husband

In December 1984, Olivia Newton-John married actor Matt Lattanzi, who had been her boyfriend for a long time. They met four years ago when they were making the movie Xanadu.

In January 1986, their daughter Chloe Rose was born. In 1995, they got a divorce.

She married John Easterling, the founder and president of the Amazon Herb Company, in secret in June 2008. The first time they met was 15 years ago, but they didn’t start dating until 2007.

Olivia used to be with Patrick McDermott, who is an American cameraman with Korean roots.

But he didn’t come back from a fishing trip in 2005. The man, who was 48 at the time, disappeared without a trace, leaving behind personal items like his wallet. In the past few years, many newspapers and TV shows have said that he is still alive.

Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John

When and how did Olivia Newton-John die?

Olivia Newton-John was told she had breast cancer the same weekend that her father died, which was in 1992.

She got better after a while, and now she speaks out about breast cancer research and other health issues. Several of her albums have raised money for research into breast cancer.

In May 2017, it was reported that her breast cancer had come back and spread to her lower back, a process called metastasis. In March 2018, she told people how she was doing and said she felt “really good.”

She gave another good report in 2021, saying that she feels “really wonderful.”

Olivia died of cancer on August 8, 2022, when she was 73 years old.

In a statement posted to Newton-social John’s media accounts, her husband John Easterling called her “a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years sharing her journey with breast cancer.”

“Her healing ideas and pioneering work with plant medicine live on in the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, which is used to study the relationship between plant medicine and cancer.”

Olivia Newton John: Career

Daryl Braithwaite, who also became a singer, went to elementary school with Newton-John. At age 14, she and three classmates made a short-lived all-girls band called Sol Four. They often played at a coffee shop owned by her brother-in-law.3

Newton-John wanted to be a veterinarian at first, but she changed her mind when she didn’t think she could pass her science exams.

In 1964, Newton-acting John’s skills were first noticed when she played “Lady Mary Lasenby” in a play called “The Admirable Crichton” at her University High School. For this role, she was nominated for the Young Sun’s Drama Award for best schoolgirl actress.

She then started appearing regularly on Australian TV shows like Time for Terry and HSV-7’s The Happy Show as “Lovely Livvy.”

She also sang on The Go!! Show, where she met singer Pat Carroll, with whom she would later sing a duet, and music producer John Farrar, with whom she would later work (Carroll and Farrar later married). In 1965, she performed “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” on the TV show Sing, Sing, Sing, which was hosted by the famous Australian singer Johnny O’Keefe in the 1960s. She won the contest.

She was hesitant to use the prize she had won, a trip to Great Britain, at first. But after her mother told her to broaden her horizons, she went there almost a year later.

In 1966, “Till You Say You’ll Be Mine” was Newton-first John’s single. It was made in Britain for Decca Records. Newton-John missed her then-boyfriend Ian Turpie, who she had worked with in the Australian telefilm Funny Things Happen Down Under, while she was in Britain. She booked trips back to Australia over and over again, but each time her mother canceled them.

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