Paul George Talks About the Significance of WNBA Coverage on His Podcast

Paul George’s “Podcast P with Paul George” has made a significant impact in the sports media world by earning the title of the best NBA player talk show in just a few months

The podcast’s success is a testament to George’s ability to connect with audiences and bring attention to important issues in the world of sports.

His dedication to women’s basketball, inspired by his sister Teiosha’s career, has led to meaningful contributions to the visibility and appreciation of the WNBA.

Through engaging content and a commitment to advocacy, Paul George’s efforts are paving the way for a brighter future for women’s sports and expanding the reach of basketball as a whole.

By focusing on both personal stories and broader issues within the sports community, Paul George and his co-hosts have created a platform that not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

As the podcast continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping the future of sports media and the representation of women’s basketball.

Paul George
Paul George (Image: Source)

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Paul George: Podcast P

A Surprising Triumph in the World of Sports Media

In July of last year, Complex Sports named Paul George’s “Podcast P with Paul George” as the best talk show among NBA players.1

This accolade came as a notable surprise, given that the podcast had only debuted in March of the same year. Paul George, alongside co-hosts Jackie Long and Dallas Rutherford, managed to surpass the popularity and influence of more established NBA personalities such as JJ Redick and Draymond Green.

The rapid ascent of the podcast to the top of the sports media landscape highlights not only Paul George’s charisma but also his innovative approach to sports journalism.

Building a Unique Sports Talk Show

“Podcast P with Paul George” distinguishes itself from other sports talk shows through its unique blend of insightful commentary, engaging discussions, and diverse guest appearances.

The show has quickly garnered attention for its high-profile guests and the refreshing, candid conversations that unfold.

Unlike other sports podcasts that focus primarily on game analysis and player stats, “Podcast P” delves into personal stories, behind-the-scenes moments, and broader topics that resonate with fans.

Notable Guests and Their Impact

The success of the podcast can be attributed to its impressive roster of guests. Among the standout appearances are the late Jerry West, a legendary figure in basketball history, and rapper Schoolboy Q, who brought a different flavor to the show.

Brandon Miller, a rising star in college basketball, also graced the podcast, providing fans with a glimpse into the future of the sport. These guests, along with many others, have contributed to the podcast’s appeal by offering diverse perspectives and engaging stories.

Paul George
Paul George (Image: Source)

Paul George’s Commitment to Women’s Basketball

A Personal Connection to the WNBA

Paul George’s dedication to women’s basketball is deeply personal. In an interview with “Boardroom,” George expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to use his platform to highlight the WNBA and its players.2

His passion for women’s basketball stems from his own family background, particularly his sister Teiosha George, who played collegiate basketball at Pepperdine.

Teiosha George: A Trailblazer in Her Own Right

Teiosha George, Paul’s oldest sister, had a notable college career at Pepperdine, where she was a standout player for four years. Although she did not make it to the WNBA, Teiosha’s influence on Paul George was profound.

Her dedication to the sport and her success at the collegiate level inspired Paul to pursue basketball and later become one of the NBA’s elite players.

Despite her own career not reaching the WNBA, Teiosha’s achievements and perseverance have been a source of inspiration for Paul.

Paul George
Paul George

Advocating for Greater WNBA Exposure

Paul George’s podcast has served as a platform for elevating the profile of women’s basketball. By featuring WNBA players and discussing issues relevant to women’s sports, George aims to bring more attention to the league and its athletes.

His efforts reflect a broader movement within sports media to provide women’s sports with the recognition and respect they deserve.

Providing a Platform for WNBA Players

  • One of the key contributions of “Podcast P with Paul George” is its role in amplifying the voices of WNBA players.
  • Through interviews and discussions, the podcast offers these athletes a platform to share their stories, challenges, and triumphs. This exposure helps fans connect with the players on a personal level and fosters a greater appreciation for the WNBA.
  • By featuring WNBA players and discussing women’s basketball with a broad audience, Paul George’s podcast helps to shape public perception of the league.
  • The discussions on the show highlight the skills, dedication, and achievements of women’s basketball players, countering stereotypes and misconceptions that have historically undermined the WNBA.
  • The success of “Podcast P” and its focus on women’s basketball could serve as a catalyst for future growth in women’s sports media.
  • By setting a precedent for how sports podcasts can address and promote women’s basketball, Paul George’s initiative opens the door for more media outlets to invest in women’s sports coverage.
Paul George
Paul George (Image: Source)

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A’ja Wilson’s Appearance on Paul George’s Podcast

The Significance of A’ja Wilson’s Guest Appearance

In the world of sports podcasts, certain episodes stand out due to the stature of the guest and the impact of the conversation.3

One such significant episode was when A’ja Wilson appeared as one of the first guests on Paul George’s podcast, “Podcast P.” Wilson’s appearance was not just a notable event for Paul George’s show, but also a significant moment for women’s basketball and the broader sports community.

The Evolution of Paul George’s Podcast

  • Paul George, known primarily for his career in the NBA, took on a new challenge with his podcast, “Podcast P.”
  • Initially launched to explore basketball discussions from the perspective of a player, the podcast quickly evolved into a platform that highlighted various aspects of the basketball world.
  • From sharing personal stories to delving into professional insights, George’s podcast became a space for genuine conversations.
  • The early episodes of “Podcast P” set the foundation for the show’s success. George, an admitted introvert, had to step out of his comfort zone to engage with guests and create meaningful content.
  • A’ja Wilson’s appearance marked a pivotal moment for the podcast, demonstrating George’s ability to handle high-profile interviews and address topics beyond the NBA.

The WNBA Superstar

A’ja Wilson, a powerhouse in women’s basketball, has established herself as one of the most formidable players in the WNBA.

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Wilson is known for her versatility on the court, excelling in scoring, rebounding, and defense.

Born in Hopkins, South Carolina, she played college basketball for the South Carolina Gamecocks before being selected as the first overall pick in the 2018 WNBA Draft by the Las Vegas Aces.

Her Impact on Women’s Basketball

Wilson’s influence extends beyond her impressive stats and accolades. She represents a new era of women’s basketball, where athletes are not only celebrated for their skills but also for their roles as advocates for gender equality and the growth of women’s sports.

Her achievements include multiple WNBA All-Star selections, a WNBA MVP award, and leading the Aces to a championship in 2022.

Paul George
Paul George

Paul George: Conversation with A’ja Wilson

Setting the Stage for the Interview

When A’ja Wilson appeared on “Podcast P,” she was on the brink of defending the WNBA Championship with the Las Vegas Aces.

This timing was perfect for a discussion about her career aspirations and personal goals, making the conversation both timely and relevant for basketball fans.

Highlights of the Interview

One of the most memorable moments of the interview was when Paul George asked Wilson about her legacy in women’s basketball. Wilson’s response was both candid and aspirational:

“When you’re talking GOATS of the W, I need my name to be up there, at least Top 3. … When you’re thinking of women’s basketball, when you’re thinking of the W [WNBA], I want my name to be on it.

So whatever it takes, whatever it needs to get there, whether it’s the rings, whether it’s the accolades individually like I want to be up there in that kind of conversation.”

This statement encapsulates Wilson’s ambition and determination to be remembered as one of the greatest players in the history of the WNBA.

The Impact of A’ja Wilson’s Interview on Paul George’s Podcast

A Milestone for “Podcast P”

A’ja Wilson’s appearance was a significant milestone for “Podcast P.” As one of George’s first high-profile guests, Wilson helped set a high standard for future interviews.

Her presence on the podcast showcased George’s ability to engage with top-tier athletes and discuss important topics in women’s basketball.


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Bridging the Gap Between NBA and WNBA

The interview served as a bridge between the NBA and WNBA, bringing attention to the achievements of women’s basketball players.

By featuring A’ja Wilson, George not only celebrated a remarkable athlete but also contributed to the broader conversation about gender equity in sports.

Cameron Brink: A Rising Star in Women’s Basketball

Following A’ja Wilson, Cameron Brink appeared on “Podcast P.” As a standout player for the Stanford Cardinal, Brink has quickly made a name for herself in women’s basketball. Her interview with Paul George was well-received, showcasing her skills and future aspirations.

Brink’s conversation with George touched on her experiences as a college athlete and her ambitions for a professional career. This episode continued the podcast’s trend of featuring prominent figures in women’s basketball.

Satou Sabally: A Talented Forward for the Dallas Wings

Another notable guest was Satou Sabally, a forward for the Dallas Wings. Sabally’s interview provided insights into her journey from college basketball to the WNBA, highlighting her growth as a player and her impact on the game.

Sabally’s appearance was part of George’s effort to bring attention to rising stars in women’s basketball, furthering the podcast’s mission of spotlighting talented athletes.

Juju Watkins: The Future of Women’s Basketball

Juju Watkins, a high school phenom, was also a recent guest on the podcast. Her appearance was a look into the future of women’s basketball, as Watkins is widely regarded as one of the top young prospects in the sport.

The discussion with Watkins offered a glimpse into the next generation of basketball talent and demonstrated George’s commitment to covering all levels of the game.

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