How to Prepare for Government Sarkari Jobs ?

How to Prepare for Government Sarkari Jobs ?

To crack the government exams like SSC and IBPs, one needs to be very well prepared. Most tests have written exams followed by a personal interview of shortlisted candidates. With the increase in bend towards these exams, the competition level has increased. Thus the amount of hard work and time required to cracking an exam should also be worked on.

If you are looking for any guide which elaborate how to prepare for government jobs than you should read the complete article. So here we provide you simple tips and tricks while preparing for the exam. Pay attention to these and understand.

The process starts with the release of advertisement about the vacancies. These are released by the administrative bodies conducting the written exam. These contain information about the number of vacancies, eligibility criteria, exam syllabus, pattern and the relevant dates.

But you must first know why all the craze for these jobs. Listed below are few of those reasons.

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Advantages of Government Sector Jobs over Private Sector

1.) Job Security

We all have witnessed the layoffs of Private Sector Jobs during the time of Recession. The same situations can arise anytime in a company. Whereas in Government jobs the situation of employees more or less remains same and no layoffs are ever seen. Thus these jobs are secure.

2.) Pay Structure

The first thing everyone looks for in a job is its pay. After the 6th pay commission, the pay of a government employee is par from the private and corporate sector.

3.) Working Hours

Next thing you will look while job searching would be a number of working hours one has to input. Even here the government jobs win as they have standard working hours, unlike corporate sector.

5.) Benefits & Perks

Retirement Benefits such as Pension Plans is the main attraction. Very few private companies offer this benefit whereas every government job offers the retirement plan. Retirement becomes an important part and this ensures the longevity of career.

Also, I would like to highlight that Private Sector jobs do have their own advantages as well, and in many cases, a Government job may not be right for an individual.

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Government Exam Pattern Glimpse

All of these exams are divided into few sections that are parts of almost all entrance exams. These sections are Reasoning ( Verbal and Nonverbal), Current Affairs (India and World), English (Grammar and Comprehension) and Computers (in few exams). Though all different exams have different patterns but these sections are part of all exams.

How to start Preparing for Government Exam

This starts with a thorough understanding of exam pattern and syllabus. Then comes the planning, time scheduling and looking for best materials. Here we will provide you with best books section wise for government exams. Look no further as your search ends here.

Also remember, exams generally have two stages. Written test and Personal Interview. So keep developing your speaking skills and pronunciation while preparing for written exams.

Tip: While preparing for exams you will work through the previous year question papers. Make sure you read the guidelines before going for your exam. So you are well aware of the rules and regulations.

Planning: –  Only you are well aware of your strong points and the weak one. So plan accordingly. As your strong subjects should be given little less time than the weaker ones.

Time scheduling: – Schedule time such that the whole syllabus is covered in the time you have before an exam. Give all sections the time equally and keep time for practicing. Don’t waste all time on weak portions.

Collect material for study: – Look for best books in the market but don’t buy all of them, Collect all the material you require according to your study pattern. Also start working on previous year question papers. These are very mandatory for the preparation of government exams. Previous year papers relevant to the various exam are available on this website.

Tip: Remember every one of us has a different method of studies. Few prefer to focus only on previous year papers while others may prefer the perfect study materials. So, gather study material that fits your method of study.

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Important Stuffs for Government Exam

Previous Year Papers: Make sure you do practice from past papers. They will help you to understand the variety of questions that appear in the exam. Also, many questions come repeatedly in the exam.

Revision: Revising the studied topics is mandatory. Because if we keep learning new things and never revise, one will forget the studied topics. So revise regularly. It is important to revise concepts, previous chapters, important formulas and patterns for solving particular questions. While preparing the timetable to make sure it has designated a number of hours every week for revision. If you are able to remember 70% of what you learned during your studies you can easily crack these exams.

Notes: It is a good habit to make notes of important sections and chapters. They are crucial during a quick revision during the time before the exam. Self Preparatory Notes helps to increase your preparation level. You get a better viewpoint of where you stand and where you need to put extra effort during your studies. Getting a glimpse of your shortcoming can be very beneficial.

Confidence: It all comes down to just one thing and that is confidence. Let go of your worries as this is the time you need to keep your brain calm. Be confident of yourself.


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