Priscilla Tuft’s Age, Wikipedia, and the Truth About Her Marriage to Tyler Reks

Priscilla Tuft: Unveiling a Wrestling Star’s Personal and Professional Journey

Exploring the multifaceted life of Priscilla Tuft, formerly known as Tyler Reks, delves into her impactful career in professional wrestling and her significant personal milestones, including her marriage and public acknowledgment of her transgender identity.1

Wrestling Stardom: The Tyler Reks Era

Priscilla Tuft made a mark in the professional wrestling world under the persona of Tyler Reks. Her career in WWE spanned from 2009 to 2012, where she enthralled audiences with her imposing presence and remarkable athletic abilities.

Notably, Reks achieved significant accolades, securing the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship once and the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship twice.

Transition to New Horizons

In 2014, Tyler Reks transitioned from the world of professional wrestling to embrace new opportunities in marketing. This pivotal shift showcased her versatility and willingness to explore diverse career paths.

Fitness Venture: A Journey Beyond Wrestling

Beyond her wrestling endeavors, Priscilla Tuft ventured into the fitness realm. Collaborating with fellow wrestlers, she launched a website, extending her influence to the realm of health and wellness.

A significant turning point in Priscilla Tuft’s life occurred in February 2021 when she publicly came out as a transgender woman. This courageous revelation added a new layer to her personal narrative, highlighting the importance of embracing one’s true identity.

Empowering Others: Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Today, Tyler Reks serves as an online personal fitness and nutrition coach. Leveraging her expertise, she empowers individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals, emphasizing the transformative impact of a balanced lifestyle.

Beyond coaching, the former WWE Superstar hosts the GLO Podcast, where she shares her journey and insights, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their true selves. Through open conversations, Priscilla Tuft fosters a supportive space for self-discovery and authenticity.

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Priscilla Tuft: A Diverse Talent with a Rich Journey

Priscilla Victoria Tuft, born on April 23, 1981, is an American personality celebrated for her diverse talents and remarkable journey across various domains.

Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla Tuft (Image: Source)

Born in Portland, Oregon, to parents Kelland and Teena Ingram, Priscilla’s formative years were shaped in Calistoga, California. Influenced by her father’s role as a preacher, her early interests gravitated towards acting and singing.

Commercial Success and Early Ventures

Priscilla’s introduction to the limelight came through notable appearances in commercials, including a memorable stint in a Burger King advertisement. These early experiences laid the foundation for her multifaceted career.2

Fitness and Bodybuilding Enthusiast

Inspired by fitness model Monica Brant, Priscilla ventured into the realms of fitness and bodybuilding. Her dedication led to success in competitions like Fitness America, where she secured an impressive second place in 2003.

International Recognition and Modeling

  • Priscilla’s accolades extended internationally, with modeling contracts that saw her grace the covers of renowned magazines. Her competitive titles include Miss Fitness America Hollywood California, Miss Model America, and Miss Max Muscle.
  • Diversifying her endeavors, Priscilla founded a supplement chain, a pilates and dance studio, and two independent gyms. In 2014, alongside her then-husband Gabbi Tuft, she established the fitness and nutrition company Body Spartan.
  • As of now, Priscilla Tuft guides individuals through transformation coaching, personal empowerment, reiki, weight loss coaching, and spiritual counseling. Her holistic approach reflects a commitment to empowering others on their journey to well-being and personal growth.
  • Priscilla Tuft’s life journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences, from commercial success to international recognition in fitness and modeling. Her entrepreneurial ventures and commitment to guiding others in their transformation underscore a multifaceted personality dedicated to holistic well-being.
Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla Tuft (Image: Source)

Tyler Reks and Priscilla Tuft: Navigating Change with Grace

The marriage between Tyler Reks and Priscilla Tuft, spanning over two decades, has undergone various stages, reflecting the intricacies of life.

As childhood sweethearts, Tyler Reks and Priscilla Tuft embarked on their marital journey, exchanging vows on July 20, 2002. Their union blossomed with the joyous arrival of their daughter, Mia, in November 2011.

Wrestling Career and Unwavering Support

Priscilla remained a steadfast supporter throughout Tyler’s wrestling career, offering unwavering encouragement at every step. Their partnership endured the challenges of a high-profile profession, showcasing a depth of commitment and understanding.

Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla Tuft (Image: Source)

Unexpected Revelation: A New Chapter

In September 2020, Tyler Reks courageously disclosed his transgender identity to Priscilla, marking a profound turning point in their relationship. This revelation initiated a new chapter that ultimately led to their separation and the decision to pursue divorce.

Unique Dynamics: Acceptance and Friendship

  • What sets Tyler and Priscilla’s situation apart is the remarkable level of acceptance and friendship they maintain despite the complexities they face. Their ability to navigate change with grace underscores a unique bond that transcends traditional romantic relationships.
  • Despite the decision to part ways romantically, Priscilla and Tyler continue to share a deep friendship. Their commitment to remaining the best of friends reflects a mature and evolved approach to the challenges that life presents.
  • Tyler Reks and Priscilla Tuft’s journey illustrates the complexities of relationships, the impact of personal revelations, and the resilience found in genuine friendship.
  • Navigating change with grace, they showcase a narrative that goes beyond traditional narratives, emphasizing acceptance, understanding, and a lasting bond that transcends the romantic aspects of their union.

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Priscilla Tuft: The Powerhouse Behind the Persona

Priscilla Tuft, the accomplished and dynamic wife of Gabbi Tuft (formerly known as Tyler Reks in WWE), is a multifaceted personality with a rich portfolio in the realms of fitness, modeling, and entrepreneurship.

A Journey into Fitness and Modeling

Born in Portland, Oregon, Priscilla Tuft’s journey in the world of fitness began early, leading her to become a bodybuilder, fitness model, and actress. Her dedication and skill in the field earned her international fitness modeling contracts, spanning print, commercial, and film domains. Notably, she made a mark in national fitness competitions, showcasing her prowess on various platforms.

Achievements and Accolades

Priscilla Tuft’s remarkable achievements include prestigious titles such as Miss Fitness America Hollywood California, Miss Model America, and Miss Max Muscle. In 2004, she reached the pinnacle of her fitness career by attaining the status of a WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor.

Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla Tuft

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond her personal accomplishments, Priscilla Tuft has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a supplement chain, pilates and dance studio, and two independent gyms. Her business acumen came to the forefront when she co-founded the fitness and nutrition company, Body Spartan, in collaboration with her partner in 2014.

Authorship and Inspirational Figure

In 2017, Priscilla Tuft extended her influence by releasing her book, “The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I Had Known 100 lbs Ago.” This publication showcases her journey and imparts valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of weight loss.

Priscilla Tuft stands as a powerhouse in her own right, contributing significantly to the realms of fitness, modeling, and entrepreneurship. Her journey, marked by achievements and continuous growth, makes her an inspiring figure for those aspiring to pursue excellence in both personal and professional spheres.

Embracing Authenticity: My Journey to Self-Discovery

The revelation of one’s true identity is a deeply personal and transformative experience. For me, the day I came out as trans to my wife marked a pivotal moment that was both the darkest and most liberating in my life.

This narrative unfolds the profound emotions, struggles, and the eventual acceptance that defined my journey toward embracing authenticity.

A Burdened Soul: Wrestling with the Weight of Suppression

Before I could embark on the path of self-discovery, my life was overshadowed by a profound sense of despair. The weight of suppressing my true identity, compounded by the societal expectations of masculinity, had plunged me into a deep depression.

As a behemoth of a man, I grappled with the fear of not being able to live my life authentically, and it led me to a dark contemplation of suicide.

Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla Tuft

September 2020: The Night that Altered My Existence

In the throes of despair, on a fateful night in September 2020, I found myself standing at the precipice of a life-altering decision. The darkness within seemed insurmountable, and the future appeared bleak. Little did I know that this would be the night when the universe, through the person I held dearest, would extend a lifeline that would ultimately save me.

Priscilla’s Intuition: A Silent Understanding

  • The turning point came with the intuitive perception of my wife, Priscilla. Months before I could articulate my feelings, she sensed the turmoil within me. Sensing my struggle, she initiated a conversation that would change the course of our lives.
  • With gentle concern and a safe space, she asked if there was something I wanted to share. Her unwavering support and the silent understanding she exuded created a haven for me to finally voice my truth.
  • Priscilla’s embrace, both metaphorical and physical, became a sanctuary for my vulnerable soul. In that moment of truth, she assured me that our relationship was a safe space to explore and express my authentic self. Her comforting words and the warmth of her arm around me shattered the isolation I had felt for so long.
  • With Priscilla by my side, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The freedom to express my true identity allowed me to break free from the shackles of societal expectations. Together, we navigated the uncharted terrain of my gender transition, learning and growing as individuals and as partners.


1. What is Priscilla Tuft’s age?

Ans: As of our last available information, Priscilla Tuft’s exact age is not publicly disclosed. Individual ages, especially those of private individuals, may be kept private for personal reasons.

2. Is there a Wikipedia page for Priscilla Tuft?

Ans: As of our knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, there may not be a dedicated Wikipedia page for Priscilla Tuft. Not all individuals, especially those not in the public eye, have comprehensive Wikipedia profiles. Fans interested in her background may need to rely on other sources for information.

3. What is the truth about Priscilla Tuft’s marriage to Tyler Reks?

Ans: As of our last available information, Priscilla Tuft was married to Tyler Reks, a former professional wrestler. The details of their marriage may vary, and specific information about their relationship dynamics or any updates may not be extensively documented. Personal details about private individuals may be kept confidential.

4. Are there any interviews or articles about Priscilla Tuft discussing her personal life?

Ans: Details about Priscilla Tuft’s personal life, including interviews or articles discussing her marriage, may not be extensively covered in publicly available sources. Private individuals, especially those not in the public eye, may choose to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

5. Can fans find Priscilla Tuft on social media for more information?

Ans: As of our last available information, Priscilla Tuft may not have a prominent presence on social media platforms. Private individuals may choose not to engage extensively on social media or share personal details. Fans are encouraged to respect her privacy and rely on credible sources for accurate information about her life.

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