What Religion Does Dawn Queva Follow? Jewish Or Not, Ethnicity, Religion And Family Background Explored

Dawn Queva’s Background and Career

  • Dawn Queva, a senior staff member at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has garnered attention for her contributions to art, cultural preservation, and advocacy efforts globally.
  • Queva’s professional journey includes positions at Disney and NBC before joining BBC Three in January 2023.
  • She serves as a senior scheduler and payout planner, overseeing content planning and financial coordination.
  • However, her involvement in a Facebook controversy, characterized by purportedly anti-Semitic posts, has sparked criticism and controversy, drawing public scrutiny beyond her professional role.
  • Despite this, the BBC has refrained from commenting on individual staff members, emphasizing their stance against anti-Semitism and abuse.

2. Dawn Queva’s Ethnicity and Origins

  • Information regarding Dawn Queva’s ethnicity or specific origin remains undisclosed.
  • Public attention primarily centers on the controversy surrounding her alleged anti-Semitic and racist remarks on social media platforms. Queva’s derogatory posts targeting Jewish and Caucasian communities have elicited widespread condemnation and scrutiny both from the public and the BBC.
  • Consequently, without additional information, her ethnicity or nationality cannot be definitively determined based on available data.

3. Dawn Queva’s Family Background

  • Detailed information about Dawn Queva’s family background is not readily accessible in public sources. The focus primarily rests on the controversy surrounding her social media activity and her professional experience at BBC Three and other companies.
  • The limited information available offers no insights into her personal life or family background, urging respect for Queva’s privacy and caution against making assumptions based on incomplete data.

4. Dawn Queva’s Career Achievements

  • Queva’s career trajectory encompasses significant roles at esteemed companies like Disney, A+E Networks, and NBC, showcasing her extensive experience in the media industry.
  • Her LinkedIn profile underscores expertise in multi-channel network programming, planning, and media scheduling, reflecting proficiency in preparing and presenting program plans across various platforms
  • Despite the controversy surrounding her departure from BBC Three, Queva’s professional background attests to her substantial achievements in the media and entertainment sector.

BBC Employee’s Controversial Social Media Posts

BBC Scheduler’s Offensive Remarks

A BBC scheduler, identified as Dawn Queva, who made derogatory comments about Jewish people and white individuals on Facebook, no longer holds a position at the corporation, The Telegraph has learned.1

Controversial Posts

Last week, it came to light that Dawn Queva, listed as a scheduling co-ordinator at BBC Three, had posted remarks on Facebook characterizing Jewish individuals as “Nazi apartheid parasites” who allegedly funded a “holohoax.” Additionally, she made disparaging remarks about white people, labeling them as a “virus” and a “mutant invader species.”

BBC Jewish Scandal
BBC Jewish Scandal ( Image : Source )

BBC’s Response and Action Taken

Upon being informed of the offensive statements made online, the BBC faced widespread condemnation and calls for disciplinary action against Queva.

The Telegraph has confirmed that she is no longer employed by the corporation. A BBC spokesperson affirmed this, stating, “The individual concerned is no longer employed by the BBC.”

Background and Previous Employment

Queva’s LinkedIn profile indicates previous employment with Disney and UKTV. Her controversial social media posts were made under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen on Facebook. Despite using an alternate name, her identity was confirmed through her profile picture, matching her regular profile.

Nature of Offensive Posts

Queva’s posts extended to questioning the authenticity of Jewish heritage, alleging that Jewish people were not truly Jewish but part of a “synagogue of Satan cabal” self-identified as “JeWISH.”

She propagated conspiracy theories such as the Rothschild family funding their own “holohoax” and Israel’s purported attempts to sterilize black women without their consent.

BBC ( Image : Source )

Response from BBC and External Criticism

In response to the posts, the BBC reiterated its stance against anti-Semitism and abuse, emphasizing its commitment to taking appropriate disciplinary action when necessary. However, external critics, including the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, condemned the posts, emphasizing the recurrent nature of inflammatory remarks relating to Jews within the BBC.

Concerns Within the Workplace

Queva’s departure follows reports of grievances filed by groups of Jewish employees within the BBC regarding alleged anti-Semitism in the workplace. Complaints ranged from coverage of the Gaza conflict to Gary Lineker’s social media activity, highlighting a broader concern among staff members.

Protest and External Response

Israeli special envoy Fleur Hassan led a protest outside the BBC, drawing attention to the treatment of Israeli hostages held by Hamas and the lack of coverage on violence against Israeli women. The protest highlighted broader concerns regarding media coverage and representation.

Dawn Queva who was fired from the BBC

Dawn Queva’s Racist Remarks Lead to BBC Employment Termination


On Monday, February 5, 2024, the BBC confirmed the termination of one of its programme coordinators following the dissemination of racist comments on Facebook.2

Nature of Remarks

Dawn Queva, identified under the alias Dawn Las Quevas-Allen, made derogatory statements against Jewish individuals, likening them to “lying scum” and “Nazi parasites.” She also made inflammatory comparisons between former Israeli leaders and Adolf Hitler, dismissing the Holocaust as a “holohoax” and accusing Britain of bigotry and genocide.

Additionally, Queva propagated conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family’s involvement in funding the Holocaust and Israel’s alleged campaign to sterilize black women.

Response from Public Figures

TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer condemned Queva’s remarks, asserting that her termination was warranted due to the severity of her comments and her blatant identification online. Alex Philips criticized corporate attitudes toward racism, emphasizing the double standard in addressing racial prejudice based on the perpetrator’s ethnicity.

Professional Background

Queva, a 55-year-old senior scheduler and playout planner, previously held positions at A+E Networks, UKTV, and Disney.

BBC Jewish Scandal
BBC Jewish Scandal ( Image : Source )

BBC’s Response and Organizational Climate

Prior Criticisms

Before joining the BBC, Dawn Las Quevas-Allen reportedly criticized the corporation.

Facebook Fact-Checking

Facebook fact-checkers removed Queva’s posts from the platform.

BBC’s Stance

Upon discovering Queva’s posts, BBC director-general Tim Davie held a “listening” session to address concerns about anti-Semitism within the organization. A spokesperson reiterated the BBC’s commitment to combating all forms of discrimination and affirmed the implementation of disciplinary measures against offenders.3


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Dawn Queva’s Influence Across Sectors

Dawn Queva is a notable figure whose impact extends across multiple sectors, including art, culture, and social justice advocacy, on a global scale. Her professional journey boasts significant roles within major media organizations such as Disney and NBC.

Career Trajectory: Building an Impressive Profile

Queva’s career trajectory showcases her ascent through the ranks of esteemed media companies like Disney and NBC, where she contributed to her impressive professional profile.

Appointment at BBC Three: Transition to a Senior Role

In January 2023, Queva transitioned to a senior position at BBC Three, where she assumed responsibilities as a scheduler and payout planner. Her role involved overseeing content and financial matters within the organization.

Controversy at BBC: Allegations and Fallout

However, Queva’s tenure at the British Broadcasting Corporation quickly became embroiled in controversy. She faced severe backlash following accusations of sharing offensive posts on Facebook, particularly targeting Jewish and Caucasian individuals. The purportedly anti-Semitic social media activity sparked widespread outrage both within and beyond the BBC, with many condemning the posts as racist and discriminatory.

Questions on Religious Affiliation

The public remains uncertain about Dawn Queva’s religious affiliation, as she has not disclosed this information publicly. Despite her involvement in a controversy related to anti-Semitic statements, she has not identified herself as Jewish.

BBC Jewish Scandal
BBC Jewish Scandal ( Image : Source )

Outrage and Backlash: Dawn Queva’s Offensive Posts

Queva’s actions on social media platforms triggered significant outrage and backlash.

She shared offensive content demeaning towards Jewish people, denying the Holocaust, using slurs, and making false allegations about the Holocaust’s funding and Israel’s actions.

Response to Criticism and Termination

Despite the mounting backlash, Queva responded defiantly to her critics and challenged them directly.

However, the BBC ultimately decided to terminate her employment, a decision supported by public figures such as TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Dawn Queva: Professional Background

Dawn Queva’s professional journey is well-documented through her social media profiles and work history. She has held significant roles such as a senior scheduler and payout planner at BBC Three, indicating a strong background in media and entertainment.

Prior to her tenure at BBC Three, Queva worked at reputable companies like Disney and NBC. Her career trajectory suggests a seasoned professional with experience in the industry.4

Dawn Queva
Dawn Queva ( Image : Source )

Origins and Work History

Queva’s social media presence indicates her roots in London, UK. Her career path highlights a transition from notable companies like Disney and NBC to the BBC, where she joined in January 2023.

This information offers insights into her geographic background and professional affiliations, showcasing her journey within the media landscape.

Family and Biographical Details

Despite Queva’s transparent portrayal of her professional life on social media, she has maintained privacy regarding her family and upbringing.

There is a notable absence of information concerning her family background, upbringing, and other biographical details. Neither Queva nor her former employer, BBC, have disclosed any insights into her personal life, leaving a gap in understanding her early experiences and familial ties.

Controversy and Dismissal

Recent controversial events led to Queva’s dismissal from the BBC, briefly thrusting her into the public eye. However, amidst the scrutiny, there was no disclosure regarding her family background or personal history. The focus remained primarily on the professional implications of her actions, with minimal discussion about her private life.

Limited Public Information

Queva’s reluctance to discuss her personal life, coupled with the BBC’s discretion, has resulted in a scarcity of publicly available information about her family.

Details regarding her parents, siblings, ethnicity, and other biographical aspects remain undisclosed. Without Queva’s willingness to share her personal history, her career timeline serves as the primary source of insight into her background.

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