Revenue Patwari Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper

Revenue Patwari Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper

1.    Which Indian Satellite was declared by functioned in the year 1997?

a.    INSAT-2C    b.    INSAT-2D

C.    INSAT-1C    d.    INSAT-1D

2.    ‘Bihu’ is related to which State?

a.    Asom                   b.    Punjab

c.    Uttar Pradesh    d.    Gujarat

3.    The Indian Civil Service was introduced during the name of

a.    Lord Canning             b. Lord Curzon

c.     Lord Cornwallis        d. Lord Dalhousie

4.    In which State would you find Jim Corbett National Park?

a.    Asom                     b.    Uttar Pradesh

c. Maharashtra           d.    None of these

5.    The oceans cover approximately of the Earth’s surface.

a. 50% b. 60% c. 70% d. 80%

6.    Who is regarded as the great law giver of ancient India?

a.    Panini    b.    Manu

c.    Kautilya    d.    Nonei of these

7.    Who expounded the theory of ‘Advaita’?

a.    Ramanujan

b.    Sri Shankaracharya

c.    Madhavacharya

d.    Swami Vivekanand

8.    The rupees coin was first minted in India during the rule of

a.    Shahjahan

b.    Sher Shah Suri

c.    East India Company

d.    Razia Beghum

9.    Gautam Buddha died at

a.    Lumbini    b. Shravasti

c. Kushinagar d. Bodhgaya

10.    KLM Airlines belongs to

a.    Kuwait    b. the Netherlands

c. Japan    d. Indonesia

11.    Which is the smallest gland in human body?

a.    Liver    b.    Thyroid

c. Pituitary    d.    Salivary    glands

12.    The rising of the evening star indicates the

a.    South Pole    b. North Pole

c. East    d.    West

13.    Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow?

a.    Great Britain

b.    China

c.    The USA

d.    South Korea

14.    Who among the following transferred his capital from Delhi to Devagiri?

a.    Iltutmish

b.    Giasuddin Balban

c.    Ala-ud-din Khilji

d.    Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq

15.    Napolean Bonapart belonged to

a. Italy    b.    Britain

c. Germany    d.    France

16.    The first to have trade relations with India were the

a. Dutch    b.    English

c. Portuguese    d.    French

17.    Jesse Owens Global Award is given in the field of

a. literature    b.    journalism

c. science    d.    sports

18.    The French Revolution began in the year

a. 1770    b.    1788

c. 1789    d.    1750

19.    The capital of Lakshadweep is

a. Mahe    b.    Minicoy

c. Kavaratti    d.    Kachativu

20.    When a ray of light goes from a denser medium into a rare medium

a.    it passes undeviated

b.    it deviates towards the normal

c.    it deviates away from the normal

d.    None of the above

21.    Three of the following, four are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which one does not belong to the group?

a. Pneumonia    b.    Typhoid

c. Haemophilia    d.    Tetanus

22.    In a certain code, ‘MUKESH’ is written as ‘NWPEQB’ and ‘STOCKS’ as ‘RWPIZ’. How is ‘KNIGHT’ written in that code?

a. LPNQFD    b.    NQAJKW

a HKUDEQ    d.    HKADEQ

23.    How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ORTHOPEDIC’ each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?

a. One ,    b.    Two

c. Three    d.    More than three

24.    How many independent English word can be made with the letters of the word ‘LEGITIMATE’ while sequence of letters does not change and a letter is used once in a English word?

a. None    b.    More than four

c. Three    d.    Four

25.    In a ceratin code, ‘black’ means ‘violet’, ‘violet- means ‘green’, ‘green’ means ‘white’, ‘white’ means ‘yellow’ and ‘yellow’ means ‘sky blue’, what is the colour of grass?

a. Black    b.    Green

c. Violet    d.    White

26.    How many such 4 are there in the following numbers each of which is immediately preceded by even number and immediately followed by odd number?

2 3 4 5 6 7 6 5 4 2 7 6 3 4 2 2 4 3 2 6 3 4 5 4 6 9 8 9 2 4 2

a. One    b. Two

c. Three    d. Four

27.    In a group of girls, Urmila is at 20th place from above and Nalini is at 25th place from below. How many girls are in the group?

a. 45    b.    44

c. 43    d.    Cannot    find

28.    Money is related to happiness in the same ‘way Debt is related to

a. load    b.    income

c. sadness    d. enmity

29.    Amar is younger than Sujay but not as younger as Abhay. Jiwan is older than Kumar, who is older than Sujay. Who is oldest among all? 

a. Jiwan    b.    Kumar

c. Sujay    d.    Cannot find

30.    In the word‘INQUISITION’, first and sixth letters are interchanged, thereafter second and seventh. If this process is continued, which letter will at fourth place from right?

a. I b. U c.Q d. N

Directions (Q. Nos. 31-34) In each questions below are three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the three given statements to be true e\ en if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows from the three given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Then, decide which of the answers (a), (b), <c) and (d) is correct answer.

31.    Statements

All stamps are packets.

Some packets are buckets.

All buckets are tubes.

I.    Some tubes are definitely stamps,

II. Some buckets are stamps.

III. A1 least some tubes are packets,

a. None follows      b. Only I follows        c. Only II follows       d. Only-III follows

32.    Statements

Some doors are windows.

Some windows are lamps.

All lamps are candles. Conclusions

I.    Some candles being door is a possibility.

II.    Some candles are definitely windows.

III.    At least some lamps are doors,

a. Only I follows b. Only II follows c. Only III follows d. I and II follow

33.    Statements

Some towns are villages.

Some villages are lanes.

Some lanes are hamlets. Conclusions I. Some hamlets are villages, n. Some lanes being town is a possibility.

ID. Some hamlets are definitely not ‘ towns.

a. None follows b. Only I follows c. Only II follows d. Only III follows

34.    Statements

All rooms are hotels.

All hotels are buildings.

All buildings are mountains. Conclusions

I.    Most mountains are hotels.

II.    Some buildings are definitely rooms.

III.    Some mountains are rooms.

a. I and II follow b. I and III follow c. II and III follow d. All of these

Directions (Q. Nos. 36-40) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.

(i)    There are eight books Mathematics, Sanskrit, English, Physics, History, Geography, Hindi and Biology, (not necessarily in the same order.) j

(ii)    Geography’s book is fourth from the j bottom and Sanskrit’s book is third from the top.

(iii)    There are three books between the j books of English and Biology.

(iv)    Hindi’s book is at exact between the books of History and Biology.

(v)    The book of Physics is at just below the book of Mathematics.

35.    Which book is at top?

a. Mathematics    b. Physics

c. Biology    d. Geography

36.    How many books are taken between the books of History and English?

a. Two    b. Three

c. Four    d. One

37.    The book of Physics is placed between

a.    Biology    –    Mathematics

b.    Geography    –    Biology

c.    Mathematics    –    Sanskrit

d.    Sanskrit    –    Biology

38.    Which of the following book is placed at bottom?

a. Physics    b. Biology

c. Hindi    d. Sanskrit

39.    What is the position of the book of History from the top?

a. Fifth    b.    Fourth

c. Second    d. Sixth

40.    The greatest among the numbers 3√2, 3√7, 6√5, 2√20  is

a. 3√2    b. 3√7

c. 6√5    d. 2√20

41.    If the sum of five consecutive integers is S, then the largest of those integers in terms of S is

a. (S-10)/5      b. (S+4)/4    c. (S+5)/4      d.(S+10)/5

42.    The ratio of the areas of a regular hexagon and an equilateral triangle having same perimeter is

a. 2 : 3    b. 6:1

c. 3 : 2    d. 1:6

43.    The curved surface area of a cylindrical pillar is 264 sq m and its volume is 924 cu m. The ratio of its diameter to height is

a. 3 : 7    b.    7: 3

c. 6 : 7    d.    7 : 6

44.    A General of Army wants to form a solid square from 36562 armies. After arrangement, he found some armies left. How many armies were left?

a. 97    b. 36

c. 65    d. 81

45.    The SI of Rs. 600 for 4 years and that of Rs. 600 for 2 years together is Rs. 180. What is the rate of interest per annum?

a. 25/4 %     b. 4%        c. 5%      d. 5.5%

46.    A trader buys some goods for ? 150. If the overhead expenses be 12% of cost price, then at what price it be sold to earn 10%?

a. Rs. 185.80    b. Rs. 184.80

c. Rs. 187.80    d. Rs. 188.80

47.    The area of a circle is 1386 m². Find its circumference.

a. 444 m fa. 70 m c, 132 m d. 19 m

48.    A sold a watch to B at the gain of 20% and B sold it to C at a loss of 10%. If C bought the watch for Rs. 216, at what price had A bought the watch?

a. Rs. 216   b. Rs. 100 c. Rs. 250       d. Rs. 200

49.    Ram, Shyam and Kamal together started a business in partnership. The ratio of their capital is 3 : 4 : 7. If their current profit be ? 21000, what will be the share of Kamal in the profit?

a. Rs. 15000    b. Rs. 2500

c. Rs. 1000    d. Rs.10500

50.    The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years at the same rate of interest of 10% per annum is ? 42. The sum is

a, Rs. 4200    b. Rs. 42000

C. Rs. 420       d. Rs. 4500

51.    The sides of a rectangle are 8 cm and 6 cm. The corners of the rectangle lie on a circle. Find the area of circle without the rectangle,

a. 30.6 cm²    b. 39 cm²

c. 42.4 cm²     d. 65.3 cm²

52.    A and B take part in a 100 m race. A runs at 5 km/h. If A starts after B runs 8 m and wins the race by 8 sec, the speed of B is

a. 4.15 km/h     b. 4.14 km/h        c. 4.25 km/h       d. 4.41 km/h

53 . Area of a rhombus is 256 cm² One of the diagonal is half of the other diagonal. The sum of the diagonals is

a. 38 cm    fa. 48 cm

c. 28 cm    d. 56 cm

54.    The total cost of flooring a room at Rs. 12.50 per sq m is Rs. 400. If the length of the room is 8 m, its breadth is

a. 6 m         b. 8 m,

c. 4 m         d. 9 m

55.    The inner and outer radii of a circular track are respectively 21 m and 28 m. The cost of levelling the track at Rs. 5 per sq m is

a. 1 1078    to. X 2156

c. ? 4312    d. X 5390

56.    A brick measures 20*10*7.5 cm. How many bricks will be required for a wall 20* 2*0.75 m?

a. 10000    b. 15000

c. 18000    d. 20000

57.    A school hall has the dimensions 30 m, 12 m by 6 m. Find the number of children who can be accommodated, if each child should get 8 m³of space.

a. 240      b. 270         c. 250        d. 150

58.    How many metres of cloth 10 m wide will be required to make a conical tent with base radius of 14 m and height is 48 m?

a. 110 m    b. 55 m

c. 77 m      d. 220 m

59.    The maximum number of boxes, each of length 2 m, breadth 4 m and height 5 m that can be placed in a box of length 20 m, breadth 10 m and height 5 m, is

a. 30       b.    40

c. 20       d.    25

60.    A cylinder is of height 8 m and has base radius 8 m. The maximum length of the rod that can be placed in it is 

a. 8√5    m    fa.    9√5 m

c. 8√3    m    d.    8 √2m

Directions (Q. Nos. 61-65) In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the cdrrect alternative out of the four.

61.    Krisda’s stories…….me very strangely.

a. effected    b.    changed

c. affected    d.    afflicted

62.  She pipped her rival ……..the gold medal.

a. to        b.    near

c. for      d.    with

63.    By morning, the fury of the floods…………

a. abated      b.  ebbed

c. receded    d. retired

64.    Work should be guided by some……desire of altruism and……

a.   genuine; philanthropy

b.   good; liberty

c.    false; honesty

d.   shallow; ability

65.    Ships are……. by giant engines.

a. sailed   b.    dragged

c. pulled    d.    driven

66.    A field that uniquely identifies which person, thing or event the record describes is a

a. field    fa.    data

c. file    d.    None of these

67.    The code for a web page is written by using

a. HTML             b. URL

c.    Win Zip         d.    a 5G language

68.    Which of the following is a Database Management System?

a.    Oracle

b.    Basic

c.    Linux

d.    None of the above

69.   Which part of the computer helps to store information?

a.    Disk drive    b. Keyboard

c.    Monitor        d. Printer

70.    Coded entries, which are used to gain access to a computer system are called

a.    Entry codes

b.    Passwords

c.    Code words

d.    Security commands

71.    The most common method of entering text and numerical data into a computer system is through the use of a

a. keyboard    b. scanner

c. printer        d. plotter

72.    Which type of switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link?

a.    Circuit switching

b.    Message switching

c.    Virtual circuit packet switching

d.    Datagram packet switching

73. Microsoft office is

a.   shareware

b.   public domain software

c.   open source software

d.   an application suite

74.    Which of the following groups consists of only input devices?

a. Mouse, Keyboard. Monitor     b Mouse, Keyboard, Printer

c.    Mouse, Keyboard, Plotter    d.    Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner

75.    Small application programs that run on a webpage and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation, are known as

a. flash    b. spiders

c. cookies    d. sparks

Bonus: SSC Exam Question Paper

76.    A computer translates higher level programs into a machine language program, which is called

a.    source code

b.    object code

c.    compiled code

d.    beta code

77.    The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the internet, is known as

a. pulling    b.    pushing

c. downloading    d.    transferring

78.    A collection of related fields in data organisation is called

a. group              b.    file

c. information    d.    register

79.    Marketing is influenced by

a.    product demand

b.    public taste

c.    buyer behaviour

d.    All of the above

80.    More number of conversions indicates

a.    more sales

b.    more purchases

c.    more staff

d.    more products

81.    National Horticulture Board is situated to

a. Gurgaon    b. Sirsa

c. Delhi    d. Hyderabad

82.    Training and pruning time of ber in North India is

a. Jan-Feb    b.    Dec-Jan

c. May-June    d.    Sept-Oct

83.    Which vitamin maximum found in guava fruit?

a. Vitamin-A    b.    Vitamin-B

c. Vitamin-C    d.    Vitamin-K

84.    Papaya is propagated by

a. seed    b.    cutting

c. root    d.    leaf

85.    Father of green revolution is

a.    NE Borlaug

b.    MS Swaminathan

c.    Liebig

d.    BP Pal

86.    Which of the following fruit grown as a ornamental tree?

a. Mango    b.    Grape

c. Pomegranate d. Lime

87.    King of arid fruits

a. karonda    b. ber

c. litichi    d.    guava

88.    Which of the following is a good source of tartaric acid?

a. Grape    b.    Amla

c. Malta    d.    Guava

89.    ‘Green Revolution’ begun is

a. 1945    b.    1947

c. 1949    d.    1955

90.    The term ‘Green Revolution’ was first used in 1968 by

a.    Borlaug

b.    William Gaud

c.    Cecil Salmon

d.    None of the above

Answers of Revenue Patwari Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper

1 c 2 a 3 c 4 d
5 c 6 b 7 b 8 b
9 c 10 b 11 c 12 b
13 c 14 d 15 d 16 c
17 d 18 c 19 c 20 c
21 c 22 a 23 d 24 b
25 c 26 a 27 d 28 c
29 a 30 c 31 d 32 d
33 c 34 d 35 a 36 d
37 c 38 b 39 d 40 c
41 d 42 c 43 b 44 d
45 c 46 b 47 c 48 d
49 d 50 a 51 a 52 b
53 b 54 c 55 d 56 d
57 b 58 d 59 d 60 a
61 c 62 c 63 a 64 a
65 d 66 d 67 a 68 a
69 a 70 b 71 a 72 d
73 d 74 a 75 a 76 b
77 c 78 d 79 d 80 a
81 a 82 c 83 c 84 a
85 a 86 c 87 b 88 a
89 a 90 b

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