Rex Burkhead’s Net Worth Before Retirement – A Deep Dive into Career Earnings and Contracts

Rex Burkhead’s Remarkable Football Journey and Retirement Announcement

Rex Burkhead, a seasoned football player, began his impressive career with four years of collegiate football with the Cornhuskers before catching the eye of the Bengals in the 2013 Draft. After a commendable four-season stint with the Bengals, Burkhead made a significant move to the Patriots on a one-year deal.1

Mr. Consistent: Leaving a Lasting Impact

Despite his role as a backup player for a substantial part of his career, Burkhead earned the moniker “Mr. Consistent” from his former coaches. His contribution to the teams he played for was far from ordinary, leaving a vital impact on both the Bengals and the Patriots.

Super Bowl Triumph with Tom Brady

Teaming up with legendary quarterback Tom Brady, Burkhead reached the pinnacle of success by winning the Super Bowl in 2019. Despite being a backup player, Burkhead showcased his prowess by scoring three touchdowns during the postseason, proving instrumental in securing the championship victory.

The Retirement Announcement

On a recent Monday, Rex Burkhead made a heartfelt retirement announcement via an Instagram post. The announcement marked the end of a remarkable career that spanned four years with the Patriots.

During his tenure with the Patriots, Burkhead made his mark in 41 regular-season games, accumulating an impressive 390 total touches for 2,128 yards and scoring 21 touchdowns. These statistics underscore his versatility and impact on the field, showcasing his value to the team.

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Rex Burkhead’s Financial Legacy: Net Worth Before Retirement

Before announcing his retirement, former Houston Texans’ running back Rex Burkhead boasts a commendable net worth of $8 million. The accumulation of his wealth primarily stems from a decade-long career as an NFL player, showcasing his dedication and talent on the football field.2


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Roots in Texas: A Football Family Legacy

Hailing from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, Rex Burkhead’s upbringing was immersed in a football-loving family. His father, Richard, harbored dreams of playing in the NFL, an aspiration that found realization through his son’s successful career. Burkhead’s journey to wealth wasn’t paved by aristocratic privilege but rather by his sheer on-field prowess.

Rex Burkhead
Rex Burkhead (Image: Source)

Humble Beginnings: The Sixth-Round Pick

Selected in the sixth round, Burkhead didn’t secure a flashy rookie contract. Instead, he inked a four-year, $2.2 million deal with the Bengals, including a $102,200 signing bonus and an average annual salary of $565,000.

Persistence Pays Off: Patriots and Super Bowl Triumph

  • Despite primarily serving as a backup, Burkhead showcased resilience, remaining with the Bengals for four years. In 2017, he transitioned to the New England Patriots as an unrestricted free agent, signing a $3.1 million contract. His tenure with the Patriots marked a turning point, reaching the Super Bowl for the first time in his career.
  • Burkhead’s journey with the Patriots continued with a three-year extension worth $9.75 million. Despite restructuring his contract in his final season, experiencing a salary drop from $2.5 million to $1.05 million, Burkhead’s contributions to the team remained invaluable.
  • In 2021, he joined the Texans with a one-year deal worth $1.5 million, extending his contract through the 2022 season, albeit with undisclosed details.
  • Rex Burkhead’s net worth of $8 million reflects the financial success he achieved during his illustrious NFL career. From humble beginnings as a sixth-round pick to Super Bowl triumphs and contract extensions, Burkhead’s financial legacy mirrors his dedication, talent, and resilience on the football field.

Rex Burkhead’s Dedication to the Team Jack Foundation: A Fight Against Pediatric Brain Cancer

Beyond the football field, former NFL player Rex Burkhead has been a steadfast advocate for the Team Jack Foundation, actively contributing to their mission of raising funds and awareness for pediatric brain cancer.3

A Personal Connection: Meeting the Founder

Burkhead’s involvement with the non-profit organization traces back to his time playing for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, where he crossed paths with Andy Hoffman, the founder of the Team Jack Foundation.

Andy’s inspiration for starting the foundation came from his son, Jack Hoffman, who was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer and epilepsy at the age of five.

Rex Burkhead
Rex Burkhead (Image: Source)

Foundation Origins: A Father’s Mission

Andy Hoffman founded the Team Jack Foundation in 2013, propelled by the challenges his son faced. Tragically, in 2020, Andy himself was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away a year later. Despite the loss, the foundation continued its impactful work, raising more than $10 million since its inception.

Rex Burkhead’s Active Role: Board Membership and Fundraising

  • As a board member of the Team Jack Foundation, Rex Burkhead has played a pivotal role in its success. In 2022, he hosted a charity event at Top Golf in Katy, Texas, with the proceeds directly benefiting the foundation’s initiatives.
Rex Burkhead
Rex Burkhead (Image: Source)
  • Since 2016, Rex Burkhead has been a steadfast participant in the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats program. In 2022, his cleats commemorated the tenth anniversary of the Team Jack Foundation, symbolizing a decade of dedication to the cause.
  • Utilizing his Instagram platform, Rex Burkhead has actively shared posts about the Team Jack Foundation, contributing to the overall awareness of pediatric brain cancer.
  • His commitment to the cause extends beyond financial support, demonstrating a genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of those affected by this critical health issue.
  • Rex Burkhead’s dedication to the Team Jack Foundation showcases his commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond the football field.
  • As a board member, event host, and advocate, Burkhead plays a vital role in the foundation’s ongoing fight against pediatric brain cancer, exemplifying the positive influence athletes can have in supporting crucial causes.

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Rex Burkhead: The Resilient Football Star from Kentucky

Born on July 2, 1990, in Lexington, Kentucky, Rex Burkhead has emerged as one of the most popular and financially successful football players in the sport.

Early Years and Draft Selection

A tough and bruising running back, Burkhead’s journey to the NFL began when he was selected in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. This marked the commencement of a remarkable career that would see him achieve significant success on the football field.

Super Bowl Triumph with the Patriots

In 2017, Burkhead transitioned to the New England Patriots, a move that proved pivotal as he played a crucial role in the team’s victory in Super Bowl LIII. The triumph added a prestigious accolade to Burkhead’s already impressive football resume.

Collegiate Highlights at the University of Nebraska

  • Burkhead’s football prowess was evident early on during his time at the University of Nebraska. As a freshman in 2009, he played in nine games, showcasing his skill with 346 rushing yards on 81 carries and three touchdowns.
  • His sophomore year in 2010 saw him as the backup, rushing for an impressive 951 yards on 172 carries, scoring seven touchdowns.
  • Throughout his football career, Rex Burkhead has demonstrated versatility, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His ability to contribute both as a powerful running back and a team player has solidified his status as a well-rounded athlete.
Rex Burkhead
Rex Burkhead
  • Rex Burkhead’s journey from his early years in Kentucky to becoming a Super Bowl champion is a testament to his talent, dedication, and perseverance.
  • His impact on the football field, from college to the NFL, has left an indelible mark, making him not only a popular figure but also one of the richest football players in the sport.

Rex Burkhead’s Collegiate Triumphs at the University of Nebraska

Rex Burkhead’s college career at the University of Nebraska showcased his exceptional talent, versatility, and consistent growth as a formidable running back.

Freshman Year: A Promising Start

In 2009, as a freshman, Burkhead made an immediate impact, playing in nine games and exhibiting his rushing prowess. He accumulated 346 yards on 81 carries, finding the end zone three times. This marked the beginning of Burkhead’s journey as a dynamic player on the collegiate stage.

Sophomore Surge: Rising Through the Ranks

The following year, in 2010, Burkhead continued to impress, despite being second on the depth chart behind senior Roy Helu. Serving as the backup, Burkhead showcased his resilience by playing in all 14 games. He recorded an impressive 951 yards on 172 carries, scoring seven touchdowns. This demonstrated his ability to contribute significantly, even in a supporting role.

Junior Year Ascendance: Taking the Lead

  • In 2011, Burkhead transitioned into the role of the starting running back as a junior. The season highlighted his capability to shoulder the responsibility, particularly with Nebraska facing a shortage of experienced running backs.
  • Burkhead thrived in his newfound leadership position, notably setting a school record with 38 carries against the Iowa Hawkeyes. By the end of the season, he had amassed 1,357 rushing yards on 284 carries, scoring an impressive 15 touchdowns.
  • Burkhead’s outstanding performance during his junior year earned him well-deserved recognition. He was named a first team All-Big Ten selection, solidifying his status as one of the conference’s premier running backs.
  • Rex Burkhead’s college career at the University of Nebraska stands as a testament to his skill, adaptability, and leadership on the football field. From a promising freshman to a record-setting junior, Burkhead’s collegiate journey laid the foundation for his subsequent success in the professional ranks.

Rex Burkhead’s Personal Bliss: Marriage to Danielle Wiggans

Contrary to the single life often associated with sports stars, Texan’s standout running back Rex Burkhead is happily married to Danielle Wiggans.

Rex Burkhead
Rex Burkhead

A Love Story that Began in 2014

The couple’s journey of love commenced in 2014 when Rex Burkhead and Danielle Wiggans first started dating. Over the years, their relationship blossomed, solidifying their connection through shared experiences and a mutual understanding of each other’s aspirations.

Tying the Knot: A Decision Rooted in Love

After a few years of dating, Rex Burkhead and Danielle Wiggans took the next step in their relationship, deciding to tie the knot. The decision to get married reflects their commitment and deep bond, embracing the journey of building a life together.

Family Bliss: Welcoming Two Children

Currently, Rex Burkhead and Danielle Wiggans are not only partners in marriage but also parents to two children. The joy of raising a family together has added another dimension to their lives, creating a foundation of shared moments and cherished memories.

Rex Burkhead’s personal life is a testament to the happiness he has found in marriage with Danielle Wiggans. As a devoted couple and parents, they navigate life’s journey together, showcasing the harmonious blend of family and personal success in the Texan’s running back’s life.


1. What is Rex Burkhead’s net worth?

Ans: As of our knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, specific details about Rex Burkhead’s net worth may not be publicly disclosed. Net worth figures for public figures, including athletes, are often estimates, and the most accurate information can come from reputable financial sources or official statements.

2. What were Rex Burkhead’s career earnings from his football contracts?

Ans: Rex Burkhead, a former NFL player, earned substantial income during his football career. The details of his career earnings, including contracts and endorsements, may vary. Fans interested in specific financial details are encouraged to refer to official NFL contract databases and financial reports for accurate information.

3. Can you provide information about Rex Burkhead’s football contracts?

Ans: Rex Burkhead played in the NFL for several seasons, and the details of his football contracts with various teams may include signing bonuses, salary, and incentives. To get accurate and detailed information about his contracts, fans are advised to refer to official NFL contract databases, sports news outlets, or financial reports.

4. Did Rex Burkhead have endorsements that contributed to his net worth?

Ans: Athletes often secure endorsement deals that contribute to their overall net worth. While specific details about Rex Burkhead’s endorsements may not be extensively documented, it’s common for professional athletes to enter into partnerships with brands. For detailed information, fans can check reputable sports business news sources.

5. What other factors might have contributed to Rex Burkhead’s net worth?

Ans: In addition to football contracts and endorsements, other factors contributing to Rex Burkhead’s net worth may include investments, business ventures, and personal financial management. However, specific details about these aspects of his financial portfolio may not be publicly disclosed.

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