Smilla Sundell Aims for a Comeback to Reclaim Strawweight Muay Thai Crown

Smilla Sundell’s Redemption Story: Aiming to Reclaim ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship

Smilla Sundell, the 19-year-old elite striker, faced a challenging fight week leading up to ONE Fight Night 22 but emerged with a clear sense of purpose and determination.1

Despite her initial setback of being stripped of the ONE strawweight Muay Thai world championship due to missing weight, Sundell showed her resilience and fighting spirit in her bout against Natalia Diachkova on May 3.

The Road to Redemption

Sundell’s failure to make weight ahead of her title defense against Diachkova was a significant setback, costing her the championship belt. However, her focus quickly shifted to reclaiming her title and proving herself as a top-tier fighter in the strawweight division.

Following her victory over Diachkova in the main event, Sundell demonstrated her tenacity and will to succeed. Despite the challenges leading up to the fight, she made a remarkable comeback during the bout, securing a victory that not only boosted her confidence but also reestablished her as a contender in the division.

Addressing the Weight Challenge

The question of whether ONE Championship might introduce a flyweight division for Sundell, given her growing frame and potential struggles with making weight, became a topic of discussion. While this could be a viable option for her future career, Sundell’s focus remained on winning back her strawweight title.

Sundell’s Determination to Succeed

Smilla Sundell’s journey through a tumultuous fight week and her eventual victory against Natalia Diachkova underscored her resilience and determination to succeed. Despite the challenges she faced, Sundell’s victory demonstrated her fighting spirit and set her on a path toward reclaiming her title.

While flyweight could be a future destination, Sundell’s immediate goal is to win back her strawweight Muay Thai world championship. Her belief in her ability to make weight with better preparation and her focus on training highlight her determination to achieve her objectives.

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Smilla Sundell’s Response on Fight Night: Determination and Adaptability

Smilla Sundell faced significant challenges leading up to her fight at ONE Fight Night 22, including missing weight, which resulted in her being stripped of her ONE strawweight Muay Thai world championship. Despite this setback, Sundell’s performance on fight night answered many of the questions raised by her pre-fight difficulties.2


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Addressing the Weight Challenge

Making the strawweight limit is a formidable task for a fighter with Sundell’s height and build. Yet, she remains confident in her ability to meet the weight requirement with proper preparation and a longer training camp. Her assurance that she can still compete in the strawweight division reflects her determination and commitment to the sport.

Smilla Sundell
Smilla Sundell (Image: Source)

However, the reality of her weight issues raises the question of whether a move to the flyweight division is on the horizon. While flyweight might be a more suitable weight class for Sundell, her immediate focus is on reclaiming her strawweight title and proving that she can overcome the challenge of making weight.

Fight Night Performance: A Force of Nature

  • Despite the tough weight cut and the resultant stripping of her title, Sundell’s performance on fight night was a testament to her resilience and fighting spirit.
  • She demonstrated that even in the face of adversity, she could deliver a high-level performance and prove herself inside the ring.
  • Her victory over Natalia Diachkova in the main event showed that Sundell is still a force to be reckoned with, and her adaptability in the ring was evident as she fought through the physical and mental challenges presented by her weight cut.
  • Her ability to stay focused and compete at a high level under difficult circumstances was impressive and spoke volumes about her skill and tenacity.

Sundell’s Future and Potential

Smilla Sundell’s response on fight night addressed many of the questions raised by her pre-fight challenges. Her confidence in making the strawweight limit with proper preparation suggests that she has the determination to reclaim her title and continue competing at a high level in the division.

However, the prospect of moving to the flyweight division remains a possibility, especially if weight-related issues persist. For the time being, Sundell’s immediate goal is to regain what was previously hers, and her performance at ONE Fight Night 22 shows that she has the talent and resolve to do just that.

Smilla Sundell
Smilla Sundell (Image: Source)

Smilla Sundell: The Youngest World Champion in ONE Championship’s Muay Thai History

Smilla Sundell, born on November 12, 2004, in Sweden, has already made a significant mark in the world of Muay Thai kickboxing. At just 17 years and 5 months old, Sundell became the youngest person to ever win a world title in Muay Thai, a remarkable achievement that highlights her talent and potential.

ONE Championship Success

Smilla Sundell is currently signed to ONE Championship, one of the premier mixed martial arts and combat sports organizations in the world. She quickly rose to prominence within the organization, showcasing her skill, technique, and fighting spirit in the Muay Thai division.

Smilla Sundell
Smilla Sundell (Image: Source)

Historic Championship Victory

On April 22, 2022, Sundell made history by defeating Jackie Buntan to win the inaugural ONE Women’s Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship. Her victory at such a young age cemented her place in ONE Championship’s history books and demonstrated her potential to become a dominant force in the sport.

The win against Buntan was not only a testament to Sundell’s skill and tenacity, but it also highlighted her ability to compete at the highest level against experienced opponents. Her combination of speed, precision, and power made her a formidable competitor in the division.

A Bright Future in Muay Thai

Sundell’s early success in ONE Championship indicates a bright future in Muay Thai. Her championship victory at such a young age suggests that she has the potential to continue developing and achieving even greater success in the years to come.

As a former ONE Women’s Strawweight Muay Thai World Champion, Sundell’s career will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike. Her youth and accomplishments make her an inspiration for aspiring fighters, and her journey serves as a reminder that with dedication and hard work, achieving great things in combat sports is possible.

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Smilla Sundell’s Career: From Early Success to ONE Championship

Smilla Sundell has achieved remarkable success in her Muay Thai career, earning recognition and accolades at a young age. Her journey to becoming one of the top female Muay Thai practitioners in the world is a story of dedication, skill, and determination.

Early Success and Rankings

In early 2021, Sundell was ranked as the number one female featherweight (57.153 kg) Muay Thai practitioner in the world by the WBC Muaythai, an impressive feat considering she was only 16 years old at the time. This high ranking demonstrated Sundell’s exceptional talent and skill in the sport, marking her as a rising star with immense potential.

Smilla Sundell
Smilla Sundell

Notable Victories and Opponents

Sundell’s career features several notable victories against highly respected opponents. Her win over decorated champion Sawsing Sor Sopit was a significant achievement, showcasing her ability to compete at the highest level. She also defeated Ponpan Por.Muengpetch, another formidable opponent, further solidifying her status as a top contender.

Signing with ONE Championship

After amassing an impressive record of 31 wins, 5 losses, and 1 draw, Sundell signed with ONE Championship in 2021. Her transition to ONE Championship represented a significant step in her career, providing her with a platform to showcase her skills on an international stage.

The ONE Championship Experience

  • Since joining ONE Championship, Sundell has continued to make waves in the Muay Thai division. Her skill set, combined with her youthful energy and determination, has allowed her to compete against some of the best fighters in the organization.
  • She quickly rose through the ranks, earning a title shot and ultimately winning the inaugural ONE Women’s Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship.
  • Smilla Sundell’s career is a testament to her exceptional talent and commitment to Muay Thai.
  • Her early success and high ranking in the WBC Muaythai rankings at just 16 years old set the stage for her transition to ONE Championship, where she achieved further recognition and success.

Smilla Sundell’s Interest in MMA: Expanding Horizons Beyond Muay Thai

Smilla Sundell, the Muay Thai sensation, has made a name for herself in the world of kickboxing with her impressive skills and achievements.

However, her interest extends beyond the realm of striking-only arts. Sundell has expressed a keen interest in the multifaceted sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), indicating her willingness to explore new challenges and expand her skill set.

Exploring New Avenues

In a recent interview with ONE Championship, Sundell shared her enthusiasm for MMA and mentioned that she has started working on her game in the sport. While her current focus remains on kickboxing and Muay Thai, Sundell’s curiosity and interest in MMA suggest a desire to broaden her horizons and develop a more comprehensive skill set.

Smilla Sundell
Smilla Sundell

Transitioning to MMA

Transitioning from kickboxing and Muay Thai to MMA is a significant step, requiring proficiency in various disciplines, including wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and other grappling techniques. Sundell’s interest in MMA reflects her ambition and willingness to embrace new challenges in her career.

Although her immediate goals are in the striking-only arts, her openness to competing in MMA at some point in the future indicates her desire to evolve as a fighter and explore new opportunities.

Balancing Striking and Grappling

Sundell’s background in Muay Thai provides a strong foundation in striking, which is a crucial component of MMA. However, mastering the grappling and ground-based aspects of the sport is essential for success in MMA. By working on her MMA skills, Sundell aims to develop a well-rounded game that incorporates both striking and grappling.


1. Who is Smilla Sundell?

Ans: Smilla Sundell is a Swedish Muay Thai fighter who competes in the strawweight division in ONE Championship. Known for her aggressive style and striking power, Sundell gained recognition for her early success and became one of the youngest Muay Thai world champions in ONE’s history.

2. What is the significance of Smilla Sundell’s comeback?

Ans: Smilla Sundell’s comeback is significant because she aims to reclaim the ONE Championship Strawweight Muay Thai title after losing it. A comeback fight represents a chance for redemption and reasserting her dominance in the division. Her journey back to the top can be an inspiration for other fighters.

3. Why did Smilla Sundell lose her strawweight Muay Thai crown?

Ans: The reason for Smilla Sundell’s loss of the strawweight Muay Thai crown could be due to a title defense defeat, injuries, or other competitive factors. Her desire to reclaim the title indicates her determination and competitive spirit to regain her championship status.

4. What challenges does Smilla Sundell face in her comeback?

Ans: Smilla Sundell faces several challenges in her comeback, including strong competition in the strawweight division, physical and mental preparation, and overcoming any previous setbacks. To reclaim the crown, she must prove her skills against top contenders and demonstrate her resilience.

5. What can fans expect from Smilla Sundell’s comeback fight?

Ans: Fans can expect an intense and action-packed fight as Smilla Sundell aims to reclaim her strawweight Muay Thai crown. Her aggressive fighting style and determination will likely create an exciting match, with high stakes for both her career and the division.

The comeback fight will attract significant attention from Muay Thai fans, who anticipate Sundell’s performance in her quest for redemption.

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