SSC GD Constable Model Question Paper

SSC Constable (GD) Recruitment Exam 2018

MODEL CRACK SET Exam Date October 4, 2015

No. of Questions 100                                                                                                                                       Time 2 hr

Part-A General Intelligence

1.    If ZEBRA can be written as 2652181, how can COBRA be written?

a. 302181    b. 3152181

C. 31822151    d. 1182153

2.    A bus starts from city X. Then, number of women in the bus is half of the number of men. In city Yf 10 men leave the bus and five women enter. Now, number of men and women is equal. In the beginning, how many passengers entered the bus?

a.    15 b. 30 c. 36 d. 45

3.    If in a certain language, MIRACLE is coded as NKUEHRI, then how is GAMBLE coded in that language?

a. JDOCMF    b.    CLEMNK

c. HCPFQK    d.    AELGMN

4.    From the given alternative words, select the one which can be formed using the letters of the word : SOMNAMBULISM

a. BIOME    b.    BASAL

c. SOUL    d.    NAMES

5.    From the given alternative words select the one which cannot be formed using the letters of the word : INTELLIGENCE

a.    TILLAGE      b.    INCITE

c.    GENTLE        d.    NEGLECT

7.    Anaemia : Blood :: Anarchy : ?

a.    Disorder    b.    Monarchy

c. Government    d.    Lawlessness

8.    Hunger : Food :: Disease : ?

a.    Weakness    b.    Medicine

c. Stickness    d.    Water

9.    EYES : HBCQ :: NOSE : ?

a. PQUC    b. QRQC

C. PQRF    d.    LMVH

10.    AN : BO :: LY : ?

a. MN     b. JW     c. MZ     d. IV

11. ACE : HIL :: MOQ : ?

a. TVX    b. TUX

c. XVT    d. SUW

12. BDFH : JLNP :: RTVX : ?

a. BDHF    b. BDFZ

c. ZBDF       d. YZAB

13.    400 : 20 :: 484 : ?

a.    14    b. 16     c. 22     d. 18

14. TZW : 28 :: QYS : ?

a. 35    b. 160   c. 38    d. 158

15. Find out the number that does not belong to the group of numbers for lack of common property,

a.    2384 b. 1592 c. 3756 d. 3629

Directions (Q. Nos. 16-17) Select the missing number from the given responses.

16.  42    44    38
23    55    28
37    ?    39

a. 22   b. 33    c. 66   d. 77

17.  1      7     9       2     14    ?      3     105   117

a. 26   b. 20.   c. 16   d. 12

18.    If + means -,- means *, + means + and * means + , then 25*5-5-8—4 + 7 = ?

a. 44      b. 37

C. 7        d. 30

19.    If the day before yesterday was Thursday, when will Sunday be?

a.    Today

b.    Two days after today

c.    Tomorrow

d.    Day after tomorrow

20.    Find out the set of number amongst the four sets of numbers given in the alternatives which is the most like the set given in the question.

(24, 48, 24)

a.    (100,50,100)

b.    (50, 25, 50).

c.    (20, 40, 20)

d.    (5,10,15)

Part-B General Awareness

21.    Aruna Asaf Ali was associated with which one of the following?

a.    Bardoli Satyagraha

b.    Quit India Movement

c.    Civil Disobedience Movement

d.    Khilafat Movement

22.    Who was the Governor-General of India during the launch of Civil Disobedience Movement?

a.    Lord Chelmsford   b.    Lord Reading

c.    Lord Irwin    d.    Lord Wavell

23.    Who authored the Declaration of Independence (USA)?

a.    George Washington

b.    Benjamin Franklin

c.    Thomas Jefferson

d.    Calvin Coolidge

24.    In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin in the year 1750?

a.    France    b. Italy

c.    Germany    d, England

25. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below :

List I                                                 List II
(Industry)                                 (Industrial Centre)
A. Aluminium                               1. Coimbatore
B. Heavy                                       2. Renukoot
C. Petro-chemicals                      3. Vadodara
D. Cotton Textiles                       4. Jagdishpur

A B C D                        A B C D

a. 2 4 3 1                      b. 1 3 4 2

c. 1 4 3 2                       d. 2 3 4 1

26. Who was the first Indian native ruler to accept the system of Subsidiary Alliance?

a.    Scindia of Gwalior

b.    Nizam of Flyderabad

c.    Dalip Singh of Punjab

d.    Gaikwad of Baroda

27. Who among the following was a founder of Swaraj Party?

a.    Vallabbhai Patel

b.    Rajendra Prasad

c.    CR Das .

d.    Narendra Deb

28.  Who among the following national leaders did not opt to defend the case dealing with the trial of the soldiers of the Indian National Army in 1945?

a.    Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru

b.    Bhulabhai Desai

c.    C. Rajagopalachari

d.    Jawaharlal Nehru

29. Which State of India has negative population growth rate per census 2011?

a.    Goa

b.    Tripura

c.    Nagaland

d.    Arunachal Pradesh

30. Which one of the following noble gases is not found in the atmosphere?

a.    Argon    b. Krypton

c. Radon    d. Xenon

31. Which one of the following diseases is caused by bacteria an spreads through faecal matter by houseflies?

a.    Pertussis

b.    Typhoid

c.    Diphtheria

d.    Chickenpox

32. Between whom was the Battle Chausa fought?

a.    Bahadur Shah of Gujarat and Fiumayun

b.    Fiumayun and Sher Khan

c.    Akbar and Rana Pratap

d.    Jehangir and Rana Amar Sin

33. Which one among the following newspapers was published first?

a.    The Madras Mail

b.    The Indian Social Reformer

c.    The Bengal Gazette

d.    The Times of India

34. Contaminated water can cause following diseases except w one of the following?

a. Hepatitis-A    b. Typhoid

c. Measles    d. Cholera

35. In which country is the activated volcano Mount Merapi located ?

a. Philippines    b. Japan

c. Indonesia    d. Italy

36. Which one of the followi” located on the bank of the river?

a. Bangkok    b.    Hanoi

c. Manila    d.    Yang

37. Which Five Year Plan had objective of “Rapid industrialization with particular em development of basic an industries”?

a. First    b.    Second

c. Third    d.    Fourth

38. What is the term of a member of  the Rajya Sabha?

a. 3 years   b. 4 years    c. 5 years     d. 6 years

39.  What is iodised table salt ?

a.    An element

b.    A compound

c.    A heterogeneous r

d.    A homogeneous nr

40.  With which one of the following games is the Hopman cup associated?

a.    Badminton

b.    Lawn Tennis

c.    Hockey

d.    Football

41.  Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below :

List 1                                                             List II
(National Highway Number)               (Cities  Connected)

A. NH-5                                            1. Bhopal-Jaipur
B. NH-7                                            2. Bhubaneswar-Chennai
C. NH-9                                            3. Nagpur-Varanasi
D. NH-12                                         4. Pune- Hyderabad



a. 2 1 4    3    b.    4 3    2    1

C. 2 3 4    1    d.    4 1    2    3

42. Which fertilizer is assimilated directly by the plant?

a.    Super phosphate

b.    Nitrolim

c.    Muriate of Potash

d.    Humus

43. Which one of the following elements shows variable equivalent mass?

a. Zinc           b.    Silver

c. Calcium    d.    Iron

44. Who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander, the Great?

a.    Bimtxsara

b.    Chandragupta Maurya

c.    Ashoka

d.    Pushyamitra Surtga

45. Mildness of shaving cream is enriched by which one of the following?

a.    Sodium silicate

b.    Free fatty acid

c.    Potassium carbonate

d.    Sodium chloride

Part-C Quantitative Aptitude

46. A does 20% less work than B. If A can complete a piece of work in 15/2 h, then B can do it in-

a. 13/2 hr    b.    6 h

c. 11/2 h    d.    5 h

If x + 1/x = 6, then x*x +  1/(x*x)  = ?

a. 34    fa.    32

c. 36    d.    38

47. In an election involving two candidates, 68 votes were declared invalid. The winning candidates score 52% and win by 98 votes. The total number of votes polled is

a. 2520    b. 2518

c. 2500    d.2450

48.    The price of sugar increased by 20%. By what percent must a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar so that the expenditure on the sugar is as before?

a. 50/3 %    b. 10%   c. 19.5 %   d. 47/3 %

49.    A path of uniform width surrounds a circular park. The difference of internal and external circumferences of this circular path is 132 m. Its width is-
a. 22 m    b. 20 m   c. 21m  d. 55m

50.    The perimeter of a rhombus is 40 m and its height is 5 m. Its area is

a. 60 m2    fa. 50 m2

c. 45 m2    d. 55 m2

51.    What percent decrease in salaries would exactly cancel out the 20% increase?

a. 20%   b. 50/3%   c. 100/3 %   d. 18 %

52.    The radius of a wheel that makes 113 revolutions to go 2 km 26 decameter is-

a. 53/13 m   b. 70/11 m.    c. 125/11 m    d. 35/11 m

53.    The area of the biggest circle which can be drawn inside a square with a side of 21 cm, is :

a. 344.5 cm2    b. 364.5 cm2    c. 346.5 cm2    d. 366.5 cm2

54.    Diameter of a wheel is 3 m. The wheel revolves 28 times in a minute. To cover 5.280 cm distance, the wheel will take-

a. 10 min  b. 20 min   c. 30 min d. 40 min

55.    The average age of a group of 30 boys is 12 years. When two new boys join them, the average increases by one-fourth year. What is the average age of two new boys?

a. 12 years b. 13 years c. 14 years d. 16 years

56.The sixth term of the sequence 11, 13,17, 19, 23,…. 29, is

a. 24    b. 19

c. 25    d. 22

57. In the equation (x/21)*(x/189) =1 which of the following number will replace both the x?

a. 21    b. 63

c. 3969    d. None of these

58. If cost price is Rs. 80, over head is Rs. 20 and selling price is Rs.120, then the profit percent is

a. 20%   b.. 50%

c. 40%    d. 30%

59. If the selling price of an article is 8/3 times its cost price, then the profit percent on it, is

a. 120%    b.    160%

c. 40%    d. 60%

60.  A man sells two articles at X 99 each. On one he gain 10% and on the other hand he losses 10%. What is his gain or loss percent on the whole transaction?

a. Loss 1%    b. Loss 1.5%

c. Profit 1%    d. Profit 1.5%

61.    The cost price of 18 articles is equal to the selling price of 15 articles. The gain percent is

a. 15%    b. 20%’    c.    25%    d.    18%

62.    Six persons went to a hotel for taking their meals. Five of them spent X 32 each on their meals while the sixth person spent X 80 more than the average expenditure of all the six. Total money spent by all the persons is

a.Rs. 192    b.Rs. 240    c.Rs. 288    d.Rs.336

63.    A man sells an article at 10% loss. If he had sold it at X 10 more, he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the article, is

a.Rs. 50    b.Rs. 55    c. Rs. 100    d.Rs. 110

64.    A and B together can complete a piece of work in 12 days. B and C in 20 days, and C and A in 15 days. A, B and C together can complete it in

a. 21/2 days       b. 10 days      c. 9 days      d. 6 days

65.    The area of circle whose radius is 6 cm is trisected by two concentric circles. The radius of the smallest circle is

a. 2(3)^1/2 cm    b. 2(6)^1/2 cm    c.    2 cm    cf.    3 cm

Part-D General English

Directions (Q. Nos. 66-70) In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b) and (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case ‘No improvement’ is needed, then mark (d).

66.    To get in to the building I’ll disguise as a reporter,

a. disguise to be    b. disguise as one

c. disguise myself    d. No improvement

67.    He denied that, he had not forged my signature,

a. would not forge    b. had forged

c. did not forge    d. No improvement

68.    If I had played well. I would have won the match,

a. I played well    b. I play well

c. I am playing    d. No improvement

69.    Since, the records are missing, the possibility of paying more than one compensation for the same piece of land cannot be ruled aside.

a. out    b. off

c. away    d. No improvement

70.    A callous system generates nothing but a misanthrope.

a. develops    b. inducers

c. produced    d. No improvement

Directions (Q. Nos. 71-75) Out the four alternatives choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

71.    Pugnacious

a. Civil    b. Submissive         c. Complaisant    d. Aggressive

72. Limerick

a. Stubborn    b. Strength    c. Poem    d. Clique

73. Augment

a. Belittle    c. Improve        b. Degrade    d. Summarise

74. Colossal

a. Miniature    b. Trivial    c. Dwarf    d. Large

75. Condone

a. Pardon    b. Condemn    c. Oppose    d. Forbid


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