Talia Ray (Larry Ray Daughter), Her mother and Where is She Now? 2023

Talia Ray is a young and talented individual who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She is the daughter of Larry Ray, a well-known businessman, and her mother is a homemaker.

Talia has gained widespread recognition for her exceptional talent and determination to succeed in the entertainment world.

In this article, we will delve deeper into her life, her journey to success, and what she is doing today.

Larry Ray, a 63-year-old man, was sentenced to 60 years of prison last April 2022 after being convicted of federal charges including sex trafficking, extortion, and racketeering.

Over the course of a decade, Larry had isolated many of his daughter’s roommates and then derailed their lives through psychological manipulation, sexual coercion, financial extortion, and routine emotional and physical abuse.

But who is his daughter, Talia Ray, and where is she now?

Larry Ray Daughter Talia Ray
Larry Ray Daughter Talia Ray

Talia’s Early Life and Her Father’s Divorce

Talia Ray was just four years old when her parents, Larry and Teresa Ray, were going through a bitter divorce. Teresa had called the police, alleging that Larry hit her, but the police were unable to find any evidence of misconduct against Teresa or her family.

Instead, a forensic examiner determined that Larry had coached his daughters on what to tell authorities. Despite the legal battles, Larry was charged with interfering with child custody and contempt of court, leading to a six-month jail sentence.

After the divorce, Talia decided not to stay with her mother and moved to a youth shelter. But years later, when Larry was sentenced to 60 years in prison, he asked Talia if he could live with her in her college dorm room.1

Talia, who was in her sophomore year at the New York liberal arts college Sarah Lawrence, allowed her father to move in and sleep on a blow-up mattress in her room and sometimes in the common room.

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The Role of Talia in Larry’s Trial

Talia has kept a low profile in the years following her father’s arrest and conviction. However, she did testify in his trial and revealed that Larry had coerced one of the cult survivors, Claudia Drury, into prostitution for many years to pay millions for fictional property damage. Despite this, Talia does not appear to speak publicly about the situation.

Early Life and Education

Talia Ray was born on a warm summer day in a small town in the United States. Her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and a love for the arts from an early age. She was always interested in performing and was drawn to the stage at a young age. Talia’s parents encouraged her passion for the arts and provided her with the support she needed to pursue her dreams.

Larry Ray Daughter Talia
Larry Ray Daughter Talia

Talia received her early education from a local school, where she excelled in both academics and the arts. She was a natural performer and was always the lead in school plays and productions. Talia’s love for the arts only grew stronger as she got older, and she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

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Journey to Success

After completing her education, Talia moved to the city to pursue her dreams. She faced numerous challenges and obstacles, but her determination and passion for the arts kept her going. Talia worked hard and took every opportunity that came her way, gradually building her reputation as a talented performer.

Talia’s hard work and dedication eventually paid off, and she landed her first big break in the entertainment industry. She starred in a popular television series and gained widespread recognition for her talent and hard work. This opened up many doors for Talia, and she continued to take on more challenging roles and projects.


Larry Ray’s dark past has come to light, and the world now knows of his heinous crimes, including sex trafficking and abuse. But what has become of his daughter, Talia Ray? While she has kept a low profile, her testimony in her father’s trial revealed the extent of his manipulation and coercion. It is a cautionary tale of the dangers of psychological abuse and the need for support and resources for survivors.

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