The Fall of Rick Pitino: Inside the Louisville Scandal That Rocked College Basketball

Rick Pitino – A Legendary College Basketball Coach with an Unmatched Career

Rick Pitino is one of the most prominent figures in college basketball, renowned for his unmatched coaching skills and exceptional ability to develop players. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Pitino has made a lasting impact on the sport that will be remembered for generations to come.1

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino (Image: Source)

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Pitino’s coaching journey began when he became the head coach for the Boston University basketball team in 1978. From there, he went on to coach at several other institutions, including Providence, Kentucky, Louisville, and Iona College.


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His time at Kentucky is particularly noteworthy, where he led the Wildcats to a national championship in 1996, establishing himself as one of the top coaches in the game.

Innovative Coaching Techniques

Pitino is known for his high-pressure defense and fast-paced offense, which have become staples of his coaching style. He is also revered for his innovative coaching techniques, such as his emphasis on conditioning and the implementation of advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge.

Player Development and Talent Recruitment

One of the defining aspects of Pitino’s career is his ability to develop players and recruit top talent. He has a keen eye for identifying potential in young players and a talent for nurturing their skills to reach their full potential.

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino (Image: Source)

Throughout his career, he has coached some of the most talented players in college basketball, including NBA superstars like Antoine Walker, Rajon Rondo, and Jamal Mashburn.

Legacy and Impact

Pitino’s impact on college basketball extends far beyond his impressive win-loss record. He is regarded as a visionary coach who has pushed the boundaries of the sport and challenged conventional wisdom. His legacy is evident in the countless players he has mentored and the many coaches he has inspired.

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Rick Pitino: The Impact of the Louisville Scandal on His Career

In 2017, Rick Pitino, the former head coach of the Louisville Cardinals basketball team, found himself at the center of a scandal that shook the world of college sports. The scandal involved allegations of illegal payments to recruits and a sex scandal involving the school’s basketball staff and players.2

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the fallout from the scandal and how it affected Pitino’s career.

The Louisville Scandal

The Louisville scandal was a major blow to the university’s reputation and to Pitino’s coaching career. In September 2017, the NCAA found Louisville guilty of four Level I violations, the most severe in college sports.

These included illegal payments to recruits and providing strippers and escorts to players and recruits. Pitino was suspended for the first five games of the 2017-18 season and the school was forced to vacate wins, including the 2013 national championship. The university also had to pay a $5,000 fine plus an additional amount equal to 1% of the men’s basketball program’s budget.

Legal Action

After the scandal, Pitino filed a lawsuit against the University of Louisville Athletic Association (ULAA) for $38.7 million. He claimed that ULAA breached his contract by placing him on unpaid leave and ultimately firing him.

However, in 2019, Pitino settled with the university and dropped the case. His termination was changed from a firing to a resignation with zero liability between both parties.

Impact on His Career

The Louisville scandal had a significant impact on Pitino’s career. He was fired from Louisville, and people posted negative comments about him online. Despite this, in 2018, Pitino was appointed as the head coach of Panathinaikos, a basketball team based in Greece.

In 2020, he joined Iona as their head coach until 2023, and it has recently been revealed that he will be joining St. John’s for the 2023-24 season.

Rick Pitino Joins St. John’s as Head Coach in 2023

The basketball world was abuzz with rumors that Rick Pitino had been fired yet again. However, as of the 2023 update, Pitino has not been fired from his coaching duties.

In fact, he has announced that he is joining St. John’s as their new head coach. This decision was reached mutually with his previous employer, Iona.3

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino(Imgae: Source)

Pitino’s Joining St. John’s

On March 20, 2023, Pitino revealed that he had officially joined St. John’s as their new head coach. The details of his contract and how many seasons he will be serving are yet to be disclosed. This news came just a week after St. John’s had fired their previous head coach, Mike Anderson.

Pitino’s Past Controversies

While Pitino has not been fired from St. John’s, it is worth noting that he has had a tumultuous career. In 2017, he was fired from his position at the University of Louisville following an FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball recruiting.

The investigation alleged that a Louisville assistant coach had been involved in a scheme to pay a recruit’s family $100,000 to ensure he signed with the university.

As a result, Pitino was placed on unpaid administrative leave and later fired for cause by the University of Louisville. Although he denied knowledge of the scheme and was not charged with criminal wrongdoing, the incident has tarnished his reputation in the basketball world.

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Rick Pitino’s Net Worth: How Much Wealth Has He Accumulated in His Career?

Rick Pitino, a well-known name in the world of basketball, has been a subject of interest among many people who are curious about his current net worth and income. As an experienced SEO and copywriter, let’s delve into the life of Rick Pitino, his income sources, and his current net worth.

Basketball Coaching Career

Rick Pitino is widely recognized for his successful career as a basketball coach, having held several coaching positions at various universities and professional teams. His career as a coach has been instrumental in his wealth accumulation, with a reported net worth of $45 million.

Salary and Earnings

According to available sources, Rick Pitino has a basic salary of $7.7 million, which comes primarily from his coaching career. This income is from his previous position as a head coach for the Panathinaikos B.C. in the Greek Basket League.

Endorsements and Speaking Engagements

Apart from his coaching career, Rick Pitino has also generated income from endorsements and speaking engagements. He has endorsed various brands and products, and he is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events. These activities have contributed significantly to his net worth.


Rick Pitino is not only known for his successful career as a basketball player and coach, but also for his writing skills. He has authored several books, including “Success is a Choice” and “Rebound Rules,” which have also contributed to his wealth accumulation.

Rick Pitino: The Accomplished Basketball Coach with a Controversial Career

Rick Pitino is a well-known figure in the world of basketball coaching. Born on September 18, 1952, in New York, New York, Pitino has had an illustrious career as a coach.

He was the first head coach to win a men’s NCAA Division I national championship with two different schools – the University of Kentucky in 1996 and the University of Louisville in 2013.

Early Career

Pitino’s journey in basketball began as a player at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After graduation, he went on to become a graduate assistant coach at the University of Hawaii. Later on, he served as an assistant coach at Syracuse University from 1976 to 1978.

First Head Coaching Job

At the young age of 25, Pitino was appointed as the head coach at Boston University in 1978. He led the team to a 91-51 record in five seasons, including an appearance in the NCAA tournament in 1983.

Success at Providence College

In 1985, Pitino became the head coach at Providence College. He had an immediate impact on the team, leading them to the Final Four in 1987. The following season, he guided the team to the Elite Eight.

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino (Image: Source)

Kentucky Wildcats

Pitino’s success at Providence College caught the attention of the University of Kentucky, and he was appointed as the head coach in 1989. During his tenure at Kentucky, he led the team to the Final Four three times and won the national championship in 1996. He also coached notable players such as Jamal Mashburn and Antoine Walker.

NBA Coaching Stint

In 1997, Pitino left Kentucky to coach the Boston Celtics in the NBA. However, his stint in the NBA was not as successful, as he had a 102-146 record in three-and-a-half seasons.

Return to College Coaching

Pitino returned to college coaching in 2001 when he was hired by the University of Louisville. In 2013, he led the Louisville Cardinals to their third NCAA national championship. However, this title was later vacated after an NCAA investigation into improper benefits for athletes.


Throughout his career, Pitino has been embroiled in controversies. In 2009, he admitted to having an extramarital affair with the wife of the team’s equipment manager, which led to extortion attempts against him.

In 2015, a book alleged that a former assistant coach had paid for strippers and escorts to entertain Louisville recruits and players. The ensuing investigation led to the vacating of the 2013 national championship title.

Rick Pitino: Career

  • Pitino has coached college teams at Boston University, Providence College, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville.
  • As a college basketball head coach, Pitino has a 684–282 record, which gives him a.708 winning percentage and ranks him 11th among active coaches and 34th all-time after the 2021–22 season.
  • Pitino is thought by many to have been one of the first coaches to push players to use the 3-point shot to its fullest. The NCAA started allowing 3-point shots in 1987.
  • Pitino’s teams at Kentucky in the early 1990s were called “Pitino’s Bombinos” because they used the 3-point shot well and scored most of their points from it. Even now, Pitino’s teams are known for being dangerous from three-point range, and all of them are in the top half of the league in 3-point attempts per season.
  • His teams are also known for their aggressive defense and use of the full-court press and 2-3 zone defense.
  • Pitino’s players and assistant coaches have gone on to be successful college coaches. Twenty-one of Pitino’s former players and coaches are now Division I head coaches. These include Billy Donovan, who used to coach at the University of Florida and is now the head coach of the Chicago Bulls, and Tubby Smith, who used to coach at High Point University.
  • Herb Sendek from Santa Clara, Mick Cronin from UCLA, Richard Pitino from New Mexico (his son), Kevin Willard from Maryland, Reggie Theus from Cal State Northridge, and Mark Pope from BYU.
  • Pitino began coaching as a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaii in 1974. In 1975, he was hired as a full-time assistant.
  • Pitino was Hawaii’s head coach for a short time at the end of the 1975–76 season. After the Rainbow Warriors’ 9–12 start to the season, coach Bruce O’Neil was fired. Pitino was in charge of Hawaii for their last six games, during which they went 2–4.

Rick Pitino Net Worth: The Rise, Fall, and Current Status

Rick Pitino is a well-known basketball coach who has had a long and successful career in the sport. He has been the head coach for several teams, including the New York Knicks, the Boston Celtics, and the Louisville Cardinals. However, his career has not been without controversy, and his net worth has been affected as a result.

Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino (Image: Souce)

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Rick Pitino’s career in basketball began in the 1970s when he started working as an assistant coach for the University of Hawaii. He quickly moved up the ranks and became a head coach for the Boston University Terriers in 1978.

He then went on to coach at Providence College, where he led the team to the Final Four in 1987. This success caught the attention of the New York Knicks, who hired him as their head coach in 1987.

During his time with the Knicks, Pitino helped turn the team around and took them to the playoffs for the first time in four years. He then moved on to coach the University of Kentucky, where he continued to achieve success, including winning a national championship in 1996.

Controversies and Financial Losses

However, Pitino’s career has not been without controversy. In 2017, he was suspended for five games on charges of basketball corruption in college basketball. He lost over 30 million dollars as a result of this suspension.

Later, he was fired from his position as head coach of the Louisville Cardinals due to his involvement in a scandal where a former assistant coach was found to have paid for strippers and prostitutes for recruits.

Despite the controversies, Pitino’s net worth is still estimated to be around 50 million dollars. His current contract, which is set to expire next year, pays him around 8 million dollars per year. He also owns a house in Louisville worth 11 million dollars and properties in New York and New Jersey worth over 30 million dollars.

Current Status and Future Plans

After leaving the Louisville Cardinals, Pitino went on to coach for the Panathinaikos basketball team in Greece, where he led them to a championship in 2019. He is now the head coach for the Iona Gaels, a team in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

Despite the controversies and financial losses, Rick Pitino remains a respected and successful basketball coach. His net worth may have been affected, but his passion for the sport and his dedication to his teams remain strong.

With his current contract set to expire soon, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this legendary coach. Stay tuned for more updates on his career and net worth.


1. What was the Louisville Scandal that rocked college basketball?

Ans: The Louisville Scandal refers to a corruption scandal that involved the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball program. In 2017, it was revealed that the program had been involved in a scheme to pay recruits’ families in exchange for their commitment to play at the university. This scandal led to the firing of the university’s head basketball coach, Rick Pitino.

2. What was Rick Pitino’s role in the Louisville Scandal?

Ans: Rick Pitino was the head basketball coach at the University of Louisville during the time of the scandal. He was accused of being aware of the scheme to pay recruits’ families, and of failing to properly monitor his assistant coaches. He was ultimately fired from his position as head coach in 2017.

3. What were the consequences of the Louisville Scandal?

Ans: The Louisville Scandal had significant consequences for the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball program. The team was forced to vacate its 2013 national championship and its 2012 Final Four appearance. The university also had to return millions of dollars in NCAA revenue sharing money. Additionally, the scandal damaged the reputation of the university and its athletic program.

4. Were any other individuals implicated in the Louisville Scandal?

Ans: Yes, several other individuals were implicated in the Louisville Scandal. These included assistant coaches, Adidas executives, and a sports agent. Many of these individuals were indicted and faced criminal charges for their involvement in the scheme.

5. What steps has the NCAA taken to prevent similar scandals from occurring in the future?

Ans: In the wake of the Louisville Scandal, the NCAA has taken several steps to prevent similar scandals from occurring in the future. These include increasing the penalties for rules violations, enhancing enforcement mechanisms, and introducing new rules related to athlete compensation. Additionally, the NCAA has implemented new guidelines for coaches and university administrators to ensure greater compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

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