TNPSC Previous Year Questions Paper Solved PDF

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission – TNPSC Previous Year Questions Paper Solved PDF

Candidates looking for jobs in Tamil Nadu have come to the right place, as this is where we enumerate all the facts and myths regarding TNPSC Group 4 Exam. We provide you with all the details of the exam and its benefits, as it is a government exam providing government jobs. We also provide all the candidates easy and free access to TNPSC Group 4 previous years papers, so that every candidate is able to practice well and succeed.

TNPSC is a council which conducts exams for various governemnt openings in the state of Tamil Nadu. The job hierarchy is divided into different groups and, here we will explain about group 4. TNPSC is a short name for Tamil Nadu Public service commission where job openings are towards the civil services jobs in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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  • A single paper which is a MCQ-based paper is made for all the candidates.
  • It is a three hours paper, with a total of 300 marks.
  • The minimum marks to qualify for the exam is 90.
  • The paper is divided into three sections : Language, General Studies, Aptitude Analysis.
  • A candidate can choose a language as English or Tamil, as per his/her convenience.
  • Language has 100 questions, General Studies has 75 questions and, Aptitude has 25 questions.


The major categories from which questions are asked in the General studies section are  – Indian Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botany, Zoology, Current affairs, History, Culture of India, Tamil Nadu facts  and may more.

The major topics asked in the aptitude section of the exam are  –  Conversation of information , representation of data, tables, graphs, diagrams,  simplification, percentage,  Calculating HCF,LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Simple interest, Compound interest, Mensuration, Puzzles, riddles, Dice questions,  Visual Reasoning, number analysis and much more..

The English section has major three divisions where, the first division focuses on the grammar, the second division focuses on the many poetries and prose of English and the third section entertains the authors and their works.

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Securing a government job is not easy and one has to continuously work on their efforts. We want you to pass the exam with flying colours and, have a concrete score to beat the rest. We provide the best of the downloadable files for you, so that you can practice more and excel better in the exam using TNPSC previous years questions. Download all the TNPSC previous years papers for free from this website.

Sample Questions:

1.The chemical used as a fixer in photography is

Sodium thiosulphate

2. any one substances undergoes chemical change on heating ?

Lead Nitrate

3. The gas used to extinguish fire is

Carbon dioxide

4. The most malleable metal is

Pain Killer

5.A mixture of iron filings and sand can be separated by

Magnetic Separation

6. Polythene is industrially prepared by the polymerization of


7. ——- metals can displace zinc from a solution of zinc sulphate ?


8.Glass is made from the mixture of

Sand and silicates

9.In which process, Vanadium Pentoxide is used as a catalyst ?

Contact process

10.———- metals can displace hydrogen from dilute acids ?


Download TNPSC Exam Previous Year Question Papers

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TNPSC Paper English
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TNPSC Paper General Studies
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