What is Tony Finau Net Worth in 2023? Endorsement, Salary, Charity, Property, & Instagram

Tony Finau: A Rising Star in American Professional Golf

Tony Finau’s net worth has been the subject of much discussion among his fans, and it’s no surprise why. Currently ranked 14th in the official world golf ranking, Finau has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting players in professional golf. Born as Milton Pouha Finau, he is an American professional golfer who competes on the PGA Tour.1

Finau turned professional in 2007 and has since spanned his career for over a decade. In that time, he has earned six professional wins, including the 2016 Puerto Rico Open and the 2018 Northern Trust. His impressive performances have garnered attention and accolades from fans and peers alike.

Tony Finau
Tony Finau (Image: Source)

Rankings and Achievements

Finau’s ranking as the 14th best golfer in the world is a testament to his skill and dedication. He has consistently placed in the top ten in major championships, including a third-place finish in the 2019 Masters Tournament. He has also represented the United States in international competitions such as the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup.


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Off the Course

Outside of golf, Finau is a devoted family man. He has been married to his wife, Alayna, since 2009, and they have four children together. Finau is also involved in philanthropic endeavors, including the Tony Finau Foundation, which aims to promote golf and education for underprivileged youth.

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Tony Finau: An Overview of His Impressive Net Worth in 2023

Tony Finau, a talented professional golfer, has been making waves in the sports industry for quite some time now. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $13 million. Let’s dive into the details of how Finau has accumulated such wealth through his successful career in golf.2

Early Beginnings in Golf

Finau’s love for golf started at a young age. He pursued this passion, and it paid off when he turned professional in 2007. Since then, he has been a part of several tournaments, which has contributed significantly to his net worth.

Tony Finau
Tony Finau (Image: Source)

Primary Source of Earnings

Unsurprisingly, Finau’s primary source of income is his golf career. He has worked hard to become one of the best golfers in the world and has earned considerable wealth from his success. Additionally, he may also earn through various participation in tournaments and endorsement deals.

Annual Salary

Finau’s impressive net worth is a testament to his impressive annual salary of $705,000. This salary includes his earnings from winning tournaments, endorsements, and other related sources. Furthermore, his career earnings are estimated to be over 1.5 million euros.

Endorsement Deals

Aside from his golfing career, Finau has also earned a significant amount from his endorsement deals. These deals have allowed him to earn extra income while promoting various products and brands. Some of the brands that he has partnered with include Ping, Nike, and Titleist, to name a few.

Finau’s Philanthropic Ventures

Aside from his successful golfing career, Finau is also known for his philanthropic ventures. He and his wife, Alayna, have their own foundation called the Tony Finau Foundation.

The foundation’s primary goal is to help underprivileged children by providing them with access to education and other basic needs. By doing so, Finau is not only making a name for himself as a successful athlete but also making a difference in the lives of others.

Brand Endorsement Deals: Tony Finau’s Lucrative Source of Income

Tony Finau, the American professional golfer, is not just known for his impressive skills on the golf course but also for his lucrative brand endorsement deals. With a strong fan base on social media, Tony has become a sought-after endorser for various companies, resulting in a significant amount of earnings.

Tony Finau’s Earnings from Endorsement and Sponsorship Deals

It is estimated that Tony Finau has earned around $1.2 million from his endorsement and sponsorship deals alone. This amount does not include his winnings from golf tournaments or any other sources of income. It is a testament to the golfer’s popularity and influence in the industry.

Tony Finau’s Endorsement Deals with Top Brands

Tony Finau has worked with several top brands, including Rolex, Nike, Ping, Titleist, BodyArmour, and NetJets. These brands have recognized Tony’s potential as an influencer, and they have leveraged his popularity to promote their products and services.

Rolex, the luxury watchmaker, has signed Tony Finau as its brand ambassador. Tony’s association with Rolex has helped the brand establish a connection with the golfing community. Nike, the sportswear giant, has also recognized Tony’s influence and has sponsored him with their apparel and footwear.

Ping, the golf equipment manufacturer, has designed custom-made clubs for Tony Finau. Titleist, another golf equipment company, has also benefited from their association with Tony. Tony has been spotted using Titleist’s golf balls during his tournaments, which has helped the brand gain visibility among golf enthusiasts.

Tony Finau
Tony Finau (Image: Source)

Tony Finau’s Other Brand Endorsement Deals

Apart from the top brands mentioned above, Tony Finau has also endorsed several other companies. These include STAMINAPRO, Aptive Environment, Aon, Hyperice, and many more. Tony’s association with these brands has helped them establish credibility and gain recognition in their respective industries.

Tony Finau as a Brand Ambassador

Tony Finau has also served as a brand ambassador for multiple companies. His association with these companies goes beyond just endorsing their products. He has worked closely with these companies to promote their brand values and has been actively involved in their marketing campaigns.

One of the companies that Tony Finau has been associated with as a brand ambassador is STAMINAPRO. The company specializes in sports recovery products and has benefited from Tony’s association with them. Tony has also been a brand ambassador for Aptive Environment, a pest control company, and Aon, a global professional services firm.

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Tony Finau: Biographical Deatils

Full Name Milton Pouha Finau
Date of Birth September 14, 1989
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Nick Name Tony
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 33
Height 193 cm (6’4″)
Weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Kelepi Finau
Mother’s Name Ravena Finau
Siblings Gipper, Kelven, Pianola, Kaylene, Tevita, Heilala Finau
School West High School
Marital Status Married

Empowering Youth and Families: The Tony Finau Foundation

Tony Finau, a renowned American golfer, is not only a champion on the golf course but also a champion for the youth and families in his local community. Finau’s passion for philanthropy and spirituality has driven him to establish the Tony Finau Foundation, an organization that aims to empower the youth and their families.

Tony Finau
Tony Finau

Philanthropic Work

Finau’s commitment to philanthropy extends beyond his foundation, as he is actively involved in several charitable organizations worldwide. He understands the value of giving back to society and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Support During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people worldwide, and Finau was quick to offer his support. He donated masks worth $5 million, providing much-needed protection to frontline workers and the community.

Additionally, Finau raised $340,000 by conducting an event at the PGA West Pete Dye Stadium course, demonstrating his dedication to making a difference.

Tony Finau: A Rising Star in the World of Golf

Tony Finau is an up-and-coming professional golfer who has been making waves in the golfing world. Born on September 13, 1989, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Finau has been passionate about golf from a young age. With his impressive talent and hard work, he has managed to establish himself as one of the most promising young golfers of our time.

Victory in the Utah State Amateur Championship

In 2006, Finau’s amateur career took off when he won the prestigious Utah State Amateur Championship. The event was a turning point in his career, as he defeated Daniel Summerhays to emerge as the winner. Finau’s victory was especially remarkable given that he was only 16 years old at the time.

Finau’s performance in the Utah State Amateur Championship was a sign of things to come. He went on to become a two-time medalist in the event, cementing his reputation as a top-class golfer. It was clear that Finau was destined for great things in the world of golf.

Athlete of the Year at West High School

Finau’s success in the Utah State Amateur Championship was not the only accolade he received during his amateur career. In 2007, he was elected Athlete of the Year at West High School, where he studied. The award was a testament to his outstanding skills on the golf course and his dedication to the sport.

Looking Ahead

Finau’s impressive track record as an amateur golfer laid the foundation for his successful professional career. Since turning pro, he has continued to impress fans and critics alike with his talent and skill. With each passing year, Finau’s reputation as one of the rising stars in the world of golf has grown stronger.

Tony Finau
Tony Finau

Tony Finau’s Inspiring Professional Journey

Tony Finau’s journey to becoming a professional golfer wasn’t exactly a straight line. He started playing on smaller tours at the young age of 17, including the Gateway Tour, NGA Hooters Tour, and National Pro Tour.

However, it wasn’t until he competed on the Golf Channel’s The Big Break in 2009 alongside his brother Gipper that he started to gain some recognition.

Despite facing setbacks early on in his career, Finau’s talent was undeniable. He played on the PGA Tour Canada in 2013, making an impressive seven cuts in eight beginnings. Just a year later, he won his first title at the Stonebrae Classic in August 2014.

Finau’s impressive performance also earned him a chance to compete at the 2013 qualifying school, where he finished at an impressive T-3. This secured his Tour card for 2014 and paved the way for even bigger opportunities in his career.

Breaking Down Finau’s Professional Journey

Finau’s humble beginnings on smaller tours may not have garnered much attention, but it was a crucial step in his professional journey. These tours allowed him to hone his skills, gain experience, and build a solid foundation for his future in the sport.

In 2009, Finau and his brother Gipper made an appearance on Golf Channel’s The Big Break, a reality competition show that featured golfers competing against each other in various challenges. Although Finau didn’t win the show, his performance caught the eye of many, and he started to gain some recognition in the golfing world.

PGA Tour Canada

Finau’s success on the smaller tours led him to the PGA Tour Canada in 2013, where he continued to impress. He made seven cuts in eight beginnings, proving that he was ready for the big leagues.

First Title at the Stonebrae Classic

In August 2014, Finau won his first professional title at the Stonebrae Classic, which was a crucial milestone in his career. It was a sign of the success that was to come and gave him the confidence he needed to continue to push himself.

T-3 at the 2013 Qualifying School

Finau’s impressive performance at the 2013 qualifying school was a turning point in his career. By finishing at T-3, he secured his Tour card for 2014, which was a major accomplishment. This provided him with even more opportunities to showcase his skills and take his career to the next level.


  • Tony Finau’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has earned most of his wealth from his golfing career, having won over $25 million in prize money on the PGA Tour.
  • Finau has signed several lucrative endorsement deals with big brands such as Nike, Titleist, and Callaway. He also has deals with Rolex, BodyArmor, and Waste Management. These deals are estimated to be worth several million dollars each year.
  • In 2023, Tony Finau’s annual salary is estimated to be around $5 million. This includes his earnings from golf tournaments as well as his endorsement deals.
  • Tony Finau is known for his philanthropic efforts and has founded the Tony Finau Foundation, which aims to provide opportunities for underprivileged children to participate in sports. He has also donated money to several other charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Utah chapter of the First Tee.
  • Tony Finau owns a beautiful home in Lehi, Utah, which he purchased for $2.5 million in 2020. The house boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a massive 4-car garage.
  • Finau is active on social media and has a strong following on Instagram, where he shares photos and updates from his golfing career as well as his personal life. As of 2023, he has over 350,000 followers on the platform.
  • Tony Finau was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is of Tongan and American descent. He grew up playing basketball and started playing golf at the age of 6.
  • Finau turned pro in 2007 and has since won one PGA Tour event, the Puerto Rico Open in 2016. He has also finished in the top 10 of several major tournaments, including the U.S. Open and the Masters.
  • Finau is known for his long drives and has been recorded hitting the ball over 400 yards. He also has a remarkably consistent swing, which he attributes to his upbringing playing basketball.
  • Tony Finau is married to Alayna Finau and has four children. His eldest son, Jraice, is also a talented golfer and has been coached by his father.


1. What is Tony Finau’s net worth in 2023?

Ans: As of 2023, Tony Finau’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Finau has earned a significant amount of money through his successful career in golf and various endorsement deals.

2. What endorsement deals does Tony Finau have?

Ans: Tony Finau has several endorsement deals with major brands such as Nike, Ping, and Titleist. He has also signed deals with companies such as Kikkor Golf, Adidas, and Callaway.

3. What is Tony Finau’s salary?

Ans: Tony Finau’s salary varies depending on his performance in tournaments. In 2021, Finau earned over $3.6 million in prize money alone, and he has consistently been one of the top earners in the PGA Tour.

4. What charities does Tony Finau support?

Ans: Tony Finau has been involved in various charitable activities throughout his career. He has worked with organizations such as the Tony Finau Foundation, which supports underprivileged youth in his home state of Utah. Finau has also participated in charity events for organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

5. What properties does Tony Finau own?

Ans: Tony Finau owns a beautiful mansion in Lehi, Utah, which he purchased in 2016 for $2.5 million. The house has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a total of 9,600 square feet of living space. Additionally, Finau owns a vacation home in Maui, Hawaii.

6. What is Tony Finau’s Instagram handle?

Ans: Tony Finau’s Instagram handle is @tonyfinaugolf. He has over 200k followers on the platform and frequently shares updates on his golfing career, family, and other aspects of his life.

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