Who Is Abby Shapiro Husband? Jacob Roth Age And Wikipedia Explored

Abby Shapiro and Jacob Roth: A Controversial Love Story

Abby Shapiro, the sister of the well-known political commentator Ben Shapiro, has made a name for herself as a YouTuber with her channel, Classically Abby.1

She is married to Jacob Roth, and together, they form a family that often comes under scrutiny for their controversial opinions and traditional values.

Abby Shapiro’s Relationship with Jacob Roth

  • Abby Shapiro and Jacob Roth’s love story began when they met in 2017, introduced by a mutual friend.
  • Despite Abby’s conservative stance on marriage, she tied the knot with Jacob in 2018 in a traditional Jewish wedding. Jacob Roth, a Young America’s Foundation staff lawyer, shares Abby’s beliefs and proudly identifies as “RothThePatriot” on Twitter.
  • The couple, despite facing internet trolls, emphasizes the importance of shared interests in their marriage.
  • Abby claims that their union is “awesome,” and they continue to enjoy their life together, recently welcoming their first child into the family.

Abby Shapiro: More than Ben Shapiro’s Sister

  • Abby Shapiro, often overshadowed by her controversial brother Ben Shapiro, started her career as a singer and eventually became a YouTuber in 2020.
  • On her channel, she promotes conservative and traditionalist beliefs, particularly focusing on how women should behave.
  • Abby openly admits to embracing “traditional values” and “femininity,” much like her brother. However, her controversial opinions, including criticism of celebrities like Taylor Swift for not exhibiting “lady-like” behavior, have drawn attention and raised eyebrows.
Abby Shapiro
Abby Shapiro with husband ( Image: Instagram )

Controversies Surrounding Abby Shapiro

  • Abby Shapiro’s critiques extend beyond her YouTube channel, as she supports her brother Ben’s controversial remarks.
  • In 2020, she defended Ben’s criticism of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s song WAP, referring to it as a “garbage song.”
  • Despite her claims of embracing traditional values, Abby’s outspoken opinions have sparked controversy and drawn criticism from various quarters.

Abby Shapiro and Jacob Roth’s Growing Family

Abby Shapiro, a prominent figure in online media and a digital creator, is expecting a baby boy with her husband, Jacob Roth.

Abby is known for her background in traditional singing, and she is the sister of well-known political commentator Ben Shapiro and actress Milly Shapiro.

Abby Shapiro’s Personal Life: Marriage to Jacob Roth

  • Abby Shapiro married Jacob Roth on May 27, 2018. The couple was introduced by a mutual friend in 2017, and their connection quickly led to marriage.
  • Jacob Roth, currently working as a staff attorney at Young America’s Foundation headquarters in Reston, Virginia, holds a law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.
  • He also has a background in Slavic studies, specializing in Russian literature from Northwestern University. The couple had a traditional Jewish ceremony attended by close friends and family.
Abby Shapiro
Abby Shapiro ( Image: Instagram )

Abby Shapiro: A Digital Creator and Traditionalist

  • Abby Shapiro, also known as Classically Abby in online platforms, has established herself as a successful digital creator. Born to Eric Shapiro and Michelle Shapiro, she has grown beyond being recognized solely as Ben Shapiro’s sister.
  • At 28 years old, Abby has a younger sister, Milly Shapiro, a 19-year-old actress known for her roles in “Hereditary” and “Monkey Bars.”
  • Abby, celebrating her birthday on November 9 every year, has a net worth estimated at $500,000.
  • She began her career as a singer, posting videos on her father’s YouTube channel, who is a professional pianist. Transitioning into creating tutorial videos on her own YouTube channel, Abby gained a substantial following with content dedicated to classic living and traditional values.

Abby Shapiro’s Career and Achievements

Abby Shapiro, a Master of Music graduate from the Manhattan School of Music, has experience working as an actress.2

Her multifaceted career showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft. While her brother, Ben Shapiro, boasts a net worth of $20 million, Abby is poised for further success in her digital career.

Jacob Roth: A Brief Overview

Jacob Roth, renowned as the husband of Abby Shapiro, a prominent YouTube star in the United States, has gained recognition for his role as a staff lawyer at the Young America’s Foundation base camp in Reston, Virginia.3

This article delves into various aspects of Jacob Roth’s life, including his background, education, and physical appearance.

Early Life and Family

Born and raised in the United States, Jacob Roth is currently 30 years old as of 2021.

He holds American nationality and exhibits qualities that have contributed to his notable reputation. Little information is available about his family, but his association with Abby Shapiro sheds light on his personal life.

Educational Background

Details about Jacob Roth’s educational background are currently unavailable, and updates will be provided as soon as they become accessible.

Despite the lack of specific information, Roth’s achievements and contributions suggest a commitment to education and personal growth.

Abby Shapiro
Abby Shapiro with husband ( Image: Instagram )

Exploring Jacob Roth’s Persona

Work Ethic and Passion

As a staff lawyer, Jacob Roth has displayed a strong work ethic, earning him fame and recognition.4

Described as a workaholic, he invests tremendous strength in everything he does. Roth is known for his creative thinking, positive attitude, and self-motivation, showcasing determination to transform dreams into reality.

Passion for Carving a Niche

Jacob Roth is passionate about his work and strives to carve a niche for himself in life.

This passion has been the driving force behind his accomplishments, igniting a fire within him to achieve success and make a meaningful impact.

Physical Attributes

Appearance and Popularity

With a height of approximately 5’9” and a weight of around 74kg, Jacob Roth possesses a lean build.

His physical appearance, characterized by brown eyes and brown hair, complements his gentle personality. Roth’s popularity among the youth is evident, contributing to his overall public image.

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Jacob Roth and Abby Shapiro’s Relationship


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Jacob Roth is well-known as the husband of Abby Shapiro, and their connection deepened after being introduced by a mutual friend in 2017.5

II. Jacob Roth’s Age and Marriage to Abby Shapiro

Jacob Roth, happily married to Abby Shapiro, celebrated their second anniversary in 2020. The couple’s immediate connection led to a traditional Jewish ceremony a year after they met.

Despite Abby’s public persona as a conservative YouTuber, Jacob maintains a low-key profile while working as a staff lawyer for the Young America Foundation in Reston, Virginia.

III. The Couple’s Resilience in the Face of Criticism

Despite occasional criticism and internet trolls, Abby and Jacob remain committed to each other, their bond strengthened by shared beliefs and values.

IV. Jacob Roth and Abby Shapiro’s Family Life

In 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, whom they’ve chosen to keep away from the public eye. Abby occasionally shares glimpses of their family life on social media, emphasizing the joy found in their shared journey as a couple with a growing family.

V. Privacy Concerns and Handling Criticism

The couple’s decision to keep their child’s identity away from the media is met with understanding, as media personalities often face challenges in safeguarding their loved ones’ identities.

Additionally, Roth and Abby’s conservative views invite online criticism, highlighting the difficulty they may face in handling negativity and hatred from the public.

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Ben Shapiro: Social Media Presence

Abby Shapiro
Abby Shapiro ( Image: Instagram )

Ben Shapiro’s conservative influence is not limited to him alone. Abigail Shapiro, widely known as Classically Abby, has emerged as a prominent conservative figure with a significant presence on social media.

Much like her brother, Abigail has stirred controversy online for her conservative viewpoints, particularly expressed through her YouTube channel and Instagram posts.

Classically Abby’s Online Presence:

Classically Abby imparts advice on embracing a “classy” lifestyle, promoting traditional values.

However, her polarizing views, touching upon feminism, marriage, motherhood, transgenderism, and more, have made her a target for strong opposition from those who disagree with her stance.

Abigail Shapiro: The Person:

Born in 1992, Abigail Shapiro is a classically trained opera singer who transitioned to YouTube during the pandemic.

Married to attorney Jacob Roth, she emphasizes her roles as a wife and mother, considering them her most significant responsibilities. Shapiro describes herself as a multifaceted individual, including being an opera singer, entrepreneur, and guide to classic womanhood.

Abigail Shapiro’s Controversial Opinions:

To her dedicated followers, Shapiro symbolizes conservative values and positive influence, while detractors view her as clinging to outdated beliefs.

Shapiro has courted controversy by expressing opinions ranging from criticizing the Barbie movie to taking shots at Taylor Swift.

Controversial Statements:

One notable controversy involved Shapiro comparing Nancy Reagan to Madonna, labeling the former as “classy” and the latter as “trashy.”

Another significant instance was her critique of Taylor Swift’s song “The Man,” where she accused Swift of playing the victim and being a social justice warrior. These opinions sparked intense reactions from fans and communities alike.

Abby Shapiro
Abby Shapiro with husband ( Image: Instagram )

Views on Women’s Rights:

Perhaps most notably, Shapiro firmly asserts that women in America already possess all the same rights as men.

This belief has drawn criticism, especially considering the persistent gender wage gap. Despite statistical evidence suggesting disparities, Shapiro remains steadfast in her perspective.

Challenges to Shapiro’s Views:

Detractors argue that Shapiro’s opinions reflect a lack of awareness regarding ongoing gender disparities, such as the gender wage gap and the underrepresentation of women in various sectors.

Critics also point out the challenges women face in areas like government, corporate positions, entertainment, sports, and news media.

Omissions in Shapiro’s Perspective:

Shapiro’s views seemingly neglect issues like body autonomy and the pervasive sexual harassment that women face globally.

Engaging in discussions with someone holding rigid or outdated opinions can prove challenging, given the potential for such arguments to be dismissed without consideration.

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