Who Is Angourie Rice Partner? Exploring Dating And Relationship Status

Angourie Rice and Charles Vandervaart: A Love Story Unveiled

Angourie Rice, the talented actress known for her roles in films like “These Final Hours” and “The Nice Guys,” has shared a significant part of her life with Charles Vandervaart. This article delves into the details of their relationship, exploring how they met, the progression of their romance, and the eventual separation.1

The Beginning of Their Story

In 2018, Angourie Rice and Charles Vandervaart crossed paths on the set of “Every Day.” This marked the initiation of their relationship, leading to a period where they openly shared intimate moments on their Instagram accounts, sparking widespread rumors about their romance.

However, as of late 2019, the couple ceased posting pictures, leaving their fans curious about the status of their relationship.

The Unveiling of the Breakup

A few months after their public silence, Angourie Rice confirmed the end of her relationship with Charles Vandervaart.

Despite not disclosing the reasons for the split, she subtly acknowledged their breakup in a May 2021 interview with Elle magazine. The actress clarified that rumors about her involvement with other co-stars, including Owen Teague, were unfounded.

Family Background and Upbringing

Born to parents Kate Rice and Jeremy Rice, both hailing from artistic backgrounds, Angourie grew up in a theatrical family.

Her mother, a playwright and artist, has received numerous awards, while her father is a film director and production manager. Angourie’s younger sister, Kalliope Rice, also ventured into acting, making her debut in the short film “Bonsai” in 2011.

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice ( Image: Instagram )

Professional Endeavors and Achievements

Angourie Rice, with a reported net worth of $3 million in 2021, has made significant strides in her career. Notably, she earned $150 thousand for her role in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

The actress also confirmed her role as a podcast host for The Community Library.

Financial Insights and Disparities

The article touches upon Angourie Rice’s earnings, citing her salary for the HBO Max series “Mare of Easttown,” which ranges from $80k to $100k per episode.

A notable comparison is made with her co-star Kate Winslet, who receives a substantial $650,000 for a single episode of the show.

Angourie Rice On Having Stress Dreams

Angourie Rice and Charles Vandervaart: A Journey Through Romance and Breakup

Introduction: Who Is Angourie Rice Boyfriend Charles Vandervaart? Angourie Rice, a rising star in the film industry, and Charles Vandervaart, a Canadian actor, had a publicized relationship that took an unexpected turn. Let’s delve into their story, from their initial meeting on set to their eventual split.2

Early Career and Recognition:

In 2013, Angourie Rice gained recognition for her role in the film “These Final Hours,” portraying the character Rose.

She continued to make a mark in the industry with her role as Holly March in Shane Black’s film “The Nice Guys.”

Meeting on Set and Social Media Presence:

Angourie Rice, with over 348k followers on her Instagram account, @angourierice, revealed her relationship with Charles Vandervaart, which began on the set of “Every Day” in 2018.

The couple used to share intimate photos on Instagram, sparking romance rumors nationwide.

Romance and Breakup:

Despite the public displays of affection on social media, the couple ceased posting pictures in late 2019, leaving fans curious.

Angourie confirmed their breakup a few months later in an interview with Elle in May 2021, putting an end to their relationship.

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice ( Image: Instagram )

Family Background:

Angourie Rice hails from a theatrical family, with Kate Rice and Jeremy Rice as her parents.

Kate, a playwright and artist, and Jeremy, a film director and production manager, have influenced her artistic journey. Her younger sister, Kalliope Rice, is also a talented actress.

Career Achievements and Net Worth:

With a net worth of $3 million in 2021, Angourie Rice has made significant strides in her career.

Notably, she earned $150 thousand for her role in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Her salary for the HBO Max series “Mare of Easttown” ranged from $80k to $100k per episode.

Personal Endeavors and Podcast Hosting:

Angourie Rice, in her Instagram bio, identifies as “she/her” and is recognized as a female role model.

She has confirmed her role as a host on The Community Library podcast, showcasing her diverse interests beyond acting.

Controversy and Allegations:

This article has faced allegations of plagiarism from, accusing the content theft.

Such controversies can impact the credibility of the information presented.

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Angourie Rice’s Rising Career and Early Achievements

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice ( Image: Instagram )
  • Angourie Rice, an Australian native, embarked on her on-screen career at a young age, catching the attention of audiences and critics alike. Born on New Year’s Day in 2001 to writer Kate Rice and director Jeremy Rice, the 23-year-old actress quickly made a mark in the industry.
  • She garnered recognition at the age of 11 for her role as Tilly in the 13-minute drama “Transmission,” winning the Best Actress award at the St. Kilda Film Festival.
  • Over the years, Rice continued to make strides in her career, featuring in commercials, film shorts, and notable productions such as “These Final Hours,” “Walking with Dinosaurs 3D,” “The Doctor Blake Mysteries,” and “Mako Mermaids.”
  • Her breakthrough came with roles like Betty Brant in the “Spiderman” series and Marvel’s “The Daily Bugle.” Recently, she starred in the book-adapted series “The Last Thing He Told Me,” alongside Jennifer Garner and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Exploring Angourie Rice’s Personal Life

With Angourie Rice’s growing fame, fans have become curious about her personal life, especially her romantic relationships. As of now, there is speculation regarding her relationship status, and fans are eager to know if she currently has a boyfriend.3

Social Media Presence and Professional Focus

Angourie Rice maintains an active presence on social media, primarily utilizing platforms like Instagram.

However, her posts predominantly revolve around work-related content, featuring snippets from interviews, ongoing projects, and behind-the-scenes photos. At the time of writing, there are no indications on her social media accounts of a current romantic relationship.

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice ( Image: Instagram )

Roles Reflecting Diverse Themes

In her diverse acting career, Rice portrayed Rhiannon in the fantasy drama “Every Day,” a character entangled in a unique romantic storyline with a shapeshifting entity named A. The film explores complex themes of identity and love, emphasizing that a person is not defined by their physical characteristics.

This role added an inclusive and queer element to Rice’s filmography.

Insights from “The Last Thing He Told Me” Premiere

During the premiere of “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Angourie Rice’s co-star, Jennifer Garner, highlighted the intriguing aspects of Rice’s teenage character, Bailey.

Garner jokingly mentioned that Bailey was “mean,” providing a different perspective on adolescence. This acknowledgment by Garner sparked discussions about the challenges faced by teenagers in the contemporary world.

Angourie Rice’s Future Aspirations Beyond Acting

In a recent revelation, Angourie Rice shared her alternate career aspirations. If she were not pursuing acting, she envisioned herself as a university student delving into Gender and Literature studies.

Despite the success in her acting career, Rice has not completely ruled out the possibility of exploring other academic interests in the future.

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Angourie Rice’s Relationship Status and Professional Dedication

Is Angourie Rice Currently Dating?

Angourie Rice, the acclaimed Australian actress, is presently unattached romantically, according to various reliable sources.4

Contrary to past rumors connecting her with Canadian actor Charles Vandervaart, recent clarifications affirm that she is, indeed, single.

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice ( Image: Instagram )

Commitment to Professional Growth

It seems that Angourie Rice is channeling her time and energy into her acting career, emphasizing her dedication to her craft over engaging in a romantic relationship.

Despite her previous association with Vandervaart, the actress has successfully maintained privacy regarding her personal life.

Privacy and Professional Achievements

The decision to keep her romantic life private aligns with Angourie Rice’s low-key approach to fame.

By redirecting the focus to her professional achievements, she allows her audience to appreciate her talents without the distraction of celebrity relationships.


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Angourie Rice’s Relationship Status: Single and Focused

Angourie Rice, known for her remarkable acting career, is navigating life without a romantic partner, as confirmed by various reliable sources. Recent information solidifies her single status, dispelling any speculations about her dating life.

Professional Priorities over Personal Relationships

Her active social media presence showcases a feed primarily filled with work-related content, underscoring her commitment to her craft. This emphasis on her career rather than personal relationships aligns with her inclination to maintain privacy surrounding her personal life.

Balancing Public and Private Life

Angourie Rice’s decision to keep her relationship status private is a deliberate choice, allowing her audience to focus on her talent and versatility as an actress rather than her associations. As she continues to rise in the entertainment industry, her dedication to her work shines through, and her single status underscores a period of personal and professional growth.

Appreciating the Multifaceted Angourie Rice

Fans can appreciate Angourie Rice not only for her on-screen performances but also for her ability to maintain a balance between her public and private life. As she navigates her career with grace and determination, her single status serves as a reminder of her current focus on honing her craft and achieving success in the world of entertainment.

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