Who Is Martina Cariddi Boyfriend In 2022? Parents And Siblings – Is She Still With Ivan Pellicer?

Martina Cariddi previously lived with her lover, Ivan Pellicer. Cariddi is most known for her role as Menca Blanco in the television series Elite.

Cariddi enrolled in the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid in 2010. She studied basic interpretation at Cristina Rota’s Centro de Nuevos Creadores in Madrid in 2013.

She also studied acting at the Juan Codina Studio under Dario Facal and Luis Blat, as well as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He has worked on Netflix films such as While the War Lasts, Elite, and Tell Me How It Happened, as well as the short films Muere, Padre, and Muere.

Matina was a lot like her character Mencia when she was younger. She is still disobedient, but in a new way. Her rebellion is directed towards the world. She believes that patriarchy is still prevalent and that removing it will be difficult, therefore she engages in a conflict with herself and society.

Martina Cariddi, The New Protagonist Of Élite
Martina Cariddi, The New Protagonist Of Élite

Quick Facts About Martina Cariddi

Name Martina Cariddi
Born on May 30, 2001
Age age 21 years
Birthplace Chamartín, Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Parents Angela Cariddi and Eduardo Basanta Mendez
Brother Walter Basanta Cariddi

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Martina Cariddi and her boyfriend Ivan Pellicer are no longer together

Martina Cariddi is now unmarried, however her former partner, Ivan Pellicer, is a Spanish actor and model.

By 2021, Martina had a relationship with Pellicer. They used to post beautiful romantic photos of each other on their Instagram profiles on a daily basis, but those photos have since been erased.

Cariddi has not spoken publicly on her current relationship status, and there have been no new rumours about who she may be seeing. So she’s apparently single.

Cariddi shared a photo of herself kissing Spanish actor Manu Rios on Instagram. Things heated up after they appeared on one other’s Instagram accounts.

However, Cariddi and Manu may not be together because Manu shared a picture with another woman with the word Love, and Martina frequently tags her brother on his postings.


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Parents and siblings of Martina Cariddi

Angela Cariddi and Eduardo Basanta Mendez gave birth to Martina Cariddi.

Martina is also a Christian and of Italian origin. Cariddi had her early education at a nearby private school.

Furthermore, her brother Walter Basanta Cariddi reared her well. Martina grew up in a happy family and is of Spanish origin. The actress is fluent in both Spanish and Italian.

She later studied at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid. Martina studied acting at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid as well as the Estudio Juan Codina.

She also has a brother, Manu Rios, with whom she is quite close; they frequently post images of one another. Rios is a well-known Spanish actor with about 11 million followers.

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Martina Cariddi Salary in 2022

Martina Carridi’s net worth is believed to be between $2 and $5 million. This information, however, is subject to change because it is obtained from her film credits.

Cariddi is reported to have amassed considerable money following her appearance in the 2017 film The Invisible Guardian. Martina has appeared in a number of films since then.

She has also been sponsored by Havaianas Europe. The original Flip Flop has been spreading the Brazilian spirit since 1962.

She is also sponsored by Givenchy Beauty, a beauty, cosmetic, and personal care firm. The perfume firm may have spent a lot of money to get her.

She has also sponsored BIMBA Y LOLA, a creative collaborative that believes in the power of creativity to shape a better society.

Martina Cariddi
Martina Cariddi

What is Martina Cariddi well-known for?

Cariddi made her big-screen debut in 2017 with The Invisible Guardian. Her character was not as well-known as Miguel Herrán’s, but they happened to cross paths on Elite: Miguel played Christian on Elite and also appeared on The Invisible Guardian. She then had a minor role in the 2019 historical drama During the War

In 2018, she participated on the primetime drama Cuéntame cómo pasó. She made her television debut in this role. She will play the part of Élite as a leading actor. Elite will be her most significant role to date.


Martina’s first theatrical experience was in Madrid’s Municipal School of Dramatic Art. She also received acting training at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid, where she underwent basic acting workshops. She also received training at the Estudio Juan Codina.

She is bilingual (English and Italian).

Some Martina Cariddi Facts

  • She tries to put as little focus on social media as possible. She sees them as working tools and employs them accordingly.
  • She is not scared to speak up in order to defend her beliefs.
  • Her hair is one of her defiances. Because she is a woman, she refuses to shave. She made the decision to stop shaving when she was quite young. She has dealt with a variety of issues since then, but she has yet to shave.
  • She’s had some problems with the industry. She’s been requested to shave multiple times, but she’s always refused, stating that they hired her as she is.
  • She enjoys experimenting with fashion, breaking rules, and inventing. Her wardrobe is loaded with vibrant hues, intricate designs, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Movies and TV programmes – Acting Career

Martina Cariddi, an acting enthusiast and passionate human being, pursued acting instruction at a well-known centre. While studying, she participated in a few plays and dramas. Martina also studied acting at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid.

She also received acting training at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid, as well as fundamental acting workshops. Martina Cariddi received her training at Estudio Juan Codina. She is highly enthusiastic about acting and is very excellent at it.

Talent is a valuable resource. Martina’s drama had such an impact that she went straight to Hollywood. She made her film debut in 2017 with The Invisible Guardian.

Her life changed for the better when she was approached by Netflix. Martin Cariddi took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Her ability earned her a large following.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ivan Pellicer Martina Cariddi’s boyfriend in 2022?

Ivan Pellicer and Martina Cariddi do not appear to be married as of 2022. In 2021, they were dating.

Who are Martina Cariddi’s parents ?

Martina Cariddi was born in Chamartn, Madrid, Spain to Angela Cariddi and Eduardo Basanta Mendez.

How much is the net worth of Martina Cariddi?

Martina Carridi’s net worth is believed to be between $2 and $5 million. However, because it is based on her movie credits, this information may be inaccurate.

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