Who Is Maxx Morando Sexuality Partner ? Is He A Gay? Exploring Dating Timeline

Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s Relationship Timeline

Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando have captivated the public’s attention with their blossoming romance. This timeline delves into the key moments that define their relationship, providing insights into their journey from the initial spark to celebrating success together.1

January 2022: A New Beginning

In January 2022, speculation about the duo’s romantic involvement ignited after they were seen dancing at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

During the event, where she cohosted with Pete Davidson, Cyrus performed a song titled “You,” believed by many fans to be dedicated to Morando.

March 2022: Confirmation and Exploration

Shortly after the initial rumors, an insider confirmed the couple’s newfound relationship to Us Weekly in March 2022.

The source described the pair as still getting to know each other, having fun, and spending a considerable amount of time together. Despite a six-year age difference, they were deemed highly compatible.

September 2021 – November 2021: Early Encounters

Before the official confirmation, Cyrus hinted at Morando in September 2021 when she name-dropped him in Vogue.

The couple also posed together on the Gucci Love Parade red carpet in November 2021, offering glimpses of their connection.

February 2022 – April 2022: Progressing Forward

The relationship continued to develop, with the duo spotted backstage at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party in January 2022 and later on vacation in Miami.

Throughout February and April 2022, they explored their connection, with sources confirming their exploration and the couple engaging in public displays of affection.

November 2022 – March 2023: Milestones and Public Displays

In November 2022, Cyrus and Morando celebrated her 30th birthday at Le Cafe de la Plage in Malibu. In December 2022, Morando’s band, Liily, was announced as performers during Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve broadcast. The couple showcased their relationship in March 2023 while attending Cyrus’ album release party in Beverly Hills.

May 2023 – February 2024: A Blind Date and Grammy Celebration

In May 2023, Cyrus revealed to British Vogue that she and Morando were introduced on a blind date. Fast forward to February 2024, where Cyrus celebrated her Grammy win for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Flowers” by sharing a kiss with Morando.

All About Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Maxx Morando and Their ‘Low-Key’ Relationship

In the realm of celebrity gossip, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s rumored romance became a hot topic in late 2021, with official confirmation surfacing in March 2022. Since then, the couple has maintained a seemingly “low-key” relationship. Let’s delve into the details of Miley Cyrus’ connection with Maxx Morando.2

Maxx Morando: The Man Behind the Drums

Before being a part of the Los Angeles rock band Lilly, Maxx Morando showcased his drumming talents with the punk rock band The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018. A familiar face in the music scene, Morando’s journey also included a performance on Conan in 2017.

Despite being part of different musical projects, Morando and Cyrus share a history as friends with many mutual connections.

The Unofficial Confirmation: Red Carpets and Paparazzi Shots

While Miley Cyrus has not officially confirmed their relationship, various public appearances and sources have provided enough evidence. From the Gucci Love Parade fashion show to intimate moments captured on the streets of West Hollywood, the couple has subtly confirmed their romance.

Sources close to the couple have spoken to media outlets, solidifying the status of their relationship.

Cyrus and Morando’s Public Moments and Endless Summer Celebrations

The pair’s journey includes joint appearances at events like the Versace show in Los Angeles and a Gucci party celebrating Cyrus’ album release.

These public displays of affection and shared celebrations indicate a happy and enduring relationship.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus ( Image: Instagram )

Miley’s Words: References to Morando and Relationship Insights

Miley Cyrus has subtly dropped hints about Maxx Morando in interviews and public statements.

From attributing her performance looks to Morando’s collaboration with designer Shane Kastl to debuting a song speculated to be about him, Cyrus has shared glimpses of their connection.

Friendship Approval and Relationship Harmony: Insights from Insiders

According to sources, Miley and Maxx have garnered support from friends and family alike.

Their serious and stable relationship has been praised, with Cyrus finding solace in Morando’s low-key personality.

The absence of drama and the couple’s support for each other’s careers contribute to their compatibility.

The Blind Date and Unique Tidbits: How It All Began

The couple’s origin story involves a blind date, arranged by mutual connections. Cyrus shared insights into their relationship, highlighting Morando’s unassuming nature.

Fun details, such as Morando’s “boyfriend sexy ringtone” and their approach to handling phones, add a touch of personal flair to their narrative.

The Grammys and Future Prospects: A Glimpse into the Future

As of the recent Grammys in 2024, Cyrus and Morando’s relationship appears strong, with intimate moments captured on camera.

Speculations about their future include hints of marriage, as Cyrus envisions a positive and fruitful life with Morando. However, sources suggest that the couple is in no rush to take that significant step.


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Is Maxx Morando Gay? Unveiling His Sexuality

There is no substantial evidence suggesting that Maxx Morando identifies as gay, highlighting the private nature of his sexuality.3

Maxx Morando’s Public Persona:

Maxx Morando’s journey in the spotlight is closely intertwined with his musical pursuits and a high-profile romance with Miley Cyrus, as reported by harpersbazaar.

Romantic Involvement with Miley Cyrus:

The spotlight on Morando’s personal life has predominantly centered around his romantic relationship with pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Currently, Morando is openly dating Cyrus, dispelling any speculation regarding his sexuality.

Privacy of Sexual Identity:

It is crucial to acknowledge the private nature of one’s sexual identity, emphasizing that Morando’s openness about his relationship status does not necessarily provide a complete understanding of his overall sexuality.

Public Declaration of Romantic Preferences:

Nevertheless, Morando’s high-profile relationship with Cyrus can be viewed as a public declaration of his romantic preferences. In an era where societal attitudes toward diverse sexual orientations are evolving, public interest in the personal lives of celebrities remains unwavering.

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Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s Love Story Unveiled

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus ( Image: Instagram )

 A New Love in Miley’s Life

Miley Cyrus, the renowned pop sensation, has found love in the arms of Maxx Morando. Despite keeping their romance discreet, fans speculate that her songs “River” and “You” from the album Endless Summer Vacation are inspired by her relationship with the 24-year-old musician.4

The couple’s journey began in 2021, with public sightings at notable events, including her album release party and appearances at fashion powerhouses Gucci and Versace.

The Beginning of their Romance

Romantic Connection Since 2021

In the early days of their relationship, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s connection was first brought to light in 2021 when the Daily Mail published photos of the couple cozying up days before Miley’s New Year’s Eve bash in Miami. Despite maintaining a low-key presence, glimpses of their moments together have surfaced over the years.

 Getting to Know Maxx Morando

Maxx Morando: The Drummer

Maxx Morando, a talented drummer, currently lends his skills to the Los Angeles-based rock band Lilly.

Before this engagement, he was part of The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018, showcasing his musical versatility.

Blind Date Revelation

Miley Cyrus shared details of their initial encounter in an interview with British Vogue.

She described their meeting as a blind date, admitting that while it was blind for her, it was not the same for him. Their relationship began “a couple summers” ago, with Maxx playfully interrupting her Vogue interview, revealing his affectionate ringtone choice.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus ( Image: Instagram )

 Miley and Maxx in the Spotlight

Miley’s Vogue Shout-Out

In a Vogue interview discussing her festival fashion in September 2021, Miley mentioned a unique collaboration between fashion designer Shane Kastl and Maxx.

The collaboration showcased Maxx’s cartoon characters within Kastl’s construction, highlighting sustainability as the next fashion phase.

Red Carpet Debut

Maxx and Miley made their first red carpet appearance together at Gucci’s Love Parade runway show in November 2021.

Rumors about their relationship circulated, eventually being confirmed by insiders who disclosed their shared passion for music.

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Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s PDA Moment at the 2024 Grammys

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus ( Image: Instagram )

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Maxx Morando, captured attention at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards with a rare public display of affection.

The couple, dating since 2021, shared a sweet kiss at their table during the award show, creating a memorable moment amid the glitz and glamour of the prestigious event.5

Winning Two Awards:

Cyrus, the 31-year-old “Jaded” singer, had a triumphant night at the Grammys, securing her first and second Grammy Awards for best pop solo performance and record of the year.

The singer also graced the stage with a dazzling performance of her debut single, “Flowers,” paying tribute to the late icon Tina Turner against the backdrop of Turner’s “Proud Mary.”

Performance Highlights:

As Cyrus began her performance, she playfully interacted with the audience, remarking on their perceived lack of energy.

Referencing her recent Grammy win, she humorously altered the lyrics of her hit single, exclaiming, “I just won my first Grammy.” The spotlight remained on Cyrus, even though she and Morando did not walk the red carpet together.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus ( Image: Instagram )

Supportive Partner:

Morando, a 25-year-old drummer for the band Liily, stood as a supportive figure in the audience, showcasing his encouragement for Cyrus’s success.

Despite their low-key approach to their relationship, the couple’s connection was first evident in 2021 when they were photographed holding hands backstage during Cyrus’s NBC special, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

Behind-the-Scenes Collaboration:

Morando’s involvement in Cyrus’s music extends beyond their romantic relationship. He contributed to her Endless Summer Vacation album, playing a role in the creation of tracks like “Handstand” and “Violet Chemistry.” The couple’s musical collaboration further strengthens their bond.

Celebrating Milestones:

In January, Cyrus commemorated the one-year anniversary of her hit song “Flowers” with a heartfelt Instagram post. The singer expressed gratitude for the song’s positive impact on people’s lives and shared two black-and-white photos of herself holding a flower.

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