AEW’s 6 ft Star Sends Five-Word Message About Potential Don Callis Family Deal

Rush’s recent activities and his five-word message suggest that exciting developments are on the horizon for both him and AEW

The potential alliance with The Don Callis Family opens up a realm of possibilities that could significantly influence the future of the promotion.

Whether this partnership will come to fruition and how it will unfold remain to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the coming weeks in AEW will be filled with anticipation as fans watch to see if Rush and The Don Callis Family will become the next big force in professional wrestling.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this unfolding story, Rush’s future endeavors and the potential impact of his alliance with Don Callis will be a central focus for AEW’s creative direction and fan engagement.

Rush (Image: Source)

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Rush Teases Alliance with The Don Callis Family

A New Era for AEW

In a surprising twist on AEW Collision, the six-foot star Rush has set the wrestling world abuzz with a five-word message that could signal the beginning of a significant alliance.1

This potential partnership with The Don Callis Family could open up new opportunities for Rush and elevate both his career and the faction’s influence within All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Here’s a detailed look at the situation and its possible implications.

The Backstage Encounter: A Moment of Surprises

  • During a backstage interview on AEW Collision, Rush, the leader of Los Ingobernables, had a chance encounter with Don Callis and his associates.
  • This moment was charged with intrigue, as Callis appeared visibly surprised by Rush’s presence.
  • The brief but impactful interaction hinted at a potential collaboration between the two wrestling powerhouses.
  • Rush’s entrance into the scene was marked by a commanding presence that caught Callis’s attention.
  • This unexpected meeting set the stage for speculation about a future alliance, given the dramatic potential of such a partnership.
  • The tension and excitement of this encounter were captured in a series of images that Rush later shared on social media.

Rush’s Five-Word Message: An Insightful Declaration

Following the conclusion of AEW Collision, Rush took to X/Twitter to reflect on his recent interaction with Don Callis.

He shared two contrasting pictures—one from the show and one from the past—accompanied by a five-word message: Every failure is an opportunity.”

This cryptic message, which translates from Spanish, serves as both a reflection and a statement of intent. It suggests that Rush is ready to embrace new challenges and learn from past setbacks.

This declaration resonates with his recent focus on revitalizing his singles career and achieving new heights in AEW.

Don Callis
Don Callis

Rush’s Recent Focus on His Singles Career

In recent weeks, Rush has shifted his focus back to his singles career. After a successful stint with Los Ingobernables, where he was a dominant force in the tag team scene, Rush’s attention has turned towards personal growth and individual accolades.

This transition marks a significant turning point for the former ROH World Champion, who is now poised to pursue solo success.

Rush’s singles career has been marked by both triumphs and struggles. His decision to concentrate on this aspect of his wrestling journey highlights his desire for growth and reinvention.

With Don Callis’s reputation for nurturing top talent, an alliance with him could provide Rush with the support and direction he needs to reach his full potential.

The Significance of The Don Callis Family in AEW

The Don Callis Family has become one of the most influential factions in AEW. Led by the enigmatic Don Callis, the group has made waves through strategic alliances, psychological manipulation, and high-stakes drama.

Their influence is evident in their ability to shape storylines and elevate their members to the forefront of the wrestling world.

Don Callis is known for his sharp intellect and experience in the wrestling business. His role as a manager and mentor has helped launch the careers of several prominent wrestlers.

By aligning himself with Callis, Rush could benefit from this extensive network and gain access to new opportunities for advancement.

Rush (Image: Source)

Rush’s Previous Feuds and Achievements

To understand the significance of this potential alliance, it’s useful to look at Rush’s history in professional wrestling.2

Known for his intense in-ring style and charismatic persona, Rush has been a formidable force in various promotions.

ROH World Champion

Rush’s reign as the ROH World Champion was marked by high-profile matches and intense rivalries. His championship run established him as a top-tier wrestler and showcased his ability to carry a major promotion.

Los Ingobernables

As the leader of Los Ingobernables, Rush achieved considerable success. The faction’s popularity and influence helped solidify Rush’s position as a key player in the wrestling world.

Their success in various promotions demonstrated Rush’s leadership skills and appeal.

Past Collaborations

Rush’s history of collaborations and feuds with other wrestling stars has been instrumental in shaping his career.

These experiences have prepared him for potential new alliances and challenges, making him a prime candidate for a partnership with Don Callis.

Don Callis
Don Callis (Image: Source)

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Don Callis’s Legacy as a Manager and Mentor

Don Callis’s career as a manager and mentor has been marked by several notable successes.3

His ability to identify and cultivate talent has been a defining feature of his role in the wrestling world.

Success with Chris Jericho

One of Callis’s most notable achievements was his partnership with Chris Jericho. Their collaboration led to some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history, showcasing Callis’s skill in managing top talent.

Influence in Various Promotions

Callis’s influence extends beyond AEW. His work with promotions like NJPW and Impact Wrestling has demonstrated his ability to shape the direction of major wrestling organizations and guide wrestlers to success.

Strategic Mindset

  • Callis’s strategic mindset and psychological acumen are central to his approach as a manager.
  • His ability to create compelling narratives and forge powerful alliances has been a key factor in his success.
  • Throughout his wrestling career, Don Callis made significant contributions to the industry.
  • His work as a manager included guiding the careers of several high-profile wrestlers, helping to shape their personas and storylines.
  • Callis was known for his sharp wit and strategic thinking, which made him a valuable asset in the wrestling world.
  • In addition to his managerial roles, Callis also worked as a commentator, providing insightful analysis and commentary on wrestling matches.
  • His expertise in the industry and his engaging personality made him a popular figure among fans and colleagues alike.
Don Callis
Don Callis

Don Callis: Personal Life

Don Callis, known for his impactful career in professional wrestling, has also led a fascinating personal life marked by diverse interests and accomplishments.

Beyond his role as a prominent wrestling personality, Callis has ventured into Canadian politics, business, and personal relationships that reveal different facets of his character.

This article delves into these various aspects of Callis’s life, offering a detailed examination of his achievements and experiences.

Personal Relationships and Marriages

Don Callis’s personal life has been marked by several notable relationships. He has been married to three actresses and one porn star, with each relationship contributing to his personal and public life in different ways.

Marriage to Actress 1

Callis’s first marriage was to an actress, though details about this relationship are relatively private.

This marriage marked the beginning of Callis’s journey into the world of personal relationships with individuals from the entertainment industry.

Marriage to Actress 2

His second marriage was also to an actress, showcasing Callis’s continued interest in relationships with individuals from the acting profession.

While this marriage was also relatively private, it highlights Callis’s connections to the broader entertainment industry.

Marriage to Actress 3

Callis’s third marriage was to another actress, further illustrating his personal life’s connection to the world of film and television.

This relationship, like his previous ones, was marked by its focus on privacy and discretion.

Relationship with a Porn Star

In addition to his marriages to actresses, Callis has been involved with a porn star, a relationship that stands out due to the public nature of the porn industry.

This relationship reflects Callis’s diverse personal interests and his willingness to explore unconventional paths in his personal life.


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What did Rush’s five-word message mean?

Rush’s message translates to “Every failure is an opportunity.” It reflects his readiness to embrace new challenges and learn from past setbacks.

What is The Don Callis Family known for?

The Don Callis Family is known for its strategic influence, high-profile storylines, and successful management of top wrestling talent.

How could Rush’s potential alliance with Don Callis affect his career?

The alliance could lead to main event opportunities, enhanced character development, and increased visibility for Rush.

What are Rush’s previous achievements in wrestling?

Rush is a former ROH World Champion and the leader of the successful faction Los Ingobernables.

What makes Don Callis a notable manager?

Don Callis is known for his strategic mindset, successful partnerships with top wrestlers, and significant influence across various wrestling promotions.

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