Carmelo Hayes Demands ‘Legend Killer’ Title After Pinning Randy Orton

Carmelo Hayes’ Path to the 2024 Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Carmelo Hayes has secured his place in the 2024 Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, marking a significant milestone in his WWE career. Hayes earned this opportunity by pinning the legendary Randy Orton in a thrilling Triple Threat match on SmackDown, a feat that has sent waves of excitement through the WWE Universe.1

The Triple Threat Match

The qualification match featured three formidable competitors: Carmelo Hayes, Randy Orton, and Tama Tonga. The bout was intense and action-packed, with numerous interferences adding to the drama.

At a crucial moment, Kevin Owens made his presence felt by neutralizing Tama Tonga’s partner, Tonga Loa. This intervention created a window of opportunity for Hayes, who capitalized by rolling up Randy Orton for the victory. The pinfall over a 14-time World Champion like Orton is a testament to Hayes’ rising status in WWE.

Post-Match Ecstasy and Ambitions

Following his monumental win, Carmelo Hayes was interviewed by WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton on The SmackDown Lowdown. Hayes expressed his elation at pinning Randy Orton, acknowledging the significance of defeating such a decorated superstar.

He hinted at adopting the “Legend Killer” moniker, a nickname synonymous with Orton, signaling Hayes’ ambition to follow in the footsteps of one of WWE’s most iconic figures.

The Importance of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is one of WWE’s most prestigious and career-altering events. The winner of this match secures a contract that guarantees a championship match at any time and place of their choosing.

This opportunity has historically catapulted superstars to the pinnacle of WWE, and for Carmelo Hayes, it represents a chance to establish himself as a top-tier talent.

Hayes’ Momentum and Potential

  • Carmelo Hayes’ victory over Randy Orton has not only secured his spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match but has also given him significant momentum.2


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  • His ability to seize the moment and overcome a legend like Orton showcases his potential to become a major player in WWE.
  • With his blend of athleticism, charisma, and in-ring prowess, Hayes is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in the upcoming match.
  • Randy Orton, known as “The Viper” and the “Legend Killer,” brought his vast experience and tactical acumen to the Triple Threat match.
  • Orton’s presence added a layer of prestige and complexity to the bout, making Hayes’ victory all the more impressive.
  • Orton, a master of mind games and strategic in-ring psychology, posed a significant challenge that Hayes overcame with cunning and agility.

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Randy Orton’s Challenging Night on SmackDown

Randy Orton’s tough night on SmackDown didn’t end with his Triple Threat match loss to Carmelo Hayes. The Apex Predator was back in action during the main event, which saw Cody Rhodes face off against Solo Sikoa.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (Image: Source)

The match, expected to be a thrilling encounter, quickly descended into chaos, highlighting the ongoing tensions within WWE.

Main Event Chaos: Cody Rhodes vs. Solo Sikoa

Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa’s singles match was the main event of the evening. However, the match barely got underway before it was interrupted. The Bloodline, a faction led by the new Tribal Chief, saw an opportunity to ambush the Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes. The interference led to a disqualification, ending the contest prematurely.

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens to the Rescue

As The Bloodline ganged up on Cody Rhodes, the odds seemed overwhelmingly in their favor. Randy Orton, alongside Kevin Owens, rushed to the ring to even the odds. Their intervention provided a momentary relief for Rhodes, as they managed to clear the ring of The Bloodline members.3

With The Bloodline momentarily on the back foot, Orton and Owens focused their attention on Solo Sikoa. However, the situation took an unexpected turn with the debut of Jacob Fatu.

The Debut of Jacob Fatu: The Samoan Werewolf Arrives

  • Jacob Fatu, known as The Samoan Werewolf, made a dramatic debut during the chaos. His arrival marked a significant shift in the power dynamics within WWE, especially concerning The Bloodline.
  • Fatu’s presence immediately turned the tide in favor of The Bloodline, showcasing his immense power and impact.
  • Jacob Fatu wasted no time in making his presence felt. He first targeted Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, taking them out with ease.
  • His assault culminated in a massive Splash on Cody Rhodes, delivered on the announcers’ desk. This brutal move sent a clear message about The Bloodline’s renewed strength and dominance.
Carmelo Hayes
Carmelo Hayes (Image: Source)

Carmelo Hayes: A Passion Ignited in Childhood

Carmelo Hayes, born on August 1, 1994, hails from the vibrant town of Framingham, Massachusetts. It was here that his journey into the world of wrestling began, shaping his life and career in profound ways.

From a tender age, Carmelo Hayes exhibited an intense passion for wrestling. His love for the sport ignited early on, fueling his dreams and aspirations in ways that would define his future endeavors.

Childhood Influence

Growing up in Framingham, Hayes was surrounded by the rich tapestry of wrestling culture. His formative years were marked by the excitement of watching wrestling matches, soaking in the adrenaline and drama that the sport had to offer.

Carmelo Hayes
Carmelo Hayes (Image: Source)

For young Carmelo Hayes, watching wrestling wasn’t just entertainment; it was a source of inspiration and awe. Witnessing the athleticism, storytelling, and larger-than-life personas of wrestlers left an indelible mark on his impressionable mind.

From Fan to Aspirant

As Hayes delved deeper into the world of wrestling fandom, his admiration for the athletes grew. He not only cheered for his favorite wrestlers but also harbored a secret desire to step into the ring himself one day.

As Hayes matured, his passion for wrestling evolved from a mere spectator sport to a lifelong pursuit. Fuelled by determination and a burning desire to make his mark, he embarked on a journey that would test his mettle and shape his destiny.

Training and Dedication

Transitioning from a fan to a practitioner required unwavering dedication. Hayes immersed himself in rigorous training, honing his skills, and refining his craft with each passing day. Like any aspiring wrestler, Carmelo Hayes faced his share of challenges. From physical demands to mental resilience, every obstacle was an opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient.

Seizing Opportunities

Hayes didn’t just wait for opportunities; he created them. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his willingness to push boundaries set him apart in a competitive landscape.

Through sheer determination and a never-say-die attitude, Carmelo Hayes carved a path to success. His journey from a wrestling fan in Framingham to a rising star in the wrestling world is a testament to his perseverance and passion.

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Carmelo Hayes: Embarking on a Professional Wrestling Journey

Carmelo Hayes’ professional wrestling journey began under the guidance of renowned trainer Brian Fury. Under Fury’s tutelage, Hayes honed his skills and prepared himself for the challenges of the wrestling world.

On April 12, 2014, Carmelo Hayes stepped into the ring for his professional wrestling debut, representing the independent promotion Chaotic Wrestling. His debut match saw him face off against Mikey Webb, a formidable opponent who tested Hayes’ mettle in the ring.

Carmelo Hayes
Carmelo Hayes

Early Challenges and Growth

Despite a loss in his debut match, Hayes remained undeterred. He embraced the challenges of the wrestling industry, learning from every experience and striving to improve with each match.

In the following years, Carmelo Hayes expanded his reach across various wrestling promotions. His talent and dedication earned him opportunities to showcase his skills in different arenas, allowing him to gain valuable experience and exposure.

Pride of New England Tournament Triumph

One of Hayes’ notable achievements came in Beyond Wrestling, where he participated in the prestigious Pride of New England Tournament for Tomorrow. Displaying his prowess and determination, Hayes emerged victorious, solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the wrestling scene.

With each match and tournament appearance, Carmelo Hayes continued to build a reputation for himself. His combination of athleticism, charisma, and in-ring ability caught the attention of fans and promoters alike, paving the way for new opportunities.

Evolving Skills and Style

Hayes’ journey in professional wrestling was marked by continuous growth and evolution. He fine-tuned his skills, experimented with his wrestling style, and developed a unique persona that resonated with audiences.

As Hayes made his mark across different promotions, his presence contributed to the vibrancy and diversity of the wrestling landscape. His contributions to matches and storylines added depth and excitement to wrestling events, earning him a dedicated fan following.

Carmelo Hayes: Unveiling His Net Worth in 2023

Carmelo Hayes, hailed as the ‘Breakout Star of 2021’ in WWE, has been making waves in the wrestling world. With accolades such as the former NXT North American Champion and the current NXT Champion, Hayes has not only solidified his position as a top-tier talent but has also significantly impacted his net worth.

Lucrative Salary: $200,000 per Year

One of the highest-paid debutants in NXT, Carmelo Hayes commands an impressive annual salary of $200,000. This substantial income is a testament to his rising prominence and value within WWE’s roster.

Unveiling Carmelo Hayes’s Estimated Net Worth

As of 2023, Carmelo Hayes’s estimated net worth stands at a remarkable $2 million. This figure reflects not only his earnings from his wrestling career but also endorsements, merchandise sales, and other ventures associated with his rising fame.

Carmelo Hayes
Carmelo Hayes

The Impact of Success in WWE

Carmelo Hayes’s success in WWE has not only elevated his status as a performer but has also translated into financial growth and stability. His achievements in the ring have translated into lucrative opportunities and increased earning potential.

Investments and Financial Planning

With a substantial net worth of $2 million, Hayes has the means to make strategic investments and engage in prudent financial planning. This includes diversifying his portfolio, securing his financial future, and exploring avenues for long-term wealth accumulation.

The Journey to Financial Success

Carmelo Hayes’s journey from a debutant in NXT to one of its highest-paid talents exemplifies the possibilities within the wrestling industry. His dedication, talent, and perseverance have been key factors in his financial success.


1. Who is Carmelo Hayes?

Ans: Carmelo Hayes, also known as Christian Brigham, is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is known for his time in NXT, where he has showcased his athleticism and in-ring skills.

2. What does “Legend Killer” refer to in wrestling?

Ans: “Legend Killer” is a term often used in wrestling to describe a wrestler who defeats established or legendary wrestlers, thereby earning a reputation as someone who can defeat even the most experienced and accomplished opponents.

3. Did Carmelo Hayes actually pin Randy Orton?

Ans: As of my last update in January 2022, there is no record of Carmelo Hayes pinning Randy Orton in a wrestling match. This scenario could be part of a storyline, fan fiction, or hypothetical discussion among wrestling fans.

4. What would it mean for Carmelo Hayes to demand the “Legend Killer” title?

Ans: For Carmelo Hayes to demand the “Legend Killer” title would signify his desire to be recognized as someone who can defeat legendary wrestlers like Randy Orton. It could be a way to elevate his character and establish himself as a threat to established stars in the wrestling industry.

5. How would fans and the wrestling community react to Carmelo Hayes’ demand for the “Legend Killer” title?

Ans: The reaction from fans and the wrestling community would depend on how the storyline is presented and executed. If done well, it could generate excitement and interest in Carmelo Hayes’ character, showcasing his ambition and potential as a rising star in WWE.

However, some fans might prefer to see established legends like Randy Orton retain their status without being “killed off” by newer talents.

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