Who Is Viviane Dieye? Facts To Know About Herve Renard Partner

Who Is Viviane Dieye? Facts To Know About Herve Renard Partner

Viviane Dieye is dating Saudi Arabia football team manager Herve Renard. Viviane was formerly married to Bruno Metsu, a coach.

Herve must travel the world for games as a professional football coach. Viviane, his wife, joins him on these journeys, and the two enjoy sharing their experiences and making new memories wherever they go.

They enjoy going out together, eating gourmet cuisine, and photographing their special occasions with friends and family.

He is recognised as a tactical genius in football, which he credits to his spouse, who provides him with mental support, analyses his teaching style, and ideas for new techniques.

They also adore one another, enjoy a lavish lifestyle together, and are frequently seen holding hands in public.

Herve Renard
Herve Renard

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Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard’s Relationship Timeline


Viviane Dieye met Herve through mutual friends and they are currently dating.

They’ve known one other for a long time and met a few times when they were with their pals before falling in love when they started conversing and got to know each other better.


Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard married in 2016 and are now happily married. They married after more than a year of dating, and their romance is still going strong.

They live in Saudi Arabia, where Herve is the national team coach, and living prosperous lives because the Saudi team lavishly compensates their coach.


Herve Renard also supports Viviane Dieye’s store, which he has promoted on numerous occasions. The sports equipment store in Casablanca is exclusively for women and has long been a popular hangout, with various well-known brands accessible.

The business is at the commercial heart of the Twin Center economic city. It’s been reported in numerous media channels here, and it’s a popular stop for celebs.

January 2021

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard took their ex-children partner’s on a climb, had a great time together, and had a little dry picnic at Leo Summit.

February 2021

They celebrated Herve’s eldest daughter Audrey’s birthday with only a few guests, making it a very private gathering.

Viviane adores her even though she is the eldest kid of Herve’s previous relationship.

May 2021

They went to Senegal with their pals on vacation in July 2021 and had a good time together, enjoying themselves greatly.

While Viviane is also from Senegal, they visit their families together and are adored by their family members; despite their previous relationship, they both understand and accept their past.

August 2021

They had a wonderful dinner date and enjoyed their time together with some sushi and wine, as Herve Renard documented on Instagram.

October 2021

On the weekend, the entire family went to the Riyadh safari and had a great time. It’s a lovely park with a variety of animals and activities.

November 2022

They are currently in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and have been touring different sights, trying new foods, and learning about their culture, as shown on Instagram.

She was also rooting for him throughout Saudi Arabia’s recent game.

Herve Renard Partner Viviane Dieye
Herve Renard Partner Viviane Dieye


Herve Renard was born in Aix-les-Bains, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France on September 30, 1968.

He was a defender for French clubs AS Cannes, Stade de Vallauris, and SC Draguignan from 1983 to 1998 before quitting to pursue other interests.

He is well-known for his past work as the Zambian national team’s head coach. With Zambia, he won the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) in 2012. He is the first coach to win two CAN cups with two separate countries, having won the CAN 2015 with Cote D’Ivoire.

Herve formerly worked as Claude Le Roy’s assistant coach for the Ghana national team. Coach Herve Renard is making waves in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022 as his Saudi Arabia team came back from a goal down to defeat the solid Argentine team led by Lionel Messi.

Age of Herve Renard

On September 30, 1968, Herve Renard was born. Herve Renard is now 54 years old. Herve Renard is well-known in France as a coach.

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Herve Renard’s Height

He is a popular French coach, was born on September 30, 1968. Herve Renard has made a respectable living from his career.

Herve Renard’s height is 1.84 m and his weight is 80 kg.


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Viviane has three children from her late husband named Enzo, Noah, and Maeva.

Her husband died on 15 October 2013 due to colon cancer. Nerve has two daughters and a son from his ex-wife. His children’s names are Candide, Audrey, and Kevin Renard.

Facts About Herve Renard

  • Herve Renard is a French professional football coach.
  • Herve estimated net worth is around $103 million.
  • His annual salary is estimated at  €1.1 million.
  • He was born on 30 September 1968 in Aix-les-Bains, France.
  • Herve is in a relationship with his partner Viviane Dieye.
Herve Renard
Herve Renard

Quick Facts

Name Herve Renard
Profession French coach
Date of Birth 30 September 1968
Age 54 years old
Height 1.84 m
Net Worth $1.5 Million


1. Who is Herve Renard?

Herve Renard is known as a French coach. Herve Renard was born on 30 September 1968 and presently Herve Renard is 54 years old.

2. What is Herve Renard Net Worth?

Herve Renard is a French coach who has a net worth of $1.5 Million. Herve Renard was born on 30 September 1968.

3. What is Herve Renard’s weight?

Herve Renard the successful French coach weighs 80 kg. Get to know more about Herve Renard from the above article.

4. How tall is Herve Renard?

Herve Renard is a French coach who stands 1.84 m tall.

5. How old is Herve Renard?

Herve Renard was born on 30 September 1968. Herve Renard is 54 years old.

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