How Old Is Mya Allen? Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Parents, Siblings and More

In the dynamic realm of Texas volleyball, one name is creating waves and capturing the attention of enthusiasts – Mya Allen

This young athlete, now in her mid-teens, has become a captivating force on the court, showcasing her prowess with thrilling spikes that rival even seasoned professionals.

Hailing from the Lone Star State, Mya’s sporting lineage is deeply rooted, with her father being a former collegiate basketball player.

In the evolving landscape of Texas volleyball, Mya Allen’s trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. From her family’s sporting legacy to individual triumphs on the court, Mya’s journey exemplifies dedication, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As she continues to make her mark in both high school and junior volleyball circuits, the future looks exceptionally bright for this rising star from the heart of Texas.

Mya Allen’s journey transcends the boundaries of age and athleticism, weaving a tale of ambition, family bonds, and the pursuit of excellence on and off the volleyball court. As she continues to carve her path in the sports realm, the world eagerly awaits the unfolding chapters of Mya’s remarkable story.

Mya Allen
Mya Allen (Image: Source)

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Mya Allen: Career

A Sporting Legacy: Mya’s Family and Volleyball Tradition

Mya Allen’s journey in volleyball is a continuation of a rich family tradition. Her elder sisters, who are no strangers to the volleyball court, set the stage for Mya’s entry into the sport.1

Their influence and expertise have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Mya into the formidable player she is today.

From High School Glory to Statewide Acclaim

Currently, Mya stands out as one of the most effective outside hitters for her high school varsity team. Her exceptional skills and contributions have not gone unnoticed.

In September 2023, during her junior year, she earned the prestigious title of Texas Volleyball Insider Player of the Week.

Adding to this accolade, Mya received the Express-News Game Ball twice in the same month, solidifying her status as a standout player in the Texas volleyball scene.

Championship Triumph: Mya and the Rattlers

The pinnacle of Mya’s high school volleyball journey so far was the triumphant victory at the 2022 Girls Jr. Volleyball Championship with the Rattlers.

This achievement not only showcased her individual brilliance but also highlighted her ability to contribute significantly to a team’s success on the grand stage.

Mya’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the high school arena. She is an integral part of the Alamo Volleyball Association, a premier junior volleyball program.

This association not only serves as a platform for honing her skills but also positions her among the rising stars in the broader volleyball community.

Mya Allen
Mya Allen (Image: Source)

Mya Allen: Age, Height and Weight

Unveiling Mya Allen’s Volleyball Prowess and Personal Details

Mya Allen, the skilled high school volleyball hitter hailing from San Antonio, Texas, graced the world on June 12, 2007. At the present moment in 2023, this volleyball prodigy is celebrating her sweet sixteen.2

Possessing an athletic physique and an impressive stature of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m), Mya Allen dominates the volleyball court with unparalleled agility and a strategic advantage in spiking. Her weight, clocking in at 125 lbs (57 Kg), complements her athletic prowess.

As the third-born among four siblings, Mya holds a unique place in her family. She is the youngest among three sisters, creating a dynamic age gap with each of her siblings.

Sibling Chronicles: Mya’s Unique Family Structure

Mya shares a significant age gap of 5 and a half years with her eldest sister, Raelee. Following closely is her second-eldest sister, Tarryn, who is just a year older. On the other hand, her younger brother, Jaxon, trails seven years behind her.

Currently attending Reagan High School with an anticipated graduation year of 2025, Mya Allen combines academic excellence with her remarkable athletic feats.

Despite her notable achievements, she surprisingly lacks a Wikipedia page. However, her triumphs are well-documented on various prep school websites and social media profiles.

Mya’s Scholastic Voyage: Balancing Sports and Studies

  • Navigating the challenges of high school, Mya showcases her multifaceted talents beyond the volleyball court.
  • Her story is a testament to resilience and determination, captivating the attention of sports enthusiasts and scholars alike.
  • In October 2023, the reputable Dig Texas State Rankings acknowledged Mya Allen’s prowess by ranking her at an impressive #21.
  • This recognition solidifies her position as one of the most promising prospects in the 2025 class.
  • Fuelled by dedication and a penchant for elevating her game, Mya stands at the precipice of joining the ranks of legendary female volleyball players.
  • Names like Jordan Larson, Samantha Bricio, Kerri Walsh Jennings, and Gabrielle Reece beckon as inspirations for the aspiring volleyball luminary.
Mya Allen
Mya Allen

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Mya Allen: Parents

Exploring the Roots: Joe Allen Jr. and Shana Allen’s Enduring Love Story

Mya Allen, the powerhouse outside hitter for the Reagan Rattlers, emerges not only as a volleyball sensation but as one piece of the Allen family puzzle.

Born into the warmth of her parents’ love, Joe Allen Jr. and Shana Allen, Mya shares her journey as the youngest of four siblings.

A Love Story Spanning Decades

Joe Allen Jr. and Shana Allen’s love story began in 2000 and has stood the test of time. Their union, solemnized on July 8, 2005, continues to radiate love and commitment.

Recently, on their 18th wedding anniversary, Joe took to Facebook to express his enduring affection, posting, “Happy Anniversary, my Love, Heart, and Soulmate!!! Going Strong since 2000!! This Journey with you is awesome!!”.

Meet the Man Behind the Cheers: Joe Allen Jr.

Joe Allen Jr., born in October 1978, is not just a dedicated father but also a multifaceted professional.

At 45, he excels as a high school basketball coach and a seasoned real estate agent. His journey in education and sports administration paints a picture of passion and commitment.

In June 2022, Joe Allen Jr. took a stride in his professional journey by joining Clark High School as a teacher and assistant basketball coach.

This move marked a significant transition from his previous role at Lopez Middle School in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Mya’s Roots: A Glimpse into Family Life

  • As the youngest member of the Allen family, Mya Allen’s upbringing is infused with a blend of athletic inspiration and familial warmth.
  • Her father’s role as a basketball coach not only contributes to her athletic prowess but also reflects the family’s deep-seated passion for sports.
  • In unraveling the layers of Mya Allen’s family, we catch a glimpse of a narrative woven with love, commitment, and a shared enthusiasm for athletics.
  • From Joe Allen Jr.’s dual roles as an educator and a sports mentor to the enduring love story with Shana Allen, the family narrative is as compelling as Mya’s performances on the volleyball court.
  • Mya Allen’s family is a testament to the intertwining of love, passion, and sportsmanship.
  • As Mya continues to make strides in her volleyball career, her family remains a source of unwavering support, shaping not only her athletic journey but also contributing to the vibrant tapestry of their collective story.
Mya Allen
Mya Allen (Image: Source)

Mya Allen: Siblings

Exploring the Allen Sisters’ Passion for Volleyball

Mya Jolee Allen, a rising star in the world of volleyball, hails from the vibrant city of San Antonio.3

Growing up amidst a family of sports enthusiasts, Mya’s journey into the realm of volleyball was profoundly influenced by her two elder sisters, Raelee and Tarryn, as well as her younger brother, Jaxon Allen.

Raelee – A Trailblazer in the Volleyball Arena

At the forefront of the Allen volleyball legacy is Raelee, the eldest sister, born on November 5, 2001. Now 22 years old in 2023, Raelee’s early commitment to high school volleyball paved the way for her siblings.

Graduating in 2020, she left a lasting mark on Reagan High School’s volleyball program.

Tarryn (TJ) – The Emerging Talent

Following closely in Raelee’s footsteps, Tarryn, affectionately known as TJ, represents the 2024 class of Reagan High School.

At the age of 17, born on March 11, 2006, Tarryn showcases her prowess in the varsity volleyball team, continuing the family’s tradition of sporting excellence.

Mya’s Volleyball Odyssey

Mya Jolee Allen, the protagonist of this sporting saga, embraced the sport under the guidance and inspiration of her sisters.

Viewing them not just as siblings but as rivals and mentors, Mya’s journey has been shaped by the rich volleyball culture established by Raelee and Tarryn.

A Glimpse into the Allen Family Dynamics

  • Beyond the volleyball courts, the Allen family extends its sportsmanship to the youngest member, Jaxon Allen.
  • Currently navigating his way through 3rd grade in 2023, Jaxon is the promising heir to the family’s athletic prowess.
  • In the heart of San Antonio, the Allen sisters have woven a narrative of triumph and dedication within the realm of volleyball.
  • From Raelee’s pioneering contributions to Tarryn’s emerging talent, the Allen family stands united in their passion for the sport.
  • Mya Jolee Allen, with her sisters as both rivals and mentors, is not merely continuing a legacy but is actively contributing to the creation of a volleyball dynasty.
  • As the youngest brother, Jaxon, takes his first steps into the world of sports, the Allen family’s saga in volleyball continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the athletic landscape.
Mya Allen
Mya Allen


1. Who is Mya Allen and what is she known for?

Mya Allen is a renowned contemporary artist known for her innovative use of mixed media in her artworks.

Her pieces often explore themes of identity, nature, and societal issues, capturing attention for their unique blend of traditional and modern artistic elements.

2. Where can I view Mya Allen’s latest art exhibitions?

Mya Allen frequently exhibits her artwork in leading galleries and art institutions globally.

To stay updated on her latest exhibitions, it is recommended to check her official website or follow her on social media platforms, where she announces upcoming shows and events.

3. How can I purchase Mya Allen’s artwork?

To acquire Mya Allen’s artwork, you can visit her official online art store, which showcases a curated selection of her pieces available for purchase.

Additionally, some of her works may be available through partnering galleries or art auctions. Details on availability and pricing can be found on her website.

4. Does Mya Allen offer art classes or workshops for aspiring artists?

Yes, Mya Allen is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists. She occasionally conducts art classes and workshops, both in-person and online.

Details about upcoming sessions, including schedules and registration information, can be found on her official website.

5. Is Mya Allen open to collaborations or commissions?

Mya Allen welcomes collaborations and commissions. If you have a specific project in mind or would like to discuss a commissioned artwork, you can reach out to her through the contact form on her website.

Please provide detailed information about your proposal, and her team will respond to inquiries regarding availability and terms.

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