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John Motson Son Frederick Motson Has A Wide Research Interest In Law

Fredrick Motson, the son of John Motson, is a professional law lecturer in his own right. Fredrick is of British descent and currently resides in the United Kingdom.

Motson dominated the football coverage on the BBC from the late 1970s until 2008, cementing his name and renown in the process and bringing joy to his family.

While his son began his professional life at the University of Westminster, where he finally advanced through the ranks to become a lecturer and a senior lecturer, the father worked in the field of education. In 2016, Fred moved out from London and out of Westminster in order to begin a family. His motivation was to be closer to his family.

Fred’s many areas of legal research interest include, but are not limited to: sports law, real estate law, environmental law, contract law, and tort law. His father’s interest in these fields was passed down from him.

The relationship between the father and son is one that continues to be quite strong. They don’t look much like father and son; more like father and closest friend.

John Motson Son Frederick Motson
John Motson Son Frederick Motson

John Motson Son Frederick Motson

In the year 1986, John and Anne Motson welcomed a child into the world whom they called Frederick Motson Motson.

The father and son have a close relationship, which has allowed them to feel comfortable talking about anything and everything. His son has always admired his father’s commentary, despite the fact that the father is well known for his work as a pundit.

In addition to this, his son decided to go in a different direction and instead became a legal lecturer, becoming well-known in that sector of the industry in London. Fred is particularly interested in the intersection of law and technology, particularly with regard to the ways in which technology might affect or change the practise of law as well as how law reacts to improvements in technological capabilities.

Fred is primarily interested in the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in professional football matches. In his research, he plans to investigate the extent to which legal theory, and specifically that of Ronald Dworkin, can be informative. Because Fred’s dad enjoys watching and playing football, Fred has taken an interest in the sport himself.

His goal is to assist in coordinating the preparation, training, and responsibilities of the officials. Both Simon Lee and Simon Gardiner, both of whom are academics, will be responsible for monitoring him.

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John Motson Son Is A Law Lecturer

Frederick Motson, son of John Motson, is a law instructor working in London, England.

In addition to lecturing on undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Buckingham, working for Kaplan Open Learning at the University of Essex, and working for BPP University on their LPC and LLB programmes, he juggles a variety of other roles that are centred on teaching and assessment. These roles include working for Kaplan Open Learning at the University of Essex, working for BPP University on their LPC and LLB programmes, and working for Kaplan Open Learning.

He was the Partnership Curriculum Leader for Law at the University of Northampton, and he also maintained tight contacts to the industry by providing continuing legal education to attorneys through Central Law Training. Both positions were held at the University of Northampton.

In addition to this, he continues to juggle his obligations as the marking team leader for the Bar Standards Board and as the Chief Examiner and Reviewer for The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives while working full-time at the Open University.

The second topic will be the focus of a number of upcoming projects for Fred, with particular attention paid to the ways in which legal scenarios depicted in science fiction may have an impact on the way law is practised in the real world.

John Motson
John Motson

John Motson Bio

John Walker “Motty” Motson is an English football commentator. He was born on 10 July 1945 and received an OBE. Since he began his career in 1971 as a television commentator for the BBC, he has provided analysis for more than 2000 sporting events on both television and radio. Aside from a brief period in the 1990s in which his friend and rival Barry Davies was selected to commentate on two FA Cup finals, the 1994 World Cup final, and the UEFA Euro 1996 semi-final between England and Germany, Motson was the preeminent figure in football commentary at the BBC from the late 1970s until 2008. During this time, Motson held this position until the year 2008.

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Name John Motson
Nickname None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10-Jul-1945
Age in 2022 77
Birth Place England
Country United Kingdom
Nationality British
Height None (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession Sportscaster

Motson made the announcement that he was retiring from live television analysis in the year 2008. He continued to report on games for the highlights of Match of the Day and made appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live. In addition, he provided commentary for CBeebies’ Footy Pups. After commentating on ten FIFA World Cups, ten UEFA European Championships, and twenty-nine FA Cup finals, he made the announcement that he was retiring completely from BBC commentary in September of 2017. He made the announcement that he would be coming out of retirement to work for Talksport in July of 2018.

Motson, who was the son of a Methodist minister, was educated at Culford School, which is located close to Bury St. Edmunds. He was born in Salford, which is located in Lancashire. Culford is a public school, and during that time period, football was not well received there. Instead, rugby union, hockey, and cricket were the school’s most popular sports.

In 1963, Motson began his career in the publishing industry by working for a newspaper in Barnet as a reporter. Between 1967 and 1968, he was an employee of the Sheffield Morning Telegraph, when he initially covered football for the first time.

John Motson is an English football commentator.
John Motson is an English football commentator.

Broadcasting career

When the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) hired Motson in 1968 to work as a sports broadcaster on Radio 2, his career in broadcasting took off. In December of 1969, he provided radio commentary for the first time during a match between Everton and Derby County. Three years later, he was given a role with Match of the Day and became a regular commentator during the 1971–72 season. His first match was a 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Chelsea, which was also his first match overall. Motson covered the FA Cup Replay between Hereford United and Newcastle United on February 5, 1972 for Match of the Day, which the BBC anticipated would be a five-minute segment following their two main games. The match was played between Hereford United and Newcastle United. The match was won by Hereford of the non-league by a score of 2–1, and it went on to become the major featured game on the show.

The match between Hereford United and Newcastle United is the one that Motson considers to be his big break through. The game itself was a FA Cup replay from the third round that had been postponed multiple times due to the harsh winter. It was eventually rescheduled to be played on a day that was designated for the fourth round of the FA Cup. The executives at the BBC came to the conclusion that, given the possibility of an unexpected result, the game should be moved to the top of the billing for the Match of the Day show on the BBC. Motson claims that it was this FA Cup upset and the story of the season that made his bosses at the BBC decide he could be trusted with more TV matches; consequently, Motson believed that because of this game, he was later given a three-year deal. This game has been described as the greatest ever giant killing in the history of the FA Cup. Motson was also of the opinion that Ronnie Radford would not have been able to have a career in television commentary if he had not scored his famous goal. Motson’s thoughts on the Radford goal are as follows:

John Motson son Frederick Motson is a lecturer and his father biggest fan
John Motson son Frederick Motson is a lecturer and his father biggest fan

Personal life

Motson and his wife, Anne, make their home in Little Brickhill, which is located in Buckinghamshire. This married couple has been together for the past 43 years. He is also known as “the Maestro,” which is one of his nicknames. One of his children is named Frederick (born in 1986).

Motson discussed his family and personal links to Boston in Lincolnshire in an article that was published in 1982. Some of these connections include being baptised in the area as well as spending his childhood vacations there. In addition to that, he mentioned that he was a fan of Boston United and brought up the club’s illustrious triumph over Derby County in the FA Cup in 1955. In spite of this, he declared in 2012 that he was a fan of Barnet Football Club. In addition to that, some of his other hobbies and interests include attending to the movies, reading thrillers, and running half marathons.

Things we learned from John Motson’s Desert Island Discs

1. Football was a Saturday treat from an early age

John’s dad started him playing football when he was young. When he was seven, his first game was between Charlton Athletic and Chelsea. “The first time he took me down to The Valley at Charlton, I could feel the excitement,” John says. “The colours, the crowd, and the goals drew me in.”

2. He got detention for playing football at school

John says that when he went to Culford boarding school in 1956, he got a great education on beautiful grounds, but he didn’t like being away from home. He says, “Rugby in the fall, hockey in the spring, and cricket in the summer, but no football.” People didn’t like it when John got a few people together with a ball and made up a game on the spot, so he got sent to detention. He was, however, given a record player. For his third record, he chose a song from his school days, when pop music was just starting to become popular: Diana by Paul Anka

3. He used to get pre-match nerves

John says that he used to feel nervous before commenting on live games and that in the beginning, it was like “living on a knife-edge.” He thinks that his constant worry about missing something, especially before the days of action replays, hurt the quality of his commentary. “If you’re doing a live England game in the quarter-final of the World Cup and the audience is 23 million – and they’re all football fans and they all think they could do the job as well as you could, and just one word out of place, and oh my goodness… It was uncomfortable in many ways, but if the match went well, it was also very satisfying.”

Frederick Motson father was treated for bowel cancer.
Frederick Motson father was treated for bowel cancer.

4. He almost lost his love of football in the 1980s

In 1989, John was at Hillsborough to commentate on the FA Cup semi-final. That’s when the terrible thing happened. “Right away, it seemed to me like there were too many people there, so I wanted to get rid of any idea that the crowd was acting badly,” he says. His wife said that she thought he stopped caring about and believing in football that summer, but he thinks that the Heysel Stadium disaster, the Bradford fire, and the violence from fans all took their toll before that. “The 1980s were a bad decade, and hooliganism was a big part of that,” he said. He thought the game had already hit its lowest point. “Then the Hillsborough disaster happened, and I did wonder if football would ever be the same after that.”

5. His wife, Anne, kept a “black book” of all his matches

Anne, John’s wife of over 40 years, kept a record book of every match, who played, who scored goals, and how many people were there. Even the press clippings were kept in the back. He says, “We kept them because it’s a tribute to how she’s helped me and how we’ve worked as a team.” John puts the song “Annie’s Song” by John Denver on his fifth CD. He says it is for her.

John Motson Son Frederick Motson loves his father commentary
John Motson Son Frederick Motson loves his father commentary

FAQs about John Motson

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about John Motson.

  1. What is the Net Worth of John Motson?

The Net Worth of John Motson is $1.5 Million.

  1. What is the Height of John Motson?

The height of John Motson is None.

  1. Where is the birthplace of John Motson?

The birthplace of John Motson is England

  1. What is the Date of Birth of John Motson?

The birthday of John Motson is on 10-Jul-1945.

  1. Is John Motson Married?

The marital status of John Motson is: Married.

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