Moody Awori Death News: Is Former Deputy President Of Kenya Dead Or Alive?

Arthur Moody Awori, a distinguished Kenyan statesman, renowned for his long and illustrious political career, commenced his political sojourn in 1984 as a Parliamentarian representing the Funyula Constituency.

He served under the aegis of President Daniel in various capacities, including as an assistant minister.

Awori acquired his secondary education from the prestigious institutions of Mang’u High School and Kakamega School. In addition, he received a prestigious honorary doctorate in law from Southern New Hampshire University in the United States, reflecting his academic and intellectual prowess.

Although the professional trajectory of Awori is impressive, the rumors surrounding his purported demise have created considerable buzz on the Internet, fueling public interest and curiosity.

Moody Awori
Moody Awori

Moody Awori Death News

The Awori clan has attested to the continued existence and excellent health status of their patriarch. It’s no secret that media personalities are often subject to unfounded rumors of their untimely demise.

The news regarding the former second-in-command of the nation has inundated various social media platforms. Followers of the late ex-president’s supposed passing have been misled by hearsay.


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Individuals are wont to append counterfeit reports to their online profiles to attract the spotlight and inflate their viewership statistics. Therefore, it is prudent to exercise caution when it comes to unverified reports of people’s passing.

The nonagenarian ex-vice president of Kaney, despite being long in the tooth, is not only alive but also thriving in robust health; no accounts of any significant ailments have been publicly disclosed.

Moody Awori, the retired Kenyan deputy head of state, has since eschewed politics in favor of family time and other endeavors.

Recent unfounded whispers have done the rounds concerning his supposed passing, but those claims have been thoroughly debunked by his family. Consequently, the news of his purported demise seems to be an unfounded, spurious rumor.

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Moody Awori: Family

Awori was birthed into a prodigious family by his parents, Canon Jeremiah Awori and Mariamu Awori. He arrived on December 5, 1928, in Busia, Kenya.

Canon Jeremiah and Mariamu were blessed with 16 children, and Moody was one of the progeny. He was reared with 15 siblings, and a great camaraderie was shared by all.

Regrettably, his eldest brother Musa passed away in infancy after a serpent had bitten him. One of Moody’s brethren, W.W.W. Awori, held a position on the Legislative Council in the 1950s.

In addition, Awori’s junior sibling, Aggrey Awori, a political figure in Uganda, vied for the presidency in 2001, culminating in third place.

Moreover, his sister, Mary Okelo, founded and presides over the Makini Schools as their CEO. Each of Awori’s kinfolk were talented and well-known in their respective domains.

Furthermore, Professor Nelson Wanyama Awori, another one of his brothers, captained the team that carried out Africa’s first efficacious renal transplant in 1978.

Awori emanates from a family of distinguished individuals whose contributions to their disciplines are profound.

Moody Awori
Moody Awori

Moody Awori: Net Worth 2023

Formerly, the public has shown a keen interest in unraveling the pecuniary value and total net worth of prominent individuals. This inquisition has also extended to the financial status of X, who was once the deputy president of Kenya. It has been reported by reputable sources that his net worth currently stands at an impressive $5 million.

During his illustrious career spanning over a quarter-century, X had been reticent in disclosing his earnings, including his salary. Thus, information regarding his career earnings remained privy to him.

However, it is worth noting that X’s sources of revenue may transcend beyond his career as a public official. He may have vested interests in the commercial and investment sectors, the details of which are yet to be disclosed.

X, also known as Moody, gained entry into politics by winning a parliamentary seat in 1984. He represented the Funyula Constituency in Western Province, Kenya.

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Moody Awori’s Rumored Dead Or Alive

On the 24th of June in the year 2021, there was a sorrowful and unforeseen announcement concerning the demise of the former Vice President of Kenya, Moody Awori.1

Awori was a pioneer who dedicated over five decades of his life serving the Kenyan government. During his political career, he accomplished the remarkable feat of holding two uninterrupted terms in parliament.

Social media had previously disseminated rumors about Awori’s passing, but his family rejected such claims and verified that he was in good health.

It is not uncommon for famous personalities to become the target of fabricated tales on social media. Despite the multitude of people who propagate such news, it is crucial to exercise caution before accepting reports of someone’s passing without credible sources.

Awori is still alive and well, and there are no significant health issues associated with him.

It is imperative to fact-check information before circulating it on social media.

What Happened To Moody Awori?

Following the passing of the politician Kijana Wamalwa in 2003, Funyula MP Awori was appointed as the vice president, but his tenure was short-lived as he was defeated by Paul Otwoma, who currently serves as the governor of Busia, in the 2007 elections.2

Awori served as Kenya’s ninth vice president from September 25, 2003, until January 9, 2008, when Kijana Wamalwa passed away. In 1984, Awori was elected to parliament for the first time, representing the Funyula constituency in the then-Busia district.

After leaving KANU in 2002, he joined the National Rainbow Coalition, which was then in opposition, and chaired the party’s highest decision-making body.

The veteran politician has recently been the subject of rumors circulating on social media claiming that he had passed away. However, his family has refuted these rumors, stating that he is still alive and well.

Moody Awori
Moody Awori

Moody Awori: Bio

Moody Awori, the Sagittarian scion, was delivered into this world on the 5th of December 1928 in Butere, Kenya, and has since traversed 94 years in his mortal coil.3

Mang’u High School and Kakamega School were the academic institutions which he attended, and later on, he journeyed to Makerere University, in Uganda, to continue his scholastic pursuits. A man of faith, he is a devoted Roman Catholic.

This extraordinary gentleman was the offspring of his forebears. His sire, Jeremiah Awori, was a man of monumental proportions, both in physical stature and character, and his unflagging influence was formidable. His mater, Mariam Awori, remains an enigma in terms of her profession.

Among his kinfolk, eight siblings he has; Aggrey Awori, Hannington Ochwada Awori, Willis Mwendi Awori, Joshua Awori, Nelson Wanyama Awori, Henry Awori, W.W.W. Awori, and Ernest Awori.

The nuptial state has graced the life of Moody Awori, and he is presently betrothed to Rose Awori, Assistant Director of Housekeeping at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. The twain has been blessed with five offspring, although their monikers remain undisclosed.

Moody Awori: Biographical Details

First Name Moody
Name Moody Awori
Complete Family Name Arthur Moody Awori
Date of Birth 5 December 1928
Birth Day 5 December
Birth Years 1928
Birth Place Busia, Kenya
Birth City Busia
Birth Country Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Race Being Updated
Ethnicity Being Updated
Sun sign, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Famous As Politician
Also Known for Politician
Occupation Politician

Moody Awori Politics

In 1984, Moody Awori was first elected to represent Funyula Constituency in Busia District in Western Province as a Member of Parliament. He was an assistant minister in a few different jobs under President Daniel arap Moi.

In 2002, Awori left the ruling party, KANU, and joined the opposition party, the National Rainbow Coalition. He was the chairman of NARC’s highest decision-making body.

Moody Awori
Moody Awori

Moi was replaced by Mwai Kibaki, and Awori was made Minister of Home Affairs in January 2003. When the previous Vice-President, Michael Kijana Wamalwa, died in London in September 2003, he was made Vice-President, but he kept his job as Minister of Home Affairs.

In the parliamentary election in December 2007, he lost his seat. Kibaki chose Kalonzo Musyoka to replace Awori as Vice-President and Minister of Home Affairs on January 8, 2008, and Awori turned over his job the next day. Awori called Musyoka “a friend and political son” and said he thought Musyoka was “up to the task.” Musyoka said he had “deep respect” for Awori, who he called “a true gentleman.”

Moody Awori Anglo Leasing Scandal

In a report that came out on January 22, 2006, by John Githongo, he was linked to the Anglo Leasing scandal. He has said that he is innocent and that he doesn’t see any reason to resign. In February 2006, 80 members of Parliament asked him to step down and said they would take to the streets if their demands were not met.

A few days later, people on the streets of Nairobi demanded that he step down as part of a larger protest against corruption. After this wasn’t done, the Social Reform Centre said that by refusing to step down, he was hurting the credibility of his job and promised to keep protesting.

In an interview with the Public Accounts Committee on February 22, Awori said that civil servants had misled him and that he had nothing to do with any wrongdoing.


1. Who is Awori Moody?

Ans: Arthur Moody Awori was a well-known politician in Kenya. He was known as Moody Awori and “Uncle Moody.”

2. What age is he?

Ans: Moody Awori was born in Butere, Kenya, on December 5, 1928. In 2023, he will be 94 years old.

3. What does he have in total?

Ans: As a well-known Kenyan politician, Moody Awori is thought to have a net worth of about $5 million.

4. Who is his mom and dad?

Ans: They gave birth to Moody Awori. His father’s name is Jeremiah Awori, and he was a giant in size, personality, and overall impact. Mariam Awori is the name of his mother.

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