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RRB Railway Recruitment Board Secunderabad

RRB-Secunderabad-LogoIndia is a developing country with plenty of individuals graduating every year. The number of students graduating and, the number of jobs in the country do not go hand in hand. Jobs in India are divided into two sectors – Private sector and, Government sector. A major part of the youth wants to apply for RRB Secunderabad jobs and, be a part of the government sector. But, due to the increasing population of graduates and, very limited vacancy in government jobs – the competition is cut-throat and, it is extremely tough to crack one of these exams. One needs proper preparation and, concrete fundamentals to ensure they get a government job. Not only this, after the usual written paper, government jobs have another filtering round – the Interview, where only the worthy candidate is further selected and, given the job filtering the rest out. You have to be a lucky person and, have to have all the stars in your favour to crack and get selected for such a government job.

Why should you apply for RRB Secunderabad ?

RRB Secunderabad is an extremely great platform for all the candidates who are in search for government jobs. Individuals aspiring for government jobs is not in vain, government jobs have many advantages and, thus its popularity has grown beyond expectation. Government jobs do have an edge over the private job as, there are so many perks involved when one joins in the government sector. The government keeps a check over all its employees and, their needs in the form of benefits every government employee is bestowed by. The major benefit that is provided by the government jobs is the pension scheme. There is and, will always be a constant source of income for all the government employees.

They do not have to always fear onto what will happen and, how will the house function when they have retired and, have no work to do. Pension is a definite amount which is given to a government employee after he is retired from his job. Even if the employee dies after a certain age, the pension is continued to be provided to his/her dependent half ( wife/husband). The other benefit which is a great plus for government job – is that, whatever may be the situation in the country and, may recession hit the streets and offices of the country – you will never lose your job, there will be absolutely no risk to your job and, hence yes, government jobs are most sought after because they have job security for each and every one of its employee. Another good point about government jobs is, they do not make any late in providing its employees with its salary. Many private companies put a delay in dispatching the salary when they have hit recession or, is in loss by some means. Government employees are safe from such a situation and, salary flow is constant whatsoever.

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What is RRB Secunderabad and what jobs does it offer ?

India has the largest and the most spread railway networks in the world.It is very easy to guess that to maintain such a great network of trains and tracks, many employees are required and dedicated. It has about 1.4 million employees working under it. Railway Recruitment Boards are there with the same agenda, where they the board has the duty of recruiting talented, worthy and dedicated individuals for the vacant posts, through exams and interviews. Total of 21 RRBs are present in India since 1998 when RRB was constituted under the Ministry of Railways.

RRB Secunderabad offers such a competitive government job to individuals on an yearly basis. It issues notifications and notices regarding the vacancy for different posts. RRB or the Railway Recruitment Board of Secunderabad is responsible for hosting such exams and, the recruitment of worthy individuals for the post. The jobs offered by RRB Secunderabad are all government jobs. Various posts to which an individual can fill in for is – Goods guard, Traffic apprentice, Commercial apprentice, ECRC, Senior Typist cum clerk, Assistant Station Master, Traffic assistant, Ticket checker etc. The goods guard is the one whose responsibility is to see smooth functioning and running of a goods train. An assistant station master ensures that all the trains are running properly over platforms in a station and, no mishap is to occur under his guidance. Ticket checker is responsible for checking tickets in the trains and, at the station and, ensure that no one is traveling without it.

Syllabus for RRB Secunderabad Exams

RRB JE Syllabus 2016 PDF JE Exam PatternEach job has a specific role to play and, the best part is that they are all government jobs and they entitle you to all the perks that a government job employee is provided with.Getting appointed to one of these posts, is never an easy task as, you have to pass the exam which is conducted by RRB Secunderabad. Major areas where an individual is tested when applying for one of these posts are General Awareness, Arithmetic analysis, General Intelligence and Logical Reasoning. General awareness is the section where current affairs and topics related to general knowledge is asked in the exam. Arithmetic analysis is where maths is given due importance and is tested equally well. Logical reasoning is the section where an individual is tested on its reasoning skills and, intelligence is the section where the common facts of life are asked to ensure if you know them all. The success rate in such exams is very less as, the number of applicants is enormous and, the number of vacant posts are very few as compared. There is one female in a group of 140 males that is selected for such a job under RRB. One should have a good hold of these subjects to excel and, confident its chances of getting selected for one of these posts and, enjoy the life as a government employee.

RRB Secunderabad Syllabus
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RRB Secunderabad Group D Syllabus
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RRB Secunderabad Group JE Syllabus
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What is the eligibility and what is crucially asked in a RRB Secunderabad exam for such posts?

Eligibility are the minimum requirements that every candidate filling for a specific post should have. Every job has a specific education requirement and, a valid age restriction for the candidates. Some jobs under RRB require graduation while some require passing 12th. Follow the official website of RRB Secunderabad for all such minute details and, always make sure you follow the latest news, RRB Secunderabad Exam Results and updates from its official site ( There is a minimal examination fee a candidate is entitled to submit before he/she sits for the exam. No examination fee for the candidates who belong to SC/ST quota.

Previous years RRB Secunderabad Papers

Now, why should you not prepare hard for such a glorious opportunity which RRB Secunderabad provides to you. We want you to excel in RRB’s entrance exam and, become a reputed railway employee. We have carefully clubbed all the important papers under a single section for you, for your easy reach and understanding. Download RRB Secunderabad Previous Year Question Papers each and every paper and, give it a thorough practice to excel and do well in the exam. All the best!

RRB Secunderabad Previous Papers
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RRB Secunderabad Previous Papers
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RRB Secunderabad ALP Technician Previous Papers
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RRB Secunderabad Group D Previous Papers
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RRB Secunderabad TC & CC Previous Paper
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Why should I join Railway Recruitment Board- RRB Secunderabad?

So, here is the question of debate – why should you join Railways and, why should you join at RRB Secunderabad ? Government jobs are the best jobs and we have stated why. Likewise, RRB provides a very good opportunity for all the aspirants and young individuals who aspire for a government job. They issue vacancies for all the candidates and, invite them to fill in and try their luck to become a railway employee. No one can beat the job security in a government job and further as a railway officer. The job has a good standard in the industry and, is a well-payed easy going job, with proper provisions for leaves and vacations. There are certain perks and benefits only Railways provides to its employees. Now coming back to the railways department, they have added advantages that they offer to their employees.

The most highlighted point is the pension, the other point is you can cash your leaves. Now, what kind of a benefit is this? Yes, if you have worked for all the working days in the month then, you can avail to cash your leaves. You can ask for cash for that each day you were supposed to be on a holiday, but were not. Whenever and if you are transferred to another city, the railway will pay all the expenses of you moving to that city and, your family including the expense required to shift your belongings from one place to another. Compassionate grounds is a law under Railways, where if a railway employee dies – the same post is provided to one of his/her family members ( called the dependent) in order to safe and smooth functioning of his household. The government quarter is also immediately allotted to the same person and, they are not thrown out. Railways is famous for its post-retirement complimentary pass where all the previously hired railway officers and their family can travel absolutely free or, at a low cost. Railways also has pension fund and, voluntary pension fund for its employees so that no unfortunate happening can hamper their life.

So, We hope our website will be very helpful to get the latest information, exam results, question papers for Railway Recruitment Board- RRB Secunderabad recruitment exam.


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