Shamar Joseph’s (Cricktere) Brother Tarner – Wiki, Age, and More Revealed

Shamar Joseph: A Cricketing Journey from Baracara to West Indies Stardom

Hailing from the tranquil village of Baracara, Shamar Joseph has captivated the world with his extraordinary journey, evolving into a hero for the West Indies cricket team.1

Early Challenges and Unyielding Passion

Joseph’s journey began amidst challenges, facing parental restrictions on playing cricket on Saturdays, a day revered for rest and worship. Undeterred by these constraints, his unwavering love for the sport continued to drive him forward.

The turning point in Joseph’s life arrived when Damion Vantull, a former Guyana cricketer turned businessman, visited Baracara. Recognizing Joseph’s potential, Vantull played a pivotal role in shaping the budding cricketer’s destiny.

MYO Sports Club Discovery

Joseph’s journey took a significant leap when he found himself at the practice nets of the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) Sports Club in Georgetown. This platform showcased his raw talent, setting the stage for his ascent in the cricketing world.

Triumph Over Adversity

  • Despite contending with a toe injury, Joseph’s resilience shone through. His exceptional bowling skills became the focal point as he dismantled the Australian batting lineup, securing a memorable eight-run victory for the West Indies.2
  • As Shamar Joseph’s name reverberates in cricketing circles, his story serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of cricketing dreams and the power of perseverance.
  • From the quiet village of Baracara to international acclaim, Joseph’s journey inspires aspiring cricketers and exemplifies the transformative influence of mentorship and determination.
  • Shamar Joseph’s ascent from Baracara to West Indies stardom encapsulates the essence of cricketing dreams and the triumph of passion over obstacles.
  • His journey stands as a beacon for aspiring cricketers, emphasizing the transformative impact of mentorship, resilience, and an unyielding love for the game.

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Tarner Joseph: The Unsung Support in Shamar’s Cricketing Odyssey

In the shadow of Shamar Joseph’s meteoric rise in the cricketing world, his brother, Tarner Joseph, assumes a significant yet lesser-known role in the narrative.


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Supporting Cast in the Shadows

While Shamar Joseph commands the spotlight in the cricketing arena, his brother Tarner, though not as prominently featured, plays an integral part in Shamar’s journey. Despite the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Tarner, his influence looms large in the background.

Shamar Joseph
Shamar Joseph (Image: Source)

Tarner, presumably the elder of the two brothers, shares roots with Shamar in the scenic village of Baracara, Guyana. The picturesque surroundings witnessed their early cricketing exploits, involving makeshift balls crafted from melted plastic bottles and fruits along the waterfront. Tarner was likely a significant participant in these formative cricketing adventures.

The Impact of Brotherhood

  • The narrative of the brothers crafting cricket balls and engaging in the sport along the waterfront underscores the bond between Shamar and Tarner.3
  • Their shared love for cricket during those early days might have contributed significantly to Shamar’s passion and determination to carve a career in the sport.
  • While specific details about Tarner’s personal and professional life may not be widely known, it is evident that his presence has left an indelible mark on Shamar’s journey.
  • The shared experiences and mutual support between the brothers have likely played a crucial role in shaping Shamar’s cricketing trajectory.
  • As Shamar Joseph’s cricketing achievements gain global recognition, there is a growing interest in understanding the individuals who have played pivotal roles behind the scenes. Tarner Joseph, despite remaining in the shadows, emerges as one such unsung hero in Shamar’s cricketing odyssey.
  • As Shamar continues to shine on the international stage, the intrigue surrounding Tarner and others contributing to his journey may spark a curiosity to unveil more about the supporting cast that has been instrumental in shaping the cricketing sensation’s path to success.

Tarner Joseph Age: Unveiling the Enigma

The precise age of Shamar Joseph’s brother, Tarner, remains a mystery within the public domain. Details about Tarner Joseph, including his birthdate or specific life details, are not readily available to the public. This lack of information poses a challenge in accurately determining his age.

Private Persona

Tarner Joseph, unlike his cricket-star brother Shamar, maintains a lower profile. The deliberate choice to keep personal details private, including age, is common among individuals not engaged in high-profile professions or public life.

Shamar Joseph
Shamar Joseph (Image: Source)

Privacy in the Shadows

It’s not uncommon for family members of public figures, especially those not directly involved in the public eye, to uphold a level of privacy. This discretion extends to personal details, contributing to the limited information available about Tarner Joseph.

While Shamar Joseph’s cricketing achievements and the captivating story of his ascent take center stage, the private aspects of family members often remain shielded from public scrutiny.

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Shamar Joseph’s Financial Realm: Unveiling the Net Worth

As of the latest available information, Shamar Joseph’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $2 million to $3 million.

Shamar Joseph
Shamar Joseph (Image: Source)

This financial evaluation is subject to fluctuations, influenced by various variables that shape Shamar Joseph’s economic landscape. The dynamic nature of his net worth is a result of factors such as career trajectory, endorsements, and strategic investments.

Income Streams

Joseph’s net worth encompasses diverse income streams, including match fees, contractual agreements, and potential windfalls from lucrative endorsement deals. The synthesis of these revenue sources contributes to the dynamic financial portrait of the cricketing sensation.

Evolving Financial Standing

As Shamar Joseph progresses in his cricketing career and achieves new milestones, the trajectory of his financial standing is poised for evolution. Each accomplishment, be it on the field or through endorsement ventures, plays a role in shaping the financial narrative of this rising star.

Endorsement Windfall

Lucrative endorsements, in particular, have the potential to significantly impact Joseph’s net worth. As he continues to garner attention and success, the allure for brand collaborations may enhance the financial dimension of his portfolio.

Crucially, net worth estimates serve as snapshots, providing glimpses into an individual’s financial status at specific points in time. However, they may not fully encapsulate the entirety of Shamar Joseph’s financial landscape.

Shamar Joseph: Cricket Prodigy from Guyana

Born on August 31, 1999, Shamar Joseph is a Guyanese cricketer, showcasing his prowess as a right-arm fast bowler. He represents Guyana in first-class cricket and has earned a spot in the West Indies cricket team for international competitions.

Cricketing Journey

In the realm of first-class cricket, Shamar Joseph has been a formidable force while representing Guyana. His right-arm fast bowling style has garnered attention, making him a valuable asset for the team.

International Stardom

Shamar Joseph’s journey reached international acclaim when he made his debut for the West Indies cricket team in January 2024. The historic match against Australia at the Adelaide Oval became a pivotal moment as Joseph took Steve Smith’s wicket with his very first ball in test cricket.

His remarkable performance continued with a five-wicket haul (5/94), marking the best test debut for any West Indian bowler in Australia.

Shamar Joseph
Shamar Joseph

From Security Guard to Cricket Star

Before embarking on his professional cricket career, Shamar Joseph’s story began with humble origins. Prior to his cricketing exploits, he worked as a security guard, illustrating the resilience and dedication that characterize his journey.

The transition from a security guard to an international cricket star reached its pinnacle during Shamar Joseph’s sensational test debut. His extraordinary achievement against Australia highlighted not only his cricketing talent but also the determination that defines his remarkable rise.

Shamar Joseph: Unleashing Prowess on the Cricket Field

Shamar Joseph, representing West Indies as a pace bowler, showcases a bowling style characterized by a typical orthodox action. His prowess on the cricket field is marked by an ability to generate express pace, with instances of nearly reaching the 150 kmph mark during the ongoing tour of Australia.

Joseph’s bowling style is a blend of express pace and a conventional, orthodox approach. This lethal combination makes him a formidable force on the field, capable of challenging even the most seasoned batsmen.

Batting Artistry: Shamar Joseph’s Left-Handed Flair

In addition to his bowling prowess, Shamar Joseph reveals his versatility as a left-handed batsman. His batting style defies the traditional expectations of a tail-ender, showcasing that he is more than capable with the bat.

Tonking the Ball with Ease

Joseph’s batting skills were on full display during the first innings at Adelaide, where he demonstrated his ability to tonk the ball with ease. This left-handed dynamo has proven that he is not just a bowler but a potent all-rounder capable of making a significant impact with the bat.

Shamar Joseph emerges as a dual threat on the cricket field. His express pace and orthodox bowling style add depth to West Indies’ bowling arsenal. Simultaneously, his left-handed flair and prowess with the bat elevate him beyond the traditional confines of a tail-ender.

Shamar Joseph’s Roots: Family, Humble Beginnings, and Cricket Dreams

Shamar Joseph’s journey in cricket is deeply rooted in his origins in the remote village of Baracara in Guyana’s Canje River region. Born in 1999, he emerged from humble circumstances, shaping his character and cricketing aspirations.

Shamar Joseph
Shamar Joseph

Large Family, Humble Beginnings

Joseph grew up as one of eight children in a household that comprised three sisters and five brothers. Baracara, with its limited access to modern amenities, was an isolated village with a population of around 350. Despite the challenges, Joseph’s large and tight-knit family provided a foundation of love and support.

Baracara, with its limitations in electricity, communication technology, and educational resources, presented challenges. However, Joseph’s family served as a loving support system, fostering an environment where he could nurture his cricket dreams.

Cricket Aspirations: From Tape Ball Pitches to International Stardom

In the heart of Baracara, Joseph honed his cricket skills on tape ball pitches, drawing inspiration from West Indian fast-bowling legends like Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh. These humble beginnings laid the groundwork for his future as a rising cricket star.

Joseph’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, and his family likely made sacrifices to provide him exposure and coaching outside the village. Their encouragement became the driving force that fueled Joseph’s persistence, even in the face of financial hardships.


1. Is there a Wikipedia page for Tarner, Shamar Joseph’s brother?

Ans: As of the latest available information, it cannot be confirmed whether Tarner, Shamar Joseph’s brother, has a dedicated Wikipedia page. Wikipedia pages are typically created based on notability, and private individuals may not have extensive pages.

2. What is Tarner’s age?

Ans: Specific details about Tarner’s age are not publicly available. Private individuals, especially those not in the public eye, may choose to keep personal details like age private.

3. Are there any other details available about Tarner?

Ans: As of now, there may not be publicly available details about Tarner beyond the information provided in the original prompt. Private individuals may choose to keep aspects of their lives, including personal details, confidential.

4. How can individuals find more information about Tarner?

Ans: If Tarner is a public figure or has been involved in activities that generate public interest, individuals may need to rely on credible news sources, official statements, or any publicly available information released by Tarner himself or his family.

5. Is there any information about Shamar Joseph and Tarner’s relationship?

Ans: As of the latest available information, details about Shamar Joseph and Tarner’s relationship may not be extensively publicized. Private individuals often maintain a level of privacy, and assumptions about personal relationships should be avoided without official confirmation.

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