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Where Is Simon Lizotte Going After Leaving Discmania? Reasons For Leaving Explored!

Discmania has been fortunate enough to collaborate with the German Wunderkind for the better part of a decade now.

What began as a partnership between a young, largely unheralded European distance thrower and a relatively obscure disc golf manufacturer eventually developed into a partnership between two of the most well-known names in the sport of disc golf.

Along the way, we set world records, performed flying circuses, won major championships, and dominated the Pro Tour.

We rewrote the book on how the game is played, we made people laugh, we drove sports cars in a desert, and we made history.

Simon Lizotte
Simon Lizotte

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 Is Simon Lizotte Leaving Discmania?

It is true that Simon Lizotte will be leaving his position at Discmania. A video that was uploaded to YouTube by the disc golfer served as confirmation of the news.

Lizotte revealed that he is open to having new experiences and wants to avoid becoming entrenched in the position he is in at the present time.

Despite this, he has loved the people with whom he connected through the Golf Discs store, and he intends to continue to have a strong relationship with them.

The professional athlete spent his whole 20s working for the Golf Discs Company. As a result of the highs and lows that they experienced together over that decade, they have developed a strong connection as a family.

2013 was the beginning of Simon’s journey with Discmania. He elected not to renew his five-year deal with them for the 2023 season despite the fact that it had been extended in 2018 for an additional year, and it now expires in 2023.

Simon Lizotte: Who Is He? His Biography

The city of Bremen, Germany, is where Simon “The Wunderkind” Lizotte was born. Simon was introduced to the sport of disc golf at a young age by his father and grandfather, both avid players of the game.

Even though Simon could have still competed in the Juniors division, he spent years dominating the German disc golf scene, bringing home victory after triumph in the MPO category.

This was despite the fact that he was still young enough to compete in the Juniors division.


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More lately, Simon’s exceptional disc golf talents have garnered him success all-around Europe.

Simon is now participating in the United States and has a string of impressive finishes to his name from the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) National Tour.

Simon is also widely recognized for his big arm. It is highly likely that he has the longest drive in the game at the present, and he also has the unofficial record for the fastest throw that has ever been recorded, which is 144 kilometers per hour (89,5mph).

He held the previous record for the distance, which was later broken by David Wiggins Jr., who is now the record holder.

Simon Lizotte
Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte: Career Details

  • On October 27, 2014, Lizotte threw a disc golf disc 863.5 feet, which set a new world record for the longest throw in the sport (263.2 m).
  • This surpassed the previous record set by David Wiggins Jr. in 2012, which was 836 feet. On March 27, 2016, Lizotte broke his own record with a throw of 903.9 feet (275.5 meters).
  • This record held for two days until Wiggins Jr. threw for 1,108.9 feet, at which point it was broken (338 m). After that, Lizotte achieved a new personal best by jumping 1030 feet.
  • The influence of wind has been notable in the setting of numerous world distance records.
  • The record that was set by Wiggins in 2012 was accomplished with a tailwind of 14.5 mph, while the record that was set by Lizotte in 2014 was accomplished with a tailwind of 18 mph.
  • The wind was 30 miles per hour when he threw the discus 903.9 feet, while it was between 38 and 42 miles per hour when the other two players threw it over 1,000 feet.
  • Lizotte and Wiggins have both indicated that new distance records need to be made with wind constraints in order to be credible.
Simon Lizotte
Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte: Future Plans

After quitting Discmania, what are Simon Lizotte’s plans for the future? After becoming a member of Team Discmania in 2013, exceptional trick throws, long throws, and a quirky disposition helped Simon “The Wunderkind” Lizotte earn reputation in the disc golf community.

In the video, Lizotte explains that the decision to leave Discmania was not prompted by any problems at the company but rather by an attractive offer from another business, which made him realize that it was time for a new challenge.

He asserts that there was nothing wrong with Discmania and that nothing transpired that caused him to feel the need to leave.

However, considering the insane season I had, I think it was just a matter of time before I received a call or an offer.

He then goes on to talk about how much he enjoys working at Discmania and how he has always saw himself remaining employed by the Company for the rest of his life.

He feels that a new beginning will benefit his family and career because he recognized after turning 30 that this may be his only opportunity to accept an offer like the one he received.

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Simon Lizotte
Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte: New Contract And Sponsor

After quitting Discmania, Simon Lizotte has not yet provided any official statements on his future plans.

However, many people began to mistrust MVP Disc Sports when James Conrad, who was then a brand-new team member, won the 2021 PDGA Professional World Championship.

Since then, MVP Disc Sports has been looking for superstars to join their roster. Despite this, many people continue to mistrust MVP Disc Sports.

It is anticipated that he would reveal information about his new disc sponsor within the following weeks. In the middle of the game, Simon makes a request for a break.

Simon Lizotte
Simon Lizotte

The disc player has not yet provided any indication as to what would occur in the following phase.

He revealed that someone had come in touch with him and made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse, but he did not disclose the name of the sponsor who made the offer.

The athlete went on to disclose that there was nothing untoward that took place in Discmania and that there was nothing that attempted to convince him to leave.

Because he is looking forward to expanding his opportunities in life, he cannot wait to start a new adventure.

Simon Lizotte: Notable wins

Year Tournament Tier Stroke Margin Winning Score Runner Up Prize Money
2012 European Championships XA -4 -33 (54-47-47-53-32=233) KJ Nybo $647
2014 Glass Blown Open A -5 -36 (50-49-52=151) Paul McBeth $2,000
2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open NT -4 -36 (54-47-47-53-32=233) Paul McBeth $6,600
2016 Nick Hyde Memorial A Playoff -30 (51-54-54=159) Nathan Sexton/Paul McBeth $2,750
2016 Konopiste Open (DGWT) A Playoff -32 (55-57-57=169) KJ Nybo/Paul McBeth $2,500
2018 Memorial Championship (DGPT) A -3 -43 (47-49-42-51=189) Eagle McMahon $4,200

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