Who are Paris Jackson Siblings? Meet Sister Bigi Jackson And Brother Prince Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Children: Life in the Spotlight

Early Years and Transition

  • Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris, and Bigi (formerly known as Blanket), have spent their lives under the glare of the public eye. In their early years, the pop star took measures to shield them from the paparazzi, utilizing masks and veils.
  • Despite their fame, those close to Jackson described the children as well-mannered and Jackson himself prioritized their well-being.
  • Following Jackson’s passing in 2009, the children became more visible, particularly with Paris delivering a heartfelt speech at her father’s funeral.
  • Despite the challenges of growing up in the limelight, the siblings remained close, each pursuing their own interests and projects.

Prince Michael Jackson II: The Oldest Sibling

Prince, the eldest, born in 1997, faced the loss of his father and subsequent media attention with resilience. Raised primarily by Jackson after his divorce from Debbie Rowe, Prince graduated from Loyola Marymount University and engaged in charitable endeavors, reflecting his father’s values.1

He fondly recalls memories of his father and continues to honor his legacy.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson ( Image: Instagram )

Paris Jackson: Navigating Personal Struggles

Paris, born in 1998, experienced significant personal struggles following her father’s death, including battles with self-esteem and mental health issues.

Despite these challenges, she sought treatment and found solace in her relationship with her mother, Debbie Rowe. Paris, a talented musician and actress, is open about her journey and strives to create music that reflects her experiences.

Bigi Jackson: The Youngest Sibling

  • The youngest of the Jackson siblings, Bigi, born in 2002, maintains a low profile compared to his siblings.
  • Formerly known as Blanket, he shares a close bond with Prince and is described as passionate about making a positive impact in the world, particularly regarding environmental issues. Despite his reserved nature, Bigi aspires to contribute meaningfully to society.
  • Through their individual journeys, Prince, Paris, and Bigi Jackson continue to navigate life in the public eye while honoring their father’s legacy and pursuing their passions.


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Paris Jackson’s Relationship With Her Siblings

Michael Jackson’s legacy in the music industry continues to influence even after his passing.2

His children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, have navigated their lives in the public eye, facing both admiration and scrutiny.

Paris Jackson’s Struggles:

Paris Jackson has faced significant challenges, including a suicide attempt at 15 years old.

Her brother, Prince, canceled commitments to support her during her hospitalization, highlighting their close bond.

Sibling Dynamics:

Paris and Prince Jackson’s relationship is characterized by typical sibling conflicts but also deep support.

Despite being older, Prince grapples with Paris’ leadership role within the family.

Childhood Memories:

Paris reflects on her unconventional childhood, including her father’s efforts to shield them from the public eye.

However, fame came with challenges, and Paris struggled with her father’s fame and its impact on her privacy.

Family Support:

Despite their public struggles, Paris and her siblings feel their father’s presence, finding solace in the belief that he watches over them.

However, Paris faced challenges in expressing her sexuality due to family dynamics.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson ( Image: Instagram )

Sibling Admiration:

Paris admires her brother Prince, expressing her deep affection and respect for him publicly. Their bond is evident in their support for each other’s endeavors.

Facing Adversity Together:

The Jackson siblings faced public scrutiny, especially surrounding allegations against their father in the “Leaving Neverland” documentary. Paris, in particular, fiercely defended her father’s legacy.

Sibling Solidarity:

When faced with family conflict, Prince stood by Paris, refuting negative claims made by relatives. The siblings emphasize the importance of maintaining direct communication and support.

Respect for Privacy:

Youngest sibling Bigi, also known as Blanket, maintains a low profile, and Paris respects his desire for privacy. Despite limited public knowledge, Paris expresses her pride and admiration for him.

Supporting Each Other’s Success:

Paris and Prince attended Paris’s movie premiere together, showcasing their mutual support and admiration for each other’s accomplishments.

Despite the challenges of growing up in the public eye and facing personal struggles, the Jackson siblings share a strong bond and unwavering support for each other, navigating their unique journeys with resilience and solidarity.

Paris Jackson spilled her favorite musical moments

Rare Red Carpet Appearance by Michael Jackson’s Grown-Up Kids

Michael Jackson’s three children made a rare joint appearance at the opening night of MJ: The Musical on Broadway.3

This special occasion brought together Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Bigi Jackson, showcasing their bond as siblings and their support for their father’s legacy.

Siblings’ Attendance at the Event:

The presence of all three siblings, Prince, Paris, and Bigi, at the Broadway event was a notable occurrence.

While Prince and Paris were prominently featured in arrival photos, Bigi was confirmed to have attended the show with his older siblings, although not captured in photographs together.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson siblings ( Image: Instagram )

Description of the Siblings:

In the snapshots from the event, Prince appeared visibly proud, while Paris exuded grace and style, reflecting their individual personalities and their shared connection to their father’s legacy

Despite not being captured in photos, Bigi’s presence alongside his siblings underscored the significance of their rare public appearance together.

Significance of the Occasion:

The joint appearance of Michael Jackson’s children holds significance due to their infrequent public outings together.

While media coverage often focuses on the elder siblings, acknowledging Bigi’s presence provides a fuller picture of their family unity and resilience in the face of their father’s fame and tragic passing. This occasion hints at the possibility of more shared moments among the siblings in the future, offering fans a glimpse into their evolving lives.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson ( Image: Instagram )

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Paris Jackson: A Multifaceted Talent

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson stands out as a versatile American talent, demonstrating prowess as a model, actress, and singer. Born as the second child and only daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, she has left an indelible mark in various entertainment realms.4

  •  In 2020, Paris inked a deal with Republic Records, releasing her debut single, “Let Down,” on October 29, followed by her first album, “Wilted,” on November 13. Her acting career blossomed with roles in the VH1 series Scream and the film Habit.
  • The year 2021 witnessed her musical collaboration, “Notes on a Ghost,” with Gabriel Glenn. Additionally, she joined the cast of American Horror Story’s tenth season and assumed the lead role of Maya in the spinoff series American Horror Stories.
Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson ( Image: Instagram )

Paris Jackson’s Siblings: Nurturing Bonds

The Absence of Sisters

Paris Jackson’s familial landscape is unique as she does not have any sisters, being the only daughter in her family.

Sibling Dynamics

  • As the daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, Paris shares a distinctive and sometimes challenging spotlight with her brothers, Prince and Bigi.
  • Despite their unconventional childhood in the public eye, Paris has emerged as a force in the music industry.
  • The relationship between Paris and her siblings, particularly her older brother, has been marked by both support and challenges.

Brotherly Support

Notably, Paris’s older brother canceled a business trip to stand by her side during a difficult period, underscoring the protective bond between them. Despite occasional sibling spats, Paris and her brothers share a strong connection and mutual support in their respective careers.

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Meet Paris Jackson’s Brothers: Prince and Bigi Jackson

Bigi Jackson: A Private Persona

Paris Jackson’s younger brother, Bigi Jackson, born as Prince Michael Jackson II, later known as Blanket before adopting the name Bigi in 2015, maintains a low profile. Despite this, he shares a close bond with his older brother, Prince, described as “best friends” who share common interests in sci-fi and science.

Public Glimpses

While valuing privacy, Bigi occasionally steps into the public eye, giving a rare interview in 2021. In this interview, he expressed aspirations to make a positive impact in the world, aligning with his siblings’ shared goals.

Prince Jackson: The Eldest Sibling

Paris’s older brother, Prince Michael Jackson, is the eldest child of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Growing up in the public eye alongside his siblings, he graduated with a degree in business administration from Loyola Marymount University in 2019.

Beyond academics, Prince developed a passion for motorcycles and committed himself to philanthropy, co-founding the charity Heal Los Angeles while at university.

Family Ties

The Jackson siblings share a loving and admirable bond, each working diligently on their respective lives and careers. Despite the challenges of fame, they remain grounded and supportive of one another, showcasing resilience and unity.

Paris Jackson and Bigi Jackson

  • Paris Jackson respects her brother Bigi Jackson and the privacy he wants
  • Paris Jackson holds a profound respect for her younger brother, Bigi Jackson, also known as Blanket.
  • Bigi, the youngest among the Jackson siblings, is notably private, maintaining a low profile in his personal life.
  • Despite being siblings, little is publicly known about the dynamics between Bigi and his elder siblings, Paris and Prince Jackson.

Bigi’s Secluded Lifestyle

Bigi Jackson’s preference for privacy is evident in his lifestyle choices. Recently, he purchased a $2.62 million secluded home nestled in the Calabasas hills of California.

This deliberate choice reflects his inclination to keep his life away from the public eye, as he tends to maintain a low profile.

Paris Jackson’s Admiration for Bigi

  • Despite the limited information available about their relationship, it’s clear that Paris Jackson holds her brother Bigi in high regard. On Bigi’s 18th birthday in 2020, Paris expressed her admiration for him on Instagram, highlighting his growth from childhood to adulthood.
  • She fondly reminisced about changing his diapers and expressed pride in the person he has become, describing him as handsome, intelligent, insightful, funny, and kind. Notably, Paris acknowledges Bigi’s preference for privacy, indicating her understanding and respect for his boundaries.

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