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Julian Frampton Band Releases New Single “Quicksand”

On August 14, 2020, the Julian Frampton Band, led by 31-year-old Julian Frampton, son of the legendary Peter Frampton, unveiled their latest musical endeavor.

The new single, titled “Quicksand,” adds another chapter to Julian’s musical journey, showcasing his talent and passion for music.1

Julian Frampton’s Musical Background

  • Julian Frampton has been carving his own path in the music industry, earning recognition through his performances.
  • Notably, he has impressed audiences with an acoustic opening set alongside Frampton Band keyboardist Ben Sheridan during Peter Frampton’s “Raw” acoustic tour.
  • Additionally, Julian has exhibited his exceptional vocal abilities while collaborating with various guests during his father’s acclaimed “Guitar Circus” trek.

The Julian Frampton Band

Based out of Los Angeles, the Julian Frampton Band comprises a talented ensemble of musicians.

Julian takes on the roles of guitarist and vocalist, while the lineup also includes Ben Sheridan on keyboards, Ricky Bakken on bass, Guy Azoulay on drums, and a lead guitarist to complete the ensemble.

Unveiling “Quicksand”

The band’s latest single, “Quicksand,” marks a significant addition to their discography. With Julian’s vocals, the band’s musical prowess, and the synergy among the members, the release promises to captivate audiences and further establish the Julian Frampton Band in the music scene.

Julian Frampton’s Unique Tour Experience with a Hologram of Roy Orbison

Introduction: Julian Frampton, son of ’70s rocker Peter Frampton, finds himself in an unconventional role as the opening act for the holographic tour of the late Roy Orbison.2

This historic tour, named “In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert,” features cutting-edge technology, bringing Orbison back to the stage in holographic form.

Julian Frampton’s Entrance into the Hologram Tour:

Being the first-ever opener on the inaugural hologram tour, Julian Frampton discusses his unexpected journey into this surreal experience. The Star had a conversation with him before a performance, shedding light on how he became involved in this groundbreaking tour.

Opportunity Through Connections:

The opportunity arose through John Procaccini, also known as Grinder, who had previously worked with Frampton.

Procaccini, now a key figure at BASE Hologram, reached out to Frampton based on his previous performances. Despite the unusual nature of the proposal, Frampton embraced the chance to be part of this pioneering tour.

Julian Frampton
Julian Frampton ( Image: Instagram )

Julian Frampton’s Perspective on the Tour:

Frampton shares his thoughts on opening for a holographic representation of Roy Orbison.

Despite the strangeness of the situation, he sees it as a unique opportunity to showcase his talent and appreciates the revolutionary technology behind the tour.

Playing to a Different Audience:

Acknowledging the generation gap between Roy Orbison’s audience and his own, Frampton discusses the challenge of connecting with an older crowd.

He reflects on the joy of playing for diverse audiences and adapting his performance to bridge the gap between classic rock enthusiasts and his own music.

Balancing Legacy and Identity:

Frampton addresses the awareness of his famous lineage as Peter Frampton’s son. He emphasizes that he is billed as Julian Frampton rather than riding on his father’s name.

He values when people appreciate his music first, discovering his last name afterward, showcasing a desire for recognition based on his own merit.

Peter Frampton’s Net Worth in 2023

Peter Frampton, the renowned guitarist, boasts a net worth of $20 million in the year 2023.3

Born on April 22, 1950, in Bromley, United Kingdom, he has achieved significant success in his career as a musician. This article explores various aspects of Peter Frampton’s life, including his net worth, biography, career, and achievements.

Peter Frampton’s Personal Details


Peter Frampton

Net Worth (2023)

$20 Million Dollars



Date of Birth

22 April 1950

Physical Attributes

  • Height: 172 cm (5 Feet 7 Inches)
  • Weight: 72 kg (158 pounds)


Bromley, United Kingdom


American and English, British

Julian Frampton
Julian Frampton ( Image: Instagram )

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Biography of Peter Frampton

Who is Peter Frampton?

Peter Frampton, born on April 22, 1950, is widely recognized as a guitarist. This section delves into his background, focusing on his early years, musical journey, and the curiosity surrounding his net worth.

How old is Peter Frampton?

At the age of 72, Peter Frampton continues to captivate fans with his musical prowess. Learn more about his journey as a guitarist and stay connected for the latest updates.

How tall is Peter Frampton?

Standing at 172 cm (5 Feet 7 Inches) and weighing 72 kg (158 pounds), Peter Frampton has not only made a mark in the music industry but has also earned recognition for his physical attributes. This article provides comprehensive details about his height, weight, and other aspects.


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Peter Frampton’s Career

Early Years and Success

Peter Frampton embarked on his musical journey at a young age, forming his first band, The Little Ravens, while still in school. Joining Humble Pie in 1969, he later released his solo album, “Wind of Change,” in 1972. Although not commercially successful, his breakthrough came with the release of the live album “Frampton Comes Alive!” in 1976.4

Collaborations and Achievements

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Frampton continued to release successful albums such as “I’m in You” and “Breaking All the Rules.”

Collaborating with icons like David Bowie and Ringo Starr, he expanded his influence beyond solo projects.

Multi-Faceted Career

In addition to his music career, Frampton ventured into acting, appearing in films like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and making guest appearances on TV, including “The Simpsons.”

Julian Frampton
Julian Frampton ( Image: Instagram )

Peter Frampton’s Nationality

Dual Nationality

Peter Frampton proudly holds dual American and British nationality. This section explores the significance of nationality for individuals achieving success in their respective fields.

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Peter Frampton’s Achievements and Awards

This section highlights Peter Frampton’s notable achievements and awards, recognizing his impact on the music industry and his contributions to guitar and rock music genres.

Grammy Award and Hall of Fame

Acknowledged with a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album for “Fingerprints” in 2007, Peter Frampton’s achievements extend to his induction into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum (2014) and the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2019).

Additional Honors

Frampton’s accolades also include the ASCAP Founders Award (2019), Les Paul Innovation Award (2020), and the Harmony Award from the Nashville Symphony (2021).

Furthermore, he has been recognized by Rolling Stone, Guitar Player magazine, and the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards.

Julian Frampton
Julian Frampton ( Image: Instagram )

Julian Frampton: Age and Early Years

Julian Frampton, the rhythm guitarist and singer, was born on January 28, 1991, making him 33 years old as of 2024.

Early Passion for Music and Tennis

As the son of the iconic Peter Frampton, Julian’s childhood was steeped in music, although his initial dream was to become a tennis player.

However, his musical journey began at the age of 8 when he was captivated by the drums, eventually leading him to focus on mastering the guitar in his late teens.

Influences and Musical Development

Inspired by guitar legends such as Prince, David Bowie, and Mick Ronson, Julian tirelessly practiced his skills and developed a passion for songwriting.

He spent years honing his craft, performing with smaller bands, and now, at the age of 33, Julian Frampton has established himself as a musician with a self-titled band, gaining the respect of critics and notable fans like Dave Grohl.

Julian Frampton
Julian Frampton ( Image: Instagram )

Julian Frampton: Parents and Influences

Rock and Roll Royalty Roots

Born into rock and roll royalty as the son of legendary guitarist Peter Frampton, Julian was exposed to the world of music from an early age.

His father, known for hits like “Show Me the Way,” played a pivotal role in nurturing Julian’s musical interests. Despite his parents’ divorce, Julian grew up in Florida with his mother, Barbara Gold, and in New York with his father.

Parental Influence and Support

Peter Frampton and Barbara Gold maintained a civil relationship, continuing to encourage Julian’s interests even after their separation.

Julian credits both his mother and father for nurturing his creativity and work ethic, shaping the foundation for his successful music career.

Julian Frampton: Building a Family

New Additions and Joyous Moments

In a recent exciting phase of life, Julian Frampton and his wife Annie welcomed their first child, a daughter named Rain Love Frampton, on December 12, 2023.

Overjoyed by the arrival of his newborn, Julian expressed his happiness on Instagram, calling it “the best day of my life.”

Family Bond and Musical Legacy

Julian, married to fellow musician Annie Frampton since 2018, looks forward to passing on his artistic passions and talents to his daughter.

While remaining dedicated to his music career, Julian is deeply committed to his family. The Framptons embrace this new chapter surrounded by creativity, love, and the shared joy of music.

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