WWE Star Linked to Uncle Howdy’s Faction Returns After Long Hiatus

Dexter Lumis Hints at Return Amid Speculations of Uncle Howdy and Wyatt 6 Faction Revival

WWE fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of Uncle Howdy and the mysterious Wyatt 6 faction, with various QR codes and hints suggesting that the storyline may be gaining momentum. However, the tragic passing of Bray Wyatt earlier this year brought a somber tone to the ongoing speculation.1

Despite this, WWE appears to be exploring ways to honor Bray Wyatt’s legacy, possibly by moving forward with the Wyatt 6 storyline. Amidst this uncertainty, Dexter Lumis, one of the stars reported to be involved in the faction, has seemingly broken his silence, hinting at his possible return to WWE.

Dexter Lumis’s Last WWE Appearance and Absence

Dexter Lumis last wrestled in WWE in May of the previous year during a Main Event taping, where he defeated Akira Tozawa. Since then, he has largely been absent from the WWE spotlight, leading to speculation about his future with the company.

During his absence, Lumis appears to have maintained his fitness and continued training, potentially preparing for his eventual return to the WWE scene.

The Impact of Bray Wyatt’s Passing

The unexpected passing of Bray Wyatt had a profound impact on WWE and its fanbase. Bray Wyatt, known for his creative genius and charismatic character work, left a lasting legacy within the company.

Following his passing, WWE paid tribute to Wyatt, and the outpouring of support from fans and fellow wrestlers highlighted the profound impact he had on the wrestling community.

The Return of Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt 6 Faction

The recent report suggesting that Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, and Erick Rowan were expected to be part of the Wyatt 6 faction has rekindled interest in the storyline.

Uncle Howdy, a mysterious character associated with Bray Wyatt’s creative universe, is expected to play a pivotal role in the upcoming storyline. The QR codes and subtle hints are believed to be pointing toward the re-emergence of this faction.

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Dexter Lumis’s Readiness for a Potential Role in the Uncle Howdy Faction in WWE

Dexter Lumis, the enigmatic and intense WWE star, has been absent from the wrestling scene for a while, but recent developments suggest that he might be preparing for a significant role in the potential Uncle Howdy faction.2


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With rumors and hints about the return of the Wyatt 6 storyline and Uncle Howdy, Lumis’s readiness could play a crucial role in bringing the concept to life.

Dexter Lumis’s Impressive Fitness Despite Absence

  • Despite his absence from WWE programming, Dexter Lumis has been maintaining remarkable physical fitness.
Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy (Image: Source)
  • Reports and social media activity indicate that Lumis has kept himself in phenomenal shape, suggesting that he is ready for a return to the ring when the opportunity arises.
  • His dedication to staying in peak condition underscores his commitment to his craft and his readiness to re-enter the WWE spotlight.
  • This level of fitness and preparation could be crucial if Lumis is to be part of the Uncle Howdy faction.
  • The enigmatic nature of his character aligns well with the mysterious themes associated with Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt 6 storyline. Lumis’s readiness indicates that he could make a significant impact when called upon.

The Potential Formation of the Uncle Howdy Faction

With WWE dropping hints and QR codes related to Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt 6 storyline, there’s growing speculation about the formation of the faction. This concept, originally associated with Bray Wyatt, could take shape in the coming weeks, providing a unique and intriguing storyline for WWE fans.

What Lies Ahead for Dexter Lumis and the Faction

For now, fans are left waiting to see if Dexter Lumis will indeed be part of the Uncle Howdy faction. If the concept takes shape and Lumis makes his return, it could bring a new level of excitement to WWE programming. His readiness and physical condition suggest that he’s prepared to step back into the ring and contribute to the storyline.

Whether the debut of the faction happens soon or takes some time, the anticipation is building. Dexter Lumis’s role in the potential group could be pivotal, with his character’s unique traits fitting well within the mysterious themes of the Uncle Howdy storyline.

The Identity of Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown

The mysterious character known as Uncle Howdy has been a source of intrigue and speculation on WWE SmackDown. With various hints and cryptic clues, fans are eager to determine who could be portraying this creepy gimmick. Theories have emerged connecting Uncle Howdy to Bray Wyatt’s real-life connections, with several possible candidates.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy (Image: Source)

Bo Dallas: The Most Likely Candidate

  • The most common theory connecting Uncle Howdy to Bray Wyatt points to Bo Dallas, Bray’s real-life brother.

  • Bo Dallas, who has not been seen in WWE for a while, is rumored to return and align with his brother Bray on WWE SmackDown.
  • Given their family ties and shared history in wrestling, Bo Dallas is seen as a likely candidate to portray Uncle Howdy.
  • Dallas’s potential return and involvement in the storyline could add depth to the narrative, reinforcing the connection between Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt.
  • Fans believe that Dallas’s facial structure and overall appearance align with the mysterious gimmick of Uncle Howdy, making him a strong contender for the role.

Barry Windham: Bray Wyatt’s “Uncle”

Another theory connects Uncle Howdy to Bray Wyatt’s “uncle,” former NWA World Champion Barry Windham. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful noted that Windham’s mustache and facial structure bear a striking resemblance to Uncle Howdy. Given Windham’s history in professional wrestling and his family connection to Bray Wyatt, this theory gained traction among fans.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy (Image: Source)

If Barry Windham is involved, it would bring an exciting twist to the storyline, linking the character to a wrestling legend. The inclusion of Windham would provide an additional layer of intrigue to the ongoing mystery hunt surrounding Uncle Howdy.

Tyler Bateman: Prodigy of Independent Promotions

Tyler Bateman, known for his work in independent promotions and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), is another rumored candidate for Uncle Howdy. Bateman was part of WWE tryouts in 2018, indicating his interest in joining the company.

His unique look and style could fit well with the mysterious gimmick of Uncle Howdy, leading to speculation about his involvement with Bray Wyatt’s storyline.

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Uncle Howdy: The Dark Side of Bray Wyatt’s Persona and Its Potential Evolution in WWE

The enigmatic character of Uncle Howdy has sparked considerable speculation and intrigue among WWE fans. While there are theories connecting Uncle Howdy to real-life figures in Bray Wyatt’s life, another prevailing idea is that Uncle Howdy represents the dark side of Wyatt’s own persona.

This concept builds upon Wyatt’s history with split personalities, notably his manifestation of The Fiend.

The Concept of Uncle Howdy as a Dark Alter Ego

  • The theory that Uncle Howdy represents the dark side of Bray Wyatt’s persona aligns with Wyatt’s history of complex and multifaceted characters.
  • Previously, Wyatt embraced the split personality concept with The Fiend, who embodied his more sinister and violent side.
  • This earlier manifestation laid the groundwork for the current Uncle Howdy storyline, suggesting that Howdy might be an extension of Bray’s inner darkness.
  • The cryptic promos and QR codes hinting at Uncle Howdy’s identity suggest a deeper connection to Bray Wyatt’s own psyche.
  • The implication that Bray “sent him away” could refer to the departure of The Fiend or another aspect of Wyatt’s past, reinforcing the idea that Uncle Howdy is a manifestation of Wyatt’s own internal conflict.
Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy

Potential Roles for Uncle Howdy

Given that Bray Wyatt cannot physically wrestle against himself, the concept of Uncle Howdy might take on various forms within the WWE storyline. One possibility is that Bray Wyatt continues to provide the voice and promos for Uncle Howdy, while a stand-in represents the character in the ring.

This approach would maintain the mysterious and supernatural aspect of Uncle Howdy while allowing WWE to explore different angles and interactions.

The Theory of Uncle Howdy as a Returning Randy Orton

The identity of Uncle Howdy has been the subject of much speculation among WWE fans, with various theories circulating about who might be behind the mysterious character. One fun suggestion that has been bandied about on the internet is that Uncle Howdy could be a returning Randy Orton.

While this theory is intriguing, it carries some creative challenges and is generally considered less likely. Let’s explore the notion of Randy Orton as Uncle Howdy and examine why this idea has gained some traction despite its low probability.

The Connection Between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Randy Orton, known as The Viper, has a history with Bray Wyatt in his previous incarnations. Their rivalry has been memorable, with Orton often playing the role of the antagonist to Wyatt’s various characters. In particular, Orton’s confrontation with The Fiend, culminating in him setting The Fiend on fire, has become a notable moment in WWE history.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy

Given this history, some fans have speculated that Orton could return as Uncle Howdy, potentially to continue his feud with Bray Wyatt but with the roles reversed. This theory imagines Orton as a shadowy, mysterious figure, potentially using the Uncle Howdy persona to play mind games with Wyatt without directly engaging in in-ring action.

Orton’s Recent Injury and its Impact

Randy Orton has been absent from WWE due to a significant back injury, which has been said to be severe enough to jeopardize his in-ring career. Given the seriousness of his injury, it’s uncertain whether Orton will be able to return to active competition, making his involvement as Uncle Howdy less likely.

However, the theory suggests that he could still play the role of Uncle Howdy without engaging in physical matches, serving as a haunting presence that affects Bray Wyatt’s storyline.


1. Who is Uncle Howdy?

Ans: Uncle Howdy is a character in WWE, often associated with Bray Wyatt and the mysterious elements of WWE storylines. He plays a key role in the supernatural aspects of WWE’s narrative, typically appearing in dark and dramatic segments.

2. Which WWE star is linked to Uncle Howdy’s faction?

Ans: The WWE star linked to Uncle Howdy’s faction would be someone connected to Bray Wyatt’s storyline, often appearing in supernatural or dark segments. This could be someone returning after a long hiatus or someone introduced as part of the ongoing storyline involving Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt.

3. Why was the WWE star on a long hiatus?

Ans: The reason for the hiatus could vary, including injury, personal reasons, or storyline developments. WWE often adjusts its storylines based on real-life events, leading to extended breaks for some wrestlers. The hiatus might also be a strategic move to build anticipation for the star’s return.

4. What impact does the WWE star’s return have on Uncle Howdy’s faction?

Ans: The return of the WWE star linked to Uncle Howdy’s faction can significantly impact the storyline by adding intrigue and new dynamics. It can lead to new rivalries, alliances, or storyline developments that drive WWE’s narrative. The return of a familiar face after a long hiatus often generates excitement among fans.

5. How do WWE fans react to the star’s return?

Ans: WWE fans typically react with enthusiasm and curiosity to a returning star, especially if linked to a popular storyline like Uncle Howdy’s faction. The return can create buzz, leading to increased viewership and engagement on social media. Fans often speculate about how the returning star will fit into existing storylines and what new developments might unfold.

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