Interview 18:

Alrighty.. here it goes..

Documents verification completed around 10:30 AM, don’t know what is their sequence to call but my Interview number came at 1:25 PM

Entered -> they were sitting in L Shape (means one person would continuously observe you and you wont be able to notice him at all, so watch out)

Person sitting in the centre seems to be the boss (only he was speaking all the time)

No Introduction.. Direct Rapid Fire..

so Mr. Asthana, Gwalior se ho ? No Sir, acha Kanpur se ? – No, Lucknow se ? – Nopes. are kaha se ho yar fir..
Me – Hardoi

Q – What is it famous for?
Me – Told.

Q – are export kya karta hai ? kuch to famous hai waha ka..
Me – aur kuch nahi famous hai sir.. i dont knw if there is something..

Q – tum rahe bhi ho waha pe..? kuch hota hai na jisko bichhaate hain jameen pe.. carpet (was not ready to accept my answer)

Side wale ne bola usko are sir ap Bhadohi ki bat kar rahe hardoi se hai.. (LOL)

Again Rapid Fire started:
Q – 10th marks ?
Me – XX.XX
Q – 12th ?
Me – XX.XX
Q – Graduation ?
Me – XX.XX
Q – father kya karte ?
Me – told
Q – Mother ?
Me – Told
Q – Mom Dad teacher hain tabhi itne marks aate hain.. kaan kheench k padhate honge..
Me – Smiled
Q – Siblings k bare me batao..
Me – Told
Q – ache khaase samradh to ho kya karoge naukri karke..
Q – Graduation 2012 me.. 2 saal kya kia ?
Me – Told

Q – Accenture !! It is best among its peers and best in paying too !!
Me – Yes Sir
Q – Why do you want to leave it ?
Me – Told and this went on for a 5 mins discussion then I had to stop the discussion by giving a reason of health issue..

Q – Ok what is your field in the Company ?
Me – SAP SD Consultant (everybody got excited hearing SAP as if sab so rahe the abhi tak)
Q – mera ek friend b hai SAP me 4 saal se..
Me – I see

Q – acha to chalo jao fir..
Me – Thank you Sir.

(was about to stand up)

Person sitting on his right was quite uncomfortable (giving a reaction like – aise kaise jane du bina kuch puche)
Then he started.

Q – How are banks connected.. CBS and all ?
Me – Started explaining NFS etc..

Q – Interrupted and declared my answer WRONG.. and then said – It is via WAN
Me – (I was like – whaaatttt.. seriously !!! ye expectation hai answers ki )

Q – Rupay card kon dekhta hai ?
Me – confused.. (he was like – ques b khud hi pucho aur answer b khud hi do)

Q – it is NPCI, then I told the full form..
Q – ok, what else you know about banking ?
Me – Monetary Tools etc..

Q – No, acha Risks batao..
Me – (This time I started with basics) security risks in netbanking etc.
Q – interrupted. no, these are credit risks/ market risks etc..what else?
Me – I Dont remember

Now their boss – tumhara ghar 1 crore ka, tumhare savings 2 crore k sare k sare FDs, tumhe achank se jarurt padi to ye konsa risk hua..
Me – Totally Blank now.. said Financial Risk.. hahaha
Boss – it is CAR – Capital Adequacy Ratio
Me – I see

Boss to the person in the L corner – ap puch lo kuch..
He – Na, it’s fine

Boss to IT Officer now – puch lo tum kuch
She(damn pretty in that smile ) – Kuch nahi puchna..
Boss – are puch lo..
She(woi purana question) – where do you see yourself in 5 years ? and are you sure you want to join here ?
Me – Told
Chalo jao ab..

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